Thousands of people all over the world have been baring their bodies for peace. Nude peace protests are mushrooming all over the western world in countries like America, UK, Australia, Canada and many other European countries ! Here are some of these pictures of the Nude Peace Protests from all over the world ....

Baring Witness is a film about our current state of human evolution and the need for a societal revolution. We have the choice of continuing on the present path of destruction and dominance by a powerful few or, without blame, stepping towards a new structure founded upon realigning the balance of masculine and feminine by reintegrating women’s choice of partnership and men’s recognition of the roots of their aggression and their need for a new definition of progress.

The film, Baring Witness, will be an integration of photographs, video, media coverage and original fine art, with visual effects and motion graphic design. Interviews with participants before and after the Baring Witness actions, scholars, artists, celebrities document their impassioned desire for changes in society that can create alternatives to war.

The film has been shot on digital video and Beta with additional elements consisting of photographic stills (35mm & digital), original art and archival ephemera. The filming and documentation began in November of 2002 at the seminal action at Love Field in Point Reyes Station, CA where 46 women spelled out PEACE with their naked bodies.

The film will feature personalities such as Leonard Shlain, Georgia Kelly, Sharon Cullity, Nancy Stein, Maryam Karimabadi, Barbara Dewey, Riane Eisler, David Loye, Geoffrey Miller, Gina Rose Halpern, and many members of the West Marin community.

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Wierd, but in a good way.

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Don't much about it, but a good try.

Touches direct to soul.

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Peace for life peace for love peace for feeling -

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