To suffer from PTSD is not a nice situation for anyone to go through. Because we are reacting to something that happened in our past, sometimes it's not always easy to understand what we are doing to ourselves and others until we have managed to release it. And this is just what I unintentionally did after carrying it around with me for the last fifty years.

So, what did I do? Firstly, I started micro-dosing with psilocybin. The magic mushrooms helped to soften some of my constant limiting self-beliefs as well as reducing the amount of regular soul-destroying nightmares that stopped me from sleeping soundly through the night. And although it wasn't much, this was a great relief for me.

It was, however, when I discovered and started the Sweet Spot therapeutic sessions with psilocybin that, step for step, I managed to eliminate my debilitating PTSD. When I started, I hoped it would soften my issues, challenges and anguish a little more than micro-dosing, but at no point did I realise it would release me from those life-long bounds altogether. Each session focused on a particular issue, and I think I can say that after the fourth session I had released my burdens. It was the fifth session, however, that turned out to be a bonus and was a spiritual moment that previously I disregarded such thoughts as rubbish. What an eye opener this turned out to be.

All in all, this life-changing experience took me a little more than a year to complete, even though I had many good and bad days as I realised what I had gone through in my life. Yet, now I can get up each and every morning with enthusiasm and determination to make the most of my remaining life. Words can't express how wonderful this is to experience on a daily basis and just seems to get better each and every day that still allows me to deal with the past, to love myself and to have the life that I never previously had.

Please join me on this year-long life-journey of mine as I bare my soul in describing what happened in my past, the battles I experienced through these changes to the awe-inspiring life-changing revelations I experienced. You can find my book and ebook on Amazon (your country) or Lulu (the paperback is cheaper here!) or you can order it from your local bookshop if they don't already have it on their shelves.

- Neil Holmes

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