The Hoodie may seem like a fashion trend in modern times, however it has a history which takes us back to Ancient Greece and Rome ... and across many other civilizations where Monks, Priests, Warriors ... all kinds of folks wore a robe with a Hood attached, which when donned would give them a sense of mystery and security remaining hidden behind their garb of choice.

The Hoodie seems to be making a strong comeback into the mainstream as many folks choose to remain more private and inclusive rather than being too loud and obvious. I feel the Hoodie does give us a sense of security with a hint of anonymity and intrigue, especially in crowded spaces where we are swimming in a sea of all kinds of energies and being sensitive to energy in such spaces can be draining at times for an Empath.

I recently came across this video on Facebook which inspired me to create this post on Hoodies ... Would love to know how you feel about the Hoodie ... Drop us a comment or two ... :)

From skateboarders to musicians to athletes ... everyone seems to love wearing a Hoodie for more reasons than one ! In 1976, the release of “Rocky” added another layer of symbolism to the hoodie. The grey marl silhouette became a symbol of his hard knocks, work ethic, and reestablished the hoodie's connection to its working class roots, reaffirming its look into today's mainstream society.

In the 70s, hip-hop culture emerged in the Bronx, inspiring rap music, graffiti and break dancing. Wearing a hoodie at this time meant you were keeping a low profile, and with a design like a cobra hood it was worn to intimidate others. The hoody allowed unrestricted movement for the dance routines and concealed the identities for graffiti artists on the street.

In California, skaters rejected the mainstream culture, and with the closure of many skates parks skaters maintained their lifestyle however they could, legal or not. To feed the rebellion, music in the area gravitated towards hard core punk and hoodies became a staple of the culture.

2012 was a reminder that whether positive or negative, the hoodie can always be used to make a statement. Mark Zuckerberg caused a stir wearing a hoodie to meet Wall Street investors, which was ultimately seen as a power move. Whether or not this was a intentional tactic, we conclude it convincingly established an identity for Zuckerberg as a non-conformist rather than created a casual fashion statement.

Reference : Luca Faloni

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