In one corner of the universe, sending out messages to outer space in hope of contacting entities from distant civilizations ! To go where no man has ever gone has long been man's constant endeavor. From the wheel to the rocket, our race has realized innumerable dreams while creating twisted complexities distancing us from our roots, hence weakening our connection with the forces of nature. We are destroying the balance in nature and signs of oncoming catastrophe can be seen in the global climatic changes occurring by the minute. Shifting of tectonic plates at the bottom of the oceans and the glaciers melting away are just few of the identified omens to an impending apocalypse. Most of these changes in the weather can be attributed to man's persistent onslaught of the wilderness, ignorantly, selfishly wiping out speechless wonders of creation ! Our inability to comprehend certain fundamental laws of the universe and a blind eye to the mystery of causality and freaky synchronicity has brought man face to face with the wrath of nature raging fury like never before.

The social system has kept our sanities together for long enough however was never quite built to last ! An evident change from the end of chaos and all that brings pain and suffering to our waking life is nothing new to human life on Earth. There have been many such cataclysmic events in the history of Earth which have destroyed life so new life could evolve and bring in the freshness of a beautiful sunrise out there among the super psychedelic colors of nature. Death is just the culmination of a full cycle of taking birth, being and finally ending in the physical reality. Grieve not for there is no reason to grieve, it's just the way it is and the rest of the story that's playing in your head is a twisted tale of memories and the judgmental ego. In the words of the legendary mystic James Douglas Morrison, pain is a part of you and how can you ever be afraid of something that's a part of you !

With the winter solstice of 2012 an approximate 25,000 year old cycle shall end and what comes after that is the 5th dimensional existence. Evolution of the human DNA to a 12 strand structure. Possibility and imagination will merge as one ! Makes perfect sense and I'm sure what comes after this is a world of love and peace where all live as ONE ! Where all come together as one massive in celebration of who we call God ! The individualistic separation from the source shall dissolve into one collective aura and all shall realize the power of being ONE !!! Together, all atoms in space and our constantly expanding space constitute to what we call GOD. Everything is truly infinite and nothing quite ends. It's just transfered to a different realm of ethereal invisible existence ! We need to fearlessly dance away in the face of change and turmoil with a pure consciousness of love and peace for all ! Anything is possible and it's upto us to shape the fabric of our reality. We need to forgive all including ourselves and turn a new leaf. Be positive and spread good vibrations around us. The Dream of Utopia, the journey may seem a bit slow... it's all good, for the best, that's one thing i need to know !


Cannabis, popularly known as Marijuana, has been the most talked about and the most commonly used psychedelic in the world. There is a lot of propaganda and junk science associated with this topic sending out mixed messages of fear and uncertainty to the masses . There are some who have condemned the use of Cannabis terming it illegal, waging a multi-billion war on drugs, ignorantly including the mystical plant among other harmful chemically engineered substances. There is a good reason for most governments to do so. Cannabis opens up hidden doors in our psyche and the truth begins to emerge that changes everything in our world view ! The mind altering nature of Cannabis can make one less interested in the worldly chaos, hence discouraging many from becoming that brick in the wall, this system so wonderfully creates. That's a risk no country would like to take. However, not all countries have been able to enforce these laws and the use is on the rise with an ever increasing experimenting, rebel population waking up to the age of information. The catch is that all the information out there is not all fact and is mostly misappropriated for political and blissfully ignorant reasons. There is a lot of good and a whole lot of bad stuff associated with the history of Cannabis. The point is to realize that it's not the substance but the user who is responsible for his or her actions. It's probably the most misquoted and unacknowledged plant of all time !

Through history, many cultures have come across Cannabis and the use is not new to most civilizations. In ancient Germanic culture, Cannabis was associated with the Germanic love goddess, Freya. The harvesting of the plant was connected with an erotic high festival. It was believed that Freya lived as a fertile force in the plant's feminine flowers and by ingesting them one became influenced by this divine force. The Celts may have also used Cannabis as Hashish was found in Hallstatt, birthplace of Celtic culture. According to some scholars, Cannabis was an ingredient of holy anointing oil mentioned in various sacred Hebrew texts. Cannabis also has a Biblical reference and is said to have been used by Jesus himself. The wandering ascetics from India consumed the Cannabis flower in the form of a very popular Hallucinogenic drink called Bhaang. Sufi saints from Persia, the Sikhs in India, the Rastafarians worshiping their God JAH have all made use of Cannabis in some form or the other. There are many modern movements like the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church and the Church of Cognizance which consider Cannabis to be the Holy Eucharist and the Tree of Life.

Hemp, the term for Cannabis in it's industrial form is used for various purposes as shown above. In particular, it's used to make cloth and paper which is an excellent alternative to large scale felling of trees. Sounds like a solution to the scare of Global warming. The medicinal properties of Cannabis has paved the way for it's use in many parts of America making it easily available at stores on prescription. With so many good reasons for the plant to flourish, we must be utterly stupid to not do so ! What's bad is the ignorance to facts and the bullshit propaganda called DRUGS. Marijuana isn't even physically addictive as opposed to Nicotine and Alcohol. But how many of us really know this ? I hope we rise to the need of the hour by decriminalizing the use of Marijuana and turning around this already messed up system with some sense from Sensimilia. Even better, get your own home grown and make a start ! There are many popular strains such as Purple Haze, Acapulco Gold, White Widow, Kush, Panama Red, BC Bud, Chocolate Thai and the legendary G-13 which pack more punch and are way more potent than wild growing Cannabis ! Cannabis Sativa and the Cannabis Indica are the most commonly found varieties. Cannabis Indica found mostly in Asia is more potent than the Sativa. It's the resin from Cannabis Indica which produces the best Hashish in places like Afghanistan and the Himalayas. Smoking is not always the best option especially with the modern lifestyle of minimal physical activity. Good physical, mental and spiritual health are of paramount importance in no specific order of preference. Our world is beautiful green, let's keep it that way while bringing in more color to our lives !


Breath is our source of life. We inhale air to support life - oxygen is required to create energy (via respiration) - we exhale carbon dioxide waste. The cycle of life is intimately connected to metabolic processes which require oxygen for sustenance. Our heart pumps blood to our entire body, supplying it with a constant supply of oxygenated blood. Breath is the gateway that allows us to maintain life.

The rhythm of life is in the breath. This inward flow (filling us up) and outward flow (removing CO2) holds many secret messages – all we need to do is to stop and listen – if only for a moment. Nature breathes just like we do. The ocean waves flow like our breath. The water cycle breathes in moisture via evaporation and breathes out rain. The earth revolves around the sun. Seasons change. We encounter astrological shifts which orbit with the seasons. Constant motion.

Breath is life, which is perpetually flowing. Breath creates a shift from inward to outward, external to internal…a constant to and fro cycle. If our centre can be stilled via breathing consciously, we can experience living in the now. When we shift our consciousness to our breath, it allows us to stay in the present moment. This wakefulness allows the possibility of experiencing profound bliss and compassion.

The breath connects us to the element air (light, lofty and non-materialistic), which reminds us of our spirituality. Air is the ether of life on this planet. Without it, we expire within minutes. Nothing is so vital to life.

Stress causes us to stop breathing. When we are removed from awareness via stress and activity, we can always call upon the breath to bring us back. Breath is a meditation which waits patiently – always with us – still and steady – strong but malleable.

Breath moves like a wave, poetically touching us inside and out, constantly experiencing and re-experiencing itself like a melody. The complexity of breath is so unfathomable, that it is reminiscent of Wittgenstein's statement - "That of which we cannot speak, we must pass over in silence."

The breath is our only constant companion in life – it never abandons us throughout life – until our final breath. Never forget the elegant and delicate symbiosis experienced with each breath. Your life would never be the same without it! Wishing you all much ecstasy explored and experienced through the breath.

Breath is the basis of all life. Breath is also the basis of all meditation and meditative movement. Breath is the primary manner in which we all obtain life energy. The other three in metaphysical understanding are water, food and prana or chi. The most important concept to understand about breath and meditative movement is that one moves in coordination with the breath. One moves in and out of postures with the breath and one deepens and lengthens postures in coordination with the breath. Inhalations equate to tension whereas exhalations equate to relaxation and release. There are four important aspects of meditative breath. It is important to breathe slowly, deeply, steadily and consciously. It’s said most people breathe wrong. Most people breathe either from high, mid or low points. A complete yogi breath is a cyclical movement beginning from low point moving like a wave. Meditative movement leads to proper cyclical, complete breath.

Balanced breathing is utilized most frequently. Balanced breathing means the four parts to one breath cycle are equalized. The inhalations and exhalations are the same length of time to each other and the pause full and pause empty are the same length of time to each other too. For example 8 seconds in, 2 second pause, 8 seconds out, 2 second pause is an example of steady balanced breath. Meditation practitioners from long ago would count the breath not in seconds, but heartbeats. There are innumerable variations of meditative breath, however in most all meditations awareness of the matrix of meditative breath is a primarily important perception. Some more developed meditation practitioners move beyond focus on the breath, however even masters come back to and start with the breath. For the rest of us focus on the matrix of breath can calm the distracted monkey mind that swings from vine to vine, thought to thought. Trouble in meditation equates to, in general having a full mind, perceiving the breath allows one to be alternatively mindful so as to begin and develop meditation. Balanced breath is beneficial to balancing one’s energy, often all we need. As one masters balanced breath one can implement new patterns to enhance energy movement in four basic patterns beyond balanced breathing similar conceptually to the depiction of the Yin Yang mandala. Unlike balanced breath these forms build and release energy in specific ways. There is the enhancement and lengthening of the pause full, in/pause/out patter for building Yin energy. There is the enhancement of pause empty, in/out/pause for Yang energy. Then a pause is inserted midway between either the inhale or exhale for energy movement, in/pause/in/out for Yin and lastly in/out/pause/out for Yang. Meditation is mindfulness – the fullness of mind of the present. Whether distracted or focused, whether in still or moving meditation or in daily life, simply being mindful of the breath can connect mind and body.

Reference : Ethan Indigo Smith

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For thousands of years mankind has been intrigued by the possible existence of other life forms in our forever expanding universe. Tales of flying machines from the Mayans and ancient manuscripts on advanced Aerodynamics discovered in India are historic testimony to the presence of superior intelligent life traversing Earth for thousands of years. In an infinite universe with uncountable stars and planetary formations, I believe that the universe has always existed and we've all come from the Stars. ( We are all Star Stuff !)

With the Earth moving closer to the Sun and all the mounting chaos we've brought to our living existence, the need to reach out to someone higher is even more stronger this time around ! The crowded 3rd planet in one corner of the vast expanse of space is getting a wee bit lonely now. There is got to be more to this, than what we already know. I tend to get a little spaced out with my thoughts most of the time and somehow manage to get lost in all the inter twirled imagery my varying consciousness brings forth. The imaginative make reality more probable ! I guess I'd rather keep an open mind than stall within the affirmative.

For years since Roswell, the SETI ( Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence ) has been scrambling radio signals into outer space in hope of a reply from some distant life force. All they've received so far, are radio waves from some distant supernova or an intergalactic war zone ! We have been looking far out in space for signs of life in hope to find astounding reflections of our own mortal realities. To finally be able to make something last ! Maybe the answers we seek have flown right into our habitat and we remain clueless, in denial of the truth. We need to look no further and somehow be able to reach conclusive evidence through filtering information we are constantly bombarded with. What's out there is also in here ! On myriad journeys through our consciousness we create our world, our reality in quest for knowledge.

I hope the Aliens understand "Across the Universe" by The Beatles, being beamed into the atmosphere by Nasa on the 4th of Feb, 2008 at 7 pm. Happens to be exactly 40 years since the Fab Four recorded it in 1968. The search for extra-terrestrial life has reached your desktop with SETI@home... SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). You can participate by running a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. Telepathic communication on a free to do basis is always an option with these mysterious beings from the other side. We are to be soon contacted by these entities aboard the infamous Mothership ! Maybe there IS a Santa Claus after all !!!

The presence of dark matter and an invisible universe makes the probing even more intense !

The search is on with the strength couple of notches higher ...

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