Handling Marijuana Is Often More Difficult Than Major Psychedelics

In the fight for the legalization of various drugs, many people are under the impression that marijuana should be legalized before other types of drugs. Their thinking presumes marijuana is an easier type of psychedelic for people to handle, so it should become legal before more major psychedelics should. This certainly seems like sound logic, doesn’t it?

Indeed, it is the common belief of most that marijuana provides a mellow experience, rather than the intense psychedelic experience that comes from other drugs. That is not always the case, however. It is, in fact, the opinion of many users of various psychedelics (including marijuana) that weed can be a lot harder to handle. They claim that psychedelic overdose can be handled and is well understood, but a marijuana overdose is shrouded in confusion and misconceptions, and therefore is more dangerous when an overdose occurs.

What is a Psychedelic Overdose ?

There is a lot of confusion that accompanies the idea of a “marijuana overdose” or a “psychedelic overdose.” Many people believe it does not occur, while others imagine it to be the exact same experience as an overdose of hard drugs, like cocaine or heroine. For the sake of this article, a psychedelic overdose is not exactly the same kind of overdose as would be experienced with alcohol or other drugs. The main difference between a psychedelic overdose and a hard drug overdose is that they are not fatal at all -- the overdose is simply a stronger experience than the user would like. In other words, it might overwhelm a person's threshold.

Just like alcohol users learn to avoid a hangover, psychedelic users learn how to avoid this “overdose.” Simply being familiar with your personal limits, and keeping tabs on how much you take is usually sufficient. Also, be sure to consume in a safe environment, in case the experience is more than you bargained for. In fact, psychedelics are better to overdose on than other drugs for another reason: the overdose can be turned around into a positive, transformative trip if the surrounding environment is a good one.

The Marijuana Overdose

Perhaps the main problem that surrounds understanding marijuana overdose is the fact that everyone thinks it’s an easier drug to handle, so it is taken much more casually, without planning or second thoughts. The fact that marijuana is usually consumed via smoking rather than ingesting it (such as with most psychedelics) means that its effects occur much more rapidly. It is said that the faster a drug affects a person, the stronger the addiction is to that drug. This, for instance, is the reason heroine overpowers opium in addictiveness.

With marijuana, many of the people smoking it really enjoy the act of smoking. This means that, even once they have gotten to the point of being at the “right” level of high, they will just continue smoking because they enjoy it. They likely would not do the same thing if they were using tinctures or consuming marijuana edibles, for example.

Another reason a marijuana overdose can be difficult to deal with is the fact that a person who is overdosing will seem fine to everyone else. While their emotions begin to spiral in fearful, confusing directions, they won’t receive the care they need because they look fairly normal. A psychedelic overdose, on the other hand, makes the person look obviously unwell, meaning the proper care will be taken.

Proper Marijuana Education is Needed

Ultimately, the main problem that comes from marijuana during the present day is the fact that people are not accurately educated about the drug. If everyone learns about limits and smoking safely, these overdosing issues can easily be avoided. It should not be a more complicated issue than with major psychedelic drugs, and we can make it that way through education.

As marijuana becomes more widespread and legalized across the nation, we truly need to address this issue. The new technologies allowing for concentrated doses is just another reason why people need to fully understand what they are consuming similar care to how we treat major psychedelics. Most things are good in moderation, we should focus on defining what that is.

Author : Robert Bergman, Founder of ilovegrowingmarijuana.com.

Robert has been growing cannabis passionately for over 20 years and shares this insight to educate growers avoid mistakes and to fully capitalise on a bud's potential.

Can you Overdose on Marijuana ?

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