1st Cannabis Legalization Conference India

For the first time since Cannabis was made illegal in 1985, people in India are waking up to the truth about this great plant and its medicinal and therapeutic potential and coming together to ask our senile government why is Cannabis still illegal in India while many countries across the world and about 20 states in the US have either fully or partially legalized Cannabis or at least decriminalized the use of it, treating it more like a health issue based on personal choice rather treating it like a crime.

It was a great honor to be at the 1st conference on Cannabis Legalization in India, however it would have never come to this in the first place if it weren't for a few greedy people who keep their own interests before the health and well being of us people who are forced to buy into inane, nonsensical law we never agreed to in the first place.

The conference kicked off with Viki Vaurora who leads 'The Great Legalization Movement of India' presenting the case for Cannabis legalization in India. He discussed the rich history of Cannabis in India, quoting the Vedas and other ancient Indian texts and scriptures.

The conference room at the venue, Alliance Francais, Bangalore was packed with Cannabis enthusiasts from all walks of life. It was heart warming to see people speak their truth and how Cannabis has affected them positively even when used just as a dietary supplement included in salads and other delicious recipes. There were people supporting the use of Hemp based products, people who knew certain loopholes in the law and how we could get a licence from the Excise Commission of India .. within some section called L6 or something which a gentleman called Shekhar from the audience brought out.

Rick Simpson, the man who cured himself from Cancer using Cannabis oil after doctors gave up on him was the next to speak after Viki had introduced the audience to the agenda of the conference. He shared many examples of how Cannabis oil has helped many folks combat serious ailments without having to go through the horrors of our modern medical industry.

There was a couple from Bangalore whose child had suffered from seizures due to a bad vaccine reaction and his health started to deteriorate rapidly. After going from pillar to post all around Bangalore asking the top most Neurosurgeons what could be done to get their boy back, they reached no answers. After a while they came across Cannabis Oil as a potential cure for his seizures which was also shown in a separate video at the conference describing the case of a young girl suffering from seizures who responded really well to Cannabis Oil and started to show signs of improvement.

Someone from the audience said they recently read an article in the newspaper (Bangalore) about how it is legal to grow Cannabis plants at home until they reach the stage when seeds start to form and buds begin to appear on the plant. The same person who shared this story at the conference happens to be a grandmother of 6, also uses Cannabis leaves in her Salads on a regular basis.

Viki Vaurora, the man behind The Great Legalization Movement of India spoke to the audience straight from the heart, as it is without any inhibition at all ... sharing the truth as he knows it. His responses to some of the questions from the audience during the Q & A session were applauded by all the 200 odd people attending the conference in unison. Never have I been to a gathering of this kind, supporting a cause often overlooked and avoided by most people, for most part. Glad to know things are really moving forward now, with more people awakening to the bigger picture ...

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." - Buddha

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