Smoking Pot is better for Lungs than Tobacco !

Guess hippies have been saying this for a while now, smoking marijuana is healthier for your lungs as compared to smoking cigarettes. Finally we have an official study showing that this is in fact true.

Here is more about it ...

A NIH (National Institute of Health) funded study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association, measured air flow rate (how fast you can blow out air) and lung volume (how much air you can hold) in 18- to 30-year-old adults from Oakland, Chicago, Minneapolis and Birmingham.

When researchers studied 20 years of data from more than 5,000 adults, they found significant lung damage in the tobacco smokers. The more they smoked, the worse their air flow rate and lung volume became. But those who smoked up to one joint a day aced a lung function test. In fact the air flow rate slightly increased in the marijuana users, up to a certain level.

Not so long ago there was a woman in the news from Orissa, India. Fulla Nayak, a resident of Kanarpur village in the coastal district of Kendrapada, Orissa was about 125 years old and in reasonably healthy condition without any major ailments and used to walk around without any support. The secret to her good health she said was smoking ganja and drinking wine made from Palm leaves.

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