Doorways To Another World : Crop Circles, UFOs & ETs

Taking us from Crop Circles to UFOs to theories of other worldly contact in human pre-history and the contemporary exploration of our psyches ... the latest Evolver Intensives online course will present an alternative paradigm that has tremendous significance for our lives today. You are invited to explore mysteries that point to a revelation for our immediate future and a new way of living on the earth.

Scientific evidence suggests that many of the enormous patterns we call crop circles that appear each summer in farmers’ fields, are the products of an unknown intelligence with the capacity to think, decide, design, and precisely place these elegant glyphs in the landscape. And, in another realm where current contact with extraterrestrials is in question, Apollo 14 astronaut and psychic researcher Edgar Mitchell states, “We have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real.” The revelation of other intelligences interacting with us portends a paradigm shift of massive proportions.

If humanity were to accept that we are not the only intelligence in the universe, we would be forced to reassess our belief system and give up our arrogance. It could be knowledge that saves our world. How can we stretch our minds to accept that there are other intelligences that speak to us through puzzles and paradoxes, sacred geometries and stone formations? How can we deal with what apparently is communicating with us? At the same time, the possibility that humanity could make use of dormant psychic powers is a revolutionary one.

Suzanne Taylor is known for two feature documentaries about the crop circles, but in this course her focus extends far beyond that arena. Explorations of outer and inner space have revealed vast realms of new information for us to consider and explore. At the same time, our society remains trapped in the inertia of the past, clinging to old thought processes and a dying paradigm that posits separation over interconnection. Most of us realize that a fundamental change is underway. 'Doorways to Another World' probes the deep changes that are happening now and looks at how we can be participating in them.

Guests include the respected crop circle authority, Andy Thomas; Klaus Dona, who will look at the staggering examples of highly advance technologies in our prehistory; psychic researcher remote viewing pioneer Stephen Schwartz, will explore space, time and consciousness; and astronaut Edgar Mitchell will share his insights into UFOs and paranormal phenomena. Each of them holds knowledge that could radically transform the world and lead us to embracing the new paradigm that awaits us.

This series will give us a great opportunity to learn about areas that have been concealed or hidden from us by the powers that be, from now declassified CIA-funded research of "psi" phenomena and remote viewing, to whatever cover-up is ongoing about UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.

Suzanne and her guests will discuss:

  • The possibilities and the reasons why crop circles are with us: seeing more deeply into why might they be occurring and what value to us could they be.
  • What the relation is between UFOs and human consciousness. Could it be an internal or inter-dimensional phenomenon that we perceive externally?
  • The possibility of our distant ancestors being in touch with otherworldly beings. If they were, was it physically or remotely? Could we explain our evolution without such engagements?
  • How our perception of space and time is changing. As science continues to solve the paradoxes of the quantum world, can new discoveries be a key to visiting distant planets? Other dimensions? Distant times both present and future?

Our ordinary experience can open us up to an irrefutable knowing of interconnectivity and unity that tunes us to a new frequency. In this course, we will be induced to cross over and peer into the "other side" by people who were fundamentally changed by their research and experiences, and discovered the parameters of an entirely new paradigm. When we link the evidence of visitation with new knowledge of the quantum world and the wisdom of ancestors who left behind mind-boggling monuments like the Pyramids at Giza and celestial observatories around the world, a new history will be written and a new future will unfold.

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