How can it be explained otherwise ?! HAHAHAHAHA :D !!!! So, just in case you missed this one, Matt Groening who created 'The Simpsons' and now "Futurama" is believed by some to be a "Time Traveler" who created certain story lines in his episodes that actually happened for real, just the way he showed it. Watch for yourself !

This isn't the first time something strange like this has been observed. There are couple of more Time Travelers who have created a sensation in the media with their anomalous origins and eventual disappearance. Andrew Carlssin was one such name which came up some years ago after he made a whooping $350 million at the stocks in a very short period of time investing a small amount to start with. He said he was from 2256 !

With so many recent shows on Netflix talking about Alternate realities, parallel dimensions and time travel, it seems like mystery and magic are slowly becoming the norm. Utter Strangeness of life sometimes and these unexplained occurrences deepen the mystery about life and who we think we are ... I see all of this as a positive shift towards full and completed awareness of the self ... we are being nudged forward towards realizing our truest potential. It's time for a new world ... and we are the ones creating it, here and now ! Choose wisely ... Trust you Instincts !

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Your foolproof and definitive guide to buying online and mail order marijuana seeds. So easy, even a monkey could do it.

Possibly even a stoned monkey. Okay, so maybe not that, but this is your guide to buying weed seeds right, getting your crop growing in the best way possible, as soon as possible. To purchase marijuana seeds, you’re gonna need to know all The Who’s, How’s, When’s, Where’s and Why’s before you get started. The Who is easily the most important. Snagging a couple seeds that your cousin found in the bottom of a bag of dirt bud probably isn't the best way to go if you’re planning on having a nice crop. So make sure that you get your seeds from a reputable source.

Seeds are obviously the most important part of your future marijuana plants, because it all starts with them. Creating and properly collecting seeds, preferably feminized and carefully selected, takes time, effort, and a decent amount of science- which is why it’s best left to the professionals. When purchasing weed seeds for the first time, it’s better to spend a little bit more money in the beginning, than waste a lot in the end because your plants won’t produce.

Where to Buy

The “where” question relies pretty heavily on where you happen to be at, yourself. In weed friendly states and countries, you can sometimes pick up seeds from your local cannabis purveyor, or seed bank. Talking to the pros that handle the seeds themselves is usually a must for any beginner. Get to know your supplier as well as any strains they have for sale. These guys are the brains behind their seed operations, so they should be able to easily answer any questions you may have.

In countries and states where marijuana seeds aren’t exactly legal, there are generally a few loopholes in laws that can help you out. Order marijuana seeds online to avoid the risk of possession charges. Generally, seeds aren’t illegal to possess, as long as they aren’t in soil. This is excessively true in states and countries where hemp and hemp by products have been decriminalized. Should you get caught with some mail-order seeds, generally the worst case scenario is they won’t make it to you, as they are subject to being confiscated.

Why to Buy

Buying marijuana seeds online, either domestically or abroad has a few different advantages. Besides avoiding many legal implications, online marijuana seed banks generally have a slew of reviews and user ratings. These types of forums are massively useful when buying anything online and marijuana seeds are no exception.

Another added bonus of purchasing seeds online is that you can get hard to find and unique strains. The UK, The Netherlands, and Spain are common purveyors of the more popular strains. Because of this popularity, it’s not difficult to find a seed bank that is reputable and has satisfied customers. Most online retailers also have FAQ forums or online customer assistance should you run into trouble. No matter where you get your seeds, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have a 100% success rate at all times, but more often than not, you should be getting what you’re paying for.

If you don’t plan on going the mail-order route to purchase marijuana seeds, keep in mind that certain modes of travel (like airplanes) aren’t always the best idea when carrying a pocket full of seeds. Crossing state lines can also get you into some trouble if you’re not careful about where you buy and how you transport. Be sure to brush up on any marijuana travel related laws before you bring home any souvenirs.

What to Buy

Choosing which seed to buy can be a pretty exciting, and equally overwhelming, experience. Any decent seed bank will offer many, many, different strains of marijuana seeds on their site. Feminized and autoflowering are also some weed seed buzzwords you need to be aware of.


Unless you’re planning on doing some crossbreeding and have a pretty solid background in cannabis cultivation- feminized seeds are definitely the way to go. Choosing to buy feminized seeds can increase your expected yield by up to 50%. This is because, without feminization, seeds have roughly a 50/50 chance of producing a male plant. Male plants don't produce decent pot and should a male pollinate your lady plants, the pot your girls produce will be pretty crap too. Properly feminized seeds have close to a 99% chance of producing a female plant.


Autoflowering seeds are great for beginners. No strict and costly light cycles are necessary, and the plants will flower on their own. Non-autoflowering strains will require strict light cycles during different stages of plant development in order to produce good foliage and fat buds. Autoflowering seeds will flower based upon plant age. A small downfall is that yield is generally low and plants are fairly small.


These bad boys will be ENORMOUS. So plan on that. Sativas also take quite a bit more time to flower and vegetate. They require a very large amount of space and an equally large amount of water, food, light, and just about everything else. But, you definitely reap what you sow with Sativas, as their cones are generally larger and the high is much more cerebral.


Indica strains are generally a bit smaller than their Sativa sisters, but will still require quite a bit of growing room as well as intense light schedules. Many new growers will opt to start with an indica strain over a sativa purely based on the amount of space they have to grow.

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So finally it looks like things are heading in the right direction with more Plant based medicines and alternative healing modalities making their way into the mainstream culture of our society. It feels good to know that now there is more awareness of Cannabis being a medicinal plant, although its recreational use being more prevalent, it still is medicine for the sick and dying who could heal in a more holistic way, how nature intended it to be.

Here is an insightful post from our friends at Vedi Herbals about Cannabis and the Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid System: How Cannabis works?

You have heard about the 11 major organ systems including the respiratory, muscular, skeleton, digestive and reproductive system. But have you heard about the Endocannabinoid System? Probably not, because it has only been discovered in the 1990s and scientists are still trying to understand the complete working of this system.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) has been found to be the most important physiological system involved in establishing and supporting our health. It plays a vital role in modulating the regulation of homeostasis of the human body, which encompasses the brain, reproductive, and immune system, to name a few. Let’s take a deep dive into the ECS and how Cannabis works here.

Cannabis infused Ayurvedic medicines are available for patients because of their therapeutic benefits. You can buy Cannabis medicine online at Vedi Herbals.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a biological system composed of 3 components- 1. Endocannabinoids, 2. Cannabinoid receptors and 3. The cellular machinery (enzymes that produce and breakdown endocannabinoids). ECS is responsible for regulating various physiological and cognitive processes including appetite, mood, fertility, pain, and memory.

Endocannabinoids are molecules produced by cells that bind to cannabinoid receptors, known as CB1 and CB2, found throughout the body. Stimulating these receptors results in various physiologic processes inside the cell.

To understand how Cannabis works and its benefits, it’s important to understand the ECS.

How and when Medical Cannabis Evolved?

Decades back while Cannabis was being studied, it’s main active compound THC was discovered. However, scientists then didn’t have any clue that the human body has special receptors for it.

Research work on rats in 1988 helped the discovery of the first cannabinoid receptor (CB1).
In 1993, a second cannabinoid receptor (CB2) was identified which was found to be distributed throughout the immune system and peripheral tissues of the body.

In 1995, researchers discovered that the two receptors, CB1 and CB2 were found not only in rats but in million other species including humans. However, scientists were confused about why humans would have receptors for a substance which was made by some plant. Was it possible that our bodies produced cannabinoids similar to THC?

As research advanced, this was proved true. From what we know yet, human bodies produce 80 endocannabinoids (i.e. cannabinoids produced by our body) and nearly 32 receptors to bind them. The cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoids interact in the same way as lock and key and together comprise the ECS. When the cannabinoid "key” attaches to the receptor "lock”, activation occurs, resulting in the amazing effects on the brain and body.

The cannabinoids produced by Cannabis like CBD and THC (also known as “Phyto-cannabinoids” or “Exo-cannabinoids”) work similar to the cannabinoids produced by our body (Endo-cannabinoids) and act as keys for the receptor locks.

Why We Need Cannabis or Phyto-Cannabinoids?

With age and lifestyle, the endocannabinoid levels might change and can lead to various health problems including sleep disorders, inflammatory response, and Alzheimer’s.

Cannabis can play a vital role here. The most popular cannabinoids found in Cannabis are THC and CBD, with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This external source can help promote homeostasis in our body and re-establish good health.

How does Cannabis Work?

They work in two ways, one by maintaining the ECS and secondly by complementing if there is a deficiency.

THC in Cannabis is responsible for the intoxicating effects of cannabis, as well as many of the medicinal properties. THC works by interacting with the ECS’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. By stimulating these receptors,THC can imitate the function of the endocannabinoids our bodies produce to regulate physiology and maintain health.

While CBD in Cannabis interacts with other nominal receptors with remarkable effects. For instance, CBD activates the receptor GPR55, which has been shown to assist in reducing pain and inflammation. CBD has been shown to decrease the activity of THC’s activity at CB receptors. Combining CBD and THC decreases the intoxicating and other side effects of THC, while enhancing some of THC’s benefits and hence they usually work best together.

If there is a cannabinoid deficiency in the body, administering Cannabis can help bring levels to normal. Low Cannabinoid levels trigger health issues like headaches, mood swings, irritability, etc. The optimum level of endocannabinoids maintains vital health functions and helps restore the balance within the body.

How are Cannabis and Ayurveda related?

Interestingly, Cannabis is a vital ingredient in more than 80 traditional Ayurvedic formulas. It has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years in India, mainly to treat pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Cannabis is regarded as one of the five essential plants in Vedas. Cannabis, also known as “Vijaya” means attaining victory over sufferings.

What is CBD and what is THC?

CBD and THC are two vital components, described as "sister molecules". CBD and THC have many similarities,yet distinct differences. Both have different roles to play, offer incredible health benefits, and relief to symptoms.

For some ailments, the intoxicating effects of THC are more beneficial while for others CBD is more appropriate. CBD is capable of blocking the effects of compounds such as THC. Consequently, it can balance the intoxicating effects of THC. Cannabis medicines are available in different proportions of CBD and THC for various health issues.

Source : Vedi Herbals

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