In times like these, are we all receiving certain signs in the form of visions and dreams of an apocalypse to come ? There are have been many prophecies that have come true in our times and the seers have also grown in number, with each one having their version of what might be ahead of us, in our not so distant future. I have been prodded by the Universe to share one such apocalyptic vision of mine which I feel is something others also might have experienced in their visions / dream states. This is how it all began ...

I woke up one morning just around sunrise and noticed I was lying in bed and it was morning, the balcony door was left open (facing a forest) ... (Must've passed out the previous night) ... and I felt there was a vision or something coming through and I had to close my eyes again ... and so I did. I usually don't have many lucid dreams or even clear recollections of my dreams since I smoke quite a bit before going to bed which I'm told affects remembering the dreams, although the dreams never really stop. This was unlike anything I have ever experienced before in a very very lucid state .... like i was watching a movie with my eyes closed.

It started with this HUGE wave rising ... it just kept rising until I could see what resembled a massive hood of a Cobra from my perspective, right under it. The scene changes and now I am looking out from an apartment on what seemed like the 10th or the 11th floor in a multistory building. I was looking out through a balcony entrance and I could see some people standing in their balconies in the adjacent building, a level or two below. The next thing I see is water sweeping these people off from their balconies and now they were floating on water. I saw there were 3 or 4 other people in the same room I was viewing this from, but I could see only their dark silhouettes from an observers viewpoint. At this point I asked myself how do i feel, i sensed no fear at all ... like i wasn't really there. Perhaps in an out of body state. The scene changes again and now I see my ex wife, in still, calm waters ... holding on to a big log of wood. I somehow was floating above the water as I came close to her to check if she was ok. She responded saying Yes, she was fine. I was assured she was fine and then I see myself and my son from again an observers perspective gliding above the water and just going away ... and I woke up !

I remembered my vision so well, like I just finished watching something in my waking state. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror soon after and I noticed my left eye looking a bit funny. In couple of hours this eye was swollen like a tomato and I couldn't open that eye at all. The vision, my eye ... this pain and frustration were making my question the whole sequence of events as to WHY did this happen ... It's only in adversity that we learn may hold true in this case as I learned new healing methodologies to recover from what seemed like an insect bite from the forest, which also somehow induced this vision ?!?! It took me a week to completely recover and I was able to see from that eye again, however the vision kept bothering me ... like I had to do something about it. This was sometime in the first week of August 2018, about a year ago. A few days after my vision the Kerala floods happened which kinda made me wonder if there was a connection between the two. A few days after I came across an article about a man called Madhav Gadgil who predicted the Kerala floods and also said that Goa would be next in line ... this is partly due to all the illegal mining for Iron ore in this region around the Western Ghats.

My intention is to simply share this vision with you folks to know if any of you have also had the same kind of visions or dreams. I feel there is something very real to all of this and we shall see this unfold in our near future. In times like these, many truths will be revealed much to the shock and amazement of the slumbering masses, who will probably go through a rude awakening to 'The Big Picture'. In the last chapter of "Laws of the Spirit World" a book by Khurshed Bhavnagiri, the transmissions she receives suggest that in these times there will be many cataclysmic events and there will be many UFOs seen in our skies which will be taking people to habitable zones in a post apocalyptic scenario. It's interesting to note that something similar was mentioned by the famous channel Barbara Marciniak in her book Bringers of the Dawn, where she speaks of many UFOs / Spaceships will be seen in our skies ... and if you ask this ships intuitively if they are from the light, you will get your answer. There are many of us who are presently unaware of our true origins and Earth's history and all that religious dogma and indoctrination will be put to the test when our illusory worldview is threatened by realities never heard of. We are all in this together and in times like these we must reunite as the one family of light we truly are. There is nothing to fear and run away from, but there is a lot to learn, understand and assimilate within our being and expressed in the lives we lead. Dolores Cannon also speaks of a new 5D Earth coming ... from a linear perspective of how we observe time. As we increase our own vibrational state we will slowly begin to gravitate towards this new world emerging where Peace and Harmony are a way of life and we all live as ONE !

Perhaps, we wake up one day and find ourselves in a totally new world, a different reality ... which we are co-creating ... !

"In Lak'ech Ala K'in"

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