UFO Disclosure & Clean Energy : Paul Hellyer

In the following video, Former Canadian Minister of Defense and International Banker, Paul Hellyer discusses his latest book, "Light at the End of the Tunnel" and shares his perspective on some historical UFO events in an interview at the International UFO Congress.

Clean energy sources such as Free Energy and Cold Fusion have been known to us for a while now, however these revolutionary technological breakthroughs threaten to put the banking and oil cartels out of business and they are trying their best to keep the truth concealed from the masses. As more of us begin to wake up from the illusions set before us as reality, we begin the process of bringing in something new ... we are always co-creating our living world, the time now is to be aware of this, hence co-create consciously ...

Reference : Paul Hellyer Web

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al raspberry said...

In autumn 1994 I saw a bright round object speeding along the tree tops. Orange on the lower third and dark green on the upper 2 thirds. It speed was extreme and remains clear in my mind because it is hard to say if it was the size of a basketball at 100 feet or the size of a car at 400 feet. There was something slippery about it like a jewel in the sky. It was seen by others miles away and reported in the Norwich Bulletin.

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