The time has come, actually it has always been coming ... lol :P ... The time to unite as one earth tribe ... finding others like yourself and getting off the grid ... stop feeding a system which is going to crash any day now ... instead create your own village ... free from this insane world chasing illusions ... the time for big change is here now and its time for wisdom in action ... time for the renewal of spirit ... awakening as children of the great mother who speaks through all our words all our deeds ... we are the ones we have been waiting for and its of utmost importance to find the others you resonate with .... hence, this is an effort to galvanize this quest for paradise ... reaching out to our tribe out there to find a way to co-create a better reality for ourselves and generations to come ... In Lak'ech Ala K'in ... _/\_

We dream and wake up into another dream like reality where we are awake yet dreaming all the time, walking through life and its many illusions of separation ... learning many a lesson with time ! Yet these dreams never stop ... What is this dream time really ? Where do we go and who are we really ... ?!

The dreamtime has much to reveal to us about ourselves and the nature of reality which as solid as it may seem actually is quite fluid and ever changing. Magical would be the best way to describe this waking life if seen with the eyes of the ultimate observer, forever hacking through illusions of separation and seeing life clearly as one.

Learning to wake up in your dream will allow you to navigate more lucidly, this will in turn sharpen your intuition and decision making abilities once awake in this realm or any other. We know the magical side of dreams and how we can fit into any character and play any role we want as anything becomes possible in the mind of ultimate observer. All limitations of the ego are surpassed and the soul manifests as it wants to. This is the art we are here to master ... how do we use alchemical principles to navigate this dense 3 dimensional reality. To be able to extract the "Soma", the ambrosia, the nectar from all that life has to offer is the work of an alchemist and we are here to master this art !

By first making changes within our own lives and gaining mastery and self control of our own monkey minds can we begin to start stepping into new roles the universe is shaping for us as we progress on this evolutionary path, transcending one illusion, one limitation at a time, moving consciously with each breath. There is nothing lost as we have many chances at rectifying our mistakes by simply choosing different each time something low vibing challenges our peace of mind. 

This world of ours has many illusions we can cling to if we aren't conscious of how each choice of ours affects us and the world we live in which we are co-creating, each one of us. Everything is dynamic and ever changing with the shifts in mass consciousness underway. Many will lose their minds in these times as the darker forces who have them in their grip are tightening the noose with many a fear based agendas unleashed. Mind control is often overlooked as most of us have fallen into the trap ourselves living slave like lives justifying the choices we make for monetary gains as that seems to be the focus of many who are deeply entranced by the seductions of society. Falling into self made traps and then crying victim seems to be the way for many of us who are yet to wake up the bigger picture. Its easy to follow others who know no better than us, it takes some courage to listen to that inner voice which may speaks to us in solitude which most people are afraid of. 

Finally, there is nothing to gain or lose in this illusionary world of ours. All that we are doing is making most of our time here with the choices we are given and the gifts we come with. We can be or do anything we want which aligns with our mission and at some point all of this begins to make sense ... We are always creating our reality and we are now becoming more conscious of this by taking into account the messages that come through the dreamtime. Life as I often describe it, is nothing but a delicate balance between being and doing ... with each choice, with each action we step onto a new karmic path, leaving behind a trail of experiences to learn from and keep moving on. 

"The cave that we fear to enter holds the treasures we seek."

Joseph Campbell

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