UFO Files : Then and Now ~ Aliens & Contact

UFO Files is an American documentary television series by the History Channel produced between 2004 and 2007 covering the mystical phenomena of UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Government Cover Ups ...

Some of the scientists and experts that have been interviewed in the series are:

* William J. Birnes – author, publisher, and ufologist
* Paul Davids – television, science fiction writer and director
* Frank Drake – astrophysicist
* Stanton T. Friedman – ufologist
* Steven M. Greer – physician and ufologist
* Michio Kaku – theoretical physicist and futurist
* George Knapp – paranormal journalist
* Lawrence M. Krauss – physicist
* Geoffrey A. Landis – MIT professor, scientist and science fiction writer
* Bruce Maccabee – optical physicist and ufologist
* Seth Shostak – physicist and astronomer

In this episode of UFO Files called 'Aliens & Contact' ... Investigation into the 1991 mass UFO sighting over Mexico City during a solar eclipse and other sightings as possible examples of alien contact with the inhabitants of planet Earth.

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