There are no accidents, no random chances in this reality we co-create and experience at an individual and at a collective level. Everything happening in our lives is pushing us forward on our evolutionary path and each one of us is on this journey, whether we like to accept this now or later is one's choice hence our journey from the darkness of ignorance to a place of knowing, a place of truth and never ending light. We are being nudged forward to recreate ourselves each day and there are forces at play beyond the comprehension of our rational thinking mind who are always guiding us along. Whether you call it your higher self, your Intuition, Spirit Guides, Angels, God etc ... it is essentially another aspect of yourself, it is you. Through many psychedelic journeys we come face to face with the inherent connection between all things, which are nothing in their truest essence ... the universe is energy at different frequencies of vibration and we are all living the illusion of swimming in this sea of consciousness however we are this sea, just for the sake of analogy ... trying to put certain ineffable revelations in words, humbly.

From my own personal journey within the raving culture, I have seen and experienced many different kinds of situations which have somehow shifted my awareness from perceiving this world from the limited framework of my mind to something outside of my self which is essentially omnipresent, its everywhere. Enlightening revelations may well be a consequential side effect of taking Psychedelics and becoming one with the music in a trance dance frenzy ... expressing our truest feelings, uninhibited. On almost all of my experiences on LSD I felt completely in tune with the intelligence of the body, which spoke to me in an unspoken language, showing me signs ... what i should be paying attention to ... what is really important in the here and now ... my attention was always drawn towards the breath. Almost involuntarily, one goes into a state of deep trance and we start to receive information if you may, or downloads from somewhere ... everything begins to make more cohesive sense when the patterns start to emerge as dots begin to connect. The Universe is always working with us and not against us ... if we only learn to trust our intuition more we will realize how everything happening is a consequence of what we have held in our vibrational state. We are capable of achieving great things once we start to flow with the natural frequencies of creation which speak only one language which is the language of love, its the highest form of vibrational energy we can fathom and it is what everything is made of.

The Psychedelic parties and the raving culture are definitely powerful avenues to bring about this Psychedelic Catharsis in our lives, however these are only gateways or portals to something even more grander if we learn to traverse these paths well, with love and awareness ... Once Psychedelics open up your mind then you can never go back to the older version of yourself and this is what scares most people who are afraid of change and are still desperately holding onto overrun patterns chasing illusions in the material world. There are many in the Psychedelic community who are looking for a quick fix and escape from the mundane through the Psychedelic Experience ... and it works, for a while ... Until one starts to become more sensitive to energies and can see underlying patterns behind what goes on ... its almost like when we are bombarded with too much overwhelming information one finds it hard to make complete sense of ... being surrounded by a many different energies, lacking the feeling of clarity ... feels like more wild, untamed, unconscious energy pumped by amphetamines for most part, since a lot of folks these days just want the physical sensations of a Serotonin Blast which equates to the feelings of love ... with side effects of course and often short lived.

The Psytrance culture has given a lot of Psychonauts across the Planet a lot to work with, provided the work is done like it should. Taking Psychedelics responsibly requires one to be well informed and guided by someone experienced, usually a Tripsitter. Our energetic state before doing these Psychedelics is also key to what our experience would shape up like. For most part, on our Tryptamine journeys we encounter what we are holding in our present state of conscious awareness and what matches our vibration. The Universe is always working with us, showing us what we need to see and we are the ones who create each experience by the power of our thoughts. The external world, our dreams, our desires are all illusions, however serve a purpose of showing us where our vibrational energy is taking us, giving us the opportunity to learn and hence create more consciously. We find most peace and satisfaction in our lives when we are on our path, following the signs the Universe is showing us while being guided by our intuition and not our limited egos. My personal journey so far has been profoundly revelatory and compels me to share some of these realizations with you for this is my purpose, my mission, to be able to articulate to best of my ability the random strangeness we call life, which is in fact not random at all and there are no coincidences either. Its always humbling to realize the trickster nature of the Universe which swiftly rearranges itself just when we think we had it all figured out. We can chase the next party, the next psychedelic experience, the next hot partner ... finally realizing what we are searching for has always been here with us. This many may not fully comprehend for its where they are on their journey right now. I know this for I have been there myself.

The Psychedelic Awakening opens up new pathways and breaks down some of the self created barriers in our mind about who we think we are ... but we tend to forget easily and get seduced by the Maya of the material world. This too has a purpose to serve for it has taken you to the point of awakening. This Psychedelic Catharsis, this Ego Meltdown or Ego Death is what brings about a powerful transformation in our lives and we start becoming sequentially, more aware of the path forward .... being guided by intuition. We have many gifts waiting to be discovered and they come to us in Solitude. I am forever grateful to the Psychedelic Trance scene for showing me the way and also making me realize that the scene by itself is not necessarily the way and Psychedelics are to be used wisely and not abused for the sake of feeding our limited pride and egos. I am grateful to all the people who have been part of my journey so far and have brought about many important lessons for me to grow and be a better human.

* Anicca *

::: In Lak'ech Ala K'in :::

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