How I Became a Third Eye Junkie !

My adventure with Intuition began about 11 years ago ... when I first became aware of Fluoride toxicity and calcification of the pineal gland, thanks to the fluoridated drinking water and toothpastes ! The more you read about the Pineal Gland and esoteric knowledge associated with it you begin to realize the importance of it in our reality, as one of our primary and perhaps most important tool for navigating through life !

My dear mother first suggested I should move to a Herbal toothpaste as its better for health. It made some sense to me although I didn't know much about the real-time, experiential benefits of switching to a non fluoride toothpaste until much later. So, what began as a simple toothpaste change accompanied with smoking a decent amount of Cannabis Sativa on a regular basis and long hours of blissful solitude, has grown into a soul stirring adventure where I am gradually beginning to understand the power of thoughts and intention in manifesting the lives we dream of ....

Once the pineal gland starts to awaken, one starts to feel a tingling sensation in the brow area, in the middle of the forehead ... on some of my LSD trips, I remember seeing a bright light in my brow area, with my eyes closed. It was like a feeling of being one with this shimmering light. Much like a breakthrough experience on DMT where many have commonly experienced being in a place of white light with absolutely no sense of separation or form ... just white light ... and you are it ! Once you've seen the light you will never see yourself and this world the same way again.  The Universe is constantly working with us, if only we are aware how each one of us creating our own reality and shaping our experiences through the lens with which we view this world !

Psychedelics, Yoga and Meditative Practices all used in tandem have the potential to alter one's life in many powerful ways ... bringing to light hidden potential empowered by a deep soulful connection with 'Spirit'. On each of those LSD trips and amidst all the "Tryptamine TrippyNess" I've seen a beautifully animated fractal universe ... which feels like overwhelming love ...... just shining !!! Our deep inherent connection with all that exists is our guiding light through our physical incarnations and awakening our 3rd Eye holds the key to smoothly navigating the sometimes rough seas of Gaia. Like they say ... Not all Storms are here to destroy you, some are here just to wash you clean ! A Psychonaut has died many times in one lifetime to know Death is nothing but a simple transition ... to Source Energy, which we can still be in tune with, while we are in this meat suit ! Our thoughts and intentions create a ripple effect ... this reality is our co-creation and all is karmic in this 'Divine Leela', the great Cosmic Maya !

Opening the Third Eye is only the beginning of a grand adventure ... what comes next is the experience after which comes the lesson. We attract certain people into our lives because of the frequency we emanate from our being. Our thoughts and desires somehow magically begin to manifest in our lives. I have had fleeting moments of clairvoyance and clairaudience when I have quite literally heard a word being spoken in my head or had a vision of something to come. "Creating a reality of Abundance" seems to be selling many books, great online seminars and workshops worldwide. And this is no surprise as there is a dire need for humans to empower ourselves with tools we come with, in-built ! There are many teachers, masters, gurus who show us the way, however the greatest master functions within us all ... our intuition, the pineal gland ... the seat of the soul ... is our navigational system and we are all awakening to our true nature in our own time, if we choose to.

... We are Pure Consciousness ...

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