According to the World Health Organization the latest depression statistics show that 300 million people around the world have depression. Depression is not just feeling sad - it is considered a serious mental health condition (mental illness) that has an impact on both physical and mental health. Scientists have discovered that causes of depression could be a combination of many different factors : genetics, stress, and life events of severe importance can be the reason to be one depressed.

Mental illnesses are often treated with medications such as Xanax and Valium, which are unfortunately the most commonly abused prescription drugs. Benzodiazepines have the potential to become addictive for its user! Fortunately, Nowadays many people have turned to medical marijuana as a way to combat their depression and as the technology evolves you don’t even have to smoke joints--now people just use Cannabis Vape Pens.

How medical marijuana works against depression?

It has been shown that introducing supplemental cannabinoids reduces the symptoms of depression. In other words, cannabis can help treat depression ’s symptoms.

Cannabis is known for  enhancing the patient’s mood while at the same time relieving anxiety and battling insomnia which are all negative symptoms of depression.

Medical marijuana is a natural remedy that as many patients report works more effectively than the antidepressants. Cannabis stimulates the endocannabinoid system and has no side effects. Cannabis has a direct influence on the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2. When the cannabinoid compounds of Cannabis enter our organism, they interact with the cannabinoid receptors and regulate a person’s mood, in a positive way.

Many different strains of cannabis can help treat depression. Depending on the specific symptoms being treated, there is likely an ideal strain for the intended outcome and the secret lies in the terpene profile of the plant. Strains high in the terpene limonene are typically great choices for mood elevation. Moreover offer focus and energy which is very important to those suffering from depression.

There have been some studies all over the world that have observed the effects medical marijuana has on people suffering from different types of depression and most of the results have shown just how effective the cannabis plant can be.

A study done in 2006 at McGill University in Montreal showed that that low doses of THC and CBD found in medical marijuana can produce serotonin-Serotonin plays a major role in the human body and is a natural mood stabilizer and helps fight depression. It is also known as the chemical compound that makes people happy.

In comparison with antidepressants, which may take weeks for patients to notice a difference, statistics show that at least one in three people with depression are unable to find relief through current antidepressant drugs. CBD is non-psychoactive, while THC is responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects.. A study by Neuropharmacology suggests that CBD prompts antidepressants-like effects, but with instantaneous results, and another study demonstrated a good interaction between CBD and receptors in the human brain.

One of the earliest acknowledged written documents of the cannabis plant being used in this way dated back to 1621 when an English clergyman Robert Burton wrote about it in The Anatomy of Melancholy. Around the same time, doctors in India had been using cannabis to help treat their patients’ depression so it’s absolutely one of the most outstanding medicines in the course of history.

Even though there haven’t been too many research to date on the results that medical cannabis has on depression, the ones carried out so far, had effective results.

However it’s necessary to keep in mind that Mental Problems like depression are often complicated and involve many factors. In any case one should seek professional advice from his doctor and do his own research before he considers medical Cannabis as his proper choice.


For those of us who still fancy a good read once in a while, there is a new book in the Psychedelic Head Space you must check out ... "Psychedelic Medicine : The Healing Powers of LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin and Ayahuasca" by Dr. Richard Louis Miller.

Embracing the revival of psychedelic research and the discovery of new therapeutic uses, Dr. Richard Louis Miller discusses what is happening today in psychedelic medicine and what will happen in the future with top researchers in this field, including Rick Doblin, Stanislav Grof, James Fadiman, Julie Holland, and Dennis McKenna.

Richard Louis Miller is a Clinical Psychologist, owner of Wilbur Hot Springs Health Sanctuary, and broadcaster who hosts the Mind Body Health & Politics radio program, a radio talk show which airs on NPR affiliate KZYX&Z FM. The program is known for its wide ranging discussions on politics and health, the show’s format includes guest interviews, guest speakers, and listener call in.

In 1990, while motorcycling, Dr Miller was hit by a recreational vehicle. In the resulting accident, the Winnebago ran over him crushing both of his legs. He kept himself alive using breathing stabilization techniques. In the emergency room he talked the attending physician out of amputating his legs which led to to a 15-hour surgery. This was the first of 6 surgeries. While in intensive care, Dr. Miller devised methods of coping with the psychological trauma, using visual imagery to aid the healing process. Given a prognosis of being paraplegic and using a wheelchair, he began rehabilitating himself by doing “wheel chair laps” around the hospital ward. Six months later he began walking on crutches, and he strapped them onto a motorcycle, drove back to the scene of his accident, and retraced the original accident multiple times in an attempt to remove the trauma from his mind, replacing it with “a perfect ride”.

Using special T bar crutches, he went on the complete 2 triathlons including swimming in San Francisco Bay. He used the same special crutches to run the 7 mile Golden Gate Bridge to Bay Bridge run in San Francisco with his former marathoning buddy Wayne Greene. Dr. Miller used this life changing event to deepen his understanding of himself and those suffering Post traumatic stress disorder. The implementation of those lessons soon followed, and he created a simple maxim, “Limits are self-imposed, and one needs to always be cautious of accepting the limitations (prognosis) imposed by others.”

Miller has been, a Marathon runner, Triathlete, Endurance swimmer, Downhill skier, Motorcyclist, pilot, bridge/poker/chess player, pistol marksman, classic car collector.

When not at Wilbur Hot Springs, he lives on a small farm with the love of his life, Jolee, and about 20 animals, in Mendocino County on California’s north coast.

Psychedelics and Meditative practices have the potential to heal us from all forms of psychosomatic illnesses by addressing the root cause of all trauma and painful experiences from the past. Here is a documentary film called "Psychedelic Therapy" which speaks about all of this and much more. Our awareness to the potential of psychedelics is key to co-creating a better reality for all of us.

Let's choose wisely !

Author Bio:

Dr. Richard Louis Miller, MA, PhD, has been a clinical psychologist for more than 50 years. He is host of the syndicated talk radio show, Mind Body Health & Politics. The founder of the nationally acclaimed Cokenders Alcohol and Drug Program, he has been a faculty member at the University of Michigan and Stanford University, an advisor on the President’s Commission on Mental Health, a founding board member of the Gestalt Institute of San Francisco, and a member of the national board of directors for the Marijuana Policy Project. He lives in Fort Bragg and Wilbur Hot Springs, California.


Psychedelic Medicine by Dr. Richard Louis Miller © 2017 Inner Traditions.

Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

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In a society heavily conditioned to believe globally propagated lies, its brave to speak the truth, no matter what the world asleep thinks of it. Urine Therapy is one such topic which has often been scoffed at and largely ignored and treated as an alternative remedy when all fails.

The Human body is designed to heal itself, provided we don't continue destroying it with a toxic lifestyle. We eat way more than we should and there have many examples of people who live much healthier and longer following a light, plant based diet, fasting intermittently. For those who foolishly believe that a plant based diet is deprived of proper nutrition, Dr. Amen Ra is a good example of someone who is quite strong and muscular, yet still eats only once every day.

I recently stumbled upon this highly educational video featuring Dave Murphy which throws much light on the subject of Urine Therapy, Fasting and Breatharianism.

As per Wikipedia ... "Inedia (Latin for "fasting") or breatharianism is the belief that it is possible for a person to live without consuming food. Breatharians claim that food, and in some cases water, are not necessary for survival, and that humans can be sustained solely by Prana, the vital life force in Hinduism."

Prahlad Jani, an Indian Mystic is another shining example of someone who has gone without food or water for many years ! As unbelievable as it sounds one must go beyond our preconceived notions and dig in deeper to know the truth for ourselves.

When it comes to Urine Therapy, there are many people on this planet who have known this and have been practicing it regularly for many years while reversing all forms of ailments and disorders. In India its known as Shivambu Shastra, respected for thousands of years as the "Mother of Ayurvedic Medicine" and commonly known as "Self-Urine Therapy".

Shivambu means literally "Water of Shiva", referring to the auspiciousness of the practice.

Its "method of drinking urine for rejuvenation" is outlined in the Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi, part of a 5,000-year-old document called the Damar Tantra, linking this practice back to the Vedas, the sacred Hindu texts. Self-urine therapy has been seen as one of the divine manifestations of cosmic intelligence, and has been used as such by Indian yogis to unleash kundalini up to their third eye.

There is something esoteric about urine. It is considered to be a supernatural, living food because it is a by-product of the blood and contains "life force" or prana. Using urine as a therapeutic tool mirrors to us the "healer within" who works on a mechanistic level as well as on an energetic level.

(Image Courtesy : Fightland ViceArt by Kevin Ancell)

Some Facts about Urine Therapy we must know !

Urine consists of 95% of water, 2.5% of urea and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones and enzymes. Only urea , the substance after which urine is named, can be poisonous when present in the blood. However, this is irrelevant in the practice of drinking urine, as urine is not immediately put back in the bloodstream. In small amounts urea gets back into the body, it is purifying, and clears up excess mucus. Urine is entirely sterile after secretion and has an antiseptic effect.

Drinking urine is a good alternative wherever water is scarce. It not only satisfies the need for liquid, but also actually keeps the body healthy. Some time ago there was an earthquake in Egypt. A survivor was pulled out of the rubble in Cairo after being trapped for three days. The man had kept himself alive by, among other things, drinking his own urine and he was in excellent condition. I heard another story about a man who kept himself alive with his own urine for a week in a collapsed mine. At the time of his rescue, he looked fine and was in extraordinary health. I also recently read an article about an Italian athlete who was lost in the Sahara for ten days. Upon returning to the civilized world, he told how he had drunk his own urine for lack of other liquids. He had kept himself alive by eating desert plants and insects and drinking his own urine. Shipwrecked people can drink their own urine to survive, although one should not wait until the body is almost dehydrated before doing so.

Drinking urine is also a smart way to survive in situations in which water is unsafe to drink. During earthquakes and floods, water is often infected with pathogens, while urine is always scenic Drinking polluted water can cause serious, often fatal, illnesses Urine is a perfect alternative: if drunk fresh, it quenches thirst without presenting any danger and is always available - any timer anywhere. Moreover, it will help combat possible diseases. Soldiers have survived long periods in the wilderness by drinking their own urine, and soldiers in the Foreign Legion are sometimes instructed to rub their own urine into their skin in order to build up resistance to illness. Soldiers sometimes also urinate into their shoes before starting on a march, as urine apparently helps prevent blisters. The method of using urine for (new) shoes was often applied in the past and today I sometimes meet people who know how to get their shoes fitting by using this versatile fluid. It is generally not recommended to combine urine therapy with the use of (prescribed) chemical allopathic medicines or recreational drugs. The combination may be dangerous to your health. If you are taking any form of allopathic medicine, begin with the external application (urine massage) until you are free of all medication, if possible.

Applying your own bodily substances in an attempt to heal can lead to a considerably broadened outlook on the intelligence and power of the body, and can increase your appreciation and love for yourself as a physical and spiritual being. Instead of regarding excretions (really just a part of yourself) as enemies, you regard them as your helpers. This healthier way of seeing yourself might well have a powerful healing effect on your body.

Urine therapy confronts us with a very concrete 'healer within' which works both on a mechanistic and on an energetic level. The latter implies that urine, as a holographic substance, can affect all levels of being, from the physical, through the electromagnetic fields of the emotions and the mind, up to the subtler genetic vibrational information of the soul.

Urine Aid is a documentary film about Urine Therapy ! Check out the trailer below ...

Source : Universal Tao - Urine Therapy

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My adventure with Intuition began about 11 years ago ... when I first became aware of Fluoride toxicity and calcification of the pineal gland, thanks to the fluoridated drinking water and toothpastes ! The more you read about the Pineal Gland and esoteric knowledge associated with it you begin to realize the importance of it in our reality, as one of our primary and perhaps most important tool for navigating through life !

My dear mother first suggested I should move to a Herbal toothpaste as its better for health. It made some sense to me although I didn't know much about the real-time, experiential benefits of switching to a non fluoride toothpaste until much later. So, what began as a simple toothpaste change accompanied with smoking a decent amount of Cannabis Sativa on a regular basis and long hours of blissful solitude, has grown into a soul stirring adventure where I am gradually beginning to understand the power of thoughts and intention in manifesting the lives we dream of ....

Once the pineal gland starts to awaken, one starts to feel a tingling sensation in the brow area, in the middle of the forehead ... on some of my LSD trips, I remember seeing a bright light in my brow area, with my eyes closed. It was like a feeling of being one with this shimmering light. Much like a breakthrough experience on DMT where many have commonly experienced being in a place of white light with absolutely no sense of separation or form ... just white light ... and you are it ! Once you've seen the light you will never see yourself and this world the same way again.  The Universe is constantly working with us, if only we are aware how each one of us creating our own reality and shaping our experiences through the lens with which we view this world !

Psychedelics, Yoga and Meditative Practices all used in tandem have the potential to alter one's life in many powerful ways ... bringing to light hidden potential empowered by a deep soulful connection with 'Spirit'. On each of those LSD trips and amidst all the "Tryptamine TrippyNess" I've seen a beautifully animated fractal universe ... which feels like overwhelming love ...... just shining !!! Our deep inherent connection with all that exists is our guiding light through our physical incarnations and awakening our 3rd Eye holds the key to smoothly navigating the sometimes rough seas of Gaia. Like they say ... Not all Storms are here to destroy you, some are here just to wash you clean ! A Psychonaut has died many times in one lifetime to know Death is nothing but a simple transition ... to Source Energy, which we can still be in tune with, while we are in this meat suit ! Our thoughts and intentions create a ripple effect ... this reality is our co-creation and all is karmic in this 'Divine Leela', the great Cosmic Maya !

Opening the Third Eye is only the beginning of a grand adventure ... what comes next is the experience after which comes the lesson. We attract certain people into our lives because of the frequency we emanate from our being. Our thoughts and desires somehow magically begin to manifest in our lives. I have had fleeting moments of clairvoyance and clairaudience when I have quite literally heard a word being spoken in my head or had a vision of something to come. "Creating a reality of Abundance" seems to be selling many books, great online seminars and workshops worldwide. And this is no surprise as there is a dire need for humans to empower ourselves with tools we come with, in-built ! There are many teachers, masters, gurus who show us the way, however the greatest master functions within us all ... our intuition, the pineal gland ... the seat of the soul ... is our navigational system and we are all awakening to our true nature in our own time, if we choose to.

... We are Pure Consciousness ...

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Medical use of Marijuana Concentrates

What is dabbing and how does it work? How can it help those who use medical marijuana? We answer these and many more questions in the article below.

You may have heard about dabs. What are they? This is what marijuana concentrates are called, and ‘dabbing’ is the process of concentrates vaporization. What are concentrates, then? They are basically marijuana extracts that are much more powerful than dried herb (the concentration of cannabinoids might reach 90%), from which the plant material has been removed. Concentrates are usually goldish, sticky substances, but they may vary in terms of looks and texture. There are many different methods of making concentrates, but they can all be divided into two main groups: concentrates made with the use of solvents (such as butane, carbon dioxide or glycerine) and those made with no solvents – so-called solventless concentrates.

The production process of concentrates made with the use of solvents is usually much more complicated. First of all, there is a risk of explosion (especially if you use butane). Secondly, the final product must be precisely cleaned of any remains of the solvent. One of the best examples of such a product is RSO oil – the most popular concentrate in USA. If it comes from illegal sources, there is always a high chance that it is contaminated with solvents. On the opposite end, there are concentrates made without solvents. They can be obtained by pressing resin from plants (to get so-called rosin) or in the process of dry-sift, where you filter pieces of plant through a series of sieves with an increasingly fine mesh, in order to completely separate the plant material. There are also concentrates that don’t contain THC and are legal in many countries, e.g. CBD crystals. Their vaporization is a much cheaper alternative to the widely popular but very expensive CBD oils.

How are concentrates consumed ?

Concentrates can obviously be added to a joint or to the blowpipe of a bong, but it’s a waste of material – the majority of cannabinoids will get damaged due to the high temperature. The right way to consume concentrates is through vaporization, which is the evaporation of cannabinoids without burning of the substance. ‘Some portable vaporizers, such as Mighty Vaporizer, let you vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates. However, the most efficient vaporization of concentrates is guaranteed by the devices designed especially for this type of substances’ – says Jonathan Weed, a vaporization expert. These devices are already available in online VapeFully store with vaporizers. Whether you use the RSO oil, a home-made rosin concentrate, or you have access to high-quality, imported, BHO concentrates, vaporization is always the most comfortable method of their absorption.

Benefits of Concentrate Vaporization

Concentrates are very popular among those who use marijuana for recreational purposes, but patients who need it for medical reason can also make the most of their potential. What are the advantages of concentrates over dry herbs? First of all, they provide much faster results. You don’t need to spend a quarter of an hour to properly grind the herbs, load the vaporizer and have an inhalation session. ‘When you use concentrates, you just apply a small amount of the substance into your vaporizer, take one or two draws and you get an instant and powerful medical effect. The whole process takes less than a minute and the fast relief it provides is priceless in the case of those patients who suffer from pain, convulsions or nausea’ – explains Jonathan Weed from www.VapeFully.com. The results offered by concentrates are not only faster but also stronger – patients who need a high dose of cannabinoids find it much more comfortable to take in those amounts through concentrates. Instead of consuming a few grams of marijuana – which requires dozens of draws with vapor or smoke – they simply have to take a few draws of vapor produced from a few dozens, up to a few hundreds of milligrams of concentrates. Concentrates vaporization, just like in the case of dried herbs, is not associated with any health risk, such as lungs disease or toxins absorption, which is an inherent element of smoking. Dabbing also allows for a very precise dosing of concentrates – the patient can take just one draw, check the results and decide whether it’s necessary to continue the inhalation or not.

Risk related to Concentrates

Some inexperienced users, especially those who have only tried dried herbs, underestimate the power of concentrates. While it’s practically impossible to overdose THC, the consumption of an excessive quantity of cannabinoids can result in a range of unpleasant symptoms, such as the feeling of heaviness, drowsiness, anxiety or disorientation. If you are aware of the power of concentrates and take them in limited amounts, you are on the safe side. For some users, the phenomenon of tolerance might be a problem – your body builds the tolerance to concentrates much faster than in the case of dried herbs, so you need to increase the dose from time to time. However, just a few days of a break lets you lower the tolerance to cannabinoids. The biggest problem in terms of concentrates is their quality, especially in those countries, where concentrates are illegal. It’s doubtful that concentrates made in amateur conditions, rather than in professional laboratories, get properly cleaned of the solvents used in the process. Until then, it’s much safer to choose the solventless concentrates, especially that you can easily make them at home. For example, rosin concentrates can be made with the use of a safe Tarik+Rosin T-Rex Press. It lets you make your own concentrate within minutes, the final product is entirely safe for your health and requires no filtering.

Concentrates – the future of medical marijuana?

Taking into consideration the huge potential of concentrates in the field of medical use of cannabinoids, we might assume that they have a bright future. The majority of medical marijuana distribution points in the USA are already selling more concentrates than dried herbs and this trend seems to be growing.

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The Hoodie may seem like a fashion trend in modern times, however it has a history which takes us back to Ancient Greece and Rome ... and across many other civilizations where Monks, Priests, Warriors ... all kinds of folks wore a robe with a Hood attached, which when donned would give them a sense of mystery and security remaining hidden behind their garb of choice.

The Hoodie seems to be making a strong comeback into the mainstream as many folks choose to remain more private and inclusive rather than being too loud and obvious. I feel the Hoodie does give us a sense of security with a hint of anonymity and intrigue, especially in crowded spaces where we are swimming in a sea of all kinds of energies and being sensitive to energy in such spaces can be draining at times for an Empath.

I recently came across this video on Facebook which inspired me to create this post on Hoodies ... Would love to know how you feel about the Hoodie ... Drop us a comment or two ... :)

From skateboarders to musicians to athletes ... everyone seems to love wearing a Hoodie for more reasons than one ! In 1976, the release of “Rocky” added another layer of symbolism to the hoodie. The grey marl silhouette became a symbol of his hard knocks, work ethic, and reestablished the hoodie's connection to its working class roots, reaffirming its look into today's mainstream society.

In the 70s, hip-hop culture emerged in the Bronx, inspiring rap music, graffiti and break dancing. Wearing a hoodie at this time meant you were keeping a low profile, and with a design like a cobra hood it was worn to intimidate others. The hoody allowed unrestricted movement for the dance routines and concealed the identities for graffiti artists on the street.

In California, skaters rejected the mainstream culture, and with the closure of many skates parks skaters maintained their lifestyle however they could, legal or not. To feed the rebellion, music in the area gravitated towards hard core punk and hoodies became a staple of the culture.

2012 was a reminder that whether positive or negative, the hoodie can always be used to make a statement. Mark Zuckerberg caused a stir wearing a hoodie to meet Wall Street investors, which was ultimately seen as a power move. Whether or not this was a intentional tactic, we conclude it convincingly established an identity for Zuckerberg as a non-conformist rather than created a casual fashion statement.

Reference : Luca Faloni

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Why you should collect herbs after vaporization and what is ABV

Once you’ve used your herbs for vaporization, you shouldn’t bin them! Find out from this article why it’s worth collecting vaporized herb and how you can use it. Many people underestimate the potential of such herb, which is a pity because it’s a source of precious cannabinoids and it can be used to make a lot of interesting things.

Already Been Vaped (ABV) herbs have dark-brown color and a typical, dry scent that’s completely different to the smell of fresh marijuana. Many people who use vaporizers collect ABV to use it in one of the ways we describe below. First, let’s talk a bit about ABV itself. How can it be useful if cannabinoids have already been evaporated from it during the vaporization process? If it makes sense using ABV, does it mean that vaporization is less effective than smoking, where you get only ash? Well, it’s just the opposite! Vaporization is much more efficient than smoking, but it doesn’t mean that we can absorb all the cannabinoids from the herbs. How to solve this contradiction? When you smoke, the majority of cannabinoids gets destroyed due to a very high temperature, so we can absorb only about 20% of the active substances. The rest simply goes to waste. When you vaporize, you can absorb – depending on the vaporizer model – from 50 to 80% of cannabinoids from the herbs (according to research, the most efficient device for cannabinoids extraction is Volcano Vaporizer which is a desktop vaporizer). The rest of cannabinoids, which is between 20 and 50% of the initial amount still remains in the ABV. Since no burning process is involved in vaporization, ABV is in fact simply brownish, overdried marijuana that can be still reused. What’s more, while being vaporized, marijuana undergoes the process of decarboxylation, which activates THC that can be then absorbed by alimentary route. When you want to bake cookies from fresh marijuana, the herb has to undergo a thermal treatment first (e.g. it must be heated in the oven) so that it gets decarboxylated. In the case of ABV, there’s no need to do it – the material is practically ready to consume. Bear in mind that ABV doesn’t taste great. That’s why the majority of users don’t eat it on its own and they prefer to use it in other forms.

Before you start experimenting with ABV, you should remember that the potential of such herbs is different in every case and it depends on many factors, such as the strength and quality of the material you use for vaporization and how long it has been vaporized. Normally, ABV that’s slightly lighter will be more powerful, but even very dark brown ABV can still contain a lot of THC. A lot depends on the type of vaporizer you use, too. If you use a device like G Pen Snoop Dogg, it makes no sense at all to collect ABV because these are not real vaporizers as they burn the material. However, if you have Mighty Vaporizer, which is a portable vaporizer, the device will be able to extract almost 70% of the THC from the herbs. How long you have to wait before you see the results of the ABV you’ve consumed is also unpredictable. Some users feel the first signs after an hour within consumption and for the following few hours they will experience some moderate results. Others might have to wait 3 hours before they notice anything, and the strong effect will last for more than a day. The most important variables in this aspect are how powerful the ABV is, how you consumed it and what your personal level of cannabinoids tolerance is. What consumption methods can you choose from?

ABV capsules – lazy style

Capsules are one of the easiest ways to consume ABV. All you need are empty, gelatine capsules from the pharmacy (you fill them yourself), a few grams of ABV and (optionally) a few drops of vegetable oil or olive oil. Grind your ABV as finely as you can and fill the capsules with it. You can add a few drops of vegetable oil or olive oil to it (THC mixes with fat), then simply swallow the capsules. ‘The number of capsules you should swallow is a guess you have to make – nobody knows how many you need to take before you get the expected results or how long they will take to cause the effects. That’s why the results you’ll get after you swallow this type of capsules are completely unpredictable’ – says an expert from VapeFully. Capsules method is not very efficient, even though sometimes just a few capsules can give some really strong results. To sum up, capsules are a good method when you have a lot of ABV collected, you are not afraid of any unexpected results of consumption and you don’t feel like using any more complicated method of consumption.

ABV and peanut butter sandwich

A sandwich with peanut butter and ABV is another simple way to consume ABV: just spread a generous amount of peanut butter on a piece of bread and sprinkle some ABV on top of it. The fat from peanut butter will mix with THC so it will be easier to absorb the cannabinoids. In this case, the amount of ABV you need to use isn’t clear, either, and you have to experiment a bit. A sandwich with ABV and peanut butter has one more drawback – ABV doesn’t taste great and even though you mix the ingredients, you still eat it ABV unprocessed. A sandwich, however, guarantees stronger results than capsules with ABV.

Cannabinoids extraction for ABV

The extraction of THC from ABV is a more advanced option. In this case, you don’t have to eat the used material. While this is a more complicated method, it’s still quite simple. One of the ways of extracting THC from ABV is making the so-called cannabutter – ABV-based butter. On the internet, there are many tutorials that explain in detail how to make such product. Cooking ABV in coconut oil provides even better results – place ABV in a heat-resistant dish, cover it with coconut oil and keep it in the same temperature, ideally around 50 degrees Celcius, for a few hours (the longer, the better). It’s best to do it in the oven or in a slow cooker. You need to stir the mixture regularly. The next step is straining ABV through a coffee filter – you get an exceptionally powerful oil that can be used e.g. for baking cookies. You can also add it to your coffee or simply drink it on its own. Regardless of which extraction method you choose, it’s very important that you maintain a stable temperature and heat it in fat for a long enough time. ‘From all the ABV consumption methods, the extracts definitely provide the best results, both in terms of the potency and the experience you have after you consume them’ – adds Jonathan Weed, who runs VapeFully store with vaporizers.
Be careful with portions!

ABV dosage is always accompanied by a risky element of surprise, which we’ve already mentioned above – it simply requires experimenting. The results are a very individual thing – one person can have a powerful experience with just one gram of ABV, while someone else will have to take 5 grams before he or she feels anything. That’s why if you decide to consume ABV in the form of e.g. cookies, start with one, wait to see if it works and then reach for another one if you feel that you need it. You can obviously eat more cookies straight away, but make sure that you have a lot of free time (e.g. during the weekend) because the results might last for quite a while. Don’t worry, however, about overdosing – it’s impossible with ABV so all you risk is staying really high for a long time.



"Taking The Psychedelic Leap" is the latest rendition from the bestselling self-help author Richard Haight. I have only read the first few chapters and to be honest, this one brings a lot of deep, meaningful insights on the subject of psychedelic awakenings! The trials and tribulations of a powerful psychonaut dealing with all aspects of his being ... his own journey towards 'Oneness'!

Here is a short video of Richard reading the 'Introduction' to the book ...


“I’m a purist,” my teacher said. “I don’t believe that psychedelics are necessary or even useful on the path of awakening. I feel that it is up to me to awaken on my own.” He echoed my personally held belief exactly. We were discussing my upcoming trip to the Amazon, where I was intent upon partaking in an ayahuasca ceremony with an Achuar shaman.

Here is a gripping excerpt from the book ...

Chapter 3 : Purification by Fire

I quickly drank the liquid and ate the remaining mushrooms at the bottom of the glass, and then I headed back to the bedroom for privacy. Once seated in the bedroom, I took a moment to pray: “What is death? What am I not understanding about life? And what is still veiling my consciousness? Show me my remaining darkness.”

The memory of Ethan came up again, and I wondered what could be learned from his death. I heard his voice in the back of my mind, “Be happy—no excuses. Tell the family to be happy, with no excuses. Tell everyone to be happy!”

I thought I was happy …

Within minutes of sitting, I found myself in a deep, powerful silence. Energy seemed to course through my body, buoying it. It was a great feeling to start my first psilocybin trip, I thought. The buoying feeling didn’t last long, however. Within just a few minutes, the experience took an uncomfortable turn. I began feeling a bit sick to my stomach. I assumed it wasn’t serious, so, at first, I ignored it, attempting to go further into silence.

The nausea rapidly escalated, so I dove deeper into meditation, hoping it would relieve my stomach. Before long, I was forced to choose between throwing up in my bedroom and rushing to the bathroom. I rose from my seated position on wobbly legs and staggered into the bathroom for release, purposely neglecting to tell my wife of my precarious situation.

I positioned myself at the toilet for a time, but nothing came up. After waiting for a few minutes, the pressure in my stomach began to subside, as I felt a gurgle in my bowels. I realized that the tea had taken a turn south, so I quickly repositioned myself for a different explosion. Although I had the feeling that I was about to blow, and the extreme discomfort that entails, the release didn’t come.

While sitting on the toilet, a chill came over my body, which began shivering. Taking the risk of blowing out all over the floor, I rose to turn on the bath water, in hopes of warming myself. About the time the bath filled halfway, the chills turned to profuse sweating as my body temperature soared.

It was a cold winter evening, and the bathroom temperature was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but at that moment it felt more like 120 degrees. I hurriedly stripped off all my clothing, turned off the bath water, and laid myself down on the cold ceramic floor to cool down. It felt so good—for a moment.

In an instant, my body took another turn to trembling cold, and to make things worse, I had to pee like never before, so I staggered back to the toilet and took wobbly aim. My body was so cold that I couldn’t relax enough to release. It was as if someone had locked it and tossed away the key. It hurt badly.

It then occurred to me that maybe someone had made a mistake and accidentally mixed some poisonous mushrooms in with the hallucinogenic types. After all, little brown galerina mushrooms, which are some of the deadliest mushrooms known, commonly grow right next to psilocybin mushrooms. I began to panic.

Fortunately, I’d carried a pen and some note paper into the bathroom with me in the event that I needed to write something important. With shaking hand, I managed to fumble my way through “I think I ate poisonous mushrooms, please tell this to the doctor!” I set the paper down and decided to wait a bit longer before calling out to my wife. I didn’t want to take a trip to the emergency room for no reason, after all.
Suddenly all three exits warned of release, so I abandoned the pen and plopped myself back onto the toilet seat. I picked up the little trash can that sits next to the bowl and placed it on my lap to throw up into. There I was, a grown man, naked, shivering, and literally begging for a triple explosion, with my head buried in a wastebasket. My entire nervous system was so hyped up that my skin hurt to touch anything, even lightly. My breathing was labored, my pulse was racing, and my head throbbed unbearably.

I had a sudden third-person image of myself looking like a sagging question mark, and I realized how ridiculous I appeared in that moment. I thought, “I’m in really bad shape. Maybe I should call out for help ... no ... I don’t want to bother her. I’ll pull through as soon as I purge. I just need to get this out.”

Suddenly my temperature rose again, and my pores covered my body in slippery sweat. In panic, I called out to my wife before I swooned off the toilet onto the cold tile floor, half-conscious. Suddenly, my mind began spinning, faster and faster, as if I were trapped in some insane amusement park ride. I closed my eyes hoping to center myself, but that only made things much, much worse. Try as I might, my eyes refused to open again. My stomach, bowels, and bladder all ached for release, but I no longer had any control over my body. I realized that I was about to release on the floor and … on myself.

Desperately, I attempted to call out to my wife, but my mouth refused to follow my intention. My tongue felt like a dry twig in my mouth, a sign of severe dehydration. I couldn’t move, felt dehydrated, and was at risk of hypothermia, too, if I didn’t warm up soon. The knowledge I had from the survival courses I had taken told me that death was a real possibility in this situation. An image flashed in my mind’s eye of my dead body, naked on the cold tile floor, my partner just outside, none the wiser. Somehow I had the impression that I had been tricked into this precarious situation.


You can get the kindle edition of the book here ! (It's only $.99 for a limited period of time!)

More about the Author :

Richard L. Haight is an instructor of meditation, healing, and martial arts, and he is the author of The Unbound Soul: A Spiritual Memoir for Personal Transformation and Enlightenment. He began his path of awakening at age eight when he made a solemn promise in a vision to dedicate his life to enlightenment and to share what he found with the world. He took his first steps towards that promise at age 12 when he began formal martial arts training.

At the age of 24, Richard moved to Japan to advance his training with masters of the sword, staff, and jujutsu. During his 15 years living in Japan, Richard was awarded masters licenses in four samurai arts as well as a traditional healing art called Sotai-ho.

Throughout his life, Richard has had a series of profound visions that have ultimately guided him to the realization of the Oneness that the ancient spiritual teachers often spoke of. This understanding ultimately transformed the arts that he teaches and has resulted in the writing of The Unbound Soul.

Through his new book The Unbound Soul, his meditation and martial arts seminar, Richard Haight is helping to ignite a worldwide spiritual awakening that is free of all constraints and open to anyone of any level. Richard Haight now lives and teaches in southern Oregon, U.S.A.

Richard Haight explains that true spiritual enlightenment embraces all of life with deep aliveness, authenticity, innocence, and authority. It is what you are truly seeking.

Visit www.richardhaight.net for more information!

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Veganism in humans is pretty common. If you know any vegans, chances are they are a healthy weight and have less health problems than other people. But did you know that your dog can also benefit from this type of diet?

Yes, it's true - dogs naturally eat a lot of meat in the wild. However, they are omnivores, meaning that they can eat either plants or meat to stay healthy. If you'd like to improve your dog's lifespan and help them feel better overall, then a switch to a vegan diet might be in the cards.

What Makes up a Vegan Dog Diet

A vegan diet needs to be carefully crafted to make sure your dog gets all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. You'll need to include a variety of plants, fruits, and vegetables, including:

  • Rice
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Leafy greens
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Quinoa

Because a dog needs a lot of protein in their diet, you'll need to make sure that at least one-third of their food intake is high-quality protein sources. For example, soybeans, pinto beans, and lentils are excellent choices for ramping up protein in a meal.

The remaining two-thirds of each meal should be comprised of raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Just be careful when mixing in fruit with protein, as it can sometimes give your pup an upset stomach.

In particular, your dog also needs two essential amino acids: L-Carnitine and taurine. Sometimes, you won't be able to give your dog these amino acids through veggies alone, so you might have to supplement with pills or powder. Invest in sea vegetable flakes like kelp, which will give them important minerals not found in other foods.

How to Start Your Dog on a Vegan Diet

Now comes the hard part - transitioning your dog away from kibble and onto fresh, veggie-heavy fare. Whatever you do, make sure to transition them slowly. Cutting meat cold turkey out of their diet might give them a belly ache and make them refuse to eat. Instead, slowly start introducing a vegan diet until your dog doesn't realize the switch.

If your dog still doesn't want to eat, you can sweeten things up with a little bit of soy milk, nutritional yeast, or olive oil. They might also like the food better if you heat it up for them.

There are plenty of vegan dog food brands out there for you to choose from, including Vdog, Halo Vegan Dog Food, and Wysong Vegan Dog Food. If you're feeling ambitious, you can also create your own recipe, though this does take a bit more work.

Benefits of a Vegan Diet for Your Dog

There are loads of health benefits when you switch your dog to a vegan diet. Here are just a few of the improvements you might see:

Less bad breath
No more skin issues
Less allergies
No more obesity

Myths About Vegan Dog Diets

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about how vegan diets affect dogs. In particular, many people think that dogs are carnivores and need meat to survive. This simply isn't true. Dogs and omnivores, just like us humans. In fact, they have the specific gene needed to break down starch from plants, which is one of the many differences that separate them from their meat-eating cousins, wolves.

Many people also think eating vegan decreases a dog's lifespan because they meat as their main protein source. However, many plants can provide the same amounts of protein as meat. In fact, some dogs even live longer with a vegan diet. The world's longest living dog was named Bramble and lived to the ripe age of 27 thanks to a vegan diet from puphood.

What are you waiting for? Switch your dog to a vegan diet today and see the changes in their health for yourself.


Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Vegetarian Cats and Dogs

Bramble – 27-year-old vegan Border Collie

Author : Chelsea River / Source : Simple Wag

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Christmas is just around corner and it’s high time to think about the gifts for your loved ones. If one of the people you’d like to get a gift is a fan of green, dried herbs, think about giving them a portable vaporizer – it’s a great idea for a Christmas gift! This article talks about the vaporizers that you should definitely take into consideration.

We’ve talked a lot about vaporization so you definitely know quite a lot about it. However, if vaporization is a new concept to you, it’s definitely worth catching up on this subject. Basically, vaporization is the process of evaporating cannabinoids from dried herbs, with no need to burn them. As a result, you inhale a vapor that is free from tar substances and hundreds of various toxins that are present in a regular smoke. Thanks to this, you absorb the cannabinoids from the herbs in a way that is safe for your health and much more effective than when you smoke them – you need a much smaller amount of herbs to get the same results. Lack of smoke equals a higher discreteness and makes your use of herbs less bothersome for others, especially your housemates. If you’re a fan of little, green herbs or you’d like to get a present for someone who likes it, make sure you consider a portable vaporizer – a device that lets you evaporate cannabinoids from dried herbs. Below, we present the most interesting models that are currently available on the market and will make a great Christmas gift.

Linx Gaia Vaporizer – the highest-level of elegance and quality

Linx Gaia Vaporizer is a new product on the market. It’s a small device, locked in an elegant and durable cover. It looks like a box-mod e-cigarette, which lets you maintain a high level of discreteness, even when you vaporize outside. However, the way it works is much more important than what it looks like and the performance of Gaia is truly outstanding.

It’s the first vaporizer with a quartz heating chamber, which – along with the glass mouthpiece -guarantees a perfect vapor flavor that’s free from any aftertaste, except for the pure flavor of dried herbs. The experience is way better than in the case of regular smoking. Linx Gaia uses mainly convection heating (with a stream of hot air), but it additionally heats the herbs with the walls of the chamber. This solution guarantees a high efficiency of the inhalation and an even heating of the herbs. On the side of the device, there is a clear, OLED display and buttons that let you set the temperature with a one-degree Celsius precision. Thanks to this solution, you can adjust the temperature to your individual preferences in terms of the strength, thickness and the temperature of the vapor. Another great advantage of this vaporizer is the speed of the heating – Linx Gaia is ready to work within just 20 seconds from the moment you switch it on!

Due to the inhalation style, Linx Gaia will be a perfect solution for those who like smoking joints – it lets you have long sessions, with numerous draws and it requires a very small amount of dried herbs, even as little as 0.2 g will do. The quality of the herbs used by this vaporizer is of the highest possible level. At the same time, Linx Gaia is much cheaper than other model that offers a similar vaping experience, e.g. DaVinci IQ Vaporizer, so this vaporizer is the best choice.

VapCap M Vaporizer – outstanding quality at an outstanding price

VapCap M Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers in the world – it’s almost the same size as a regular cigarette! However, don’t be fooled by its small dimensions. This device is a real beast! Unlike the previous, glass models, VapCap M is made almost entirely of stainless steel, which guarantees a great durability of the device.

It’s a 100% analog vaporizer – it has no battery or any electronic or electric components. The source of the heat that’s needed to heat the herbs is the flame of a jet-flame lighter that you use to heat a special cap of the heating chamber that features a temperature sensor which informs you when you need to stop heating. It’s single-handedly the most economical vaporizer on the market – you only need 0.1 g of dried herbs to have a fully satisfying inhalation. On top of that, the vapor generated by this model is surprisingly strong.

Due to the inhalation style, VapCap M is a great solution for those who smoke herbs from a glass pipe. It lets you have a quick, intense inhalation with a minimum amount of material. The price is a great advantage, too – VapCap M costs about 46£. ‘If you don’t want to spend too much money, VapCap M is definitely a better choice than some cheaper electronic vaporizers, like Snoop Dogg G Pen or Titan 2 Hebe. Not only will it provide a much better experience, but also – thanks to the materials used in the production and the highest quality of manufacturing process – it is safe for your health, unlike some of the previously mentioned models.’ – says Jonathan Weedi from VapeFully, an expert in the field of vaporization.

HydroBrick MAXX Vaporizer – a real treat for bong fans!

Some of the people who like using bongs are still convinced that nothing can get them higher. Mistake! HydroBrick MAXX Vaporizer is a device that will not only provide equally good experience but will also be gentle on your lungs. It’s an entirely analog model – a flame from a butane lighter heats up the air that gets sucked into the chamber and triggers an intense production of vapor that is very tasty and so powerful that it surprises even the most seasoned users of herbs. Therefore, this vaporizer heats the material entirely through convection. What’s more, to have a fully satisfying inhalation, all you need is a very small amount of herbs, even 0.15-0.2 g will be enough.

Why is HydroBrick MAXX so special? It’s a vaporizer that features an 18 mm cut glass joint that can be used in a variety of ways. You can connect it to a glass mouthpiece that comes with the set – your HydroBrick MAXX will work just like Sticky Brick Original. Instead of the mouthpiece, you can also connect a tube (also included in the set) and place its other end in a water pipe. This way, you can filter the vapor through water in order to additionally cool it down and add moisture to it so that the inhalation becomes even more comfortable and allows for taking longer draws. The third option is getting a special bubbler (a water filter) that you can place directly on the glass joint. In each of these 3 cases, HydroBrick MAXX does an incredible job.

If you’re looking for a device that will easily replace a bong, you should definitely pick HydroBrick MAXX. It will provide an unforgettable vaping experience and will help you take care of both your respiratory tract and your wallet, as you’ll use much less material than in a traditional bong.

Where to buy a Vaporizer?

You can find all the models described above in the offer of VapeFully store with vaporizers – a store that specializes in premium class vaporizers that are safe for your health. If you think about buying a vaporizer, make sure you visit VapeFully store, especially because it allows you to get free advice from the experts who will help you find the right model that will meet all your needs and match the preferences. Each of the above-mentioned models is definitely worth considering, just like the subject of vaporization in general. Christmas season and New Year is a great opportunity to make yourself or someone close a gift in the form of healthier lungs.

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Addiction is a very individual disease. Each person who suffers from addiction experiences it in a way that is unique to them. However, when it comes to treatment, we often fail to recognize how different each individual can be.

We’re facing a nationwide opioid epidemic, and the truth is we still have a lot to learn about treating addiction. There is no single magic ‘cure’ that’s going to work for everyone, and for many people recovery is often a matter of trial and error.

Treatment and the Epidemic

As more and more people are taken by addiction, we are experiencing a growing necessity for different types of treatment programs. The ‘cookie cutter’ program approach isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone.

When a doctor prescribes a medication to treat an illness, they monitor the effectiveness and make changes based on how well the treatment is working. That kind of problem solving needs to be used when treating addiction.

Its important that addicts be able to course-correct their treatment and find access to new pathways towards sobriety. Fortunately, rehabilitation professionals are becoming increasingly familiar with alternative methods of treatment.

One of these lesser-known options utilizes a drug called Ibogaine—a natural psychoactive therapy that has proven to be an effective addiction treatment.

Ibogaine – A Brief History

Ibogaine is a natural alternative to some of the more traditional addiction treatment options. It’s derived from an African plant that has psychedelic properties called Tabernanthe iboga.

The native peoples of West Africa have used this iboga root, in the form of a tea, to induce spiritual awareness. It has been the core of their spiritual ceremonies for centuries.

However, in the 1960s, Ibogaine, extracted from the iboga root, was found to interrupt addiction.

While experimenting with different substances Howard Lotsof, who at the time was a heroin addict, discovered that ingesting Ibogaine eliminated his withdrawal symptoms and his body’s dependency on heroin.

After this realization, he began treating many of his friends who were also heroin addicts with the same results—they were able to overcome the horrible symptoms of withdrawal and almost immediately break free of opioid dependence.

To Lotsof, this was a massive discovery, and he spent the rest of his life studying Ibogaine and its effects on the addicted brain.

In order to understand exactly how Ibogaine works we need to take a look at the brain and exactly how addiction affects it.

How does Addiction Change the Brain?

Chemical dependency occurs when someone’s brain becomes so accustomed to the neural chemicals, provided by drugs and alcohol, that the natural production of those chemicals becomes much less effective. This means that if they stop supplying their brain with that addictive substance, the body starts to fight back—causing physical withdrawal.

Often, the withdrawal experience is so unpleasant that many addicts will continue to use just to avoid the discomfort. When a person no longer has the ability to feel normal without taking some sort of drug, they have a serious problem with no simple solution.

Getting through physical withdrawal can be brutal. Although many clinics offer what they consider to be “better” ways to get through withdrawals, the detox solution is often just sitting in a room while the brain adjusts back to normal levels—often taking days or even weeks.

How Ibogaine Works

As an alternative to enduring this extended period of painful detox, many addicts turn to Ibogaine. Ibogaine targets the area of the brain associated with addiction. By “resetting” the brain, Ibogaine is able to renew the neurons and pathways back to their pre-addicted state.

For the addict, this means that Ibogaine eliminates 80% or more of all withdrawal symptoms almost immediately after the dose is taken.

This means that Ibogaine can often offer addicts not only a fresh take on addiction treatment, but also a holistic method of detoxing quickly without the pain of withdrawals.

According to Mental Health Daily, “The most notable potential benefit is that a single dose of Ibogaine could lead to long-term suppression of opiate/opioid cravings such that former opioid/opiate users are able to maintain abstinence for an indefinite duration.”

But if Ibogaine is so effective at treating addiction, why isn’t it available in the USA?

Ibogaine in the USA

Unfortunately, doctors in the U.S. have been unable to study the medication to its full potential. Since the 1960s, almost every psychedelic, including Ibogaine, has been outlawed even for scientific study.

However, with MDMA and other psychedelics starting to gain footing in the United States medical system, Ibogaine may not be far behind. Even though Ibogaine has shown to be fatal in some who use it, modern science has significantly reduced this negative outcome, making Ibogaine much safer than it was just a few years ago.

The future of Ibogaine and other psychedelics is promising.

Freedom from Addiction

Ibogaine can help the brain return to its naturally balanced state much faster than waiting for the body to recover on its own. But it is not a cure and it will not force an addict to stay clean.

Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process that requires a different approach for each person. Ibogaine, combined with a rehab or aftercare program, can often be one of the most promising treatment options, especially for those who have tried other treatment programs with little or no success.

Ibogaine can help the brain return to its naturally balanced state much faster than waiting for the body to recover on its own. But it is not a cure and it will not force an addict to stay clean.

Freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol is a lifelong process that requires a different approach for each person. Ibogaine, combined with a rehab or aftercare program, can often be one of the most promising treatment options, especially for those who have tried other treatment programs with little or no success.

With new discoveries being made in alternatives like Ibogaine, there’s more hope for long-term sobriety than ever before. Every addict deserves a chance to live a sober and successful life. There are many treatment options available and Ibogaine is just one of them. Each addict must educate themselves and find the right treatment for them.

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    Even though vaporizers have been available on the market for a few years, marijuana users still know very little about them. In this article, we present various types of vaporizers that can be used for vaping marijuana and we talk about pros and cons of each model.

    A lot of marijuana users are convinced that the majority of vaporizers are not good enough for vaping dried herbs and that they should be used only with liquids that contain THC. This is a myth. The liquids of this type are designed for e-cigarettes, while vaporizers are designed for vaping dried herbs and dabs (marijuana concentrates). Some vaporizers created for dried herbs vaporization feature a special insert for concentrates vaporization. You can also place a small amount of concentrate between two layers of dried herbs. Note that concentrates aren’t a product that’s available only in American pharmacies – you can relatively easily make them at home.

    Portable vaporizers for dried herbs

    Dried herbs vaporizers are the most popular devices, probably because the herbs are so widely available. It’s the easiest solution for weed fans. These devices are very easy to use because you don’t need to process the herbs in any way. All you have to do is just grind the herbs a bit. Then, you place them in the heating chamber and once the device reaches the right temperature, you can start inhaling.

    One of the most important benefits of using this kind of vaporizers is the flavour and aroma you experience. If you’re not a fan of tobacco, you’ll be amazed – the flavour of vapor from a vaporizer is way better than the flavour of smoke from a joint made with weed and tobacco. And there’s more! It’s even better than the flavour of marijuana smoked without tobacco! Discreetness plays an important role, too. Vaporizers produce no smoke, just vapor that has a much less intense aroma and disappears really fast. What’s more, a joint burns and releases smell all the time, which is not the case when you use a vaporizer. You can notice the smell only in the moment of the actual vaporization. When you smoke, a large amount of THC gets damaged due to the high temperature, which you can avoid by vaporizing the herbs. This means that vaporization is a much more economic method than smoking.

    Vaporization is the healthiest possible form of marijuana consumption. First of all, when you vaporize, you don’t inhale carcinogenic tar substances because no burning process takes place. All the available scientific research clearly indicate that vaporization is incomparably better for your health than marijuana, regardless of your preferred smoking method – pipe, joints or a bong. By far, the best combination is a vaporizer with a water filter. This solution lets you cool the vapor down properly and makes it thicker so the inhalation is much more comfortable. Compared to concentrates vaporizers, the models designed for herbs use require more time before you can start the inhalation (a few minutes). They also provide a less intense experience than the ones you can use with concentrates. Basically, an easy inhalation takes more time – normally a few minutes – just like when you smoke a joint. If you want to have a solution that will let you evaporate marijuana faster, you can use an on-demand vaporizer. They heat up within seconds and let you take a few quick drags in a very short time.

    Whatever method you choose, a concentrate will always provide a stronger experience than dried herbs. However, vaping herbs has its pros - the user can fully control the intensity of the inhalation and he/she can continue or stop at the right moment. With concentrates, due to the high concentration of THC, you can get really high after just a few draws, which is not always the nicest feeling. ‘The best vaporizers for herbs that are currently available on the market are PAX 3 Vaporizer (a model with 10-year warranty), Mighty Vaporizer, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer and AirVape XS. Among on-demand models, the ones that stand out are Magic Flight Launch Box and Firefly 2’ – says Ryszard Fazowski from VapeFully that sells premium class vaporizers.

    E-liquid vaporizers

    These devices aren’t actually vaporizers. They are regular e-cigarettes used with an e-liquid enriched with cannabinoids. You can get this kind of liquids in pharmacies and shops in those countries where marijuana is legal. In other places, users can relatively easily create their own liquid with THC – there are many English-language tutorials on the internet that tell you how to do it. “Liquids of this type are really powerful and allow for some discreet inhalations. However, you can’t use them in vaporizers designed for vaping herbs or concentrates” – continues Jonathan Weed from VapeFully.

    Concentrates vaporizers

    Concentrates, called dabs, are concentrated extracts from marijuana. They can have various forms: liquid (honey oil), wax (wax, badder, rosin) or be solid (shatter, crumble). This type of substances is currently extremely popular in the USA and Canada and they’re gaining popularity all over Europe. No surprise – they are very strong (the THC concentration can reach even 90%, compared to 20-25% in the weakest varieties of herbs). Even the most seasoned users can achieve some really impressive results using these substances. What’s more, you only need 2-3 draws to get satisfying results (you get really high).

    It’s quite easy to make this type of concentrate at home – you can use butane or the so-called non-solvent technique. In the first case, you soak herbs in butane in order to extract cannabinoids. As a result, you get golden oil that – depending on the technique you use – turns into wax or a solid concentrate. This method isn’t the safest solution for the inexperienced users because it’s relatively easy to cause an explosion. A much easier and safer option is the so-called rosin technique – you use a hair straightener and a piece of parchment to squeeze the resin out of the herbs. You can also use a special press designed for this purpose.

    Apart from being powerful, concentrates are really tasty and aromatic - thanks to a wide range of terpenes they contain. Concentrates are not made for regular smoking. Even though you can technically do it, it would be a great waste because a very high temperature destroys the majority of THC. You can use concentrates in a specially designed water pipe converted into a vaporizer (a so-called dab rig), electronic vaporizers with a water filter (e-nail) and some very small, pen-shaped vaporizers (vape pen). Some models originally created for herbs vaporization do a really good job at concentrates vaporization, too. One of the less expensive devices of this type is Storm Vaporizer. The above-mentioned PAX 3 Vaporizer and Firefly 2 are worth trying, too. The popularity of vaporizers will be growing at an impressive pace now – you´ll see for yourself!

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