Our little world of wonders has so many gifts, beautiful gems hidden in plain sight ... Some of these are magical plants and herbs that have been used ritually to invoke certain energies to further ones vision quests and develop psychic insight. Believe it or not but there are many plants growing around us which may endow its users with supernatural powers ... hence termed Psychedelic or Magickal ! Having used and abused tobacco in the form of toxic cigarettes ... also mixing tobacco with cannabis, I now realise is such a bad idea since it leads to more abuse of Cannabis as one craves nicotine every few hours however end up rolling many joints through the day to saitiate the craving. Thankfully with more awareness these days there are many herbal blends replacing tobacco as a mixer for many a pot/charas smoker around the world. Mullein and Mugwort are couple of such herbs known to be smokable with medicinal benefits and magickal qualities. In the Himalayas the locals refer to Mullein as "Wild Tobacco" which their ancestors used in their hookahs and pipes. Mullein is anti-inflamatory and is great to remove tar from the lungs, also helps with all kinds of respiratory illnesses ... either smoked or had as a tea. Verbascum thapsus, more commonly known as mullein, is a member of the snapdragon family. It’s considered a weed by some and godsent by others. Native Americans and colonists used it for various medicinal purposes, from helping with coughs and breathing to healing wounds.
They used to: Smoke the leaves. Make a cough syrup out of boiled roots. Apply the leaves in a paste to the skin. Rub the leaves over inflamed skin. Mugwort is a dreaming herb, traditionally used by witches to make ointments, tinctures, brews ... also used to induce lucid dreaming and astral projection. Named after the goddess Artemis, mugwort was integral to the ancient Greek understanding of lunar cycles, fertility, divination, and protection. The Romans similarly revered mugwort, with soldiers and travelers often placing it into their shoes for safety and to ward off exhaustion. The Chinese revered this herb for its perceived ability to repel malevolent spirits, prevent diseases, and bestow blessings in the home. The Anglo-Saxons, too, considered mugwort as one of the "Nine Sacred Herbs," incorporating it into their healing charms and many other spiritual practices. In modern times, it's common to find mugwort in witches' cupboards, and understandably so. It serves a multitude of purposes in spells and spiritual practices. The plant is regularly incorporated in spells and rituals to enhance dreams, establish contact with other spiritual realms, bolster intuition, dispel negative energy, and protect against harmful influences. PROTECTION AND BANISHING Mugwort has long been considered a protective herb and is revered for its ability to banish negative energy and ward off evil spirits. It can be burned in the home to banish negative energy, or it can be burned outside the front door to create a protective barrier. Placing a bundle of Mugwort above your front door or windows can prevent negative people from entering the home. A tea made of mugwort can be lightly sprayed on personal objects you value and wish to keep protected.
Magickal properties of Mugwort
Mugwort is one of the most popular herbs for the Witch’s pantry. It’s known as a psychic/Lunar herb that’s also strongly protective. This article describes Artemisia vulgaris, common Mugwort. Mugwort’s magickal virtues (combined with its low cost) make it our best-selling loose herb. But how did this unassuming ditch-weed become the Witch Queen of the herb aisle? It started as long ago as the Iron Age, when early farmers gathered wild plants to fancy up their bland, grain-based diets. Certain plants became favored for their ability to prevent spoilage and repel insects—a seemingly magickal power. Almost every beer made today contains aromatic herbs known as hops. But before brewers in Britain and Europe discovered hops, Mugwort helped keep the beer fresh and provided the crucial bitter note. (Some people say the “mug” part of the plant’s name comes from its brewing history. But a more likely etymology is the Old Norse muggi, meaning marsh.) Mugwort was also used in medieval cooking to flavor fish and game dishes. Currently, Mugwort’s culinary uses have been completely overshadowed by its cousin Wormwood, the notorious herbal ingredient in absinthe. Mugwort grows abundantly in ditches and rocky soils. Mugwort has a sharp, bitter flavor and antimicrobial properties. In European folklore, Mugwort protects against fatigue, injury, and poisons. The Romans were said to put a sprig of Mugwort in their shoes to avoid tiring. Mugwort is mentioned in the Nine Herbs Charm, a 10th-century English rhyme of beneficial herbs. Later, it was associated with St. John the Baptist, and wreaths of Mugwort were worn to repel evil spirits. As a folk medicine, Mugwort was ingested, smoked, or applied to the skin in a poultice. Mugwort has anticoagulant and disinfectant properties, and has a nerve-calming effect. It was used as a poor man’s substitute for expensive tobacco, giving rise to the nickname “sailor’s tobacco.” Mugwort contains the chemical thujone, which is a mild intoxicant. (However, it’s a mystery whether medieval people would have noticed the effects of thujone, considering the amount of beer they drank!) Not many people have a taste for Mugwort brews these days. If you’re curious to try it, look for heritage recipes sold as “gruit beer” or “gruit ale.” Magickal Uses of Mugwort In modern witchcraft, Mugwort is used primarily as a visionary herb. Mugwort amplifies psychic vision and may induce prophetic dreams. An herb of the Goddess as Crone, Mugwort encourages wisdom and observation. When paired with a divinatory method of your choice, Mugwort is an excellent helper for confronting difficult truths. Mugwort appears in recipes for flying ointments, psychic teas, and divinatory incenses. Different people report vastly different experiences with using Mugwort. Thanks to internet drug culture, Mugwort became known as a “legal high,” prompting the state of Louisiana to ban possession and sale in 2005. Mugwort is not really a hallucinogen, but a way to stimulate lucid dreaming, astral travel, and visualization. The effects of Mugwort are more pronounced during sleep or trance states. But Mugwort does have real psychoactive effects. If you are very sensitive to thujone, remember that it can be absorbed transdermally (through the skin). I once found this out the hard way, when packaging up a pound of Mugwort for the shop. Witches may buy Mugwort dried (in occult and herb shops) or occasionally, fresh (in gourmet grocery stores). Alcoholic tinctures and essential oils are also available. Mugwort grows wild in many places. Be sure to get a positive ID—Mugwort looks a lot like Ragweed, a most un-magickal plant. Mugwort has a hay-like, herbal smell reminiscent of dried Sage and Chrysanthemum. When smoked, it has a tolerable aroma, but Mugwort tea is quite bitter to most people. Correspondences of Mugwort Mugwort is a member of the genus Artemisia, a group of plants named for the Greek Goddess of the moon. If that’s not evidence enough for a Lunar attribution, I don’t know what is. Mugwort also excels in the Lunar realm of divination and dreams. But occasionally someone makes an argument for Venus, the ruler of many healing herbs. This plain-looking, low-growing plant corresponds to the element of Earth. Spells and Formulas with Mugwort Hang a bundle near the front door to prevent evil from entering. Hung near the bed, Mugwort is said to aid in astral projection. Sleeping on a pillow or sachet stuffed with Mugwort (with Jasmine, Rose and/or Lavender) brings clear and memorable dreams. Burn Mugwort over charcoal as a divinatory and purifying incense. Mugwort is sometimes tied into bundles to make smudges. (It repels insects, too!) Mugwort may be prepared as an herb tea to aid in divination and scrying. A teaspoon of the dried leaves is steeped in one cup of hot water. Add honey and lemon, or combine with other herbs, if desired. From Scott Cunningham: “The infusion is also used to wash crystal balls and magic mirrors, and mugwort leaves are placed around the base of the ball (or beneath it) to aid in psychic workings.” Kindle magickal fires with Mugwort branches and stems. Mugwort may be incorporated into protective spells and charms. Gather Mugwort sprigs on St. John’s Eve (June 23) for protection throughout the year. Precautions : Mugwort is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. Artemisia plants contain liver toxins that may build up if used in excess. If you use them regularly, take periodic breaks of at least a week. Don’t give them to young children or pets. Never ingest essential oils. That goes double for oils containing thujone. A single overdose can cause permanent damage to the liver and kidneys. Mugwort produces pollen which may aggravate seasonal allergies. The pollen is not a big problem if you plan to burn it or brew it in water. However, it’s something to think about when making dream pillows and wreaths. Some people have reported skin irritation from contact with the herb. While I don’t know if it’s possible to have a “bad trip” on Mugwort, those opposed to mind-altering substances should probably avoid it.

Humans as emotional beings go through various emotions of joy, happiness, stress, excitement and many more. We always associate emotions as a psychological thing. But, do you know that the emotions we feel are a complex play of the endocannabinoid system as well as hormones?

This article is an attempt to detail more about the endocannabinoid system, hormones and emotions and how a balance/ imbalance of these three affect the human body.

What is the Endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

The ECS is a self regulating system responsible for establishing and supporting our health. It regulates various physiological and cognitive processes including appetite, mood, fertility, pain, and memory. Its receptors are located throughout the body. Read more about how ECS works here.

The given image shows that the ECS has receptors CB1 and CB2, which are present in different areas of the body.

(Image source: CBDschool.com)

Hormones, Emotions and the Endocannabinoid System

Hormones are chemical messengers released by the body. These messengers relay messages to specific receptors in the body, which in turn triggers emotions. There are many receptors for hormones in the body including CB1 and CB2. Specific hormones act on the ECS receptors and trigger emotions. Detailed below are the actions of some of the hormones.

Acetylcholine - This hormone is produced by the neurons within the body and is the natural neurotransmitter of the nervous system. It’s job is to produce contraction of skeletal muscles and inhibit the contractions of the heart. This hormone affects the CB1 receptor and triggers the emotion of “I remember.”

Anandamide- Produced in the cell membranes, this hormone reduces hypertension, depression, fear and anxiety. It inhibits the movement of cancer cells and prevents metastasis without negative effects on the immune system. It acts on both CB1 and CB2 receptors and triggers the emotion of “I am at ease”.

Serotonin- This hormone is made in the digestive tract and the central nervous system. It is a neurotransmitter that helps in appetite regulation and bowel movements. This hormone acts on the CB2 receptor and triggers the emotion of “happiness”.

Epinephrine- Produced by adrenal glands the main job of this hormone is to create the fight or flight response. However, if the levels of epinephrine are high in the body it can raise blood pressure, heart rate, and also cause weight loss. This hormone also acts on the CB1 receptor and triggers the emotion of “fright”.

Oxytocin- This hormone is produced in the hypothalamus. Its main job is to stimulate uterine contraction during delivery and stop post-partum bleeding. Research says that lack of oxytocin can also be responsible for autism, eating disorders, social anxiety, schizophrenia and depression. It acts on the CB1 receptor and causes the emotion “I feel for you.”

These are just a few that have been detailed. Conditions like parkinson's, ADHD, autism, depression, insomnia, anxiety, schizophrenia and many more have also been linked to emotions and hormones. Well, it is obvious that our emotional condition not only determines our mental state but also the physical state.

How can this knowledge help us ?

Understanding the interplay of emotions, hormones, and illnesses can be a beacon of light for many (especially the layman). When we experience too many negative or stressful emotions, one need not panic. It helps us interpret that the negative emotion that we are facing is indicative of something not being right.

What is important is that we do not ignore our emotions when they linger for long especially the negative ones. It is best to deal with them and seek help at the right time.

Can Cannabis Help ?

The logical mind will question if cannabis can help treat any of the above-mentioned health problems. The answer is yes! Cannabis can help.

Depression, anxiety, insomnia, Parkinson's are some of the conditions where research has proven that Cannabis can make a difference and reduce the symptoms. Read more about how cannabis can help treat depression.


Unraveling the endocannabinoid system will help us interpret the changes in our body and mind and deal with it appropriately.

Always take Cannabis under guidance from a medical practitioner. For prescription, support from an Ayurvedic doctor and understanding more about Cannabis visit here.

Source : Vedi Herbals ; Shop : Infused Cannabis Products

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The sunny and bright side of Goa is a treat for all and it does feel like you're in Paradise ... even if that fleeting feeling is for a short while ... until you stumble across the dark hidden underbelly of paradise, lost ... or is it ?!

In this never ending pursuit of happiness in the outside world through the physical senses we seldom stop and wonder what the fuck are we really doing other than chasing shadows of the past and feeding our addictive behaviours within the confines of closed circles of folks dealing with similar demons ! Do we really need to keep chasing those sensory pleasures aimlessly, day after day ... fooling ourselves in believing tales of non existent P.LU.R values in the modern party scene which once was a code all true ravers followed ! 

But the show must go on ... and the beat never really stops ... the chaos has increased manifold ... clearly evident if you do happen to step out around NYE anywhere in the Northern coastal belt of Goa ... its unimaginable how accustomed we have all become to chaos in our lives, desensitised to so many things affecting life at large. Our lack of awareness of self is at the helm of all our troubles ... with a system that is built to control humanity and subvert human consciousness to its lowest lows. We are all healing at so many levels of our being and the universe is always guiding us all along, if only we could all see how this magic is weaved through the infinite intricacies of the cosmic loom. My healing journey and awareness of a spiritual reality began in the winter of 2006 in the wooded underground party scenes in Anjuna, Goa. The truth is that Goa is just so Dogon magical that its beyond words can describe. Its a place where Instant Karma and manifestation practices become the norm when lived consciously with complete awareness of ones actions ... something about being close to a huge water body is extremely calming for the empath. During sleep much healing and receiving direct messages and transmissions through dreams could transpire for the spiritually aligned ones.

Goa is something to be experienced and like everything in life, we create our own reality ... always. Some of us tend to easily get caught up in loops of familiarity which doesn't allow much learning to happen for most, stuck in our comfort zones. Hiding away from pain ... one way or another ... never truly healing and playing victim ... passing on the same hurt onto other people ... living unconsciously. Being part of a corrupt and violent system can only yield a similar energy on the dance floor. What was once underground has now become a commercial pseudo-underground party culture where this is little or no regard for anything including human life. Whether its dirty cops extorting money out of fearful tourists caught on the wrong side of things .... or uncontrolled mob violence leading to someones death ... the energy behind going to a party to have a good time is kind of defeated. All of us Goa folks have at some point taken a step back just to reflect at our own actions and the consequences that follow ... and realised how important it is to spend your time and energy, wisely !!! 

The dark side of anything only serves the purpose of bringing the uninitiated, into the light ... and so it is !

Tat Tvam Asi _/\_


The time has come, actually it has always been coming ... lol :P ... The time to unite as one earth tribe ... finding others like yourself and getting off the grid ... stop feeding a system which is going to crash any day now ... instead create your own village ... free from this insane world chasing illusions ... the time for big change is here now and its time for wisdom in action ... time for the renewal of spirit ... awakening as children of the great mother who speaks through all our words all our deeds ... we are the ones we have been waiting for and its of utmost importance to find the others you resonate with .... hence, this is an effort to galvanize this quest for paradise ... reaching out to our tribe out there to find a way to co-create a better reality for ourselves and generations to come ... In Lak'ech Ala K'in ... _/\_

We dream and wake up into another dream like reality where we are awake yet dreaming all the time, walking through life and its many illusions of separation ... learning many a lesson with time ! Yet these dreams never stop ... What is this dream time really ? Where do we go and who are we really ... ?!

The dreamtime has much to reveal to us about ourselves and the nature of reality which as solid as it may seem actually is quite fluid and ever changing. Magical would be the best way to describe this waking life if seen with the eyes of the ultimate observer, forever hacking through illusions of separation and seeing life clearly as one.

Learning to wake up in your dream will allow you to navigate more lucidly, this will in turn sharpen your intuition and decision making abilities once awake in this realm or any other. We know the magical side of dreams and how we can fit into any character and play any role we want as anything becomes possible in the mind of ultimate observer. All limitations of the ego are surpassed and the soul manifests as it wants to. This is the art we are here to master ... how do we use alchemical principles to navigate this dense 3 dimensional reality. To be able to extract the "Soma", the ambrosia, the nectar from all that life has to offer is the work of an alchemist and we are here to master this art !

By first making changes within our own lives and gaining mastery and self control of our own monkey minds can we begin to start stepping into new roles the universe is shaping for us as we progress on this evolutionary path, transcending one illusion, one limitation at a time, moving consciously with each breath. There is nothing lost as we have many chances at rectifying our mistakes by simply choosing different each time something low vibing challenges our peace of mind. 

This world of ours has many illusions we can cling to if we aren't conscious of how each choice of ours affects us and the world we live in which we are co-creating, each one of us. Everything is dynamic and ever changing with the shifts in mass consciousness underway. Many will lose their minds in these times as the darker forces who have them in their grip are tightening the noose with many a fear based agendas unleashed. Mind control is often overlooked as most of us have fallen into the trap ourselves living slave like lives justifying the choices we make for monetary gains as that seems to be the focus of many who are deeply entranced by the seductions of society. Falling into self made traps and then crying victim seems to be the way for many of us who are yet to wake up the bigger picture. Its easy to follow others who know no better than us, it takes some courage to listen to that inner voice which may speaks to us in solitude which most people are afraid of. 

Finally, there is nothing to gain or lose in this illusionary world of ours. All that we are doing is making most of our time here with the choices we are given and the gifts we come with. We can be or do anything we want which aligns with our mission and at some point all of this begins to make sense ... We are always creating our reality and we are now becoming more conscious of this by taking into account the messages that come through the dreamtime. Life as I often describe it, is nothing but a delicate balance between being and doing ... with each choice, with each action we step onto a new karmic path, leaving behind a trail of experiences to learn from and keep moving on. 

"The cave that we fear to enter holds the treasures we seek."

Joseph Campbell


Greetings Dear Ones ... :) It's been a while since I actually got writing something on this blog. It's been a long silence while I have been focusing on more dynamic activities here in Goa like Cycling ! A lot has changed in the last couple of years and I feel its time now for me to get back to sharing my thoughts, feelings with you guys in hope of bringing some light through my own personal meanderings in life. Dreams have started to become more vivid and clear. Instead of starting a dream journal, I thought it would be better to just start blogging again, so here I am sharing some of my deepest personal realisations with you folks ! 

Living an over stimulated life is the bane of our times, taking its toll on our physical health and mental well being. Everything seems to be normalised in our world today with a whole lot of lies and bullshit doing the rounds. Most of us are hopelessly dependant on a system which is built to enslave humanity without us realising it. We are given crumbs to feed on while the puppet masters run the megashow from behind the screens. As in the Matrix, once Neo wakes up to what's really going on, there is no going back to sleep. The red pill of truth takes one down the deep rabbit hole of endless discoveries and powerful realisations of our innate power. 

Growing up in a heavily stimulated environment with fancy food, luxuries, alcohol, cigarettes, TV ... it all seems ok to give in to, what the world has normalised as 'living' until one wakes up one day to see how energy is the real currency in our world. What our minds acquiesce to is what controls us, subconsciously. All the overly sexualized images of women have been used to seduce the masses for a while now leading to all kinds of sexual perversions and deviations. The powerful orgasm which connects us to source energy is abused in our world today as many of us seek instant gratification from all our porn enforced fantasies. Throwing away the powerful energies of creation that shape our journeys on this earthly plane is hugely detrimental to our well being at all levels. 

Living such a life in an unconscious manner is an easy way to pick up all kinds of different energies (spirits) along the way which can cause many unpleasant experiences for us as we continue to feed our overstimulated egos. No one really teaches us to learn to control our excessive drive for desire and lust as a result of which we start moving on this downward spiral called 'aging', both mentally and physically until one day when we can't continue the same way anymore and actually start listening to our inner guidance, our intuition. Taking our power back means turning within and finding answers to all the questions we have to make our lives more fulfilling. 

After having lived an overstimulated adult life for most part I started to realise how powerful sex is and how it is being used against us, to keep us weak and easy to prey on. Believe it or not, there are negative entities who can easily latch onto us once we become a food source for them. I've seen and experienced this phenomena close enough to know how it works. Its been a few weeks, perhaps a month or more since I stopped this cycle of self abuse, consciously and have now started to feel the power of abstinence. The absence of a true loving connection with others in our waking world can lead us to sorrow and misery as we heavily depend on another to lean on for our most intimate desires and needs. Once we realise the power we hold, we can direct our lives in a way that's more grounding and nurturing for our soul. Our dreams then begin to guide us and show us signs as to what we've been missing out, if only we know how to interpret them well. A lack of physical intimacy in our waking world is somehow fulfilled by what some call "Astral Love" in lucid dream states, which are like sign posts for us to navigate this waking life a little better.

All the pain and suffering can become fuel to shape our lives for the better as we begin to live in the here and now, manifesting the life of our dreams while being guided by our intuition, our own inbuilt spiritual gps of sorts to help navigate through life ! Its time we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and others around us, realising how all that happens is our own creation, never otherwise. Taking responsibility of what happens in our lives and facing the extremities of life is what shapes our personality and builds character. True strength is hence realised and we orchestrate our lives as we want it to. We might have the knowledge that exists in our world from all the ancient scriptures etc but if we don't put this knowledge to good use in our lives, its pretty much useless. Like they say, knowledge is knowing something, wisdom is doing it .... We need more wisdom in action, we need to walk the talk ! Never mind others and the world around us falling to pieces as a result of their own karma. No one needs saving, who doesn't ask for it and you will know when its time to help someone and when its not as karma plays out in its own way for each one of us. To let go of all attachments is a continual theme, an ongoing lesson on the spiritual path. No father, no mother ... no relatives ... no lovers ... no others .... All is One ... all is nothing ... we learn to transcend the world of maya, the illusion of separation !
Living in the here and now following our intuition is the way forward as life begins to unravel all its magic and mysteries for us to see. How we spend our time, the people we meet and interact with all make us who we are .... choose wisely ! Sometimes our ego, our unfulfilled desires may seduce us in a way we might feel is justified, however its in these times we must make choices trusting our intuition and not our lower chakra energies which seek stimulation to our own detriment. Whether its an easily accessible porn fantasy or someone who you can slip in to bed with, you make that choice or not. If you've done it a certain way all this while, maybe its time to do something else which you haven't tried before and see how that works out ... trust me, with each passing day, the energy you don't throw away, builds up strength as your physical and moral character are enriched with the life force ! This very life force is the essence of life and nourishes us if we can learn to cultivate it. Many masters like Mantak Chia speak about this in their books as well. Every day is chance at improving the quality of the lives we lead. We have the power to shape our destiny and this sexual energy is our creative life force and is extremely powerful, not worth throwing away uselessly. If you can't find the right partner to explore the mysteries of life, its best to continue cultivating this energy until the universe manifests whats meant to be .... Our dreams guide us on our path ... pay attention :)

Love Always .... Cosmic Oneness ! 

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Why is the Psychedelic Sector Attracting the Attention of Investors?


The popularity of microdosing in Canada has been growing for some time.  Across the country, more people than ever before are experimenting with psychedelics as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticals.  

Coupled with the huge sums of money being pumped into studies exploring the potential benefits of psychedelics, it’s hardly surprising the whole thing is also attracting the attention of investors.

It’s been a long time coming, but Canada seems well on its way to becoming the first major western nation to embrace psychedelics for their renowned therapeutic properties.  

“It’s important to remember that we have evidence pertaining to decades of human consumption have psychedelics to go on, along with the efficacy of countless different psychedelics,” commented a spokesperson from Microcybin Canada

“This is all likely to boost the speed of the clinical trials taking place right now, while at the same time making them so much less expensive to conduct.”

But what is it about psychedelics in particular that holds such widespread appeal for potential investors? 

While are more investors than ever before setting their sights on the psychedelics sector as the one to watch over the coming years?

Extensive Evidence and Ongoing Research

While psychedelics may have only recently found their way onto the radars of investors, it is a sector that is already backed by generations of extensive research. 

Trials into the potential benefits of psychedelics have been conducted for decades, pointing in many instances for products with huge therapeutic potential.

Over the last 10 years or so in particular, the most extensive clinical trials to date have been conducted across Canada and the United States alike. 

As the world continues to search for more effective treatments for a long list of mental health disorders, psychedelics are being researched as a potential treatment for PTSD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and other common conditions.

While all this is going on, countless companies spanning the United States and Canada are fighting ferociously to get in at ground level and claim the biggest possible piece of the pie in advance. 

Should the widespread international legalization of prescription psychedelics go ahead - which many believe it will soon enough - it will create an incredibly lucrative pharmaceuticals sub-sector for investors to take advantage of.

“There is a smaller subset of investing verticals in the psychedelic space as it is more of an intellectual property race to develop drugs,” says Michael Sobeck, managing partner at Ambria Capital, a San Juan, Puerto Rico-based asset manager.

Regulatory Obstacles 

Legalization of prescription psychedelics has so far faced the same hurdles as those the medical marijuana sector encountered during its inception. 

For the time being, psychedelics remain illegal across much of the world, raising questions as to their safety and viability as an investment opportunity.

Slowly but surely, however, attitudes among investors are changing. Attitudes towards therapeutic psychedelics have shifted - both among the medical community and with regulators. 

Prescription psychedelics are already legal across much of Canada, and more countries are expected to follow suit soon enough.

Microcybin Canada – a leading supplier of premium prescription psilocybin – believes that retail investors are looking at a golden opportunity to take full advantage of something that could turn out to be huge. 

Prescription drugs are incredibly difficult to develop and introduce legally to a market. It is a process that costs billions of dollars and takes at least 10 years, during which those investing in the product are forced to shoulder the costs.

With therapeutic psychedelics, generations of research conducted into their effects and benefits is already accelerating the process. Something that could help the sector negotiate the usual regulatory obstacles quicker and with fewer complications.

A Therapeutic Product Bursting with Potential

Importantly, most of those who have expressed an interest in the prescription therapeutics sector have distanced themselves from the prospect of all-out legalization. 

Few (if any) major players have their sights set on commercial sales of psychedelics in the near or distant future.

“We’re not planning on selling micro doses out of a dispensary,” says JR Rahn, the founder and chief executive of MindMed.

“These are going to be picked up from your local pharmacy. They’re going to be prescribed by a doctor. We’re not trying to build cannabis 2.0.”

Should the legalization of prescription psychedelics go ahead, it could result in the creation of a market with a total combined value of more than $100 billion per year. 

Though in order for this to happen, efforts will need to be stepped up to educate the public in general as to the potential uses and effects of psychedelics.

“We don’t want to see psychedelic culture or history become sterilized the way that cannabis has,” says Shelby Hartman, co-founder of a psychedelics-based publication in New York.

“We don’t think there’s a right way to do psychedelics; we believe doing them at a festival can be deeply therapeutic, and doing them in a clinical trial with researchers can, too,”

“We do believe that more people should learn about psychedelics and their therapeutic potential—and that accessible, entertaining content will help with that.”



Mushrooms are a form of intelligence unlike anything we know of on this Planet. The mycelium network helps communication or transmission of information between trees, the soil and all who ingest these miraculous mushrooms that envelope the entire planet. Many who have ingested the Psilocybin Mushrooms have reported experiencing clairaudience or telepathy of some kind, clairvoyance and other abilities that are usually considered superhuman or mystical in nature as they are not easily understood within the scientific and rational paradigm that governs most of our intellectual understanding of the Universe.

We've all seen the 'Amanita Muscaria' toad stool mushrooms while growing up in cartoons, comic books, artwork etc., mostly associated with the so called mythical creatures of ancient folklore such as Elves and Fairies. I remember wearing a woolen sweater with the Amanita Muscaria stitched on it when I was very young. The white spots on the red caps all seemed very familiar even then in a strange and magnetic way.

Some interesting videos on Mushrooms and the Mycelium Network !

After dabbling with Cannabis and psychedelics such as LSD and MDMA, I came across Mushrooms first in tons of visionary artwork on the Internet. Mushrooms always made me curious to look deeper into the magical world of fungi and the benefits of using these to attain spiritual insight into ourselves and the world we live in. My first experience with Mushrooms was in Kodaikanal where the Psilocybin Mushrooms grow wild. Some have also reported seeing the Blue Meanies or the Blue Amanita Muscarias growing wild in these parts. However, not very common to find those as compared to stumbling upon the Golden caps mushrooming all across the forest floor in the Nilgiris. 'Nilgiris' literally translates, the 'Blue Mountains' ! :)

The effect was mild compared to my previous psychedelic journeys on other tryptamines, however it was very pure and organic in its feel. It was very grounding and pleasant as I felt more connected with everything around me and at completely at peace. This was an initiation for me into the world of shrooms and was as gentle as it gets. My next adventure on shrooms was unlike anything else I have experienced before. I did about half a dozen of the golden caps if i remember correctly :) ... and then began the roller coaster ride which was like sailing on the edge of lucid dreaming and wakefulness. Going in and out of visions I couldn't make complete sense of ... it was more like watching Mickey Mouse or something in animation with your eyes closed. After a while when I opened my eyes and tried to 'get back to normal' by doing the usual ... streaming music on YouTube while rolling some nice Mango Sativa bud. Couldn't keep my eyes open for too long though ... and as I closed my eyes ... a vision came to me of someone I was supposed to meet in the next couple of hours. However, in the vision I saw this lady say 'Police Police' in her odd russian accent. I wondered why I was seeing her say Police Police ... perhaps I would be cracking a joke or two about her accent to my friends later ... and I let the thought/vision slide not paying much attention to it. Couple of hours later as I was meeting this lady, I had a brief encounter with some plain clothes policemen who jumped us while we were talking somewhere outside, assuming something odd was happening between us since they saw me handing over some cash to her. HAHAHAHA :D Anyway, I got out of the situation without much trouble (they found some Cannabis on me after I gave them permission to search me) since I happen to know some influential people around here and perhaps the shrooms helped me stay calm and composed through the experience. I was shaken up a bit after this experience and kept wondering why I didn't pay attention to the vision I had. Perhaps, it was my first lesson in clairvoyance and knowing that it's possible to know more than what's here and now if one is tranquil and at peace. We become open channels when we are completely and totally silent ... devoid of all that mental chatter that takes away most of our time and energy.

Mushrooms have a way to find you when you're ready like most things in life. There are no accidents and no random occurrences. The shrooms lead us on our path and help us connect with other like minded souls on their journeys as we usher in a new age of light on Earth. We are being given these powerful medicines so we can attain deeper insight into ourselves and become conscious co-creators of the new paradigm. The more I learn about Mushrooms the more mesmerised I feel about them and the possibilities they hold in changing humanity from our destructive ways by healing and nurturing us. Recently while I was watching Dr. Klinghardt's video about EMF radiation and its effects on Human health ... I came across something he mentions about eating Mushrooms that grow around these towers or radiated areas. These mushrooms build our immunity against harmful effects of radiation. I was amazed at the timing of the message reaching me ... :) while cooking some delicious Oyster Mushrooms ! I've been using Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms lately and they're so so yummy, if you haven't tried cooking them as yet, you must ! There are still some more shrooms I'd love to try like Lion's Mane, Chaga, Reishi ... all of these are known to have healing benefits with prominent antiviral properties ! More reason for us to move to Shrooms for food and for our vision quests. I believe we are being given these medicines in these times so we can build our immunity against all attacks of any kind whether its radiation sickness or a viral surge. Mushrooms are here to heal us and awaken us to our true nature by enhancing our connection with everything around us, making us more sensitive and more responsible gardeners of our home, Gaia.

Hope you liked the videos and other information shared in this post. Please share it with your community of friends and help us get the word out !

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Many long time Cannabis tokers around the world have known that mixing Tobacco with Cannabis is a bad idea hence only smoke the herb in its purest available form. This habit of mixing Tobacco with Cannabis is more of a European thing and has become popular around the world thanks to the inclusion of Charas or Hashish in the smoking scene. Although Charas and Hash both can be smoked in their pure form, many prefer mixing it with some tobacco to make the joint burn smoothly or give the experience of fullness of smoke when smoked in a pipe(chillum). This habit of mixing tobacco makes us crave something to smoke even more. For many years I was mixing tobacco with cannabis and rolling my spliffs, justifying it for all the BS reasons possible. But the truth is that Tobacco is so addictive, however is legal, so there is less of a social stigma associated with it and since its easily available and priced nominally as compared to weed prices worldwide, most people mix it up, thinking its gonna make their stash last longer, however end up smoking way too much than one needs, if one was smoking it pure.

Its been a few months now since I quit Tobacco for good and life has been so different in all ways possible. From the time I wake up ... I noticed there was no craving to smoke like its been for so many years. Even switching to cleaner tobacco like American Spirit, Pueblo or Manitou ... may seem like a healthier option, however the nicotine cravings don't go away until you just stop mixing the two. So now, its just the pure herb in a glass pipe which helped me easily transition from being a heavy roller to an occasional toker allowing me to focus on more important things in life like staying healthy following a good diet and lifestyle.

I started cycling and within no time the focus quickly shifted from chasing hits and doobies to sweating it out and feeling more power in your being accomplishing more life enhancing goals. Any kind of physical activity which makes one sweat and exercise their complete body is the need of the hour. The feeling you get after a physical workout is beyond any other substance induced high. One can still toke Cannabis occasionally to relax and chill after a long day, taking power from a habit that has been draining us for many years. Cannabis doesn't have any harmful effect on the lungs and has been scientifically proven to actually increase lung expansion and breathing capacity while easing physical pain and calming things down at all levels of our being.

We tend to follow collective habitual patterns as we usually smoke socially in closed circles and groups and the habit is self perpetuating as long as we are hanging out in the same circles. Life is all about changes and once we make those shifts with our habits, we will start to notice how we've been foolishly wasting away a lot of precious herb, time and our health along the way. I've been intending to put this out there just as a reminder to any of you who are looking to make serious changes in your life by choosing differently. All we really have in this plane of existence is our physical being and we have the power and responsibility to improve the quality of our lives by simply choosing better options.

You don't really have to wait for your body to start showing you signs of discomfort and disease before you can make the switch to smoking pure herb. Just stop mixing the two and use a small glass pipe or any other pipe that's easy to clean and toke away just like old times when we held the smoke in for a bit, for a proper hit ! :D

References : Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco

Image Courtesy : Sensiseeds

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And ... the season begins ... with what clearly looks like the sign of our present times .... HAHAHAHAHA :D .... Open to Interpretation ..... What do you think ?!

If you ask me, it looks like the 'Coronavirus' mainstream media image and it's message to humanity ... To see through the illusions of deception and fear based mass hysteria that has gripped humanity for a long time. This is only how the end, begins ... We have relied far too much on technology and the externalising of power in our society.

It's time for a mass global awakening which involves many if not all aspects of life, which may seem separate at first, however are deeply interconnected. Everything from Food, Health, Education, Medicine, Earth History, Creation Mysteries, Aliens, UFOs, Portals ... is to be explored in a new light as the patterns of inter-connectedness emerge.

This whole 'Plannedemic' serves a prime directive to unite humanity as ONE ! There are many of us who feel this at many levels and now, even more. The Universe is unfolding perfectly as it has to, with many more souls on Earth, awakening to their true nature and flowing with the changing times, gracefully, with love !

We have been preparing for these times and everything will start to make sense as things unfold. All we have to do is listen to our intuition in the here and now and stay rooted in our deep sense of knowing who we are, while letting go of any and all kind of baggage we've carrying around that has been weighing us down. In a state of knowing, emptiness .... ! In a state of departure, while constantly arriving .... :)<3 ...="" :="" a="" arriving="" constantly="" departure="" in="" of="" state="" ul="" while="">

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