Here is yet another classic documentary about Jim Morrison and the Doors, titled "Doorstown". A short glimpse into the making of a genius called Jim Morrison and how he went on to form the legendary, Doors. Jim was less of a Showman and more of a Shaman ... who always seemed to be in a state of deep trance while performing on stage.

Jim was one of the few people from his time, who were able to elucidate their pain and angst in life through their music. In this documentary film Jim's family and friends speak about Jim Morrison's formative years when he started to get interested in Language and Philosophy ... in particular Nietzsche's work.

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The Cannabis Legalization movement is reaching new heights as more people awaken to its true potential. Drug laws around the world which treat Cannabis as a drug need to be abolished as they make criminals out of regular folks who mean no harm. Came across this interesting article on Cannabis Legalization in the United States ... worth sharing !

To those who are not aware, Twenty States in the US have legalized Medical Marijuana and Two Currently have Legalized it recreationally in addition. For most of us, our states are currently discussing or legislating about legalizing the sweet cheeba but plenty of people still don’t either understand why it’s not only a big deal, but why marijuana itself isn’t as big of a deal as the controversy, money and information being produced in result of the growing legalizing and decriminalizing of it.

You have Five “people” in the equation:

1. The Pro-Cannabis Recreationals: They are the ones who want to smoke weed and don’t see why it’s a big fucking deal. These people don’t really have a ‘type’ as smokers these days can be your neighbor, your mailman, or your parents. Just about anyone could be a recreational smoker and you not be aware because they have gotten good at hiding it because of their job, their reputation, or because they don’t want the “stoner” stigma tied to their persona. They may smoke to alleviate pain but they can live without it.

2. The Ill Medicated: These can range from AIDs patients to Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Cancer to children who suffer from severe seizures. These are the people who indirectly are responsible for the medical marijuana in the first place. Many of them use it for an analgesic, to create an appetite, or to just make their general state of life better especially if their disease is terminal. These people are the main reason it should be legal, a lot of these people are suffering from terminal or permanent conditions who deserve relief that doesn’t have to give them the side effects that pharmaceuticals and chemical therapy create.

3. The State: They are more of less just looking at it from a profit point of view. They need money for schools right? Money for Roads? Public Programs? Yeah, well they need money and they are always trying to find ways to make it, the only issue is when the people are torn between if they are for or against cannabis and it rips communities apart within the state. That’s a whole other thing entirely.

4. The Federal Government: If The State is Mommy, then The Federal Government is it’s Daddy. It reaches into it’s wallet and peels off a few dollars for Mommy State to buy herself some shoes. Overall, if Mommy State says you can go out and Daddy says you can’t, Mommy will let you sneak out if you get back on time and Daddy grounds you when he finds out. Daddy also has creepy friends from work like Uncle Executive Branch, Judicial and Legislative come over and drink beers while also taking turns disciplining you, why, because they are creepy.

5. ABOVE THE INFLUENCE: Those are the people who are really really really against it. Like, they have way too much time worrying about what other people are doing and hide under the guise of : ITS KILLING DEM CHILDRENS! or ITS OF THE DEVIL! or YOURE GOING TO FORNICATE AND HAVE A DEMON BABY!

6. Everybody else: If you don’t smoke weed, that is probably you. Maybe you have an opinion on it, maybe you don’t, but you don’t care enough about it to say what your opinion is.

You still with me? Good. I will give a quick lesson in marijuana and it’s history with the government. It was legal, then it stopped being legal mostly due to a few factors:

It’s reputation with black jazz musicians. God Fearing White Folks were scared that their daughters would come home with a mixed child that was spawned from her philandering with Jazz musicans after being high on the marijuana.

Yes, People were that simple. It also had a reputation with migrant workers, Mexicans and basically every person who was darker than a glass of buttermilk was a suspected user and you were not to be like those guys obviously.

They wanted to rescind the prohibition of alcohol so what better way then make something else illegal? Instead of continuing to be afraid of alcohol (aka the government getting tired of people destroying shyt, bootlegging and many unsavory ways of creating, transporting and selling it on the low low), they decided marijuana needed to be the new scapegoat to everyone’s problems. Previously this had been attempted to cocaine and heroin as the answer to the flourishing alcoholism of the 30s, which as we know now, those are bad answers to anything. Even then, they still used it to create hemp and products derivative from cannabis. Though regulation on it had already been going on since the 1600s, by the 1900s it was starting to be labeled the same as harsher drugs, and by the 70s, it was made a controlled substance despite the other drugs in that specific box are either made to be psychoactive or addictive through changing it’s state as where there are maybe one other drug in that list that is useable in it’s natural state (and I don’t even think you can get it in the US as a normal person).

I myself was never against it in the first place. I took D.A.R.E. and similar programs in school but I never really had an opinion about it because it wasn’t big and scary like it was created to seem like and after becoming educated, I didn’t see why anyone would see it as being specifically more harmful than pollution, alcohol, cigarettes, microwaves, driving, and other things that we do and take into our bodies on a daily basis.

At Some point in my life, I transitioned from casual smoker to regular smoker and as I got older, I have formulated, changed and broadened my education as well as my person opinion and level of responsibility for choosing to medicate using cannabis. Many times, I have found myself brainstorming about why would anyone want it to be illegal when it does so much for people, so I came up with a list.

It is a literal medicine. It has compounds in it that treat a variety of illnesses and diseases. It is almost unreal the abilities that it has to help children who have daily seizures live an enriching life instead of gradually falling behind their peers. It is an anti-inflammatory, it is an analgesic, it creates an appetite, it shrinks cancerous tumors, it causes cancer cells itself to commit suicide in recorded studies abroad. It has so many abilities without the terrible side effects of treatment that uses pharmaceuticals and chemicals and replaces some of their very uses. You don’t see enough US studies done because the FDA has only backed Marinol as far as a drug that has cannabis and is legal to use because of personal interest, but the Federal Government constantly blocks newer research on the basis that it is still illegal on a Federal level even if it’s legal on a state level, that way scientists who want to see what else it can do stateside cannot get grants and funding to be able to even do the research which to me is counter productive. Also, it slows Alzheimer’s and may possible heal it, just for those who think it makes your memory so terrible. Did I mention the goverment has the reciepts for marijuana? “The United States government also owns a patent on marijuana as a medical application.”

It has varies functions and uses. It can’t only be smoked, but you can use it to cook with, you can make it into oil, it can be used as a moisturizer, it can be made into clothing and textiles. All parts of the plant can be used to make different things as well. How can something with so many NONTOXIC uses be bad?

It is one of the most least destructive vices you can have. How Many cases of domestic violence have been directly linked to marijuana? I mean just marijuana, not marijuana + alcohol or whatever else. Gambling, Drinking, Smoking Cigarettes, and so many other vices take a much worse psychological toll and physical toll on your body. Did you know marijuana has cannabanoids that heal your lung tissue? Did you know that it helps lower your blood pressure? Did you know that drinking can cause heart disease? of course you know that driving drunk could harm you or another person/people! But in reality, how many cases have been directly linked to someone just being high on marijuana? Now how many cases have been linked to someone being on Zoloft, or Paxil, or other anxiety medications or anti-depressants? There are plenty of law suits that have been paid or in motion against many of those companies for children committing suicide, or people murder suiciding because that stuff doesn’t work the same in everyone and can make your brain work in a way it doesn’t normally. Those drugs have the ability to make a normally depressive person, so depressive they kill someone, but yet, marijuana is illegal and this stuff is just a prescription or street corner away.

Because it’s reasonings for being illegal is crap and has always been crap. ““We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States.”” - Sanjay Gupta. People were made to fear it because if you fear something, you do anything to keep it away. There are adults walking around thinking that marijuana gives men breasts. There are adults walking around thinking that if you smoke a joint that you will put a baby into an oven. It’s Propaganda like those things that have completely non-stupid adults saying parroting what they know about weed from people that know nothing about weed and so they vote against in it in ballots not realizing that it is tied to gay marriage or something like that so they are making two things illegal at once or voting that it not only be illegal but people get beheaded.

It doesn’t give you a “hangover” or “withdrawl symptoms” the same way other drugs do. Yeah, you can get pissy and short tempered without some ganja if you are a regular smoker, but you don’t start vomiting or sweating. Have you ever seen intervention? If you have or have been on hard drugs to know that it’s a pretty shitty thing to have to go through, even the withdrawl from alcohol can kill you. (Rest in peace Amy Winehouse) You can smoke a bunch of weed and still be fairly functional, not like if you drank a bunch of alcohol, or did a bunch of coke or shot a bunch of heroin. Also, the fact that you cannot overdose on it should tell you something.

Your Brain has a Specific System that USES endocannabinoids. Your body was made to ingest marijuana. You know why it stays in your body so long and isn’t pushed out like other ‘drugs’? Because it isn’t a toxin. It isn’t TOXIC to your body. Your pancreas and liver work together to break down toxins and take away the good parts of it and marijuana to your brain has no bad parts so it stays in your urine and blood stream longer than cocaine or heroin.

Because it’s enjoyable. Not to everyone, but I actually love how it looks, smells, makes me feel and also how it makes me feel around other people. Especially with anxiety, I can feel ‘normal’ around others. It destresses me. It helps my arthritis. I enjoy smoking it alone or with others. I don’t smoke and then go do terrible things to society, usually it’s just watching tv.

The Culture of it is so cool. The history of it’s uses, the historical figures who have smoked, movie references or about pot, the books, the music you can listen to or is about pot. It’s one of the most coolest cultures that isn’t centered around RACE. You can meet all sorts of cool people you normally wouldn’t all because of pot and you having that as a shared experience. There are so many different types of people who smoke or make marijuana products and don’t smoke themselves!

So, chill out. It’s just weed.

Source : Ganja Bella Donna

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There have been many theories, why the Pyramids were built and who built them and how ... and after some research and investigation we have come to understand that the Pyramids were built with the help of knowledge acquired directly or indirectly from an advanced race of beings possibly from the Sirius star system. The Pyramids not only harness Universal Energy but also serve as Healing Temples used to rejuvenate the human body and heighten ones spiritual awareness when one meditates inside a Pyramidal structure. There is proof for all of this available on the Internet for all our skeptic buddies who might be reading this ... :)

Believe Nothing ... Trust your Intuition !

An extraordinary finding of Russian scientist Vitaly Gokh about the structure of the earth's core and a key role of the pyramids in connecting the earth to stars. A cosmic origin of the mineral Shungit - it could be a piece of nucleus of the mysterious planet Phaeton (Fatta), which exploded (or was destroyed) a long time ago...

Dr. Vitaly Gokh, a member of the Russian Academy of Science, had worked for the Soviet military for more than thirty years. He now lives in Sevastopol (Crimea).

One of Gokh's most famous discovery is a Crimean pyramids, buried deep underneath the earth, as well as under some of the coastal waters of the Black Sea -- an area known to contain some submerged cites of previous civilization.

His other invention is a unique device called a bio-laser which can turn the laser (or any high-frequency radiation) into a torsion field and has a penetrating ability much higher than any powerful X-ray machines. Gokh used this devise to find underground water in dry areas of Sevastopol and also in Mauritania, Western Sahara, where under the layer of solid eruptive rock, at a depth of 240 meters, an underwater stream was discovered. The value of these resources was enough to provide all the water needs of the region.

Vitaliy Gokh also used the methods of geo-hydro-diagnostics and geo-holography to examine the earth's nucleus.

The result he got contradicted with the existing knowledge of the earth's core size and structure. Gokh came to an extraordinary conclusion: under several layers of molten metals, crystals, graphite and lead there is a real nuclear fusion reactor right at the centre of the earth's core. Could it mean we are self-sufficient in warmth?

Could it mean that the Earth has her own flaming heart that beats in unison with the stars?

An extract from a film documentary "Crimea. The Russian Sea" (2013) by Ukrainian film maker Sergey Strizhak. Part 2.

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