What were the Pyramids Built For ?

There have been many theories, why the Pyramids were built and who built them and how ... and after some research and investigation we have come to understand that the Pyramids were built with the help of knowledge acquired directly or indirectly from an advanced race of beings possibly from the Sirius star system. The Pyramids not only harness Universal Energy but also serve as Healing Temples used to rejuvenate the human body and heighten ones spiritual awareness when one meditates inside a Pyramidal structure. There is proof for all of this available on the Internet for all our skeptic buddies who might be reading this ... :)

Believe Nothing ... Trust your Intuition !

An extraordinary finding of Russian scientist Vitaly Gokh about the structure of the earth's core and a key role of the pyramids in connecting the earth to stars. A cosmic origin of the mineral Shungit - it could be a piece of nucleus of the mysterious planet Phaeton (Fatta), which exploded (or was destroyed) a long time ago...

Dr. Vitaly Gokh, a member of the Russian Academy of Science, had worked for the Soviet military for more than thirty years. He now lives in Sevastopol (Crimea).

One of Gokh's most famous discovery is a Crimean pyramids, buried deep underneath the earth, as well as under some of the coastal waters of the Black Sea -- an area known to contain some submerged cites of previous civilization.

His other invention is a unique device called a bio-laser which can turn the laser (or any high-frequency radiation) into a torsion field and has a penetrating ability much higher than any powerful X-ray machines. Gokh used this devise to find underground water in dry areas of Sevastopol and also in Mauritania, Western Sahara, where under the layer of solid eruptive rock, at a depth of 240 meters, an underwater stream was discovered. The value of these resources was enough to provide all the water needs of the region.

Vitaliy Gokh also used the methods of geo-hydro-diagnostics and geo-holography to examine the earth's nucleus.

The result he got contradicted with the existing knowledge of the earth's core size and structure. Gokh came to an extraordinary conclusion: under several layers of molten metals, crystals, graphite and lead there is a real nuclear fusion reactor right at the centre of the earth's core. Could it mean we are self-sufficient in warmth?

Could it mean that the Earth has her own flaming heart that beats in unison with the stars?

An extract from a film documentary "Crimea. The Russian Sea" (2013) by Ukrainian film maker Sergey Strizhak. Part 2.

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