In Modern India there are Naga Baba sects devoted to the use of psychedelics, Ganja and Bhang. Along with yoga practices. One of the most renowned Babas was Ganesh Baba Swami Ganeshananda Gir.

In the early part of his life he was a successful and wealthy businessman. Some time after 1945 he retired from worldly life and took sanyas vows, becoming a monk in the tradition of the Naga Babas, more exactly, in the Anandakara branch of the movement founded by Shankaracharya. He received spiritual teachings from several sources, but his main spiritual practice was Kriya Yoga.

Ganesh Baba stated that he received the four Kriya Yoga initiations from Lahiri Mahasaya (at the age of four, when he was brought to Lahiri Mahasay on the verge of death from cholera), He became well-known to young Westerners visiting India in the 1960s. In the late 1970s he lived at Swayambunath (near Kathmandu) where he received many visitors and gave courses in Kriya Yoga practice.

Everyone who met him were impressed and he was held in high esteem by both Indians and Westerners. He was talkative and would spend hours regaling his listeners with what some might call 'tall tales'.

In the 70’s Ganesh Baba met Timothy Leary in Nepal and shortly after came to NYC. was true to form psychedelic Kriya yogi. He used all forms of psychedelics of the time, and was particularly fond of LSD. He was known to take outrageous amounts of mushrooms, ganja and Acid and remain present and joyful. His statement “once a psychedelic always a psychedelic” says it all. Once you have tasted the bliss and ecstasy of the psychedelic experience you are never the same. He advocated being perfectly present and a straight spine to conduct the pranic life force. He looked like Mr. Natural, a comic strip character of the 60’s. A joyful and cherubic Santa Clause.

Inspite of his ganja smoking demeanor he was a strict disciplinarian. And demanded full and perfect attention no matter how stoned your where. He also advocated the use of psychedelics only for spiritual work. And he was an ecstatic trance dancer.

Teachings of Ganesh Baba including the conscious control of prana and breath, and how to expand the consciousness and connect with universal energy.

“This is a holy plant for the Sadhus, it can give you a glimpse of the divine at work. The Kriya-technique utilizes the eye piece provided at the pineal plexus within the human cerebrum, along the cerebral-spinal channel. The individual ego-consciousness expands the Cosmic Action (Kriya) to embrace the total context of consciousness in the entire cosmos around us-the highest attainable level of consciousness which the most perfected human being can ever attain. The realization of Universal Unity results in a harmonious rapport being established between the individual and the Universal. A sense of belonging, a sense of affinity among All in the Universe wells up in the self-realized soul making for peace, happiness, bliss and beatitude.”

Ganesh Baba's teachings incorporated Western scientific concepts. He taught that there is a cyclic cosmic process of involution and evolution, and he developed a system of correspondences - a "Cycle of Synthesis" - between levels of Kriya Yoga practice, the five koshas, the planets, the kayas, the Yugas, the Chakras, the stages of organic evolution and the Jungian psychological types. He left three manuscripts and many volumes of short essays and papers. The longer manuscripts, "Search of Self," an unfinished autobiography, "Sadhana," a kriya yoga manual, and a detailed essay on his Cycle of Synthesis, are synthesized and updated as The Crazy Wisdom of Ganesh Baba, by Eve Neuhaus (2010).

In 1979 he had developed eye cataracts and was going blind. His Western followers arranged for him to visit the U.S.A. for an operation, as a result of which he recovered his sight. Since many of the young Westerners who had met him in India and Nepal were glad to have him in the U.S. he remained there for seven years, teaching Kriya Yoga to small groups on the East Coast and West Coast. He returned to India in 1986. He visited a Kriya Yoga center in France (which was established by his French followers), then went back to India. He died at Nainital on 19 November 1987, and is buried at the Alakha Nath Temple in Bareilly.


To lump all drugs together is unfortunate. There are good drugs or plant medicines or bad drugs which deplete and destroy the body. There are empathogens like MDMA that are useful in the psychiatric communities. New research on mushrooms shows a beneficial prolonged change in consciousness. Much more research is needed.

Bur it is easy to abuse drugs, and therefore it makes it a dangerous path that can lead to self-abuse. When you get high your boundaries collapse and your sense of judgment. I consider psychedelic drugs in a separate category they are sacraments and they should be treated as such in ancient cultures they were used for spiritual purposes only. Today they're very prevalent on the party scene and indiscriminate use. Overuse tends to stretch the body’s’ ability to heal. To larger dose can cause imbalance in the dopamine or serotonin pathways and recovery time is necessary.

Ganesh Baba had his students only use plant medicines and marijuana for spiritual purpose and practice. I agree with this. Ideally one could be able to use less and less of the medicine and have a greater and greater response as you master the conductivity of the breath and the ability to bring sacred substances to the mid brain where it has its most advantageous use. Your body mind remembers these open ecstatic states. When doing practice, you reactivate the experience and open. Eventually homeopathic doses or none at all to achieve the same result.

A brief description of yoga and the sheaths or bodies of our Being.

According to yoga, the human being is composed of several concentric bodies, or sheaths of energy consciousness, from gross to subtle levels.

1. The physical body: the material, visible part of the human being, including the body consciousness at the cellular level which acts without any mental will of our own or even against that will; it has emerged from the Inconscient, the inverse reproduction of the Supreme Superconscient.

2. The vital body: the life nature made up of desires, sensations, feelings, passions, energies of action, will of desire, possessive and other related instincts, anger, fear, greed, lust, sorrow, joy, hatred, repulsion, pride, small likings and disliking’s, etc.

3. The mental body (manas): sense mind; that part which has to do with cognition, perception through the senses, the reactions of thoughts to things, the putting out of mental forces for realization of an idea; the expression of ideas as through speech.

4. The intellectual body (buddhi): reasoning mind; that which analyzes, synthesizes and constructs ideas from signs, indications and gathered data; mind is a subordinate power of Supermind which takes its stand in the standpoint of division, actually forgetful here of the oneness behind, though able to return to it by reillumination from the Supramental (Truth Consciousness).

5. The spiritual body: the eternal true being or Self of the individual; the spiritual consciousness is that in which we enter into the awareness of self, the Spirit, the Divine

In ordinary life, the current of life moves down and through the body. The body decays and falls into the ground and becomes dust. In Kriya yoga, we reverse that process by literally raising the body into the light energizing the cells and acquiring awareness of the energy body. This process is only for a few that are moved to meditate and practice in this way.


The practice becomes a way of life, once the search for enlightenment collapses.

A visual example of the inner movement. The centers open and Self awareness occurs spontaneously.


I would like to at this time draw attention to the three pumps in the body and how they can facilitate the energy moving into higher centers in the brain. A side note, the brain controls many of the processes in the body such as growth, and of emotions. It is capable of the experience of Bliss... Therefore it makes sense that when blood and spinal fluid with nutrients are pumped into the brain for assimilation. Great benefits can be derived. In the practice, pressure is put on some of the ductless glands. The pineal and pituitary which control growth and subtle experience. The third eye. That being said, let's look a little closer at the three pumps.

First of all in the practice air enters the body through the mouth. But literally by the focus of our attention we feel the energy entering through the pineal gland or third eye. The energy moving down into the lower navel area. Holding the breath filling the lower abdominal region thus putting pressure on the sexual organs. This is where the first pump comes into play. The Anal sphincter muscles tighten and hold lifting up gently. For women a slight pressure on the clitoris with the folded palms. The tongue is turned back upon itself and raised at the soft palate. This locks the energy into the body and should be completely comfortable as you become an adept in the practice. The pressure is slightly felt to push down upon the sexual center or for men the prostate gland. This can induce a feeling of pleasure and heat. This feeling is felt to draw up as the air is exhaled gently. It is felt to rise up the back of the spine.

The inhalation sound is a slight houwlllll as the air is inhaled. Then houwww as exhaled. The first pump comes into play in lifting up of the anal sphincter muscles. This feels as if energy is been being lifted into the navel area. The solar plexus moves the energy in a lifting fashion. It is felt to move up into the heart central area of the body where it can be felt as a feeling of warmth, emotion and well-being an expanded sense of self. That's the second pump in the heart center (you can feel this subtle lift when you naturally breathe in your chest rises.) in the exhale you feel a slight tension in the back as the energy is consciously drawn upward. It is important as not to stress yourself in this movement. It's as natural as breathing in and breathing out. Then comes the third pump, right behind the neck muscles which hold the cranium and the medulla in place. In Taoism this is called the jade pillow.

These muscles are lifted, while the tongue is simultaneously pressed on the hard ridge inside of the mouth. This is said to be a pressure point that activates the pineal gland the third eye. This push pushes blood and spinal fluid up into the brain. During climax, ecstasy or joy these muscles move upward automatically. The first area felt is the medulla oblongata. This is the old brain and contains the pleasure centers and activates full brain rapture. Known as the Bliss sheath in yogic lore. A slight pressure is then felt in the pituitary center. This literally milks the gland so that it secretes various hormones that are beneficial to the body. Hence Kriya yoga has been use since early time for physical regeneration.

Yogis would use his practice to prolong life, so they could do austerities and tapas (spiritual disciplines,). The body is a vehicle that can be used to perceive all dimensions. We are multi dimensional. Many of these dimensions are perceived in yogic ways and in silence. Kriya yoga facilitates that process.

The best practice to be free and silence your mind forever whether it is moving or not is simple. DON’T BELIEVE YOUR THOUGHTS. They will come and go and I might ad as you move on this incredible journey don’t believe any experience as well.

You are an Amazing Being !

"I am John Krajewski, a visionary artist from back in the 60's having done posters and Album covers. The rolling stone called my cover for "Iron Butterfly Live" mystical and visionary art. My art was a way to convey the ecstasy and experiences with psychedelic Kriya Yoga. My initial discovery of Kriya Yoga occurred under LSD. I have had initiations in this Sovereign Science by Masters through out the east. In India, Indonesia, and Burma. Forms of Kriya Yoga are known in all ancient cultures. I am forever grateful and deeply respectful to all the teachers I have met. In a forthcoming blog I will share some of these encounters. I have practiced steadfastly for over 45 years with and without plant medicine. The real initiation happens as you do the practice. Kriya Yoga is the real inner teacher. It is a love affair with the Divine."

You can reach John at [email protected] or find him on Facebook ...

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Couple of years ago while googling for child birthing options available, I came across natural birthing techniques such as Water Births assisted by midwives at home. In our world today very rarely do we see these options explored by women due to a lack of awareness and the fear of experiencing unimaginable pain during child birthing.

I was simply amazed after I came across a video of an Orgasmic Birth which is nowhere close to the painful screaming and yelling shown in movies.

Here are some short videos highlighting some these Orgasmic Child Birth experiences ...

Watch Amy's Hypnobirthing Video on Youtube (Google made us remove the video for Adult Sexual Content)

Organic Birth : Movie Trailer (YouTube)

Orgasmic Birth

Nassim Haramein, a well known physicist is also shown assisting his wife Amber during her child birth. Nassim says, "Birthing doesn't necessarily have to be a traumatic experience. It can be an experience of ecstatic joy."

'Orgasmic Birth' is a documentary film that examines the intimate nature of birth, an everyday miracle, and the powerful role it plays in women’s lives when they are permitted to experience it fully. This documentary asks viewers to reexamine everything they thought they knew about giving birth and the potential it holds.

Undisturbed birth is revealed as an integral part of women’s sexuality and a widely neglected human right. Couples share their birth experiences, discussing their fears and how they found the support, nurturing, and ultimately the power and strength within themselves to labor and birth their babies in a beautiful, loving, and ecstatic way.

In the film, world-renowned midwife Ina May Gaskin helps us to understand the normal rhythms of labor and women’s ability to have ecstatic birthing experiences.

It is possible to have an ecstatic birth—in fact, that is the best natural high that I know of. And these states of consciousness are best reached when a woman is fully aware and fully awake. Women don’t have a way to know how their body works until they really try it out in birth. I think that women can be just completely surprised by the change in them from giving birth—you have something powerful in you—that fierce thing comes up—and I think babies need moms to have that fierceness—you feel like you can do anything and that’s the feeling we want moms to have.

Women can experience birth as sensual and pleasurable, and can enter a natural state of ecstasy. New research shows that the intimate experience of birth affects a woman’s life profoundly. Babies are also affected emotionally and physically, and over the long term, by their birth experience.

Orgasmic Birth examines ways in which our current system of care during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period disrupts the normal rhythms of birth and causes a myriad of other problems. Richard Jennings, Director of Midwifery at Bellevue Hospital Birth Center, New York City, says:

The question is, ‘Why not go to a high-risk hospital? No matter what goes wrong, they can deal with it.’ The problem is, as you get higher in the hierarchy, the more they treat every woman as if she is high risk.

According to Maureen Corry, Executive Director of Childbirth Connection, New York City:

Results of the U.S. Listening to Mothers Survey demonstrate that technology-intensive birth is the norm, with a majority of women reporting each of the following interventions while giving birth: electronic fetal monitoring, intravenous drip, artificially ruptured membranes, artificial oxytocin to strengthen contractions, and epidural analgesia.

Although a small percentage of births benefit from the use of technology and surgery, the overuse of technology in hospital births today often causes more harm than good. The U.S. cesarean section rate for 2006 was 30.1%, well above what researchers consider safe and appropriate use. Women today, trusting that all offered techniques and procedures are safe, eagerly accept epidural analgesia for pain relief and artificial oxytocin to induce or augment labor. However, these drugs and procedures have many negative short-term and long-term effects on mother and baby that should be considered and questioned. With almost one in three American women having a surgical birth, our experts look at the current data and discuss the risks that overuse of cesarean section is causing to mothers and babies.

Christiane Northrup, MD, a visionary in the field of women’s health and wellness and a board-certified obstetrician–gynecologist, shares her expertise and insight throughout the film. Regarding postpartum depression, she says:

I want women to know that if you’ve had a cesarean birth, an induction, or an epidural, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to bond with your baby or you can’t love this baby, or any of that. Humans are incredibly adaptable. But why adapt if you don’t have to—if you can let your body do what it was designed to do? I believe that the connection between overuse of intervention and postpartum depression is enormous. If women experienced the ecstasy of birth, they would have the high that would get them through the hormonal changes of the next week. Your body and your inner wisdom give you that high.

Brazilian obstetrician Ricardo Jones, MD, discusses the process of giving birth and the role of a physician in that process:

There is a space within our culture for medical interventions. That is why doctors are important in reducing maternal and prenatal mortality. At the same time, we have to honor the traditions of millions of women throughout the world and throughout history. Women have the inner power and the inner knowledge of giving birth. There is a parallel of sexuality and giving birth. Women who are giving birth, trust yourselves. Trust your inner power. Trust your ability to give life. This is something absolutely sacred that is inside all women in the world. A doctor, nurse, and all midwives in the world are people who are not in the position to teach a woman how to give birth, but to make it easier for her to do what she already knows how to do.

Orgasmic Birth captures intimate home births as well as normal births with midwives in US hospitals. With the decrease in hospital-based midwifery practices in the United States, the option for normal hospital birth is gradually disappearing in many communities. We look at other models of midwifery care, such as in New Zealand and the Netherlands—models that have achieved some of the lowest rates of maternal and infant mortality in the world.

Dr. Wagner discusses how a midwifery model of care is cost effective while contributing to a safe and positive birth for mothers, babies, and families:

More and more countries are losing fewer women and losing fewer babies than the US, including Cuba and Slovenia. Countries that we would normally expect not to have such a great record are losing fewer women and fewer babies than we are. And it’s not because we have bad doctors. We have highly trained, very good doctors, as good as anywhere in the world. We have good nurses—as good as any. We don’t have enough midwives! We have 40,000 obstetricians and 5,000 midwives. Great Britain has 1,000 obstetricians and 35,000 midwives, and they lose fewer women and babies than we do.

Ina May Gaskin believes the reason lies in our past:

The United States has a peculiar history about childbirth. There is a higher level of fear of birth in this country than we see in so many cultures around the world. I think it has to do with our own peculiar history of absolutely destroying the profession of midwifery in the early twentieth century. When you destroy midwives, you also destroy a body of knowledge that is shared by women, that can’t be put together by a bunch of surgeons or a bunch of male obstetricians, because physiologically, birth doesn’t happen the same way around surgeons, medically trained doctors, as it does around sympathetic women.

Pain, endorphins, comfort techniques, water, doulas, epidurals: Orgasmic Birth views women’s options for labor and birth and examines the risks and benefits.

Dr. Northrup describes the power felt by a woman who has experienced a natural birth:

When women understand what’s available to us at birth, then we won’t ever give that over to an expert, the birth power, the orgasmic power that’s in our bodies. When you meet a woman who has had an ecstatic birth, you can’t talk her into taking drugs that aren’t good for her body. You can’t talk her into a hysterectomy that she doesn’t need. You can’t talk her into a crummy diet. She’s come home to her body. She knows what this body is capable of. She loves this body. This body loves her. And there’s nothing like the transformation available at birth to nail that in there in such a way that she becomes illuminated, because she’s a channel for life. And then she becomes a channel for life in all its forms.

Join us as we watch the families in the film welcome their babies into the world and see what happens when mothers, babies, fathers, and families are left undisturbed to welcome their newborns into their arms. Worldwide research supports the fact that the best, safest care for healthy full-term newborns is in their mothers’ arms, skin to skin, breastfeeding, feeling safe and nurtured.

Carrie Contey, PhD, a leader in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology, says:

What we’re finding is that it does matter—it absolutely does matter—how somebody comes into the world. And it doesn’t mean all babies should be born this way or that way. It just means that we have to pay attention and recognize that those babies are having experiences. And the way that birth happens when it’s left to happen naturally, without drugs and without forceps, is really what the baby’s body is expecting. There’s a biological readying that’s happening. So it’s incredibly important that we start thinking about this time period in a new way, and we start caring for moms and babies and families around the birth experience in much more thoughtful and mindful ways than we are doing right now.

Orgasmic Birth encourages viewers examine their perceptions about childbirth and to consider issues that are crucial to the health and well-being of future generations.

The way a woman gives birth has the potential to change how she feels about herself forever.

The way she feels has consequences for how she mothers and cares for her baby. It has consequences for her other relationships and for society.

All babies deserve to be welcomed into their mothers’ arms with love and respect.

Reference : Orgasmic Birth

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Sirius” is a feature length documentary film that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an Emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques.

Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal and murderous suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experience with the cover-up.

Though he feels the pressure of an imminent assassination attempt, he comes upon an amazing find: a possible ancient E.T. skeleton, 6 inches long, is discovered in the Atacama desert. Dr. Greer, along with his team, backed by crowd funding supporters, travel to Europe to get a sample of bone fragment in order to have an IVY league university run genetic tests on the skeleton. What they find will completely change the reality of human existence.

While on this odyssey, the audience gains a whole new perspective on technology, human evolution, and clandestine organizations who have manipulated and controlled the public for centuries.

Full Movie

Please share this documentary with all your friends ... it will help create awareness among the masses about our true history and where we are possibly headed ...

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'Ethos' is a brilliant eye opening documentary presented by twice Oscar nominated actor Woody Harrelson which exposes the corrupt political system and the military industrial complex which controls the government in the U.S.

Ethos looks at the systemic issues that work against democracy, the environment, justice and our own personal liberty. However, it is not all bad news. Ethos offers a solution.

A simple but powerful way that you can have your voices heard as they have never been heard before. Watch the film, spread the word, change the world.

Taking Action

FROM PETE MCGRAIN, writer/director of Ethos.

Most of us have got into the habit of voting once every few years and expecting our elected officials to take care of us. In this way we have ‘opted out’ of the process and while we are opted out abuse creeps in. It is clear that just voting once every few years is not working.

In a very real sense you and I are responsible for everything that is wrong with our system and our planet: When we consume our resources recklessly it is you and I that cause the pollution, waste and destruction of our planet; Our consumer demand drives corporations to abuse other nations, stealing their resources to sell them to us, making them ‘dollar’ dependent, sending our waste to their countries for disposal, encouraging child labor, even causing war.

The profits abusive companies make from the money we give them ‘empowers’ them. With the profits from ‘our’ money they have weakened our democracy. They have the power to put ‘their men’ in a position to regulate ‘themselves’.

Our governments, in a very real sense, are now run by multinational businessmen. The business men now own all of the mainstream media so our information is tainted. This has all happened while we were all opted out.
Yes, each and every one of us shares the blame. However, because it is our behavior that has caused this mess, our behavior can fix it.

The most important message of this film is about you and I taking responsibility, learning the facts about what is happening in our world and then acting accordingly. Your consumer choices are the most easily available and powerful way for you to get active. Do not underestimate the power you have right in your hands. No company can continue a practice or a product that you will not buy! This is vitally important information and if you can understand this we are on our way to an incredible new future. But keep in mind, spending less is the primary objective. Having more money does not give you more power if the objective is to spend less.

We have to find alternative sources for news and information that can give us a clearer picture of our world. You will soon find many links on these pages. The terms ‘left and right’ are used to divide us, we have to stop using divisive terms and thinking and find ways to unify around goals that can sustain us.

Listen to all of the information you can before you make a decision. Importantly, examine the things ‘you’ think to see if they can really move us all forward together. And then, take full responsibility for the outcome of your actions.

Our bad consumer choices are killing everything that is good. Our wise consumer choices can re shape our corporatocracy. Buying from socially responsible companies will empower good business.

The minute you change your behavior everything else changes. Our consumer behavior is monitored very closely. As soon as you change the way you consume it will be noticed immediately. And, once you have started taking responsibility, getting more than one side of a story instead of just listening to the mainstream media, it becomes very difficult to fool you. Everything will change.

NOTE: People have written and asked me to provide a list of bad companies here on the website. I can understand how much easier that would make it for some people but, what would happen if this site was taken down? This is all about ‘we the people’ getting involved, finding out the facts and taking responsibility. We are adults and we have to recognize it is up to us individually to get good information. I cannot be the arbiter, I am not wise enough for that position. But, millions of engaged individuals cannot be stopped. It is not difficult to Google green products or alternative news sources and a whole lot easier than our future could be unless we get involved. We will place links here but get active now. Start looking for alternative news sources and tell us about them.

THE REVOLUTION! (or Evolution) So many people write into the website asking what they can do now, today, to make a difference. They want a solution, something they can get active with this instant. I understand the frustration that drives that passion and it is wonderful how many people are waking up to the idea that there really is something wrong.

But, I also sense that they, like me when I was a little younger, want a revolution in the old sense of the term: riots in the streets, heroic deeds that their children would sing songs about in years to come, etc. While it sounds like everyone could work out their frustrations, the problem is, that approach doesn’t work, in fact it has never worked, ever.

Generally what happens is the powers that be send in the troops, round up and shoot the leaders and then slacken the chain a little to pacify the crowd and then everything goes on pretty much the way it was. Look at the history books. Change happens very slowly and painfully via this route.

We need the rich and powerful too, to wake up to the startling catastrophe that is happening to our planet and our societies. We are all in this together and the sooner we all realize that then the easier it will be to make change.

So, do you want a bloody revolution or do you want something that works? Something that brings long lasting sustainable change, something that can bring peace and justice to us all, permanently?

Sustainable change can only happen when ‘each individual’ changes their behavior. In this silent revolution there are no leaders that can be shot or sell out the movement and no system can wage war on the private law abiding behavior of every citizen.

If you decide to purchase from a sustainable manufacturer you cannot be arrested. If you decide to ride a bicycle instead of driving the car to work you are free to do so. If you expand your knowledge by seeking out alternative news sources no one notices. But what does happen is that you become ‘an engaged responsible individual’, and when our society is made up of engaged responsible individuals everything changes.

Engaged responsible individuals do not just believe what they are told ‘by anyone’. They seek out information from every source and base their opinions and decisions on that. They do not follow the crowd like sheep and they take full responsibility for their actions. No ‘system’ can abuse a nation of such people.

Below are some very simple guide lines placed here as examples, but you must think these things through for your self and find your own ways. Though they may seem quite simplistic the cumulative effects of just these simple actions will have a massive and far reaching effect.

If you start acting on them today the world will have changed by tomorrow. If we all start making these changes then we are headed toward an incredible future, but each of us must start individually, that is what it takes.

We will add to and update these pages regularly and we always welcome your questions or suggestions. There are links (coming) to some great resources at the bottom of this page but keep in mind as long as you can read and you have Google you can always find out anything.

STOP BUYING STUFF! You already have enough stuff. The advertising man will try and tempt you to buy more. Stop it, do not listen. The manufacturing involved in making ‘stuff’ causes ‘all’ of the pollution on our planet. If you buy stuff you don’t need then you are the cause of ‘all’ of the pollution.

Only buy things you really need and plan on making the things you buy last a long time. When you do make purchases only buy from companies that do business in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Patagonia, for example do their very best to make their clothes without doing damage to the planet. It is easy to find good companies and when you buy from them you are supporting good practices. Bad companies will have to change to meet the new demand, they will have no choice.

STOP USING CHEMICALS There are so many products that are safe for the environment. Some cleaning jobs will require a little scrubbing. Do it. They have found trace elements of bleach at the top of Mount Everest. Fish from the sea are contaminated with it, everything you flush away comes back to haunt you. You can change our world today just by not flushing poison down the toilet. How simple is that. We are going to place links here to help you find green products but get Googling, it is easy.

THE MEDIA (getting information) Question: Do you have an opinion about a woman's right to choose? Do you have an opinion about gay rights to marry? The chances are that you do have an opinion about these issues, because the media, left and right wing media, have brought these issues to your attention. Now, one more question: Do you have an opinion about multinational arms companies laundering money through Columbia? No? Not many people have an opinion about this issue because the media, left and right wing media, have not brought it up. This is how the media frames the debate.

They tell us what to think about ‘the issues they bring up. If you are honest you will agree that you get most of your information from the media. You use this information to form your opinions. Too often ‘our’ opinions are really ‘someone else’s opinions.’ So, you must find alternative sources for your information. There are some very important things going on in the world and so much of what we think of as left and right wing media isn’t bringing everything you need to know to your attention. One last point. The media is almost all owned by massive international corporations. There is no such thing as a liberal media corporation. That said, you must stop thinking in terms of left and right wing politics. These terms are used to divide us. What we need is original thinking that can unify us as we move forward.

POLITICS ‘Every’ Politician takes money from big companies to get elected. In fact, most politicians are big business. That means they have an inherent ‘conflict of interests’. They will not legislate against a bad company that pollutes, for example, if they have taken their money to get elected.

What ever your politics you cannot wait for the government to fix things for you. We will get politicians that serve the peoples interests when the people take responsibility and then act. Once you start taking responsibility, finding out the facts, and then acting accordingly, once you are a properly engaged member of our society it will much more difficult for any politician to pull the wool over your eyes or make false promises.

Watch what they do-not what they say. The media treats the political debates in much the same way as they do sports highlights. It has become a meaningless game. Politicians have never changed anything, ever. Only the people create change.

FOOD Often this conversation begins with a discussion about Organic foods, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of this vitally important subject.

This is the stuff we put into our bodies, it is where we spend most of our money, and it drives the chemical and agricultural industries that have a massive effect not only on our environment, but our economies and our politics.

Colorings and preservatives have long been cause for discussion but so too have become Genetically Modified products. GMO’S are not only a subject of serious environmental concern, we do not know the effects of these products in our environment, but also of great political concern as patent holders force local and third world farmers as a condition of IMF loans, to accept their products and bring massive law suits for patent infringements.

Food is a serious issue. First concern should be for health. The food we have has less and less actual ‘food’, sustenance, vitamins, protein etc, and more and more chemicals used both in the food and it’s manufacture. This is more than alarming in heath and environmental terms. The prices of common foods are kept artificially low because of these practices and Organic foods, naturally seem more expensive by comparison.However, it is important to note, one organic banana, for example, has more actual ‘food’ in it than a Big Mac Meal and costs a fraction of the price.

We have to start paying close attention to what we eat, reading labels and making healthier choices, but this is a very important point: manufactures monitor your purchases meticulously, they spend billions of dollars studying consumer behaviour. When we change our buying habits they will notice that trend in the market instantly and they will follow your demand. If you stop buying products that have chemicals in them they will have no choice but to take them out. This is where we spend most of our money, if we change the way we spend that money the effect will be massive. There are two great food documentaries, FOOD INC and FORKS OVER KNIVES you have to see them. I will provide the link asap.

ENDING THE WARS I am going to give you a quick example. General Electric is an arms manufacturer, they make weapons for war. They make light bulbs too! They have their hands in so many things. They also own NBC news channel. But lets stay with weapons for a minute.

If you are a weapons manufacturer you make billions, BILLIONS, of dollars when ever there is a war. In fact if there is no war you make no money. So, what we have here is a company that is in a position to support a war, Iraq or Afghanistan for example, on it’s news channel, and then make BILLIONS of dollars if the war happens.

Lets not get in to a discussion about the morality of this for a moment, or even question whether any war can be justified, lets just keep our eye on the ball. Should any company who makes weapons be in a position to sway public opinion in a way that benefits their bottom line? There is an obvious conflict of interests here, and a dangerous one and this conflict exists through out most of our industries and media.

If you take a look at history you will find that ALL WARS are fought because one country wants the resources that another country has. Of course the reasons given are always about spreading democracy or defeating a terrible cruel regime, but you will notice that kind of war seldom happens in places that have no valuable assets!

Regardless, it is very important that YOU UNDERSTAND THE PART YOU PLAY IN CAUSING WARS. When you buy stuff, oil for example, you are buying the stuff that was taken from another country so it could be sold to YOU.

YOUR CONSUMER DEMAND DRIVES WAR! AND CAUSES POLLUTION! CAN YOU SEE THE RESPONSIBILITY YOU HAVE. Yes, there are many systemic issues and mechanisms that work against us, and we can if we wish point the finger at arms dealers but unless we all start to recognize the part WE play then nothing will change.

On a brighter note, you probably won’t find any companies that do business in a socially responsible way that are connected to the arms industry. If you decide to buy your light bulbs form a company that is socially responsible, instead of General Electric, for example, you are turning the tide.

Once you find independent sources of information you will know better what to think and how to act. Your active engagement, learning the facts and then acting accordingly will end the wars. Once you understand that the information the news media gives you has to be vetted thoroughly, once you understand that there are conflicts of interest that you have to be aware of then you will be wiser. Once you understand why wars happen you will not, nor will you allow any one you know, to join the armed forces or work for an arms dealer.

If you support the troupes-bring them home.

A NOTE ON BOYCOTTS AND THE ECONOMY To boycott a company is to decide not to buy there stuff because you don’t like their practices. This is not something that should be taken lightly and you should always be fully aware of all of the facts before you engage this tactic.

So many companies deserve it but even bad companies provide much needed jobs. We should concentrate as much as we can on buying from companies who do business in a socially and environmentally responsible way. In this way we will grow those good companies, promoting the positive instead of protesting the negative and creating a transition period while demand creates change.

If there are any products you can’t get from a good company the chances are you don’t really need that product. And for those products you have to buy, like gasoline, you have to drastically reduce your use of them. Again you can get plenty of advice and opinions if you click around. The point is to get engaged and start seriously changing our habits.

The overall object is to consume far less. Yes, this will affect our consumer/capitalist economy. We have to find ways to change our monetary system and this is something we all have to explore together. I think we will look back in years to come and wonder how we ever set up such a brutal system. There are many new paths we can take, however, the path we are currently on defeats the public good in so many ways and is killing our environment. We need to change what we can, now.

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Alternative healing methodologies using plants and herbs in the Amazonian rainforest have been known to cure all illnesses including Aids and Cancer.

' The Sacred Science' is an interesting documentary by Nick Polizzi which highlights the importance of being in natural surroundings while taking the jungle medicine to heal under the guidance of a Shaman.

Here is a quick synopsis of the documentary film ...

How far would you go to heal?

Parkinsons’s Disease, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Depression… Despite remarkable advances in modern medicine, our society still struggles to effectively treat these and other common illnesses.

Witness the story of eight brave souls as they leave the developed world behind in search of deeper answers. Living in seclusion for one month in the heart of the Amazon jungle, these men and women take part in the powerful healing practices of Peru’s indigenous medicine men, working with centuries-old plant remedies and spiritual disciplines.

In their most desperate hour, these patients are forced to confront not only their physical ailments, but their own spiritual and psychological barriers in the process. Five will return with real results, two will return disappointed, and one won’t come back at all.

Hope lies in the Amazon.

It is a known fact that over 25% of all our prescribed medical treatments come from plants in the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is home to over 44,000 species of plants and most doctors agree that this region is the most obvious place to look for the cure for cancer, M.S., Alzheimer’s, you name it. The main problem that scientists face is that there are too many plants and too little time to study them. Believe it or not, less than 5% of these plants have been tested for their healing potential!

An ancient culture holds the healing knowledge we’ve been looking for.

After hitting their heads against the wall for decades, scientists have begun to realize that the indigenous Amazonian tribes have spent thousands of years studying these 44,000 + plants and already know which ones hold the cure. In fact, they’re already using them to heal their own people!

Here’s the kicker:

Even though there is documented proof that these treatments are extremely effective, the research and patenting process takes so long that most of us will not live to see them used here in the modern world. That’s where my team and I drew the line. We decided to take action. The medicines wouldn’t come to us, so we brought eight patients to them in our new documentary film, The Sacred Science.

In October 2010, we brought eight people with eight different illnesses deep into the Amazon Rainforest to work with native medicine men for 30 days. We had over 400 applications from people around the world, each desperate to find an answer to their illness. The selection process was grueling, but we eventually made our decisions and embarked on what would become the adventure of a lifetime. Best of all, we had a world class documentary film crew capture the entire journey !

- Nick Polizzi

To use psychedelics without using yoga limits the vast potential and strays from the ancient use of psychoactive substances. Shamanic cultures treat plant medicine with great respect. It is their doorway to the realm of the Gods.

Today Himalayan Yogis and Naga Babas use mainly Ganja as a sacrament to achieve cosmic consciousness. They drink a powerful psychedelic bhang which is made from various herbs and Ganja. Some esoteric sects are known to smoke cobra venom and use datura.

In modern times Kriya Yoga was brought to the west by Yogananda back in the 1930’s. The Kriya practice was made palatable to prudish western society and the use of plant medicine was never mentioned in his teaching.

His lineage goes back to Babaji the deathless yogi, who brought the Kriya practice into modern times. He appeared to Lahiri Mahasaya giving him instructions of his past lives while during a psychedelic trance that lasted 3 days. Lahiri then taught this esoteric breathing meditation practice to lay men and women in the 1930’s.

Babaji is a great master of yoga living today in the Himalayas who is sometimes called Kriya Babaji Nagaraj, Mahavatar Babaji or Shiva Baba. During the past forty years, several books, beginning with the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, written in 1946, have referred to the great spiritual master, Babaji, who for centuries has lived in the Himalayan mountains, appearing occasionally to a fortunate few. " He is attributed to having attained mastery over life and death. He comes and goes in and out of this earth plane from time to time. Often appearing in a ball of light, then taking the form of a youth.

Leonard Orr (1980 and 1983) identified him with a youth who appeared near Ranikhet in about 1970. He appeared to Leonard in a dream and told him to come to him in Harikhan. He was visited by many Westerners up until his sudden death in 1984. I was one of them who visited him in the 80’s about a year before his passing.

I had the good fortune staying with Haridan Baba in the 80’s for several days. Here is an excerpt from “The Master in the Mirror” describing that time.


Although the realization I'd had with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj had been the straw that broke the camel's back; the question still remained, "Why? Why am I here? What is the purpose for being here?" These questions gnawed at me and I was led to seek out my roots.

Since early childhood I'd had a recurring dream. Somewhere in a valley near a bend in a river sits a magnificent temple high on a sacred mountaintop. After a long and arduous journey to reach the summit, I stand before the temple doors which are made of precious jewels. The doors open mysteriously to reveal the presence of an enlightened master who imparts to me the secrets of divine wisdom and eternal life. Thus I attain spiritual liberation in this lifetime.

So it was that I started on a pilgrimage to Hariakhan in India where I'd been told I might meet such a master Hariakhan Baba. I'd been advised that it would be a strenuous but rewarding journey. Still, no one could have prepared me for what was to take place. The seven-hour bus ride from New Delhi had seemed endless. The roads were treacherous and there was danger at every bend. Indian bus drivers are notoriously reckless, and this one was one of the worst. He had driven so close to the side of a precipice, balancing the bus on two tires, that it was an absolute miracle we hadn't capsized! I was scared out of my mind during the whole chaotic ride, sitting in the far end of the bus. My seat wasn't attached to the floor and I was holding onto it for dear life. Every time we went over a bump, I went flying in the air, hitting my head. I was sure we weren't going to make it! To boot, as we flew along the unpaved road through a thick cloud of dust, I noticed a crashed bus on the edge of the path, flipped over on its side! That Was definitely not reassuring! I kept praying the whole way, please, dear God, please protect me! Prove to me that you are true! The heat was unbearable inside the bus jammed with passengers. At every stop, I kept hoping someone would get off. Instead, more people crammed in! And it seemed like the bus kept stopping all the time. Bathroom stops. Food stops. Gasoline stops. Bus stops. There was constant commotion, with the driver and the passengers screaming at each other (About what? I had no ideal Then the bus would suddenly come to a screeching halt, and people would scurry out into the fields nearby to relieve themselves. A while later there'd be more commotion and more yelling and screaming.

We'd cram back into the bus, and we were off again on the hell ride. I tried to remain vigilant to know where to get off. But it was impossible to keep track. There were no signs on the roads, nor any identifying marks I could understand. At one stop I took a chance and rushed off to get something to eat. But one look at the food stall made me change my mind: between the burning rancid oil, the decayed fish and the urine, I don't think I've ever smelled anything as horrid in my whole life. It actually turned my stomach. I did manage to find some food that was safe enough (a hard boiled egg and a piece of white bread). With that and bottled soda water, I was set. And I jammed myself back into the bus.

God only knows how I managed to get off at the right stop, but I did. As the bus drove off in a mist, I stood there holding my bag, wondering where to go. I looked around and saw a few Indians walking up and down the road, women carrying water pots on their head. I knew I was supposed to go to the Almora dam from here. But how? Exhausted from the heat and the long bus ride, I spread out my jacket by the roadside and lay down to rest. Soon a young boy, maybe nine or ten years old, approached me and in his own brand of sign language, asked what I was looking for. I said, "Hotel!" He gave me an indication that he knew of a place, so I got up and followed him. A quick glance at the Indian-style room, however, and I got the picture. Bugs crawling along the floor, dirty blankets, a rope mattress, soiled walls; it was a nightmare! I nearly ran out screaming. I walked around for a while, hoping to find someone who spoke English.

I was getting worried that if I had to walk all the way to the Almora dam, I would never make it by sundown. Then what? The thought of sleeping under the stars made me shudder. I thought, I have got to find a ride! I noticed a Sikh in traditional garb idly standing next to an English-made car. I went over and asked if he could drive me. He said he wasn't interested; he was waiting for his boss. I offered him some rupees and I saw a gleam in his eye. I handed him a few more, which he quickly grabbed. We jumped into the car and sped off down the road. Here was another one who drove like a maniac, slaloming around dogs and cows and people along the winding roads. I guess he was hoping he could get back in time before his boss found out he'd left. I just hoped he would get me there in one piece! We drove quite a long way towards the foothills of the Himalayas. As we approached the dam site and its dried out riverbed, the driver abruptly screeched to a halt, and announced, "This is as far as I go, sir! The rest, you must do by foot."

Uncertain, I stepped out of the car. No sooner was I out, than the man drove off ... I yelled out, "But... where is Hariakhan?!!" Pointing in the direction of the north, he yelled out his window from a distance, "That way! About 15 kilometers!!!" I suddenly felt let down, lonely and discouraged. Everything seemed so arduous! My bag weighing heavily on my arm, I resolved to start walking. Some people strolled by. I caught the eye of a young villager, who smiled and meekly asked, "Do you mind if I walk with you, sir?" I thought, "Are you kidding? I'd be glad if you walked with me!" He added, "Speaking with you will help me practice my English!" As we walked down the path, I described where I was headed and he graciously promised to show me the way.

Delighted to have a companion, I felt that things were looking up. I asked him how far it was. He said, "We can make it by sunset" We followed the riverbed, wading barefoot through streams that crossed our path. The water from the Himalayan glaciers was freezing cold and very pure. You could see to the bottom of the streams where stones were shining in the sunlight like brilliant stars. It was an amazing walk. I began to contemplate on the story made famous by Yogananda in his “Autobiography of a Yogi” where he describes a 2000-year-old yogi named Babaji of the spiritual lineage of Shiva. I wondered if Hariakhan Baba and Babaji were one and the same. I remembered from some distant past life memory that the hill yogis of India carried ganja in their pouch and offered it to fellow yogis as a traditional gift. I thought, "If he is Babaji, he will offer me some ganja." A vivid past-life recall flashed before my eyes... Pulling me out of my reverie, I heard a horse trotting along the road behind us. I glanced over my shoulder and caught the eye of the rider. It was a woman. She smiled, slowing down her pace to a walk and motioned for me to ride her horse. Surprised, I immediately protested, "I can't take your horse!" The young man intervened and said, "But sir, you are a man." He explained that in India it is not fitting for the man to walk while an Indian woman rides. I chuckled and thought, "Is this really happening in the 20th Century? or am I lost somewhere in time?" The young man said “you will do her a genuine disservice by refusing to ride her horse”.

Without hesitating, the woman slid off her horse and handed me the reins. She was smiling broadly. I thought, "How interesting! In my culture, it would be exactly the opposite!" Somewhat embarrassed but genuinely delighted, I humbly took the reins and mounted the animal. Leading the way, the woman walked and ran in front of the horse, with my traveling companion running alongside me. It took me a while to relax into this set-up, but I got used to it and allowed myself to enjoy the ride. Suddenly there was magic in the air. It was as if the valley we were entering was unfolding in my inner vision. The rocks appeared to glow ever so slightly with a subtle energy. Everything radiated life. I had the impression I'd been in this place before. It was like returning home. As we came around a bend in the river, I immediately realized this was the place I had dreamed of again and again during my youth. I started to describe the area to my companions. I knew exactly where everything was, including the brilliantly colored temple on the far side of the river bank. Suddenly, pointing to a small figure far away in the distance, I said with authority, "There's Harikhan Baba!" I just knew it was him.

I thanked my companions for their wonderful assistance and we parted company. Starting up the one hundred eight steps leading from the riverbed to the ashram, I felt at ease, not at all excited. Like a prodigal son coming home, there was no need to rush to get to the top. By now the sun was setting and it was starting to get chilly. Entering the temple grounds, I was just taking off my shoes when I was greeted by a nasty old Indian man who demanded I pay him in advance for my stay. He snatched the rupees I handed him, counting them closely as if I were trying to steal my way in. Irked by this treatment, I wondered how they could have picked such a weirdo as the welcoming committee.

A French woman came over and acquainted me with the ashram rules. (God, do I detest rules!) No smoking, no drugs, no alcohol, no bad moods. I went looking around for a place to stay. I felt moved to take a room occupied by a Dutchman, Timothy a scrawny shaven head fellow who looked like he had been in India too long. He had taken one side of the room, with his bags and clothes hanging neatly from a nail, the other half was clearly empty no mat, no blanket, nothing. I set my bag down and went off to Satsang.

Everyone was gathered in the meditation hall waiting for Baba's arrival. There were mostly Indians_ and a few Westerners, women on one side, the men on the other. By now it was getting cold, and I thought of the summer clothes I had brought. Why hadn't I remembered to bring a warm sweater? That was a dreadful mistake. There was a stir and Baba walked in. He exuded charisma from every pore of his Being. About 5'8", thick brown hair, big dark eyes, round and jovial, with a smile so attractive you couldn't help but be seduced. His beauty was ageless, and I sat there admiring him in silence. Then a chant seemed to well up as if from nowhere.

Hari Bol Babaji, Hari, Hari. Drums appeared and cymbals clashing. A devotional fervor filled the room. some devotees jumped up and began to dance spontaneously. I was rocking back and forth to the rhythmic chant. Hari Bol! Hari, Hari! I was swept away by the ecstasy. Devotees began coming up , before his chair during the chanting and prostrating themselves at his feet. Others approached him simply to offer their respects, hands folded bowing reverently. A dwarf was dancing around him . It was a vision from another time. Baba would offer devotees some sort of sweet candy, or give them a friendly slap, which seemed to induce an ecstatic trance, or press his finger between their eyes. They would then fall back to be caught by attendants and gently laid down. Some would shudder uncontrollably or cry out in an ancient language. The room was filled with light, and I felt waves of Bliss welled up in me. I cried out uncontrollably Hari! Hari!. My heart was filled with joy. Babaji was laughing and looking directly at me as if to encourage me to come forward.

At one point I felt moved to approach his chair with a gift I had brought for him. It was a beautiful cream color wool Kashmiri shawl. I bowed down lifting the shawl up to as if for his approval. He playfully put it over his head like a woman's shawl and we both laughed. His laughter made me melt inside; I felt like bliss was resonating throughout my entire body. Still glowing from the intensity of the moment, I somehow returned to my place in the temple, feeling utterly connected to every one in the room. It was as if they were my body. Then as a flash of light before my eyes, I saw him shape shift and he turned into Bubba, Free John he had the same eyes, the same flowing hair, I was in the room with Bubba it was uncanny. 1 had to rub my eyes to make sure it wasn't a hallucination. It didn't last long, and then he was back to himself but I was left wide-eyed, wondering how such a feat could have been possible.

I began to hear the wild ecstatic chanting again I began clapping my hands. Exalted, I was rocking back and forth to the rhythm of the beat, feeling one with the Intensity of the sound. In the midst of all this wildness, the translator came over to me at one point and said, "Baba wants you to go to the kitchen and have a cookie he had made for your arrival for Prasad."

Obediently stepping out of the meditation hall, I found my way to the kitchen and spotted the platter of cookies laying on the table. Not giving these cookies a second thought, I grabbed one and swallowed it quickly. I returned to the hall and took my seat. Baba's eyes were so intense, I found myself gazing into them as if I were mesmerized. But I felt much grounded absolutely present and aware... Minutes later, he insisted that I get another cookie, but this time, I thought, "I can’t seem to get up again," so I candidly said, "No, Baba, to be in your company is Prasad enough!"

Making fun of me, Baba mimicked my reply, probably testing my confidence. I felt a fleeting twinge of tension as I heard Leonard Orr, who was sitting next to me whisper, "You're supposed to do what the guru says!"

But I thought, "No, its okay to say no." At one point, Baba looked over at me and, through the translator, ordered me to stay in the third room on the left of the entrance. (That was the one I had chosen! Was that a coincidence or what?) Later when he saw I was cold, he sent someone to his room to get one of his blankets that he personally used. He was very specific as to which one they were to retrieve for me. Looking at me with incredible intensity, he declared, as if this were the most important thing he would ever have to say to me, "Make sure you return this blanket right here when you leave!" Pointing to a place in the Sat-Sang Hall. Surprised, I thought, "What's the big deal? Of course I'll bring it back here." He repeated himself again to make sure I had heard him. I felt a bit annoyed. But I had the feeling he had something up his sleeve. It seemed like some sort of a set up.

Later, returning to my room, I anticipated having a sleepless night because of the cold temperature and the hard adobe floor. Wrapping myself in Baba's blanket, I sprawled down and made myself as comfortable as possible. Reviewing the events of the evening, a gentle glow started to envelop me, as if I were wrapped in a heating blanket. It was an incredible experience. It makes absolutely no sense and no one would believe it, but that thin blanket kept me warm the whole time I was there, the floor felt like a bed. I slept like a baby.

The next morning as we were waking up, my roommate commented, "You must be the yogi Baba was expecting." "Oh?" He went on to explain, "Baba ordered a special Prasad to be prepared for an ancient yogi who was arriving .It must have been you. You were the only one who has arrived in days. He had the villagers bring in ganja. He never has done that, he does not condone the use of ganja for westerners and won’t allow its use or possession at the ashram”. He said this was a present for a Shiva Baba an old friend. And that hill yogis exchanged such gifts in ancient time.

My new friend Timothy, then helped me with the Ashram protocol. It was four in the morning and we made our way down to the river below the Ashram, to bath and have our toilet. It was freezing cold in the moutain water. We ducked our heads under the water. Three times, Chanting Hari Bol Babaji! It was accelerating. After our bath we climbed back up the 108 steps in pitch dark., waiting for arti the fire . It was part of an ancient ceremony. I thought that the ganja cookie was the premonition I had coming up the river bed on the way to Harikhan." I wasn't even affected by it. I didn't get high or feel a thing!" I said to Timothy who was standing next to me. He laughed. "That's the way it is around Baba. Everything dissolves around him."

I murmured admiringly, "Yes, Babaji!" He went on to tell me of stories about Baba: tales of miraculous healings attributed to him, his ability to appear to devotees in dreams, even rumors that he could produce rainstorms at will and be seen in two places at once.. When he first returned in this lifetime to Harikhan. The villagers said he appeared suddenly as a youth in a bright light, sitting on an adjoining mountain in meditation for forty days; In his previous life one day he walked down the 108 steps into the roaring current of the river during the rainy season, taking what is called gel Samadhi. A conscious death. He wasn’t seen for years.

Until this radiant light was seen on the mountain. The villagers became curious. And went over to investigate. They saw this youth a man in his early twenties sitting in deep meditation. He sat there for forty days. Then he then came down from the mountain and announced that he was Harikhan Baba. The deathless Guru. And that he had returned during this time to lead devotees back to God. Initiation.

Everyone squeezed together on a narrow platform, leaning towards the wall that led to the fire room. I thought it strange that everyone was pressing up so tightly against the wall. It didn't seem necessary. But it was dark, and I couldn't see anything. One by one we were ushered into the fire room, a tiny space with a blazing fire in the center. Baba was sitting in the lotus before the fire, exuding incredible intensity. He was absolutely beautiful to behold; a blue halo surrounded him and with those enormous eyes, I couldn't resist submitting to his all-pervading power. I knelt and bowed before him. He ran his three fingers across my forehead and marked me with the white ash the sign of Shiva then he put a dot on my third eye, chanting "Om Nama Shivaya". I felt the Shakti energy shoot through my body like lightning. A ball of light surrounded my whole being. I felt I was being bathed in the fire of purification.

Then an attendant motioned me to leave and I stumbled out of the room. I could still feel my forehead burning as if singed by his three fingers. I was starting to come out of the trance like state. Slightly disoriented. The sun was just coming up on the horizon. The sky was breathtaking. I felt God’s presence. I then looked around me, and realized why people were pressing up against the wall: the narrow passage to the arti room over looked a ravine that dropped some two hundred feet straight down! One slip of the foot, and it would be all over. With my deep fear of heights, I was grateful I hadn't been able to see the danger or I might have skipped the fire ceremony entirely. what a powerful experience it had been! I felt afterward that I would never be the same.

All that day I had the impression of walking through space just slightly above ground. It was a strange sensation. Everywhere I went, every leaf, every blade of grass seemed to glitter like a shining star. I had the distinct impression that the mountain was conscious.

That afternoon I went for a walk beyond the Ashram, and I was drawn to a little creek which I followed for a mile or so in the Himalayan foothills., until I came to a spring hidden around a bend in the path. The rays of the sun beaming through the leaves of the nearby tree sparkled through the water drops, flashing brilliant glimmers of light in all directions. I felt as though I were intoxicated with the beauty of these surroundings. Cupping my hands, I drank a few sips of the vibrantly crystal clear water. Suddenly I went into a heightened state. I was in a realm of light... I sat down next to the stream. Spontaneous kundalini Kriya moved through my Being.

The next thing I knew, a loud internal gushing sound was washing over me and I realized it was the sound of my breath. Then I became aware I'd been sitting there for hours, although it had only felt like seconds. This was indeed a magical place! As I slowly walked back to the ashram, I could hear a melodious call in the distance, "Hari! Bole! Babaji!" that sent warm shivers through my spine, filling me with delight. Then I had a divine vision. I saw Baba (or was it Shiva?) and his entourage walking down the mountain, an attendant carrying a tasseled processional umbrella to shade him from the sun. There was a man blowing a conch, and the ever-present dwarf skipping along beside him.

The scene was from another time. I no longer had any doubt that this was Babaji. The deathless Guru. Watching the procession from afar, I was in awe of the mystical significance of the moment. Later after dinner Timothy told me Babaji said one of his attendants should tell me to walk up the river bed and to follow the stream to its source. And that I should drink of it. But no one was able to find me. He asked me where I had been all day. I laughed to myself. Indeed Babaji was all knowing We where in complete communion. The four days I spent at Hariakhan went by to quickly. Most of the time we would spend simply sitting in Babaji”s company in silence. Food was served once a day at noon on banana leaves. It was tasty. and although modest by western standards strangely filling. Finally I had to make arrangements for my departure.

After the final darshan with Babaji, laughter and hugs. I grabbed my bag and ran out the door. Dashing down the hundred and eight steps 108 steps to the dried out river bed to catch the horse pack, which came by randomly at no specific time. I didn’t want to miss the caravan or I would have to hike out by foot. Which would take a good days trek. I could see the horses waiting on the hill in the distance, and I thought, "They better wait for me, or else I'll have to stay another day or two until the next time they come by."

As I mounted the horse, I heaved a sigh of relief for making it just in time. Trotting away, I looked back to get one final glimpse of Harikhan. Then it suddenly dawned on me: I had left the magic blanket in the room! Baba was so adamant that I be sure to leave it in the meditation hall! I thought, "Oh, my God, he knew I would forget! Feeling terribly embarrassed, I realized this was yet another sign of Baba's all pervading power. He knew I would leave with the blanket.

The trip back to New Delhi was as smooth as the initial ride had been traumatic. I had time to reflect on everything that had happened and allow the shift to stabilize. Since then, my meditations have deepened. My Kriya practice took me to conscious samadhi. I found my roots in a conscious lineage. It was a deepening of my Kriya practice which occurred from the source. Babaji. On a very deep level, I am connected to these Himalayan yogis and to their great tradition of Kriya Yoga. I know now that I belong to their ancient future. That was the gift I received at Hariakhan's. My Kriya yoga practice had a quantum jump as a result of my being at Hariakhan. I attribute it to my meeting with Babaji.

"The entire universe is your Guru. You learn from everything, if you are alert and intelligent. Were your mind clear and your heart clean, you would learn from every passerby. It is because you are indolent or restless that your inner self manifests as the outer Guru and makes you trust him and obey."

- Sri Nisgardatta Maharaj

... to be continued in Psychedelic Kriya Yoga : Ancient Science of the Siddhas (Part3)

"I am John Krajewski, a visionary artist from back in the 60's having done posters and Album covers. The rolling stone called my cover for "Iron Butterfly Live" mystical and visionary art. My art was a way to convey the ecstasy and experiences with psychedelic Kriya Yoga. My initial discovery of Kriya Yoga occurred under LSD. I have had initiations is this Sovereign Science by Masters through out the east. In India, Indonesia, and Burma. Forms of Kriya Yoga are know in all ancient cultures. I am forever grateful and deeply respectful to all the teachers I have met. In a forthcoming blog I will share some of these encounters. I have practiced steadfastly for over 45 years with and without plant medicine. The real initiation happens as you do the practice. Kriya Yoga is the real inner teacher. It is a love affair with the Divine."

You can reach John at [email protected] or find him on Facebook ...

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TED Talks has been in the spotlight lately for censoring some of their videos. Recently TED Talks decided to pull down Graham Hancock's video titled "The War on Consciousness" wherein Graham is yet again asking the pertinent question, aren't we sovereign over our own consciousness and how we choose to explore it ...?

Here is Graham Hancock's article titled 'War on Consciousness' ...

We are told that the “War on Drugs” is being waged, on our behalf, by our governments and their armed bureaucracies and police forces, to save us from ourselves. “Potential for abuse and harm” are supposed to be the criteria by which the use of drugs is suppressed—the greater a drug’s potential for abuse and harm, the greater and more vigorous the degree of suppression, and the more draconian the penalties applied against its users.

In line with this scheme drugs are typically ranked into a hierarchy: Schedules I, II, and III in the US, Classes A, B, and C in the UK, and so on and so forth all around the world. Thus, to be arrested for possession of a Schedule I or Class A drug results in heavier penalties than possession of a Schedule III or Class C drug. Generally if a drug is deemed to have some currently accepted medical use it is likely to be placed in a lower schedule than if it has none, notwithstanding the fact that it may have potential for abuse or harm. In the absence of any recognized therapeutic effects, drugs that are highly addictive, such as heroin or crack cocaine, or drugs that are profoundly psychotropic, including hallucinogens such as LSD, psilocybin, or DMT, are almost universally placed in the highest schedules and their use attracts the heaviest penalties.

The notable exceptions to this system of ranking according to perceived “harms” are, of course, alcohol and tobacco, both highly addictive and harmful drugs—far more so than cannabis or psilocybin, for example—but yet socially accepted on the grounds of long customary use and thus not placed in any schedule at all.

The Failed War

When we look at the history of the “War on Drugs” over approximately the last 40 years, it must be asked whether the criminalization of the use of any of the prohibited substances has in any way been effective in terms of the stated goals that this “war” was supposedly mounted to achieve. Specifically, has there been a marked reduction in the use of illegal drugs over the past 40 years—as one would expect with billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money having been spent over such a long period on their suppression—and has there been a reduction in the harms that these drugs supposedly cause to the individual and to society?

It is unnecessary here to set down screeds of statistics, facts, and figures readily available from published sources to assert that in terms of its own stated objectives the “War on Drugs” has been an abject failure and a shameful and scandalous waste of public money. Indeed, it is well known, and not disputed, that the very societies that attempt most vigorously to suppress various drugs, and in which users are subject to the most stringent penalties, have seen a vast and continuous increase in the per capita consumption of these drugs. This is tacitly admitted by the vast armed bureaucracies set up to persecute drug users in our societies, which every year demand more and more public money to fund their suppressive activities; if the suppression were working, one would expect their budgets to go down, not up.

Meanwhile the social harms caused by the “War on Drugs” itself are manifest and everywhere evident. In the United States, for example, there have been more than 20 million arrests for the possession of the Schedule I drug marijuana since 1965 and 11 million since 1990. The pace of arrests is increasing year on year, bringing us to the astonishing situation where, today, a marijuana smoker is arrested every 38 seconds.1 The result, as Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, recently observed, is that marijuana arrests outnumber arrests for “all violent crimes combined,” meaning police are spending inordinate amounts of time chasing nonviolent criminals.2 And it goes without saying that those who are arrested for the use of marijuana and other illegal drugs do suffer immense harm as a result of the punishments inflicted on them—including, but not limited to, personal trauma, loss of freedom, loss of reputation, loss of employment prospects, and serious, long-lasting financial damage.

Inventory of Harm

Such matters are only the beginning of the long inventory of harm caused by the “War on Drugs.”

Western industrial societies, and all those cultures around the globe that increasingly seek to emulate them, teach us to venerate above all else the alert, problem-solving state of consciousness that is particularly appropriate to the conduct of science, business, war, and logical inquiry, and to such activities as driving cars, operating machinery, performing surgery, doing accounts, drawing up plans, accumulating wealth, etc., etc., etc. But there are many other states of consciousness that the amazing and mysterious human brain is capable of embracing, and it appears to be a natural human urge, as deep-rooted as our urges for food, sex, and nurturing relationships, to seek out and explore such “altered states of consciousness.” A surprisingly wide range of methods and techniques (from breathing exercises, to meditation, to fasting, to hypnosis, to rhythmic music, to extended periods of vigorous dancing, etc.) is available to help us to achieve this goal, but there is no doubt that the consumption of those plants and substances called “drugs” in our societies is amongst the most effective and efficient means available to mankind to explore these profoundly altered states of consciousness.

The result is that people naturally seek out drugs and the temporary alterations in consciousness that they produce. Not all people in every society will do this, perhaps not even a majority, but certainly a very substantial minority—for example the 2 million Britons who are known to take illegal drugs each month or those 20 million people in the US who have been arrested for marijuana possession since 1965. And these of course are only the tip of the iceberg of the much larger population of American marijuana users, running into many more tens of millions, who have, by luck or care, not yet fallen foul of the law and are thus not reflected in the arrest statistics.

Needless to say, it is of course exactly the same urge to alter consciousness that also impels even larger numbers of people to use legal (and often extremely harmful) drugs such as alcohol and tobacco—which, though they may not alter consciousness as dramatically as, say, LSD, are nevertheless undoubtedly used and sought out for the limited alterations of consciousness that they do produce.

For the hundreds of millions of people around the world whose need to experience altered states is not and cannot be satisfied by drunken oblivion or the stimulant effects of tobacco, it is therefore completely natural to turn to “drugs”—and, since the “War on Drugs” means that there is no legal source of supply of these substances, the inevitable result is that those who wish to use them must resort to illegal sources of supply.

Herein lies great and enduring harm. For it is obvious, and we may all see the effects everywhere, that the criminalization of drug use has empowered and enriched a vast and truly horrible global criminal underworld by guaranteeing that it is the only source of supply of these drugs. We have, in effect, delivered our youth—the sector within our societies that most strongly feels the need to experience altered states of consciousness— into the hands of the very worst mobsters and sleazeballs on the planet. To buy drugs our sons and daughters have no choice but to approach and associate with violent and greedy criminals. And because the proceeds from illegal drug sales are so enormous, we are all caught up in the inevitable consequences of turf wars and murders amongst the gangs and cartels competing in this blackest of black markets.

It should be completely obvious to our governments, after more than 40 years of dismal failure to suppress illegal drug use, that their policies in this area do not work and will never work. It should be completely obvious, a simple logical step, to realize that by decriminalizing drug use, and making the supply of all drugs available to those adults who wish to use them through legal and properly regulated channels, we could, at a stroke, put out of business the vast criminal enterprise that presently flourishes on the supply of illegal drugs.

It ought to be obvious, but somehow it is not.

Get The Full article in PDF or find it here ...

Here is the recording a of radio show interview where Graham discusses his banned TED Talk ...

Evolver Intensives is also starting with an online webinar with Graham Hancock titled "The War on Consciousness".

In this exclusive Evolver webinar, Graham Hancock will expand upon the themes he introduced in his provocative TEDx talk, and explore the ramifications they have for your life:
  • Should sovereignty over your own consciousness be as fundamental a right as free speech?
  • How might visionary plants have effected human evolution, and what potential do they have for us today?
  • Why does our society approve of some states of consciousness, but actively suppress others that might offer solutions to the ecological and spiritual crises of our time?
  • How can you explore the potential offered through visionary plants like Ayahuasca safely and responsibly?
Graham Hancock is one of the sharpest minds of the new consciousness movement. The author of numerous books, including the bestselling Fingerprints of the Gods, Supernatural, and the visionary novel Entangled, he never fails to ask the right question and investigate assumptions too often taken for granted.

We are at the threshold of a major societal shift. Why is the expansion of consciousness so critical to the future of humanity -- and why are so many people threatened by this possibility? How can you overcome this fear in your own life, and among those you know?

In this live, interactive video session, Graham will discuss the censorship controversy and why he feels these issues are so important and worth defending. And he will explore how you can take part in the consciousness transformation that is already in motion.

This single-session webinar takes place on Saturday, April 14. The format is a 60 minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. You will be part of the discussion, able to ask your questions on camera, just like a Skype call.

Join us for this exciting exploration into the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

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