We The Sheeple : The Dumbing Down Of Society

Our World Today, is undergoing rapid changes as we see the old ways of fear and separation withering away ... as the truth begins to unfold at an individual and collective level.

We the 'Sheeple' of the world accept everything that's being fed into the human psyche from various sources at different times in our lives. From the inception of the idea of 'self', (i.e. Me, as a separate entity) to all that we gather as knowledge in our schools and other educational institutes, we are constantly being bombarded with the same ideas and beliefs which seek to limit us, propagated as truth in our collectively co-created reality, our world, our society !

Here is another brilliant video set to the Pink Floyd classic, "Sheep". The video is titled "The Sad Truth To Why Most People Won't Wake Up" describing all the many ways in which there has been a deliberate "Dumbing Down Of Society" !

We are always encountering opportunities to transcend the fear based illusions that present themselves in our life experiences ... so we can learn those necessary lessons and move on ... as we continue to co-create a new reality, manifesting the peace and love by simply becoming that ...

" In Lak'ech Ala Kin " ... Namaste _/\_ ... :)

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