We are living in a time of extraordinary changes and transformations that are taking place around us and with the culmination of a 26,625 year cycle in 2012 a new age of peace and love shall dawn on Planet Earth ! As our Sun moves through the Galactic Centre we would be in close proximity of a black hole, which the Mayans referred to as the womb of creation. The Sacred Tree. Earth will experience an extremely powerful magnetic re-alignment of the poles and other geographical changes as the crust moves around it's molten core to dawn a new beginning. A global shift in consciousness and the power of awareness among the masses shall bring forth the massive positive change we all collectively want to see in our world. We are about to realize the potential of the human mind and the power of our very thoughts that is responsible for all that is and all that will ever be. The door to infinite possibilities shall be thrown wide open for all who seek to walk through the darkness and into the light with an unshakable belief in the emergence of the divine human consciousness. Holy men, Preachers, Shamans, Mediums, Saints, Sages and all the wise souls who believe in the power of love shall light the way for others to awaken from the illusion of a finite existence. The immortal ethereal entities in the Himalayas are testimony to the fact that anything is possible and this thing called aging might just be a mental illness affecting the physical embodiment.

The mind holds the power to shape our reality and the powers of psychokinesis (also known as telekinesis) are as real as the sun and the moon. To be able to affect matter in the physical universe with your thoughts has been a long kept secret from the masses which threatens to shake the foundations of this socio-political empire most of us reading this are a part of. The few who may not be so much a part of the GPS (green paper system) are the ones who remain connected with the elements of nature and who nourish their mind, body, spirit with the riches of mother nature and positive thinking which is always followed by positive living, almost magically. Now the door you'd walked through in the earlier part of this random ramble has mysteriously transformed into a far open galaxy with a billion stars and planetary systems with pulsating life reverberating through space. Now it's upto you where you choose to go and what you choose to do.

Just keep one thing in mind a ny thin g i s po ss ib le !

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The Genie is always listening .. . ... .... . . . .. :D

Start with yourself, be your own messiah !

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