In the 1960’s, while mankind was rapidly breaking the shackles of his home planet and venturing out into the nearby Cosmos, the idea naturally evolved that maybe our planet had been visited by extra-terrestrials in the distant past. When Erich Von Daniken released his famous book, Chariots of the Gods, in 1968, the hypothesis arose that maybe God was the primitive misinterpretation of extra-terrestrials visiting Earth, whose high technology was perceived as miracle, and may have formed the basis for many of the ancient religions around the world.

To its credit, this hypothesis can explain all of the events in the Bible and in other ancient religious documents all throughout the world. If it is assumed that it is possible for space aliens to travel a number of light years to Earth in the first place, then a number of the stories in the Bible can be explained in terms of extra-terrestrial intervention. We are told in the Bible that the three wise men followed a moving star, which led them to the location of Jesus. It has been postulated that maybe this star was really Halley’s Comet, as calculations suggest that the comet was in the sky at the time; however, a comet would be pointless and difficult to follow. Alternatively, believers of the “ancient astronaut” theory have suggested that the star could have been a UFO, which the wise men were compelled to follow via telepathic communication with the aliens (which is commonly reported in alien contact reports).

The birth of Jesus might be elucidated by the speculation that aliens visited Mary in her sleep (which she perceived as a dream in which she was visited by angels). The aliens could have artificially inseminated her with genetically engineered, or possibly even alien sperm; and this could explain the superhuman abilities which Jesus was reported to have had, and also the fact that Mary gave birth while she was still a virgin. So, perhaps Jesus was one of the first alien-human hybrids.

This idea has spawned a number of alien cults, the most popular being the Raelian Movement (which has over 35,000 members in 85 countries). According to this cult, scientists from another planet used Earth as a giant biological laboratory, on which they created all life using DNA, and created man in their own image. In December 1973, a French journalist (Rael) was supposedly contacted by a visitor from this other planet, and was dictated a message (basically consisting of a re-translation of the Bible in terms of extra-terrestrial intervention). He has now published this message as a series of books, which you can order over the Internet from the Raelian Revolution Virtual Shop. Rael was also asked to prepare an embassy for the aliens where they could officially land among us, bringing with them all the prophets as predicted by every religion.

There is enough evidence in the Vedas to support the UFO / Alien presence in ancient India. We were highly advanced even then and the weapons used in war were extremely sophisticated such as an arrow which picks it's target by sound. Flying Vehicles of the Gods which could travel faster than anything we can imagine and could also appear and disappear at will. We are under surveillance and constant vigil from the others who under most probability are on Earth and have been amongst us for a while now. An Alien Base on the dark side of the Moon where the famed Mother Ship sits still could easily be one of the most startling facts being kept from us in fear of an apocalypse on this power hungry planet Earth.

The Vedas not only describe the different home planets of the extraterrestrial visitors, which are sometimes situated in different dimensions and time frames, but also they describe aerial vehicles, in Sanskrit called Vimanas. These vehicles could be gross physical machines or they could be made out of subtle energy, or even transcendental, spiritual energy. It is described that humans of this earth did not manufacture such machines, although they did sometimes acquire them from technically advanced extraterrestrial beings. These beings have been in contact with our planet for millions of years and they know much more of our history than we do.

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Beyond the stars in the far reaches of infinite space lie multiple universes similar to ours yet unique in their own special extra-terrestrial way ! Planetary systems and star clusters with varied Spiritual Entities just like us are somewhere out there hundreds of light years away. Pleiades is one of these star systems said to be around 500 light years away in the constellation of Taurus, The Bull ! The entire Pleiades cluster is the eye of the bull. The seven stars in the Pleiades star cluster are Taygeta, Maya, Coela, Atlas, Merope, Electra and Alcoyne. The Pleiadians live in the 5th dimension, which is one of love and creativity. Around Taygeta is a planet almost as big as Earth ( 10 % smaller ) called 'Erra'. The Lyrans left their home constellation because of the many wars in their world and consequently found home on Erra with the Pleiadians. This is where they started a new civilization in 228,000 B.C.

Traveling though wormholes on one of their scouting missions through space, the Pleiadians discovered what they called Planet Terra ! Better known as Earth by most of us. Dated as late as 225, 000 B.C. They stayed back and co-habited Earth with the other 3 already present civilizations, hence entering the cycle of incarnation which might just be a very earthly phenomena until you are assigned a new planet, to be born among a strange new alien civilization. Pleiadians claim our earth to be 626 billion years old as per our measure of time. They have a record of the history of Earth's human evolution until this present day.

The places designated for the Pleiadians to incarnate were Bali, Samoa, Hawaii and India. Civilizations came and lived on Earth with many wars, peaceful cycles and natural disasters between 196, 000 B.C. and 10 A.D. The Pleiadians stayed with humans on Earth until 10 A.D. guiding humans toward a more spiritual path. In about 10 A.D., the last Pleiadian leader called Plejas left Earth for good for it was time humans evolved on their own. Before leaving Earth, the Pleiadians left a spiritual leader called Jmmanuel, who later was known as Jesus. Jmmanuel was a very evolved soul, whose father was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and Mary who was of Lyran descent. The Pleiadians communicate telepathically hence there are no telephones in Pleiades and language nuances are unheard of. Certain highly intelligent and evolved entities, working in tandem with the divine human consciousness bringing us closer to the dawn of a Golden Era. The Winter Solstice of all time isn't very far, keep the warm clothing handy and gear up for the ultimate adventure through space into a new dimension, a brand new realm of existence you could've only visualized with the mind's eye !!!

“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.” The Pleiadians  Related Links:

Terence McKenna said, that the search for higher intelligence is an inner journey– the connection to something greater is immediate and always at hand. I think reason can take us only a certain distance, and then we have to go with the divine imagination. There have been many episodes in the history of science where great hope gave way to paranoia. The [UFO] hysteria has become more explicit and has wandered in first one direction and then another, but if this is a contact it’s the most peculiarly un-contact-like contact it’s possible to imagine. And this is something I’m going to try and convince the UFO community of, what we drug people have that you don’t is repeatability. The Stropharia cubensis mushroom is a memory bank of galactic history.

Alien, but full of promise, it throws open a potential for understanding that will sweep away the petty concerns of earth and history-bound humanity. Reason, but a willingness to explore the edges has been [my] method. … I have never seen a violation of physics that was not connected somehow with a psychedelic experience. Not all psychedelics are alike. And this very small family of compounds, called the tryptomine hallucinogens, bear careful examination if we’re seriously interested in this question of extraterrestial penetration of the human world. Everybody knows this who has to do with this stuff [psilocybin], Gordon Wasson, Richard Shulties, Albert Hofmann, the giants know that this stuff is animate. This is not a drug. It’s something that’s disguising itself as a drug in order not to spread alarm. I think that the alien will be so alien that your jaw will hang in the air. And expecting to meet an anthropoid-like alien with an interest in your reproductive machinery and gross industrial capacity is as culture-bound a concept as searching NGC-321 for a good Italian restaurant. It’s absurd on the face of it. All of human history is the signifier of the presence of the alien. Human history is what happens to an advance animal species when it is inner-penetrated on a scale of a million years by a mind in another dimension. The flying saucer, the alien, the other is what is sculpting us out of animal organization as we move toward it in time. This is what shamanism is all about. This is what the psychedelic people are discovering as they descend into these trances. A shaman, and a psychedelic person, and a UFO contactee, is someone who has seen the end. They simply didn’t know what they were looking at, because who knows what the end looks like.

Terence McKenna on 2012, UFOs And Shamanism

Psychedelic drugs are as important to the study of UFOs as the telescope was to the re-defining of astronomy. I think that the ‘real other’ need not be guarded by the frail efforts of a cults apologists. Now you may have thought telepathy was you hearing somebody else think. Apparently, that’s not what telepathy is. Telepathy is you seeing what somebody else means. It’s the visual acquisition of meaning rather than the audio acquisition of meaning. I think that we are on a collision course with a planet-transforming event, and that we have been for a very, very long time. I also believe that it lies below the horizon of rational apprehension at this point in time. That’s where the frontier of this hyper-technical fantasy is headed, toward a revivification of knowledge systems that were ancient when the pyramids were not yet even a gleam in the eye. I think we’re on the brink of a tremendous evolutionary adventure, and that it will involve physically re-designing ourselves.

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