Aliens in India

India has had a history of ET contact often interpreted as something to do with the God's in the Hindu religion. Many wars have been waged in our past which involved the use of highly sophisticated weapon systems unknown to us today. The use of flying vehicles and extraordinary beings in the history of India are all recorded in the Vedas and various other ancient scriptures. Our Gods descended from the Heavens and were living amongst us is a metaphor for god like entities incarnating on our planet from different star systems.

Our race is just one of the infinite races of sentient beings in the Cosmos. The illusion of the material world and the isolation from our Gaian roots has driven humanity to a point of shocking revelation. While most of us sleep unaware of the infinite potential that lies inside of us, there is something out there telling us about the big change coming our way sometime soon ... and the unification of all is what we are heading for ... a time for convergence ... a time when all duality dissolves as oneness ! The recent upsurge in ET / UFO activity around the world is intentional to bring to our notice the sign of the times. It is to show the world that anything is possible ! The real gift is of Freedom and all the creative energy is nourished with Love ! Somehow our consciousness which has for long believed to be separate from everything else around is fundamental to reality and what we perceive !

At the culmination of a natural 26,000 year old cycle, mankind is on it's way to ascension to a higher reality, a higher dimension or possibly as a multi-dimensional form of indestructible energy. Again, anything is possible and you just need to open your mind to the magic of possibility and how your consciousness affects it ! Our separation is to dissolve as oneness and these small steps towards God realization will make you realize that God is Everything and Everything is God ! The ET / UFO phenomena might well be the projection of our own psyche and is deeply rooted in this unseen web of energy connecting everything in the cosmos. Once we begin to see everything as energy, we gradually dissolve all the illusory duality and multiplicity evident all around us. All of the synchromystical events involving political chaos, war, environmental meltdown, natural disasters, ET, Crop Circles, UFO, genetic mutation, radical shift in consciousness, the Indigo children, DNA modification and the year 2012 are all connected !

The Indian Government is supposedly going to come out with the truth about ET and UFOs but i don't think the ET are waiting for the parliament to pass the bill anyhow ! The truth is unfolding by itself however it's not something you will see on your telly or read about it in the local newspaper as of today the 22nd of August 2008. It is there and finds it's way through various portals of incoming information to the inquiring intellect. There is always " Google Search " if you want to know more ... There was an incident at a US Air Force Base in 1967 when 20 Nuclear Missiles were rendered incapable to use by a UFO, all in a matter of seconds. The Columbia crash has a mysterious UFO angle to it as well ... not so much an ET war as suggested by some but a measure to keep us grounded to Planet Earth ... why ... ?

Here is an Indian News Channel news report about a UFO sighting in Karnal, Haryana on the 8th of July, 2008. It was on air for a few hours before being taken off and not spoken of ever again like it never took place.

Fascinating video footage of multiple UFOs in South India, near Coimbatore ... some news of ET activity in the Indian Ocean region too ...
It would be nice if India acknowledges the source of all the advanced technology used in modern times. India has built an anti-gravity propulsion vehicle which functions by manipulating the electromagnetic flux around the vehicle. The advanced landing base in the Ladakh region is sealed off by the Indian Army and the Chinese forces so as to not allow civilians to enter the forbidden territory lest they find out what lies beneath ... It is a time for awakening when we shed the old paradigms of separation and make way for "Oneness" for it's the love that binds us !
((( We are One )))
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