Who is making these Crop Circles ?

Crop circles are complex and beautiful geometric patterns found in a wide variety of crops and other vegetation and in any other ground cover that can take an impression such as earth, sand, ice, snow etc. In crops the stalks are gently bent horizontally, often with multi-level layering. The plants are not broken and continue to grow until harvested by the farmer. There is no damage in or around newly formed crop circles. Over the years thousands of plant and soil samples have been analyzed in laboratories. The results show that the plants in the formations are affected at cellular level and the chemistry of the soil is dramatically altered.

There are old woodcuts that record the observations of crop circles hundreds of years ago. In the past strange markings on the ground were called by other names, such as fairy rings or devil mower in accordance with the mentality of the time. Although we understand them differently now, the old descriptions match what we observe in our fields at present. Crop circles were occasionally reported during the early part of the twentieth century but they became much more prevalent in the early 1980's with a sudden escalation in size and complexity in 1990. Many formations since then have been 250-400ft in diameter and more.

One of the largest, at Milk Hill in 2001, was 780ft in diameter and contained 409 circles. It is a worldwide event with several thousands documented so far. The prime area has always been the downlands of Wiltshire and Hampshire in England where the majority of formations are found. One aspect that unite all crop circles across the world is that they occur in the vicinity of the sites our ancestors considered sacred and where they built their temples, stone circles, tumuli, dolmens, longbarrows and other landmarks. Crop circles revisit the same fields every year. Although these locations are known and watched during the summer months, no one has seen a crop circle in the process of forming. They come in all weather, day or night, unheard and unseen.

The Crop Circles are very common in the South England however are not restricted to the UK. A beautiful giant size glyph appeared in South Korea this year ... See it and decide for yourself if the interpretation coincides with logic.

A new crop picture which appeared in South Korea on June 12, 2008 seems to be a close conceptual copy of the "four month lunar calendar", the Om Crop Circle which appeared at East Field near Avebury on 07/07/07 !

Our Moon was "full" on June 19, 2008 then again on July 18, 2008. Several parts of those two lunar cycles actually overlap from June 25 to 27 (upper left) before a New Moon on July 3, then again from July 10 to 12 after a new Moon on July 3 (lower right).

The two figure-8 shapes which have been drawn there are known astronomically as "analemmas" (see "http://www.analemma.com/" or "http://www.pikespeakphoto.com/analemma.html" or "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analemma". Each figure-8 shape represents the location in our sky of some nearby astronomical object (say Sun or Moon), when viewed at the same time each day over the course of an entire year.

That is also why a broad outer circle which represents Earth's annual orbit about the Sun was drawn there in order to emphasize "one full solar year" of four seasons (light for six months of summer, then dark for six months of winter).

The analemma shape of our Sun is relatively easy to photograph :

By contrast, the analemma shape of our Moon is relatively hard to photograph because any new Moon (upper left) appears faint versus a full Moon (lower right).

That is also how we know that those mysterious crop artists were telling us about the "Moon" on June 12 in South Korea, and not about the "Sun", because the round white balls as shown there vary greatly in size from small to large, in direct proportion to the Moon's intensity throughout any 29.5-day phase cycle.

The question who is making these fantastic crop circles overnight across huge distances still remains a mystery however there are some answers we have about the Circle Makers ...

Must check out this documentary on crop circles ...

Crop Circles : Quest For Truth

Crop Circles are made by some form of higher consciousness, possibly non physical entities from higher dimensions often seen as 'Orbs' or 'Balls of Light' ... ! Our own light bodies, Mer-Ka-Ba's are balls of light free to traverse through the infinity of space and time. Could be us from the future ... the time traveling Homo Luminous, you from the future ... The use of wormhole technology in the creation of these temporary temples in the fields is one of the key findings from research of the phenomena, hence indicating an Extraterrestrial connection which is quite evident from the famous 'Crabwood Alien Crop Circle' and 'The Arecibo Chilbolton Crop Glyph' which have clear Extraterrestrial leanings in the messages encoded. The creators of these magnificent crop circles have a deep understanding of cosmology and sacred geometry, hence triggering archetypes within to awaken cosmic consciousness ... as we approach the time of a great global awakening ... !

Transcend All Fear ... Let the Love Shine Through !

We are all children of the light !

Time for Inner Transformation ... We are the alchemists of consciousness !

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Anonymous said...

why crop circles hundreds of years ago? how could anyone see them?

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

Namaste :) ... The Shining Ones from other dimensions have been around for a long long time ... and still ... :)

Why have they been appearing for so long ... for probably the same reason they are appearing now ... to awaken us to spirit ... to shine our inner light of wisdom on the dark quarters of ignorance ... and know for ourselves all is truly ONE and connected in an infinite field of consciousness we now realize as God !

Here is an excerpt from Colin Andrew's book titled 'Crop Circles : Signs Of Contact' ...

My name is Colin Andrews, and I have been in a unique position since 1983, a position, my friends, that I did not ask for. I was an electrical engineer and a local government officer in England and, one day, as I was simply driving between my offices, a chance glance out of my car window pulled me into this phenomena. As soon as I saw my first Crop Circles, something threw a switch. I was not aware at the time that I walked into that field that, within hours, I was to become one of the only three people in the world researching these phenomena. Within days of that July afternoon in 1983, I joined forced with Dr. Terence Meaden, who was, and still is, the head of the Tornado and Storm Research Organization in Great Britain.

I also teamed up with Pat Delgado, who had just retired from his job at NASA tracking the Mariner Project at the Woomera Tracking Ranges in Australia and Busty Taylor, a driving inspector and light aircraft pilot who lived in my home town. I became known in the area very quickly by tapping on lots of doors: farmer's doors, military doors, police doors - Just about everybody I could get to - asking them what they knew about these things, how long had they been there, and anything else they could tell me. The first thing the farmers told me was that these five circles were not the only ones they had ever had. Almost every farmer whose door I knocked on in that area of southern england told me that their forefathers had these things on their land, and they had all heard them spoken of when they were children. This was concrete evidence that crop circles had been around for at least 30 years.

Alien Sign : Crop Circle Documentary

... In Lak'ech Ala K'in ...

Anonymous said...

"Over the years thousands of plant and soil samples have been analyzed in laboratories."
Any chance of posting any of these? What laboratories? Where are the results?
"Almost every farmer whose door I knocked on in that area of southern england told me that their forefathers had these things on their land, and they had all heard them spoken of when they were children. This was concrete evidence that crop circles had been around for at least 30 years". Hearsay is NOT concrete evidence!
I am a skeptic who wants to believe. Where's those lab results?

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

BLT Research - Crop Circle Science

Some recommended Crop Circle Documentaries ...

Crop Circles : Crossovers From Another Dimension

Crop Circles : Quest For Truth

Star Dreams : A Crop Circle Documentary

Contact : Crop Circles, Orbs ... Balls Of Light Movie !

... In Lak'ech ... :)

cryptix420 said...


i hope humanity wakes up & stops killing each other

Unknown said...

A skeptic who wants to believe. I understand that well. It took me quite a while to realise that belief is overrated. An open mind and a suspension of disbelief AND belief is better. It's not an easy place to arrive at because there are emotions and desires involved. If it helps you I have a list of books which helped me radically transform my worldview.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... humans have been around for a long time, innit ?


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