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Vision Productions was established in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan By Tania (Tanis) Miller and Shimon Biton. The company goal is to promote electronic music created by computers and digital instruments, like synthesizers, V-drums and electronic keyboards.

In addition to producing a yearly festival, called "Vision Quest: The Gathering", Vision Productions also produces monthly events in Tokyo and Osaka promoting new artists like Ami, Mitsumoto and Alternative Control. The company also produces from time to time events overseas in Mexico, Israel, Thailand and India. The goal of the company is to strive towards getting the electronic music into mainstream.

In order to promote young artists the company also started to produce CDs and DVDs under the label Vision Quest Records. The company sold more than 50,000. copies in Japan alone during the last fiscal year. Another 20,000 copies were sold overseas.

The company works with File records (Sony Music), HMV, Tower Records, Virgin Music, Cisco, Quintrix, Acoustic (Sound Company) Egg House (Lights) M.M.Delight (VJ’s) Inter FM (Radio) Space Shower TV (Television) and advertises regularly in trade magazines like Floor, Loud and Club Juice.

What does Vision Quest refer to ...

In many Inuit and other Native American groups, the vision quest is a turning point in life taken before puberty to find oneself and the intended spiritual and life direction. When an older child is ready, he or she will go on a personal, spiritual quest alone in the wilderness. This usually lasts for a number of days while the child is tuned into the spirit world. Usually, a Guardian animal will come in a vision or dream, and the child's life direction will appear at some point. Once the child has grown into his- or her- self, s/he will return to the tribe and pursue that direction in life. After a vision quest, the child may apprentice an adult in the tribe of the shown direction (Medicine Man, boatmaker, etc).

The vision quest may be a part of shamanism, more exactly, the learning and initiation process of the apprentice for achieving the ability for shamanizing, mostly under the guidance of an older shaman.

The vision quest may be said to make the initiated establish contact with a spirit or force. Psychologically, it may have effected hallucinations.

The technique may be similar to sensory deprivation methods. It may include long walking on uninhabited, monotonous areas (tundra, inland, mountain); fasting; sleep deprivation; being closed in a small room (e.g. igloo).

Vision Quest Gathering 2002

Vision Quest Gathering 2005

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