Steve Bhaerman is an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For the past 18 years, he has written and performed as Swami Beyondananda, the “Cosmic Comic.” Swami’s comedy has been called “irreverently uplifting” and has been described both as “comedy disguised as wisdom” and “wisdom disguised as comedy.”

As the Swami, Steve is the author of four books, Driving Your Own Karma, When You See a Sacred Cow.. Milk It For All It’s Worth, Duck Soup for the Soul, and his latest Swami for Precedent: A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction. Swami’s nationally syndicated spoof advice column, Ask the Swami -- along with his comedy performances -- have found a wide and appreciative audience.

In his “past life” (before Swami), Steve started an alternative high school in Washington, D.C. and co-authored a book about his experiences, No Particular Place to Go: Making of a Free High School. A political science major, he later taught history to autoworkers at Wayne State University in Detroit as part of the Weekend College.

In 1980, Steve co-founded Pathways Magazine in Ann Arbor, Michigan, one of the first publications bringing together holistic health, personal growth, spirituality, and politics. The Swami was a regular comedy feature in Pathways, and helped launch Steve’s career as the cosmic comic. Having spent his deformative years in Brooklyn, Steve earned a black belt in Borscht Belt, and has won numerous Irony-man competitions. He currently resides in Santa Rosa, California with his wife Trudy.

Beyondananda News ...

Swami’s 2009 State of the yoUNIVERSE !

The Shift Has Hit the Fan:
Welcome to the Sane Asylum

By Swami Beyondananda

The shift has hit the fan !

Humanity has shifted its karma into surpassing gear, and political climate change has come to America. Thanks to a grassroots up-wising, we the people huffed and puffed together in the same direction and the winds of change blew in a breath of fresh air. And we can all breathe easier.

The vote in November was more than a vote for a new President. It was a vote for a new precedent – to overgrow the “lowest common dominator” paradigm and take a step towards government of the people, by the people, for the people where the government does our bidding, not the bidding of the highest bidder -- and where the Golden Rule can finally overrule the rule of gold. In the short term, the up-wising has been successful, and the American Evolution has begun. The first big shots have been fired, and we are on the road to recovering from an eight-year bout with Mad Cowboy Disease and Electile Dysfunction.

But now, if we want to heal the body politic of conditions like Deficit Inattention Disorder, Truth Decay and the deadliest one of all, an unchecked Military Industrial Complex, we must elect ourselves. Spiritually, it’s time to quiet our barking dogmas and evolve past the Ten Commandments to an even greater realization – the One Suggestion: “We are all in it together.” Once a critical mass of us chooses to live by this credo, we can avoid the critical massacre called Armageddon, create Disarmageddon instead, and achieve fulfillment as a species -- Humanifest Destiny.

The End of the Age of Nefarious ?

Every journey into the light is preceded by a dark passage, and our entry into the Age of Aquarius is no different. As predicted in the celebrated quatrain (“When the goon moves into Lincoln’s house, and stupider aligns with Mars, then greed will guide the planet and fear obscure the stars ...”), the Age of Nefarious delayed the start of the new millennium. But now the quatrain is heading down a new track, and soular power is shining a light on the endarkened corridors of soulless power.

Just as the eight-year journey that took us from Whitewater to Blackwater was coming to an end, some overzealous Bush-bashers hurled footwear to give the departing regime one final boot. That was understandable, but unnecessary. Better we should keep our shoes on, and use them to stand together at a time when healing wounds is more important than wounding heels. Besides, without Bush there could have been no Obama. His alarming actions awakened more people than Buddha, and a body politic in a fear-induced coma miraculously regained consciousness.

And now there is a new President: Barack Hussein Obama. After eight years of insanity, we can proclaim to the world, “America has a President Hussein!”

So now, we must face another awesome truth: We are living in a world gone sane.

Welcome to the sane asylum.

Trickle Down Goes Belly Up

It’s a good thing our political fates are on the upswing, as our economy has taken a sharp downturn. The house of credit cards economy based on trickle down has gone belly up, and we must face another, sadder truth. Individually and collectively, we’ve been suffering from Deficit Inattention Disorder, and since we were unable to do the math, we must now do the aftermath. It’s a buy-o-logical fact. You cannot spend more than you have. Nature knows this. We can use no more energy than what we have in reserve. We cannot charge energy on our Ascended Master Card and repay it next lifetime.

So yes, the casino economy coming down, but there is an upside to the meltdown. There is a great opportunity in the crisis. Consider this. When the dollar hits zero, we can pay off our entire $10 trillion national debt and hardly feel it!

Meanwhile, over the past eight years we have seen the fall of reptilian entities like Enronosaurus Wrecks, and most recently a character named Madoff made off with billions. Our entire economic system has been revealed as an extraordinary ponzi scheme where ordinary people are left holding the empty bag.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. It’s the same old needy-greedy where our collective fear of not having enough -- “scare city” -- has empowered those privatizing privateers who are plundering our planet with their mining operations: that’s mine, that’s mine, that’s mine. This mining has overmined the planet and undermined humanity. Thus, the emergency we face right now.

So, what do we do? I am glad I asked that question. We must go beyond the fear-based state of emergency, to a state of emergent seeing. That is where we emerge and see the genuine wealth that is all around us: the virtually infinite energy from Father Sun, the prolific nourishment Mother Earth brings us every season, the love we generate from our hearts, and the inventiveness of our minds. With this realization, we have a one way ticket out of scare city ... and we enter a state of a-bun-dance. That is where we get up off our assets, move our buns, face the music and dance together. In using our resources to create good goods and greater goodness, we can weave a web of mass construction that will make us all interdependently wealthy.

Heartland Security and Purple People Power

So ... how do we do this? How do we go from our habitual “every cell for itself” consciousness that has caused our current “mining disaster”, to acting on the evolutionary truth that we are in reality “all cells in the body of humanity?” How do we shift from survival of the fittest to thrival of the fittingest?

First we must move from the fear-based Homeland Security to the love-based Heartland Security, and realize our one true security is in the land of the heart. While the beliefs in our head fool us all the time, the love in our heart is foolproof. When we face up to love, we can face down the fear.

What this means in practical reality is that we must step across the “red-blue” political divide that has kept us separate, and show our true colors as one purple people. Yes, we have all been wounded by polarizing politics, so let’s give ourselves a purple heart, and take the next courageous step to cohere around our shared “heart core” values and become ... we, the purple.

I have a dream ... that the rednecks shall lie down with the blue necks, and we tune out the polarizing mainstream media, which is sadly a brainwashing machine stuck on spin. More than ever, we need forums not againstums, dialogue instead of debate. When the body politic stops mass-debating and chooses to have healthy, pleasurable intercourse, we will finally create a healthy brainchild together.

This February, we celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s bicentennial, and our friend Richard Lederer (the anagram master known as Riddler Reacher), tells us that when we scramble the letters in “Barack Hussein Obama,” we get “Abraham is back: One U.S.”

You don’t have to be a Barack-backer to see that instead of relying on leaders from above, the next evolutionary step is for us to become the leaders we have been waiting for. I am Lincoln. You are Lincoln. We are Lincoln. And by linkin’ together, we free ourselves from slavery to the divisive beliefs in our minds, and form a more perfect union in the land of the heart.

Sure, these ideas may seem far-fetched, but we are nearer to fetching them than ever before. Remember, we are now living in a world gone sane. Change is ahead, change is afoot, and everything is changing from head to foot. Like it or not, we are destined to have heaven on earth. Might as well get used to it.

Keys to Transformation

WINNER AWARENESS. Just remember that each of us has been given a special gift -- of Life -- just for entering. So, you are already a winner!

HOOT DEVELOPMENT. Become a FUNdamentalist -- make sure the Fun always comes before the mental!

Realize that life is a situation comedy that will never be cancelled. A laugh track has been provided, and the reason why we are put here in the material world is to get more material.

Any material in life that we laugh at can be used to fuel our karma. When we add a spark of joy to any painful material in life, this causes an explosion of mirth – and this bubbling of laughter causes esteem to rise. So turning material into esteem is what empowers our karma.

Laughter is a transformational tool that used wisely can bring not just physical healing, but emotional release, mental flexibility, spiritual perspective and a return of the innocent playfulness that so many of us abandoned when we were tricked into believing that life is serious.

Laughter produces endorphins, our body’s natural painkiller. Laughter improves immune function. Hearty laughter is literally good for the heart, because when we laugh it causes our blood vessels to dilate. And that is certainly better than having them die early!

Don’t Worry — You’re Already Funny. Instead of trying to be funny, learn to see funny. Especially learn to see what’s funny about you. Imagine God watching the Comedy Channel, and you are what’s on.

Follow Swami Beyondananda’s sage advice and become a Divinely creative plaything. Bring the childlike quality of play back into your life. Run up the down escalator. Dress for Halloween -- any day the mood hits you. Plant the seeds of harmless fun — wherever you go.

Have a good laughsitive twice a day, and that will insure regularhilarity.

Source : Swami Beyondananda ~ Wake Up Laughing !

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The universe communicates with human consciousness in subtle, synchromystical ways we are now beginning to understand and tune into through awareness of our conscious participation in life's experiences ... The One of a kind, brilliantly amazing Human Butterfly ('Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man') Crop Circle which appeared in Netherlands recently is one of the most prominent messages to humanity from our transdimensional friends about the evolution of human consciousness, underway here, now ! The Crop Circles and the Circle Makers have always known to communicate with all tuned in through some amazing synchronistic ways coming through these synchromystical messages altering our thought perceptions and helping us allow the light within to shine ...

Spontaneous Evolution : Our Positive Future & How To Get There From Here is a book by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman (Swami Beyondananda) released in October 2008 as an audio book, was also recently released by the press around the same time the Amazing Human Butterfly Crop Circle appeared in Netherlands.

“Spontaneous Evolution introduces the notion that a miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our new responsibility to collectively tend the Garden rather than fight over the turf. When a critical mass of people truly own this belief in their hearts and minds and actually begin living from this truth, our world will emerge from the darkness in what will amount to a spontaneous evolution.”

In Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And A Way To Get There From Here), pioneering biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. and political philosopher Steve Bhaerman team up to offer an insightful, playful, and hopeful look at the unfolding destiny of our species—and how you can play an active role in birthing the evolution of civilization.

If looking at today’s headlines makes you wonder about the fate of our planet, here is some news that may surprise you: from an evolutionary standpoint, we are exactly where we need to be. According to eminent biologist Bruce H. Lipton and political and cultural commentator Steve Bhaerman, we are surrounded by the proof that we are poised to take an incredible step forward in the growth of our species. On Spontaneous Evolution, you are invited to participate in an eye-opening examination of science and history—one that leads to a profound vision of the next “holistic” stage of human civilization. Join these two pioneers as they explore:

• the three perennial questions any belief system needs to address, and why the answers have changed throughout history

• the four “Myth-Perceptions of the Apocalypse (which means to reveal)”: the unexamined pillars that support modern thought, and why each one of them is ready to crumble

• Why the blueprint for a brighter future is literally inside you—encoded into each of your trillions of cells

• What you can do to help usher in the greatest cultural shift since the Copernican revolution

Many of the ideas and institutions that define our culture today are breaking down and that’s a good thing, say Lipton and Bhaerman. this is a necessary part of the natural process of clearing out what no longer serves us to make room for a new way of being that will carry us into the next age. Spontaneous Evolution is an insightful, playful, and ultimately hopeful look at the unfolding destiny of our species and how you can play an active role as a co-creator of the world to come.

Join the evolution! Each of us is a powerful force in creating civilization’s positive future.

Spontaneous Evolution (Book)

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For millennia, cultures around the world opened minds and expanded visions with "plant teachers" what we commonly know now as psychedelics. Can we use psychedelics to heal ? Can we use them to connect, evolve ? Join us in October for the Evolver Intensives tele-seminar "The Future of Psychedelics : Exploring Their Potential for Insight and Healing."

This series consists of four calls with some of the world's leading researchers and historians in consciousness-expanding medicines: Graham Hancock, author of the best-selling Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural; psychedelics researcher and pioneer, Rick Doblin, Ph.D., director of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS); spiritual teacher Satyen Raja; and Amanda Feilding, director of the Beckley Foundation, the leading British research institution focusing on the science of drug use and the nature of consciousness. We invite you to join our host Daniel Pinchbeck for an extraordinary series of live, in-depth conversations. Go beneath the surface and take part in the kind of learning encounter you cannot find in the mainstream media.

At this critical time in history, when the limitations of our consciousness are suffocating our creativity and joy with the refuse generated by our short-sightedness, what if we could go back to the source to open up new possibilities -- first in our minds, then in the world around us?

For centuries, indeed for millennia, cultures have used naturally occurring psychedelic plants to free themselves from limited vision, limited ego, physical ailments and the cycles of suffering and recrimination that doom people to closed-end systems of unintended destruction. What if there was another way?

For four evenings in October, join five leading lights on the potential of psychedelics to liberate us as individuals and to revolutionize our culture, and learn ...

* how altered states from psychedelic plants have been fundamental to the evolution of human behavior and are indispensable to the survival and success of our society in the future

* why psychedelics are one of the most important paths to healing the trauma of war and treating anxiety associated with end-of-life

* how plant medicines can shift your idea of the "self," opening up new understandings of interconnectivity, social connection and responsibility

* what to "do" with perceptions that our current walking world is a constructed "dreamstate" and how to build a more just, kind, evolving version of it

These are just some a few of the fascinating topics we will be exploring in this Tele-Class Series with an extraordinary faculty !

It all starts on October 15. Sign up now by visiting: http://www.evolverintensives.com/Psychedelics

"The first 2 people who email us here at [email protected] will get this series for free."

" We have our 2 winners ... Otis Funkmeyer and Aaron Dietrich ! Wish all have an evolving experience and share the learning with all of us and see it grow ... Thank You All ... Stay Tuned ! "

((( ♥ Om Mani Padme Hum ♥ )))

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Chandrayaan-I on its maiden mission to the Moon has discovered traces of Water making it one of the greatest discoveries in recent times.

"Water ice on the moon has been something of a holy grail for lunar scientists for a very long time," said Jim Green, director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington.

"This surprising finding has come about through the ingenuity, perseverance and international cooperation between NASA and the India Space Research Organisation," he said.

NASA said the M3 team found water molecules and hydroxyl at diverse areas of the sunlit region of the moon's surface, but the water signature appeared stronger at the moon's higher latitudes.

Data from the Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer, or VIMS, on NASA's Cassini spacecraft and the High-Resolution Infrared Imaging Spectrometer on NASA's EPOXI spacecraft contributed to confirmation of the finding.

"The data from Cassini's VIMS instrument and M3 closely agree," said Roger Clark, a US Geological Survey scientist in Denver and member of both the VIMS and M3 teams.

"We see both water and hydroxyl. While the abundances are not precisely known, as much as 1,000 water molecule parts-per-million could be in the lunar soil. To put that into perspective, if you harvested one ton of the top layer of the moon's surface, you could get as much as 32 ounces of water," Clark said.

Although there is a lot more going on behind the scenes, the world governments are now slowly beginning to release paradigm rattling information to the general public tuned in to the evening news, from where they get most of their information. The Moon as we have been made to believe is way more than a natural satellite revolving around Planet Earth and it is no longer a secret that there is intelligent life on Moon and on most planets contrary to the general belief that we are alone in the universe. While we think in terms of life sustaining elements that support all life here on earth as an absolute essential for life in general to come into being in the cosmos ... there are an infinite number of planets and star systems out there which evolve on different principles and are based out of various other elements of creation.

In 1974, Carl Sagan encoded a message in binary code with the basic building blocks and elements of life here on planet earth and with the help of his team at SETI beamed this message into space in hope of contacting intelligent life somewhere out there in the cosmos. The transmission consisted of a simple, pictorial message, aimed at our putative cosmic companions in the globular star cluster M13. This cluster is roughly 21,000 light-years from us, near the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, and contains approximately a third of a million stars.

The broadcast was particularly powerful because it used Arecibo's megawatt transmitter attached to its 305 meter antenna. The latter concentrates the transmitter energy by beaming it into a very small patch of sky. The emission was equivalent to a 20 trillion watt omnidirectional broadcast, and would be detectable by a SETI experiment just about anywhere in the galaxy, assuming a receiving antenna similar in size to Arecibo's.The message consists of 1679 bits, arranged into 73 lines of 23 characters per line (these are both prime numbers, and may help the aliens decode the message). The "ones" and "zeroes" were transmitted by frequency shifting at the rate of 10 bits per second. The total broadcast was less than three minutes. A graphic showing the message is reproduced here. It consists, among other things, of the Arecibo telescope, our solar system, DNA, a stick figure of a human, and some of the biochemicals of earthly life.

On the 20th of August, 2001 we got a reply in the form of a crop circle ( The Arecibo Chilbolton Crop Glyph) near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK ! Terje Toftenes' fascinating documentary called Crop Circles : Crossovers From Another Dimension illustrates further the response and numerous other subliminal messages from our space brothers ...

References :

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Breath is defined as the air we inhale and exhale during respiration. It is our lifeline. Our bodies can live for days without food and water but without breathing our spirit rapidly leaves the body. Our breath is absolutely necessary to our life but we take it for granted. For centuries, mystics have believed the breath was the seat of the soul and this directly corresponds to the Pineal Gland Activation or the Third Eye Awakening which in essence is the awakening of the soul !

Stanislav Grof, one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a pioneering researcher into the use of altered states of consciousness for purposes of healing, went on to discover that many of these states of mind could be explored without psychedelics and instead by using certain breathing techniques in a supportive environment.

He continues this work today under the title "Holotropic Breathwork".

While all of us are aware of 'breathing' to be essential to our survival, few of us know what it is like to breathe consciously and practice mindfulness (silent observation of our thoughts, one of the first lessons in practicing meditation) ... breathing consciously in a controlled manner opens up new levels of awareness and helps us go beyond our perceived waking physical reality and experience the transpersonal ... the oneness ... which is the unifying essence of creation !

Stanislav Grof is a psychiatrist with almost 50 years of experience in research of non-ordinary states of consciousness. He has been the principal investigator in a psychedelic research program at the Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague, Czechoslovakia, chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and scholar-in-residence at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. It was at Esalen that he co-developed, with his wife Christina Grof, Holotropic Breathwork, a technique that includes deep, connected breathing, music, art, and trained facilitation with the goal wholeness, healing, and wisdom.

Breathwork is an integral part of all spiritual disciplines and religions, implicitly or explicitly. Throughout time, particular breathing rhythms have been used to induce diverse altered states of consciousness through singing, devotional chanting, drumming, and dancing - all implicit forms of Breathwork. In Buddhist Vipassana and Zen meditation the breath is observed - an explicit form of Breathwork - and this results in a change of consciousness.

The way we breathe creates and controls our state of consciousness, and our state of consciousness influences the way we breathe. If we are afraid, we breathe faster, when we breathe fast, we feel fear. When we feel calm, our breath is slow and deep, when we slow down and deepen our breathing, we feel calm. In many languages the word for "soul" or "spirit" is the same as that for breath. We are our breath !

References : Conscious Breathing - How Shamanic Breathwork Can Transform Your Life By Joy Manné

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Crop Circles : Crossovers From Another Dimension is a fascinating documentary made by Norwegian Terje Toftenes, who has 25 years of experience as a video and film maker in Norway, and has won several awards for his productions. It consists of 3 DVD's the first of which is the main documentary itself and the second and third discs contain "bonus" material in the form of interviews with prominent crop circle researchers.

The production values are excellent and the overall standard is highly professional. This documentary provides irrefutable evidence that there is a spiritually advanced transdimensional intelligence at work here. Terje Toftenes (Pronounced "Tidy Toftness") has created a masterpiece !

Disc 1:

Disc 1 contains a 12 minute "bonus" - an introduction to Terje Toftenes himself. This was interesting. What he has to say is fascinating. Here are some examples:

"When I stepped into my first crop circle, well you know it's kind of a cliche to say this but I think my life changed at that moment."

"It's totally beyond any doubt that this cannot be a huge co-ordinated organised bluff."

"I'd like to say that the crop circles are the only paranormal phenomenon for everyone to see..."

"I hope this film will contribute to spread information and to gain attraction and to inspire people to find out more about this because I think it's one of the most important things that are going on on this planet at the moment. I think it has something to do with our future, I think it has something to do with the way we treat the planet, the way we treat [the] environment, it has something to do with our consciousness, our state of being, and it certainly has something to do with how we are going to survive into the future. And it has something to do with the whole understanding of life, the universe, and spirit and matter and everything in itself so that is why it's so extremely important to find out more about this."

Now to the main documentary itself (Running time 1 Hour 15 minutes):

- Hear comments and views of prominent crop circle researchers and visitors to formations (I have listed most of these persons at the end of the review of the documentary).

- See many aerial views of crop formations taken from microlight aircraft which reveal their spectacular geometry and perfect beauty. Many other formations which have appeared are presented in a beautiful way which helps convey the seemingly never-ending variety of shape and pattern.

- See the original news report from 1678 of "the mowing devil", believed to be the earliest recorded crop circle report.

- See the ancient monuments in the Wiltshire area of England where most crop circles appear and hear a little about this area :

(i) Stonehenge: The ancient stone monument which is 4,500 years old

(ii) Avebury Stone Circle: The worlds largest stone circle, 5000 years old, with some stones weighing over 100 tons

(iii) Silbury Hill: The largest prehistoric mound in Europe, 40 metres high, built 4600 years ago for reasons unknown

(iv) West Kennet Long Barrow: A stone tomb some 5 to 6000 years old

(v) White Horses: Carved on hillsides, best viewed from the air, the oldest at least 2000 years old

- Learn that 98% of crop formations found in England overlay chalk aquifers containing underground water.

- Hear about Doug and Dave who claimed they were responsible for hoaxing all of the circles using ropes and boards. See some man-made formations.

- See physical evidence of a rapid and powerful effect causing expanded nodes and expulsion cavities in crop plants within formations.

- See bent ears of wheat become straightened again. See strange metallic spheroids which appear in the soil of crop formations.

- Hear about the increases of 10-15 times the normal background radiation levels within formations, the improved growth rates of 10-25% in effected crops, the 50% increase in protein levels of wheat, and the effects this mysterious force has on cameras and on people.

- See crop stems which are bent at the base and then all along the rest of the stem there is no damage, no marks, no creases - no evidence to suggest that something physical has been used to flatten the crop.

- See fractal designs in wheat fields. "Mathematical fractals can only be made with the help of a computer so how can they be created in a crop field?"

- Learn about the amazing mathematical problem known as "squaring the circle" which puzzled mathematicians for over 2000 years. It involves creating a square and a circle whose perimeters are equal. This is in fact impossible to achieve with 100% accuracy due to the impossibility of constructing the irrational number pi. Alan Brown has discovered elegant new solutions to the problem within crop circles!

"There's a couple of solutions which are not only astonishingly accurate they are astonishingly simple. I'm just amazed that no-one in the 2000 odd years of people studying this problem haven't discovered them... I mean breathtakingly simple."

~ Alan Brown - Designer / Crop Circle Researcher

- More amazing still learn how this relates to the difference in size between the Earth and Moon's radius! Even more remarkable yet is that the same principle is again noticed in Stonehenge in relation to the distance between the inner and outer stone circles!!

- Discover that in the Crooked Soley Formation of August 2002, the same ratios re-appear! It's construction is of the most advanced geometry, consisting of 144 circles around a circle; challenging enough to construct on paper. The formation appeared in the middle of a crop field at night, and the center of the pattern was untouched!!! This formation not only in total clarity symbolizes the DNA spiral, but also the squaring of the circle AND the relationship between the Earth and Moon by divine numbers. Simply amazing stuff!

"To come up with that, a perfect rotating DNA spiral, encoding those numbers is in itself a work of genius, but then to find that in a wheat field in August, there, beautifully formed; and it seems to me the most sane way of dealing with this is to accept that this is a demonstration of a level of intelligence and compassion towards us which is pulling us up.... it's a truly extraordinary bit of intelligence in geometry"

~ Alan Brown - Designer / Crop Circle Researcher

- See fantastic video footage (about 6 different videos) of mysterious balls of light (UFO's?) hurtling across the fields where crop circles are. Then see footage of black military helicopters chasing them and hanging around! I counted 4 different pieces of footage so this is no one-off! First time I've seen this anywhere.

"Officially the crop circles are all one big joke, let's all go back to sleep, there's nothing to see, and um if that's the case why are they deploying such high technology... helicopters and personnel... to look at this situation... it doesn't make sense... so clearly they know that we know that they know that something is going on" Charles Mallet - Owner of Silent Circle Cafe - Wiltshire

- See film footage taken by John Wheyleigh at Oliver's Castle in August 1996 "The creation of a crop circle". Although some claim the footage was faked you will see a crop circle appear before your eyes in a matter of seconds. Others say the hoax theories are organised debunking as the footage would have a dangerous effect on the public if declared real. Seeing is believing - decide for yourself!

- Hear about the amazing Chilbolton Event of August 2001 where the image of a face appeared in a wheat field closely followed by a pictogram which some say is a reply to a message beamed into space in 1974 in Binary Code using Puerto Rico's Arecibo Radio telescope. See the original pictogram sent from Earth and the pictogram reply and be amazed at the information contained therein!

"If this is not an extremely clever and well calculated joke conducted by humans is it a serious response from an alien civilization?" Terje Toftenes

- See the incredible Crabwood Alien Face Crop Glyph of August 2002 showing an alien being holding an encoded disc containing the following message:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We oppose DECEPTION."

Learn how the message was decoded and see the IT-Programmer Paul Vigay who did it !

Hear comments by the following people :

Tony Hughes - Microlight pilot
Dr. John Sherwood - Wiltshire resident
Andreas Muller - German crop circle researcher
Glenn Broughton - Crop circle researcher
Andy Thomas - Crop circle researcher/Writer
Charles Mallet - Owner of Silent Circle Cafe Wiltshire
Polly Carson - Alton Barnes farmer, Wiltshire
James Strong - Farmer, Pewsey, Wiltshire
Karen Alexander - Writer
John E. Mack, MD - Cambridge, USA
Shawn Randall - USA
Nancy Talbot - BLT Research, UK
David Cayton ARPS - Field Investigator
Robert Hulse - Field Investigator
Miles Johnston - TV Cameraman
Lucy Pringle - Researcher/Photographer
Barbara Lamb - Researcher USA
Allan Brown - Researcger/Designer
Michael Glickman - Professor of Architecture
Francine Blake - Wiltshire crop circle study group
Bert Janssen - Crop circle researcher, Holland
Andrew Buckley - UFO Investigator
Palden Jenkins - Writer/Philosopher
Paul Vigay - IT Programmer
Fred Fingler - Professor, USA
Ian Cleak - Crop circle visitor

There are two more bonus features on Disc 1 :

1. "In the Air" - 12 minutes of aerial footage set to music

2. "On the Ground" - 10 minutes of additional material set to music

You can watch the Full Documentary in 6 parts hosted on Disclose.TV ...

Disc 2: Disc 2 consists of two interesting interviews recorded in June 2006 :

 1. Michael Glickman (Professor of Architecture & Crop Circle Researcher): Entitled "Premonitions of Contact" which runs about 35 minutes

 2. Palden Jenkins (Writer & Philosopher): Entitled "The Message of Crop Circles" which runs about 43 minutes

Disc 3: Disc 3 consists of four additional interesting interviews recorded in June 2006 :

 1. Andreas Muller (Crop Circle Researcher): Entitled "The History of Crop Circles" which runs about 12 minutes

 2. Francine Blake (Director of the Wiltshire Study Group): Entitled "Crop Circles: A Cultural Paradigm Shift" which runs about 18 minutes

 3. Andy Thomas (Crop Circle Researcher): Entitled "Sacred Sites & Geophysics" which runs about 21 minutes

4. Lucy Pringle (Photographer & Crop Circle Researcher): Entitled "Scientific Field Analysis of Crop Circles" which runs about 20 minutes

  Crop Circles : Crossovers From Another Dimension (DVD)

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Contact, yet another fantastic documentary film on the phenomenal Balls of Light or Orbs forming Crop Circles and seen hovering around freshly formed crop glyphs exhibiting the presence of intelligent behaviour within the Balls of Light playfully interacting with human consciousness.

This Bert Janssen & Janet Ossebaard film presents elegantly the magnificence of these magical luminosities we term Orbs, BOLs (Balls Of Light), Nature Spirits, Elementals ... they are the shining ones ... they are love ... they are light ... and what they are telling us is that we are not so different in essence after all ...

We are the light of pure consciousness ... the time now is opportune to develop our multisensory abilities and attune with the infinite field of consciousness in all its varied multiplicities ... to awaken to the true nature of self, who we really are ...

......  Thanks to the well structured script that cements the images into an exciting adventure, the viewer gets a clear and fully up-to-date view of this remarkable phenomenon. This well constructed story lifts a tip of the veil of these remarkable balls of light, it shows very clearly their common features and not only that, it also very accessibly explains the scientific aspect of this phenomenon. An in-depth interview with Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff provides the viewer with a clear insight into his discovery (and the scientific proof) that the crop formations he studied were created by electromagnetic point sources (balls of light). The fact that Contact has been rewarded with an EBE-Award, is a well deserved international recognition ....... - DCCCS Dutch Center for Crop Circle Studies - Related Crop Circle Videos :

Food Inc. is an eye opening documentary by Robert Kenner about the corporate controlled American Food Industry !

In Food, Inc., filmmaker Robert Kenner lifts the veil on our nation's food industry, exposing the highly mechanized underbelly that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of our government's regulatory agencies, USDA and FDA. Our nation's food supply is now controlled by a handful of corporations that often put profit ahead of consumer health, the livelihood of the American farmer, the safety of workers and our own environment.

We have bigger-breasted chickens, the perfect pork chop, herbicide-resistant soybean seeds, even tomatoes that won't go bad, but we also have new strains of E. coli—the harmful bacteria that causes illness for an estimated 73,000 Americans annually. We are riddled with widespread obesity, particularly among children, and an epidemic level of diabetes among adults. Featuring interviews with such experts as Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), Michael Pollan (The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto) along with forward thinking social entrepreneurs like Stonyfield's Gary Hirshberg and Polyface Farms' Joel Salatin, Food, Inc. reveals surprising—and often shocking truths—about what we eat, how it's produced, who we have become as a nation and where we are going from here.

Source : Food Inc.

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The following excerpt is from an article called 'Alchemy : The Science Of Enlightenment' by Arion Love .....

The Gift from Heaven

According to legend, the science of spiritual liberation known as Alchemy was imparted to humanity as a gift from the gods who descended from the heavens around the time of Atlantis and Lemuria some thirteen thousand years ago. The knowledge then made its way through Sumeria now modern day Iraq, considered one of the birthplaces of civilization. The knowledge continues through India, Egypt, China, South America, Israel, Europe, and North America. This cosmic drama spans the length of recorded history up to the present day and addresses the deepest questions of life. This gift of spiritual technology is for the purpose of embodied liberation of the human soul where by ones evolutionary soul growth is accelerated to completion within one lifetime.

The illusion of individual separation gives way to unity with the transcendent through the transformation of conscious awareness and liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth and death. The transmigration of the soul from incarnation to incarnation reaches completion and fulfillment. This is also known as illumination, enlightenment, transfiguration, ascension, or God realization. To the ancients, this science of transformation was the highest valued knowledge and the ultimate culmination of the human experience. The science was intact up until about three thousand years ago when the knowledge became fragmented and to a large degree lost. Suppression by orthodox religion forced the knowledge underground into mystery schools. It has also been referred to as the Perennial Philosophy or the Underground Stream of knowledge due to its hidden nature encoded in symbols, myth, and scripture.

Although this sacred science of the soul is known by different names, it is known and misunderstood primarily by the name of alchemy. For most, alchemy has no definition. For some, alchemy has become a term in modern culture somehow relating to chemistry or is thought of as the attempt to change the metal lead into gold largely due to the influence of Hollywood. Transforming the lead of ignorance into the gold of enlightenment can be seen as a brief interpretation of this metaphor. The soul is defined as the divine spark of the infinite that manifests through the physical body.

Alchemy, due to its inherent power, has always been a highly guarded secret science in order to protect the student from harm and to protect the sacred from misuse by the profane. During the middle ages, it was additionally hidden to protect one from persecution by orthodox religion. The hidden aspect of alchemy has contributed to the lack of definition and confusion. Alchemy continues to be shrouded in mystery, controversy, and speculation. It is the Arabians construct of the term that has remained in the English language. The Arabians originally acquired the science from Egypt. Before Egypt was invaded and re-named by the Romans, Egypt was originally known by its people as Khemit or the Land of Khem.

They are also said to be the descendants from Atlantis before the great flood. The term Khem refers to the black fertile land from which the life giving crops grow. Esoterically, Khem refers to the dark mystery of the primordial first matter from which creation manifests and the science of transformation which is alchemy. The first matter is also equated with consciousness. Alchemy, is said to be the Great Work of nature that perfects matter, whether it is expressed as the cosmos or our soul. The term Chemistry has its root in Khem. The science of modern Chemistry evolved from the Alchemists in Europe. Alchemy was brought to Europe by the Moors in Spain originating from the Arabians. The Arabians added the prefix Al referring to Allah or God. Therefore, alchemy can be defined as the Science of God Realization.

It has also been referred to as the Royal Art or the Royal Path back to God. Originally, the lineage of priests, priestesses, and royal dynasties were associated with being the custodians of this knowledge. Godfathers of alchemy were Shiva and Angiras of India, Anu of Sumeria, Thoth or Tehuti of Egypt, and the Eight Immortals of China. Thoth was known as Hermes by the Greeks and Mercury by the Romans. The Hermetic alchemical tradition stems from Hermes. It is the Hermetic tradition that took place in medieval Europe for some three hundred years. Additionally, some feel that alchemy evolved from the Shaman's of prehistory and is the result of the ancients living close to nature and unlocking her secrets. The gods were viewed as ambassadors from the heavenly realm with the mission of helping elevate humanity. With names like the Devas, Anunnaki, Neteru, and Elohim, they are collectively known as the Shining Ones.

" The word is derived from the Sanskrit meaning "to shine" - hence the "shining ones", the "resplendent" ones. But the term is used very loosely and in Hindu Scriptures, for instance, may refer to all life which is invisible ...

The Devas and Men book is a massive work. It is interesting that the introduction to this 386 page tome (undoubtedly written after all the research had been done) starts with the following proposition ...

The idea that Man is a Deva is intriguing and immense. Its intriguing because much of the information about the idea is has been veiled with confusion and complications. And immense because it says much about humankind's place in the total cosmos. "

The Emerald Formula

The foundation of alchemical philosophy and practice is reflected in nature's elements and universal pattern of transformation. The four elements are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The seven phase pattern of transformation is comprised of Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation. This is also known as the Emerald Formula. The elements are considered by the ancients to be the building blocks of manifest creation. The elements are not simply the physical elements, but are very broadly defined principles of nature. The Quintessence or Fifth Element corresponds to the Divine Essence or Essence of God. This divine essence or elixir was known as Soma, Rasa, or Amrita by the East Indians, Star Fire by the Sumerians, Ambrosia by the Greeks, Manna, Christos, or Living Water by the Hebrews, and The Philosophers Stone or Universal Medicine by the Europeans. The term Elixir stems from the Arabic Aliksir and Greek Xerion which means medicine. The elements make up the human body and mind. When one masters the five elements, one becomes an Adept, Siddha, or Perfected One. This is the transformation from mortal to immortal or human to godlike superhuman known as Apotheosis. Hermes or Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods and is a recurring archetype in history who restores the knowledge of Divine Union with the absolute. He is traditionally pictured holding the Caduceus Staff which symbolizes the alchemical process of spiritual liberation. The goddess Athena is the female counterpart of Mercury. What is striking when studying the various alchemical traditions from around the world and throughout history, is that they employ the same basic pattern of transformation mirrored in the Emerald Formula. Most notably, the Emerald Formula is reflected in the oldest known source book of knowledge, the Rig Veda of India. Rig means praise and Veda means knowledge.

Soma researcher David Spess points out that all the aspects found in the Soma ceremony of the Rig Veda are found in the Emerald Formula. A primary key in understanding alchemy is to view the science from three perspectives. Internal referring to the body, mind, and consciousness. External referring to outside the body and of the Earth. Celestial or heavenly referring to the planets, stars, galaxy, and universe. Alchemy is a reflection of the phases, cycles, processes, or transformations of nature. Therefore, the symbolism of alchemy can be interpreted on a inner, earthly, and celestial level. Most importantly, the macrocosm of the outer world is mirrored in the microcosm of the human body, mind, and consciousness. The elements and pattern of transformation reflected in the Emerald Formula comes from the legendary Emerald Tablet attributed to Hermes. The Emerald Formula is said to contain the Secret of the Universe or Blueprint of Creation and was inscribed on a tablet made of emerald stone. It is reported the tablet was once on public display in ancient Egypt and thereafter became hidden. The Emerald Formula can be seen as having an integral correlation with the emerging science of Zero Point Energy or Free Energy technology. Some say the Emerald Formula is also mirrored in the symbolism of the Tarot that reflects the Royal Path back to God. The famous phrase "As Above So Below" comes from the Emerald Formula which is reproduced as follows. "In truth, without deceit, certain, and most veritable.

That which is below corresponds to that which is above, and that which is above corresponds to that which is below, to accomplish the miracles of the one thing. And just as all things have come from this one thing, through the meditation of one mind, so do all created things originate from this one thing, through transformation. Its father is the sun; its mother the moon. The wind carries it in its belly; its nurse is the earth. It is the origin of all, the consecration of the universe; its inherent strength is perfected, if it is turned into earth. Separate the earth from fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great ingenuity. It rises from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, thereby combining within itself the powers of both the above and the below. Thus you will obtain the glory of the whole universe. All obscurity will be clear to you. This is the greatest force of all powers, because it overcomes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing. In this way was the universe created. From this comes many wondrous applications, because this is the pattern. Therefore am I called thrice greatest Hermes, having all three parts of the wisdom of the whole universe. Herein have I completely explained the operations of the sun."

The Great Secret

The great secret of alchemy is the Divine Marriage of opposites which gives birth to the Spirit Body of transcendence associated with liberation of the soul. The exact process of metamorphosis leading to the creation and birth of the spirit body within the physical body has long been veiled in mystery and secrecy. The spirit body is not to be confused with ones subtle body or subtle bodies which one already has from birth. The creation and birth of the spirit body is a entirely unique process found within the various world traditions of alchemy. The spirit body has gone by names like Deva Deha, Siddha Deha, Golden Pearl, Merkaba, Rainbow Body, Diamond Body, Star Body, and Immortal Body of Light. You can find the most revealed aspects of this process in Chinese Taoist Alchemy and East Indian Tantric Alchemy.

Traditionally, the process was taught from teacher to student in a step by step series of initiations. One did not progress until first mastering each successive step. The foundation for this process can be found in traditional Yoga comprised of physical postures, breathing, and mantra sound meditation. Yoga means union with the absolute. Depending upon the culture, the opposites were variously know as Fire and Water, Sun and Moon, Soul and Spirit, Male and Female, Mercury and Sulfur, King and Queen, Heaven and Earth, Shiva and Shakti, Kan and Li, Yin and Yang, Ka and Ba, Isis and Osiris, Soma and Agni. Also this marriage parallels the practice of Tantric sexual union and unfoldment of the inner life energy referred to as the Kundalini. This process is also mirrored in the Jewish mystical tradition of the Kabbalah when ascending the Tree of Life which esoterically is the seven energy centers or chakras that run up the spinal column to the brain.

The alchemical marriage of opposites can be seen in the symbolism of the intersecting triangles of the Jewish Star of David, Seal of Solomon, and the Sri Yantra of India. The upward pointing triangle symbolizes the male or fire principle, and the downward pointing triangle symbolizes the female or water principle. The Bindu point in the center of the Sri Yantra symbolizes the point of transcendence. The Yantra is a graphic symbol of the Mantra. The Mantra corresponds with the Five Elements and Logos or Word of God. Also the marriage of opposites can be seen in the symbolism of the Christian Cross. The ancient Caduceus symbol used by the modern medical establishment symbolizes on a esoteric level the alchemical process. The staff represents the spinal column which correlates with the Sushumna Nadi channel of yogic esoteric anatomy.

The two ascending spirals of snakes represent the solar and lunar currents known as the ida and pingala of the kundalini life force. The spiral pattern is similar to the spirals of the human DNA. The symbolism of Jacobs Ladder or Stairway to Heaven corresponds with the Staff of Life. The sphere at the top of the staff represents the energy center of the brain or the seventh chakra also known as the thousand petaled lotus. The Wings at the top of the staff is the culmination of the alchemical process. This represents freedom or liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth and death. One transcends the bonds of ego and bodily identification. The spirit is released from the confines of matter.

Ultimately, this is the unfoldment of consciousness where by one realizes ones self to be infinite also known as self-realization. Most esoteric symbolism and myth reflects the process of alchemical transformation in both its inner and outer aspects. Dragon symbolism is a reflection of the life force. The Uraeus headdress of the Egyptian pharohs in which the serpent protrudes from the forehead symbolizes the unfoldment of the Kundalini. The Phoenix bird rising from the ashes represents the alchemical process of transformation, rebirth, and liberation. The Christmas Tree can be seen as a reflection of this process. Also the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden although edited by orthodoxy also represents the alchemical process. The Fruit of the Tree of Life can be equated with Elixir and Apotheosis. One of the most well know references to alchemy in the Bible is the passage attributed to Jesus in John 3, "I assure you, unless you are born again, you can never see the Kingdom of God. The truth is, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of Water and the Spirit." From the esoteric perspective, this is the marriage of opposites. Spirit is synonymous with Fire and breath. The Kingdom of God is Apotheosis.

The idea of rapture, resurrection, transfiguration, ascending to heaven, and becoming an immortal is based upon this process. There are numerous stories throughout history of those who practiced alchemy becoming immortal. This relates to the development and birth of the spirit body. This is the great spiritual rebirth, enlightenment, or illumination. Through the marriage of opposites, one becomes whole or holy, or to become born again. This can also be seen as the marriage of Soul and Spirit and an expression of the highest form of healing. It is the exact process of how to create this marriage which has always been secret. Gnosis or direct experience makes up the Gnostic tradition of Esoteric Christianity. Both Jesus and Mary Magdalene are considered to be key figures in the alchemical nature of Esoteric Christianity. The exoteric or outer rituals of orthodox religion like the Seven Holy Sacrament's, Baptism, Anointing, Christening, Consecration, Holy Water, and the Eucharist are a reflection of the esoteric or inner practice of alchemy where faith is replaced with direct experience, and death is replaced with embodied liberation. The anthropomorphic deity is transcended and the infinite is realized. The human body is the ultimate temple or alchemical laboratory where transformation takes place.

The Spirit Body developed within the physical body is the ultimate vehicle of resurrection, ascension, and transcendence. It is said that to have a human body is a extremely rare gift and there are countless souls without a body waiting to take birth. Through the body and mind, one can realize ones true self. The focus of alchemy is to accelerate the growth of the human soul within one lifetime to completion or perfection. One overrides the process of normal evolution involving countless incarnations where the soul is led by desire and attachment to the temporal which keeps one bound to the cycle of birth and death. The experience of the phenomenal world and its associated pleasures do not give lasting happiness. Humans are programmed by nature to continually seek happiness which is essentially a search for ones true self. For most, happiness is sought outwards in temporal pleasure. Self-realization is about turning inwards and finding eternal happiness, peace, and fulfillment. The trials, tribulations, and lessons of life reach their culmination and fulfillment in self-realization. One transcends phenomenal creation and realizes the infinite source of creation within. With this awakening of awareness, one sees all of creation as an aspect of ones self. Alchemy accelerates the process of evolution thereby allowing one to step off the wheel of birth and death. One transcends desire, duality, karma, space, and time. Ones true nature is realized which is infinite.

The Return of The Science of The Soul

According to the ancient calendar, the complete knowledge of spiritual soul liberation is due to return. Some feel we have entered the time of the Apocalypse. The Greek term Apocalypse means "The Lifting of the Veil." This can be seen as lifting the veil on illusion to reveal that which is true. The age of Pisces is now fading and the age of Aquarius is now dawning. The symbol for Aquarius is the water bearer who pours out the alchemical elixir of transformation. Not only is this a change of the zodiacal age, but the beginning of an Ascending Cycle of evolution that only takes place once every thirteen thousand years according to the Vedic calendar. The Vedic calendar indicates we are in the Kali Yuga or Age of Darkness where humanity lives out of harmony with nature. This is where humanity is in the dark or unaware of our divine identity and where the material overshadows the spiritual.

The Age of Aquarius is indicated to be a Golden Age of harmony and truth within the Kali Yuga. Additionally, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Some feel this correlates with the alignment of the earth with the center of the galaxy in which energy from the galactic center will bring unprecedented change and transformation to earth culminating around 2030. From the perspective of the Macrocosm and Microcosm, the galactic center can be seen as the cosmic heart, and the energy emanating from the galactic center reflects the macrocosmic kundalini that will lift the energy of the entire planet. Humanity has come far in the past one hundred years due to material technology, however this technology has also brought untold destruction to where the survival of humanity and the planet is at stake. The world with its numerous problems and having lost touch with its spiritual heritage is in urgent need of the rediscovery of spiritual technology.

We have certainly reached a crucial turning point in history. It is said that it is darkest before the dawn with a conflict between the old and the new during this transition of ages. With numerous prophecies of destruction complete with Antichrist deception, humanity has the intelligence and freewill to alter such negative projections. Although the collective karma of the people is great, a return to the ways of nature is paramount for the restoration of balance. The rediscovery of the secrets of alchemy promise to bring forth a Spiritual Revolution. This would also bring forth a Energy Revolution since the knowledge relates to Free Energy technology. The discoveries that scientists are now making related to Quantum Physics and the Unified Field Theory correspond to the rediscovery of alchemy.

Currently, the idea of enlightenment or spiritual soul liberation is not widely recognized or valued in modern culture where pursuit of the temporal and superficial overshadows fulfillment in the eternal. We shall see how the rediscovery of this vital knowledge manifests over the coming years. We have all incarnated at this momentous point in time to witness and participate in this grand cosmic drama. The choices we all make will lay the foundation for our future destiny that holds the promise for the birth of a whole new global culture based on spiritual values. Humanity stands at the threshold of making the leap from Homo Sapien to Homo Luminous. What an incredible time to be alive !

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