Blue, Golden Orbs ... Transdimensional Spirit Beings !

Orbs, Balls of Light, Crop Circles, UFOs, Merkaba ... all the mentioned phenomena have one evidently visible aspect in common, Light ! It is this light we see and the love we experience which is the essence of who we really are ... :) and there are millions of Orb photographs clicked all around the world each day in all possible colors such as Blue, Golden, Purple, Yellow, White ...

Orbs have known to manifest almost anywhere if they will to ... especially around places and people with good vibrations, emanating positive energies ... This is a common experience with most Orb photographers and enthusiasts who have a direct experience with Orbs, Angels, Spirit Guides and Fairies.

Here are some photographs of our transdimensional light friends who are always around us ... guiding us ... healing us ... playing with us ... communicating with us in subtle ways which sometimes emerge as thoughts within our own consciousness ... can also be perceived as enhancement of one's own power of intuition or clairvoyance !

Right click on the image and open in a new tab/window to view ...

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I enjoyed seeing your orb pics. I created a FaceBook Community page called "The Orb Connection". It is all about learning more about orbs and orb-like phenomenon. Please stop by and visit and become a friend. Our intention is to educate people about and to increase global awareness about orbs.

Steffan Heydon

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