Contact : UFOs, Pleiadians & Billy Meier

"Billy" Eduard Albert Meier was born on February 3, 1937 in Bülach, Switzerland, second among seven children born to a Swiss shoemaker. Eduard Meier had his first "UFO" sighting - a very big silvery "disc" - on June 2, 1942, together with his father. In the fall of 1942 he received his first telepathic contact by an extraterrestrial. In November, the same year, young Eduard had his first ride in a extraterrestrial spacecraft, together with a very old man, Sfath who was from the Pleiades or Plejares and he taught Eduard vast spiritual and material knowledge.

Starting February 3, 1953, Asket, an extraterrestrial woman from the DAL Universe, took over from Sfath. For 11 years, under her guidance, Eduard made many long trips through Europe and Asia, in order to learn and study many abilities and professions, and to prepare himself for his future mission of being a prophet, mediator and teacher. By way of time travel they visited the past and even met and spoke with Jmmanuel, who lived two thousand years ago.

'Contact : An Investigation Into The Extraterrestrial Experiences Of Billy Meier' is a 1978 documentary on the Billy Meier Case !

What is the true purpose of our life ?

The purpose of our life is for us to evolve - the advancement and continued development of our being at a constant pace to ever higher levels. The purpose of evolution lies within the concept of achieving the highest possible human development, including love, harmony, ability, knowledge and wisdom. Evolution not only serves to bring human entities to a high level of knowledge and wisdom so they may lead a life in harmony with Creation's laws and commandments and the like: Through our evolution we also assist Creation with Its own evolution.

Just as humans and nearly all life is in need of evolutionary advancement, so, too, is Creation, the Universal Consciousness. Even Creation is only relatively perfect and It must evolve to ascend to higher forms of Its own existence. And to achieve Its objective, Creation requires human beings who evolve over the course of billions of years into pure-spirit-forms and from these into still higher forms of existence, extending through to the Petale level. There occurs the transition into Creation, into the Universal Consciousness, and transpires the unification, the "becoming one." In this manner Creation assimilates these former human spirit forms, which have by then evolved to their own highest level and which, initially, had originated from Creation in order for It to evolve through these human entities.

During their unification with Creation, all the accumulated knowledge and wisdom are also absorbed by Creation, and thus It elevates Its own evolution by a fraction of an iota, and advances some time later into the next higher Creation level. After an incredibly long time, this subsequent Creation continues evolving until it becomes one with the Absolute Absolutum.

The Absolute Absolutum is the highest level and all-encompassing form a Creation can attain, and yet even the Absolute Absolutum must continue Its evolution process into all-Great-Time and chronological endlessness.

- Billy Meier

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