New Swirled Order, a fresh documentary on the crop circle phenomena, the mystical communication from some higher intelligence which has baffled and excited thousands all around the world with all it's electromagnetic strangeness, celestial knowledge and mathematical wizardry (Sacred Geometry).

The balls of light associated with the phenomena are the only known evidence we have of the crop circle makers ... "New swirled order" deals with these questions and present some very extraordinary Crop circle formations in 2008, like the "Pi"-formation in Barbury Castle or the Crop Circle near Avebury Manor, which showed our solar system with the planetary constellation of December 21 of 2012.

Some Important Crop Circles of 2008
The All Seeing Eye / Pineal Gland Activation Crop Circle, August 2008
The Pi Formation
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Manifesting The Mind, a documentary on Psychedelics & Shamanism from 'Bouncing Bear Films' featuring interviews with renowned experts such as Daniel Pinchbeck, John Major Jenkins, Dennis McKenna, Nick Herbert, Alex Grey & Dr. Rick Strassman to name a few. This is the first release from Bouncing Bear Films which comprises of Andrew & Jennifer Rutajit and all other folks from Bouncing Bear Botanicals. 'Manifesting The Mind' gives us a broad perspective on psychedelics, how we can benefit from them and why is the use of psychedelics suppressed by the mainstream media and governments of the world.

Andrew Rutajit attended college for film, but left the field to pursue the writing of his two books, Astrotheology & Shamanism (co-author) and The Vestibule (author). Although his focus was on writing for several years, his passion has always been film - namely directing and production. Andrew brings years of experience and a dynamic vision to all of his work. In 2007, Andrew produced The Pharmacratic Inquisition with Jan Irvin and realized film was where he wanted to focus his creative energy. His first film was well received and became a catalyst for Andrew's current projects. He works with his wife, Jennifer, a writer by trade. She serves as associate producer for all films. Andrew also lectures on various topics, such as religion and entheogens. In addition, Andrew has also dabbled in art and music; as a result, he produces original music and graphics for his films.

Andrew is also the co-owner of Gnostic Media, which is a multimedia production and publishing company geared toward the separation of mythology and reality - historical accuracy.

Jennifer attended college in Boston for art history and has been a copy writer/editor, substitute teacher and curriculum writer. Jennifer is an advocate for various causes, such as animal rights.

With the help of Bouncing Bear Botanicals, they founded Bouncing Bear Films and 'Manifesting The Mind' is the first of a 3 part documentary series called 'Footprints Of The Shaman' to be released by the spring of 2009.

Part 2 will include a discussion with Dennis McKenna, DM Murdock, Timothy Freke, and Peter Gandy on the topic of religion. Several others will be interviewed in this film but these four authors will help lead the way. Part 3 is a discussion on the topic of Christmas. One may ask, “What does Christmas have to do with the ‘Footprints of the Shaman’ ?” This is a good question and we assure you that this question will be settled by the end of this film.

Quotes from the documentary :

" Sometimes there is a tendency in the psychedelic community to almost become like an entheogenic fundamentalist and think that all visionary experience was mediated by psychedelic plants, and the origin of all religions is based on the use of these substances. "

~ Daniel Pinchbeck

Guess what he's trying to say is that the ritualistic use of entheogens is one of the many ways to alter your states of consciousness ! Perhaps one of the oldest known traditions to connect with the invisible universe however not the only one by any means.

[Entheogens present] "... the capacity for the human being to experience infinite love and total self forgiveness ... a sense of deep interconnectedness with the planet, with all people, with the cosmos ! "

~ Alex Grey

" Here is a body of beliefs... and you are just supposed to accept it. Don't ask questions. Sit down and shut up. Entheogens are threatening because they enable people, or sometimes compel people to reject that."

~ Dennis McKenna

Order your DVD

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We are the Earth and the Earth is us ... a shift in global human consciousness is emergent and is enveloping the entire planet now. Earth Hour is one of the many synchronistic world events organized to create conscious awareness of Global Warming and Earth Changes worldwide. Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach more than 1 billion people in 2000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off lights for 1 hour and send a global message that we need to take action on climate change. This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming.

For the first time in history, people of all ages, nationalities, race and background have the opportunity to use their light switch as their vote – Switching off your lights is a vote for Earth, or leaving them on is a vote for global warming. WWF is urging the world to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009.

This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 million homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. In 2008 the message had grown into a global sustainability movement, with 50 million people switching off their lights.

In 2009, India joins Earth Hour for the first time. New Delhi and Mumbai are among 825 cities across 80 countries and territories that have pledged their support to VOTE EARTH during Earth Hour 2009. This number is growing everyday.

Noted film actor and icon Aamir Khan will be leading the campaign in India. Many companies such as Google, Infosys, HP, HSBC and Wipro are also supporting the campaign. WWF-India Secretary General and CEO Ravi Singh says: “Earth Hour is a step in the world's efforts to combat the threat of Climate Change and it holds tremendous potential to influence sound policy and people's participation on the issue. Earth Hour is an unprecedented communication initiative to make people understand what they must”.

In 2009, Earth Hour is being taken to the next level, with the goal of 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a global vote. Unlike any election in history, it is not about what country you’re from, but instead, what planet you’re from. VOTE EARTH is a global call to action for every individual, every business, and every community. A call to stand up and take control over the future of our planet.

People from 825 cities across 80 countries and territories have pledged their support to VOTE EARTH during Earth Hour 2009, and this number is growing everyday.

Richard Branson, Nelly Furtado, Cate Blanchett, Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachhan, Sachin Tendulkar and several other prominent individuals have extended their support for the campaign and urged citizens to turn off their lights. Noble peace prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu and UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon have also supported this campaign and have appealed global citizens to sign up.

So far over 2000 cities from 85 countries will be participating in this campaign.

We all have a vote, and every single vote counts. Together we can take control of the future of our planet, for future generations.

VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour on Saturday, March 28, 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm local time.

“Climate Change is undoubtedly and regrettably, the biggest immediate long-term environmental challenge we face. A failure to come to sound policy outcomes on climate change will not only have a negative environmental impact but also social and economic consequences for all of us. Stand up and join us in the fight against climate change. Support Earth Hour.” - Aamir Khan, Noted Bollywood Actor & Filmmaker “Climate change is a very important issue facing us today. We are all in a position to make a contribution to help change our planets future. Earth Hour is a great opportunity to make this contribution whether it is turning off lights or a candle lit vigil with our friends. I encourage all of you to join me in supporting Earth Hour.” - Sachin Tendulkar, World Famous Indian Cricketer To invite your friend click here ... be a part of this collective consciousness awakening as the Earth is us and we are the Earth ! How you feel and what you think affects the entire Cosmos ... Darkness is simply an illusion of no light ... be the light !
((( Love & Light )))
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'Karbala' is a place in Iraq, 100 km from Baghdad at the edge of the desert, surrounded by the beautiful greenery of fruit orchards and palm groves. Karbala is believed to have originated from two Assyrian words 'Karb' which means 'Sacred Place' and 'Ail' which means 'God'.

Some also believe the word is of Persian origin formed from two words which are (Kaar) which means work and (Bolo) which means the higher, thus meaning the 'Higher Work'.

A friend, Zoeb Asif shared some beautiful diamond shaped orb pictures from sacred sites, dargahs in Kerbala, Iraq. On Googling for diamond shaped orbs i found various sites and images, some say it's due to the diamond shaped iris inside the lens in some Sony cameras which make Orbs look diamond shaped.

Click to enlarge

Some regular Orbs taken from the same camera in Karbala !

Some more diamond shaped orbs from James Gilliland's Sattva Sanctuary ECETI Ranch !

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The Legend of Atlantis is a five part documentary series on the advanced civilization of Atlantis which thrived 11,000 years ago and the occult, esoteric mysticism associated with the legend. Many eons ago extraterrestrial beings came to Earth and settled inside the core of the planet with the purpose of developing higher forms of biological life on the surface of Earth. The civilization of Atlantis arose as the fourth root race of humanoids living in the 4th dimension succeeded by the 'Aryans' of the Vedas. They lived during a time when Power and Love were united and human beings did not live with an ego, separate from the higher self, the divinity within and all around.

"Thousands of years ago the gods came down to Earth from the stars to initiate a genesis. Human civilization was formed and reached a peak with Atlantis. A Dark Age began and the battle of Atlantean gods led to its fall. A secret brotherhood brought Atlantean secret teachings before the fall to Egypt. Through all civilizations and with inspiration from extraterrestrial guards the secret Atlantean brotherhood managed all political systems with an educational mission. The thrilling documentation shows for the first time the secret activities of a brotherhood in relations with invisible masters from Shambhala and Agharta and the secret about the hollow earth."

"Following the catastrophe in Atlantis all nations were dispersed. A part of the Atlantean brotherhood's secret knowledge survived in Egypt, in India and in Tibet. The heirs of these secret brotherhoods led mankind during the Dark Age...through Atlantean knowledge and through all ages. In modern times the Freemasons, Templars and Illuminati brotherhoods were formed. After World War I the Neutemplerorden and Thule society emerged in Munich and Vienna. New occult sects which saw 'Satan' in the old Freemason lodges. With Hitler these occult sects came to power. This thrilling documentation shows for the first time the background of the Third Reich and its intellect which led to the catastrophe of World War II."

"Atlantean secret knowledge tells us the legend of mankind and those souls, who have to undergo cycles. With the fall of Atlantis an advanced civilization cycle had ended. All prophecies and more recent Earth changes point out that today's mankind has reached the end of the next experience cycle. Up to the year 2011 the most serious Earth and climate changes, earthquakes, social and political changes have been predicted. This thrilling documentation shows the prophecies of ELIA, the returned prophet and his message on the last days, Christ's return and the space Brotherhood."

"Millenniums have passed... since the high culture of Atlantis sank with a catastrophe through power abuse of some corrupt scientists. All humans of that time, who also experienced the descent into the Dark Age, are being reincarnated today. The thrilling documentation shows the return of the Atlantean light children and allows deep insight into the role of the lightworkers and brotherhoods of Atlantis. It shows why some souls reincarnate today and act as environmental protectionists, therapists, artists, esoterics etc. for the healing of the earth. Addresses also the Space Brotherhood events - 11:11, the hollow earth, Shambhala and Agharta."

"For millenniums the secrets of creation were exclusively limited to an elite of secret societies. Now we have entered the so-called "Last Days" where these secret societies like the Freemasons and the secret political lodges lose their power. This exciting video documentation will reveal the Atlantean secret knowledge on the hollow world and their extraterrestrial civilizations. The secret of the pyramids, the Sphinx, world-wide underground tunnel systems, flight movement of the Nazis to the South Pole and much more allow the viewer to obtain an overview over the final secrets of the past and its connection with extraterrestrials."

Edgar Cayce first mentioned Atlantis in 1923, and later asserted that it was located in the Caribbean, proposing that Atlantis was an ancient, now-submerged, highly evolved civilization which had ships and aircraft powered by a mysterious form of energy crystal.

Atlantis is believed to be somewhere around the 'Bermuda Triangle', also believed to be a natural stargate, a portal into another world !

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In 2001, Kerala (also known as 'God's Own Country' in India) a state on the southwestern tip of India saw an unusual downpour of red rain for the first time only to be followed by many more summers of extraterrestrial red rain baffling our scientists who haven't found any traces of DNA or any known building blocks of life as we know it in the red rain cells. Dr. Godfrey Louis who was then a Professor of Pure and Applied Physics at Mahatma Gandhi University was the first one study the red cells in a laboratory. While most life we know of ceases to exist at certain temperatures and high pressures, the red rain cells seem to thrive under these extreme conditions. All test results point to the fact that these red rain cells are indeed nothing that we have ever seen before. The red rain cells showed unusual fluorescence emission peaks shifting with each change in the excitation wavelength, a shifting not seen in terrestrial bio-molecules. Dr. Louis says that the state of Kerala has had confirmed red rains in 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008, and there might have been other unreported red rains in July to August 2002 to 2005.

In his paper entitled, “Unusual autofluorescence characteristic of cultured red-rain cells,” physicist Godfrey Louis summarized this way: “The observed excitation wavelength dependent emission peak shifting is an unusual result, which is against the Kash's rule. This appears to be a unique property of the red rain cells. Conventional biomolecules or organisms are not known to have this kind of unusual autofluorescence and hence, the presence of new kind of biomolecules can be inferred in the red rain cells.... Organisms replicating at 300 degrees Celsius and showing this kind of shifting autofluorescence are currently unknown to exist on earth, which is again an indication supporting the view that these cells are possibly extraterrestrial.”

Godfrey Louis adds,

"Proteins and other substances do not have this shifting of peak behavior. If normal Earth proteins and substances are fluorescing at a particular green color, then they go on fluorescing at that color. They don’t fluoresce and then emit red light. This particular material (red rain cells) is fluorescing like this (shifting peak behavior). To the best of our knowledge, I don’t think there is an (Earth) organism, which is doing this. That has not been seen. The conventional organisms are not showing this kind of fluorescence.

On first impression one may think that a microbe without DNA violates the Panspermia theory. But this need not be true. Panspermia can still be correct provided we have a much broader understanding of life. These hyperthermophilic red rain microbes can kick start life in a hot young planet. As the planet cools , there can be an evolutionary process connecting the currently known life and the red rain type life. So the red rain type life is possibly connected with our type of life in a more fundamental way. This connection need not be in terms of DNA code. Currently there exists a great lack of understanding on how life originated in the Universe. Conversion of chemicals to Life may be having a much more longer history and steps than we presently imagine. I hope that detailed studies on the red rain microbes in future can bring in more understanding on the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the Universe.

According to our hypothesis (of extraterrestrial origin), this is growing inside a comet possibly. So, if it is coming from such a body, we think this (red rain cells) has grown inside the comet. If you take a comet of size diameter 10 (6 miles) to 50 kilometers (31 miles) then inside the comet, even if it is an icy body, inside the comet there can be higher temperature due to radioactive heating or biological heating. So, inside such a comet, higher temperature and pressure can exist. That could be a natural habitat of these red rain cell organisms.

Under his microscope, Dr. Louis watched the red cells produce smaller cells internally that were colorless, or whitish. He called the new cells “daughters” of the original “mother” cells. Once he counted as many as fifteen daughter cells inside one of the adult “mother cells.” As the daughter cells grew, their cell walls also became red and eventually, the daughter cells erupted through the wall of the mother cell. For Dr. Louis, this was replication, but in normal Earth biology, replication of cell life requires the presence of DNA. He and his colleagues had looked for DNA, but were puzzled when they could not find it."

“a cell with shrunken membrane containing ‘daughters’ (internal buds).
Two have well-defined cell walls, while the third (paler) structure (lower right)
might be a further daughter in the process of development.”

To read more on this article please visit Earth Files !

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UFOs have been seen by many people all over the world and for a planet where two thirds of the surface is covered by water it should come as no surprise to the eclectic that there is more life hidden away from our eyes than what we get to see on TV. USOs or Unidentified Submerged Objects have been seen by many explorers, sailors, naval officers, fisherman and regular folk getting around the planet in their ships and boats. Deep Sea UFOs is a History Channel Documentary on the phenomena of underwater UFOs with some interesting case studies of USO encounters tracing far back to the time when Columbus and his crew were crossing the Bermuda Triangle and sighted mysterious underwater lights which top UFO researchers like Stanton Friedman believe correspond to USO activity reported in modern times.

There is a strong belief among some that these UFOs emerge from inside the Hollow Earth and have their origins in the super advanced ancient city of Atlantis which lies somewhere in the depths of the Atlantic ocean. Many folks living along the Indian coastline have also witnessed bright colorful lights in the sky, particularly right before the Tsunami hit the eastern coast.

In South America, particularly in countries like Peru, Brazil and Argentina there are multiple UFO sightings everyday witnessed by hundreds and thousands of amazed onlookers. These sightings happen particularly around ancient sites, mountains, and volcanoes. The UFOs are believed to emerge through these openings on the surface of the earth journeying from the deep hollow under world of Agartha.

The 1967 "Shag Harbour Incident" is the only government documented USO crash, off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The Laguna Cartegena in Puerto Rico a hotbed for USO activity is also featured in the History Channel Documentary 'Deep Sea UFOs' besides other fascinating reports of fast moving underwater vehicles emitting other smaller UFOs and disappearing without a trace. These USOs have been repeatedly attacked and chased in vain. It would make sense to keep an open mind to the possibility that Earth is inhabited by many other lifeforms we might remain unaware of until it is time for the truth to reveal itself.

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On 21st of February 2009, thirteen year old Harriet Rogers filmed a pulsing ball of blue light close to an RAF Base in Shropshire, England. She received a call from her Grandmother about a bright light in the sky so Harriet accompanied by her father went upstairs to have a look and saw this brilliant ball of light pulsing and changing colors.

“To the human eye, it just looked like a bright light but, on the cam-recorder we could see it pulsing, then suddenly changing colours. It was low in the sky, the bright light on the first part of the recording is a street light,” said Harriet.

The pair decided to go out and follow the light along the Craven Arms Road to try get a bit closer and they started to notice it was going down beyond the horizon.

She added: “This is when you could see with your own eyes that it was pulsing and changing colours.

“We stopped in a lay-by and rested the camcorder on a gate post where we got the best shots. We could see how it was getting much brighter than before.”

This isn’t the only time that we have seen it, we have seen about two other separate occasions, all roughly in the same direction but not the exact place.

Harriet's mum Deborah Rogers said that since these UFOs have started showing up, the teenager has become a stargazer who is fascinated with astronomy. Mrs Rogers said: 'She has got a book on UFOs now and she keeps looking up into the sky at night to see if she can see anything.

Harriet is not the only one to have spotted strange lights over Shropshire in the last few months.

There have been up to 30 sightings of mysterious spheres of light logged by UFO experts in the last two months with at least eight recorded in the last fortnight.

Last June, shaken soldiers at the Tern Hill army barracks in nearby Market Drayton, Shrops, spotted 13 UFOs spinning in the skies above their barracks. Three squadron commanders captured the anomalous objects on a mobile phone camera while out on night patrol and reported the close encounter to Army top brass.

Derek Burden was working on the 16th floor of a building in Covent Garden, West End, London when he took this picture at 8.30am.

But it was only when he looked at the image a few days later with his wife Sarah that he noticed the Saucer Shaped formations akin to clouds.

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A 45 year old lady Diane Bowers caught this amazing sight on camera while on a Holiday at the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain.

A mother of two, Mrs Bowers said :

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this cloud. The sky was so clear, just a pure blue, apart from this one cloud that looked just like a flying saucer. It was one of those moments that I will never forget. "

If a lenticular shaped cloud can create such a strong impression in someone's life there is a lot more excitement yet to unfold when real Spaceships are seen in the skies all over the Planet !

Science has termed this phenomena as Altocumulus Lenticularis : When lenticular shaped stationary clouds are formed due to moisture flowing over mountains.

Here are some lenticular clouds which make some really amazing patterns in the sky often resemling flying saucers !

Images Courtesy : Dark Roasted Blend

Mrs. Bowers's living room in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire has the saucer shaped cloud picture on the wall.


Release Notes :

This compilation was created to raise funds for Technodrome who was arrested on false charges of trying to sell narcotics in India, Mumbai. It is my effort along with all the artists that have open heartedly donated their tracks to help an innocent man get out of jail and be sent home. The track list may somewhat raise an eyebrow in comparison to the style of music Technodrome makes, but this compilation is aimed at transcending the different genres of Psytrance to a happier middle ground. Let the stomp begin for freedom! Technodrome is free now and back home ! Thank you for all the support !

NOTE : We have started an exclusive music blog featuring Psychedelic Trance from all over the world, all genres, all styles ... Psychedelic Cosmos !

Artist: VA
Title: Free Technodrome - Compiled By Bloodclot
Type: Compilation
Label: UltraVision Records
Url: http://www.ultravisionrecords.co.nr
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark Psytrance
Store.Date: Feb-26-2009
Rls.Date: Feb-28-2009
Catalogue: UVRCD001
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: Lame 3.97
Grabber: EAC 0.99 beta 4
Bitrate: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 10
Playtime: 74:03 min
Size: 109,7 MB


01. Silent Horror - 7 Gateways [07:01]
02. Tryambaka - Soul Slaves [06:42]
03. Demoniac Insonmiac - Mental Recall [08:21]
04. Mind Distortion System - Fruity Juice In A Submarine [07:43]
05. Braindrop - The Goalien [08:09]
06. Bloodclot - Thugs In Kakhi [06:59]
07. Phobos Azazel - Impossible Reality [07:15]
08. Audiophathik - Freedom To Dance [07:09]
09. Divine Stones Vs Khaos Sektor - Dawn Of Nightmare [07:25]
10. Cosmic Iron & Endless Euforia Aka Mindtalkers - We Nee [07:19]

Direct Download

Torrent Download Link 1

Torrent Download Link 2

Free download of psychedelic trance is a good way to promote this branching genre of a greater Electronic Dance Movement gathering momentum worldwide among millions of users of the electronic media.

Please buy the original cds and support the artists @ Beatport & Psyshop !

Find all your Psychedelic Music at :

My Trance

Trippy Trance

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Release Notes :

The Pure Collector's item for true Psychedelic Trance music Freaks. The periodic year of 2008 ad was a landmark year in the psychedelic music genre. The Global Roster of Mental Musicians grew wider with artists coming from far and near places like India, Norway, Argentina etc... Besides the usual suspect countries like Russia, Greece, Sweden etc. Tremors Underground Productions assembled some of the best psychedelic releases in the year 2008 from various killer labels and compiled it together in a double cd disc. We, at Tremors Underground had a tough time choosing and selecting the gems of 2008, because there were so many quality tracks in abundance and and had to be squeezed into a double cd pack. Ultimately we managed to squeeze 150 mins of cutting edge, timeless compositions which will be heard for years to come and will go beyond the year 2008.

Artist: VA
Title: Psychedelic Chronicles-The Year That Was
Type: Compilation
Label: Tremors Underground Production
Hyperlink: http://www.myspace.com/tremorsunderground
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Dark psytrance
Store.Date: 2009-01
Release.Date: 2009-01-20
Catalog: TUP005
Medium: CDDA
Encoder: LAME 3.97
Grabber: EAC 0.95 beta 4
Bitrate: VBRkpbs
Mode: Joint-Stereo
Tracks: 19
Playtime: 02:30:13 Min
Release.Size: 221,9 MB


01. Hutti Heita - Twisting The Night Away 09:10
02. Derango - Irrbloss Part 1 09:19
03. Mubali - Narcolepsy 06:46
04. Krussedull - Banana Boat 09:06
05. Psilo Cowboys - Sweet And Sour 08:39
06. Kerosene Club - Into The Womb Of Parvati 07:05
07. Gappeq - Watermelon Juice 07:24
08. Polyphonia - Voodoo Style 06:39
09. KuluZik - Dusk 06:19

01. Megalopsy Vs Xikwry Neyra - Shapeshifter 06:55
02. Silent Horror - Other Worlds 06:26
03. Irgum Burgum - Call Me Tomorrow 09:18
04. Sectio Aurea - As Above So Below 11:12
05. Sonik Scissor - Lost On The Trip (RMX) 08:46
06. Aerofurious - Top 2008 07:44
07. Kashyyyk - Magic Lamp 06:38
08. Cosmo - Super Skunk 3000 08:45
09. Furious & Excited - Ufo On Lfo 08:44
10. Highko - Who Has Won 05:26

Direct Download

Torrent Download

Free download of psychedelic trance is a good way to promote this branching genre of a greater Electronic Dance Movement gathering momentum worldwide among millions of users of the electronic media.

Please buy the original cds and support the artists @ Beatport & Psyshop !

Find all your Psychedelic Music at :

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If you have seen Minority Report you can picture this new SixthSense Technology rather well. 'SixthSense' is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information. Pranav Mistry who designed this super cool device is a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT's Media Lab. By using a camera and a tiny projector mounted in a pendant like wearable device, 'SixthSense' sees what you see and visually augments any surfaces or objects we are interacting with.

It projects information onto surfaces, walls, and physical objects around us, and lets us interact with the projected information through natural hand gestures, arm movements, or our interaction with the object itself. 'SixthSense' attempts to free information from its confines by seamlessly integrating it with reality, and thus making the entire world your computer. The current prototype system costs approximate $350 to build.

The SixthSense prototype is comprised of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera. The hardware components are coupled in a pendant like mobile wearable device. Both the projector and the camera are connected to the mobile computing device in the user’s pocket.

The projector projects visual information enabling surfaces, walls and physical objects around us to be used as interfaces; while the camera recognizes and tracks user's hand gestures and physical objects using computer-vision based techniques. The software program processes the video stream data captured by the camera and tracks the locations of the colored markers (visual tracking fiducials) at the tip of the user’s fingers using simple computer-vision techniques.

The movements and arrangements of these fiducials are interpreted into gestures that act as interaction instructions for the projected application interfaces. The maximum number of tracked fingers is only constrained by the number of unique fiducials, thus SixthSense also supports multi-touch and multi-user interaction.

Source : Pranav Mistry

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Psychonauts are explorers of the mind or psyche who use psychedelics to attain altered states of consciousness. The word Psychonaut comes from Greek Words 'Psyche' (Mind or Soul) and 'Naut' (Sailor) which means "Sailor of the Mind". Most civilizations on Earth have used psychedelics and plant based hallucinogens for spiritual and shamanic pursuits much before recorded history. Psychonauts believe that these spiritual experiences lead to long-term positive benefits in their everyday lives. By tuning into higher realms of inner awareness Psychonauts can master great powers much like the Ascended Masters or the Sadhus of the Himalayas.

Psychonaut is a modern term used to describe one who uses trance technologies and, more specifically mind-altering substances, more for their ability to act as entheogens than for their inebriating (or social) effect. In effect, they are used as a means to achieve states of mind in which different perceptions, unhindered by everyday mental filters and processes, can arise. Psychonauts believe that when a mind-altering substance is used with this intent, its effects can be life altering and are not mere hallucinations. An alternate description is that while some aspects of the experience may be hallucinatory, the realizations caused by those hallucinations and the mental, emotional and long term impact of the experience are real, usually positive, and enduring.

The term is often associated with neoshamanic practices, however, many distinguish between the mental exploration of the psychonaut and healing-oriented shamanic practice. Psychonauts often use entheogens coupled with other mind altering techniques to get into a state of trance or deep states of meditation. These techniques include Sleep Deprivation, Fasting, Isolation Tank, Sensory Deprivation, Hypnosis, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Sex, Music and Dance. Ritual is often employed for purposes of grounding and centering one's self, to set one's focus and intentions, and to instill a conception of the significance and depth of psychonautical practice. Repeated use of ritual may also train the brain to associate certain activities and states of consciousness with specific situations, creating deeper experiences and allowing one to more easily enter altered states of consciousness.

Psychonauts Documentary

Psychonauts is also a game based on the exploits of Raz, a young boy gifted with psychic abilities who runs away from the circus to try to sneak into a summer camp for those with similar powers in order to become a "Psychonaut", a "Mental Marine", a "Psychic Soldier" as Coach Oleander describes them ...

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Redefining social norms the early Hippies of the 60's sowed the seed of Goa Trance Dance from which has mushroomed this amazing vibe of Oneness enveloping the entire planet now. 'Last Hippie Standing' is a beautiful documentary on the Goan Hippie Heaven Era and what has become of it today. With a strong campaign against the use of plant based psychedelics the Government keeps a majority of the population misinformed about plant based hallucinogens. The Shamanic use of psychedelics to attain altered states of consciousness is easily clouded behind the multi-billion charade called 'The War On Drugs'. With the rave culture from the last half of the 20th century having evolved into a Spiritual Gathering of the Tribes, there is more meaning and impetus to the awakening of our collective consciousness through the psychedelic trance dance initiation. With more conscious people awakening to the truth of Oneness, our future is being shaped right now through each one of our feelings, thoughts and actions affecting our collective reality.

Goa Gil speaks about his spiritual initiation when he came to Goa in the 60's. He traveled up north and practiced Yoga Sadhana for months, living with Himalayan Ascetics, Shiva Devotees (Shaivites) and other holy men who passed onto him teachings from the sacred Indian scriptures. Cleo Odzer, the author of the book, 'Goa Freaks My Hippie Years In India speaks of her journey on a Bus from Greece all the way through Afghanistan, Pakistan to Goa, India. DJ Whosane, shares with us the essence of the Trance Dance Experience and how it all began with Shiva's Dance. From the beaches of Arambhol to Anjuna, Hippie revellers and ravers are hard to miss with all the color, energy and vibes they radiate. Last Hippy Standing is a must see for everyone who is interested to know more about the Hippie Culture and how the whole trance dance megalomania began and why it is more than just a party ... much more than mere disco in the jungle ! It is a spiritual initiation when the self dissolves in oneness with the cosmic spirit ... !!! Om Namah Shivaya !!!

Download the Last Hippie Standing Free E-book ! (PDF)

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President Barack Obama issued a memorandum to the heads of executive departments and agencies to maintain transparency in the preparation, identification and use of scientific and technological information in policy making. His memorandum instructs Federal agencies to make available to the public the scientific or technological findings or conclusions considered or relied on in policy decisions. Obama also mentioned appropriate whistle blower protections in order to ensure the integrity of scientific and technological information and processes on which the agency relies in its decision making or otherwise uses or prepares.

The first two passages of the memorandum read as follows ...

"Science and the scientific process must inform and guide decisions of my Administration on a wide range of issues, including improvement of public health, protection of the environment, increased efficiency in the use of energy and other resources, mitigation of the threat of climate change, and protection of national security.

The public must be able to trust the science and scientific process informing public policy decisions. Political officials should not suppress or alter scientific or technological findings and conclusions. If scientific and technological information is developed and used by the Federal Government, it should ordinarily be made available to the public. To the extent permitted by law, there should be transparency in the preparation, identification, and use of scientific and technological information in policy making. The selection of scientists and technology professionals for positions in the executive branch should be based on their scientific and technological knowledge, credentials, experience, and integrity."

Obama began the year with signing the memorandum on 'Open Government and Transparency' & 'The Freedom Of Information Act' on January 21. Now having signed the Memorandum on 'Scientific Integrity' Obama is taking clear steps towards official UFO Disclosure and Free Energy solutions for all humanity. We can see steps taken towards creating a better Earth by making it possible for the public to learn more about suppressed technological information such as Antigravity.With Complete UFO and Extraterrestrial Disclosure our world will never be the same again ... and that time is soon to come when we will learn to truly live as one. As one in Spirit, beyond all boundaries and decrees based on separation ... Oneness is emergent and it's Now ... Stay Tuned :)

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Alien Dreamtime is a rare live multimedia event recording of Terence McKenna at the Transmission Theater in San Francisco, California on the 26th/27th of February 1993 ... In Terence McKenna's words on the 'Archaic Revival' ... Alright, tonight, for your edification and amusement... three raves, two interregnums. Visions by Rose X.. Didgeredoo, Stephen Kent... and sound by Space Time. Words and ideas by Terence McKenna. Rap One: The Archaic Revival !

History is ending, because the dominator culture has led the human species into a blind alley. And as the inevitable chaostrophe approaches, people look for metaphors and answers. Every time a culture gets into trouble, it casts itself back into the past looking for the last sane moment it ever knew. And the last sane moment we ever knew was on the plains of Africa, 15,000 years ago, rocked in cradle of the great horned mushroom goddess before history. Before standing armies, before slavery and property, before warfare and phonetic alphabets and monotheism. Before, before, before. And this is where the future is taking us. Because the secret faith of the 20th century is not modernism. The secret faith of the 20th century is nostalgia for the archaic, nostalgia for the Paleolithic, and that gives us body piercing, abstract expressionism, surrealism, jazz, rock and roll, and Catastrophe Theory. The 20th century mind is nostalgic for the paradise that once existed on the mushroom-dotted plains of Africa, where the plant-human symbiosis occurred that pulled us out of the animal body and into the tool-using, culture-making, imagination-exploring creature that we are.

And why does this matter? It matters because it chose that the way out is back, and that the future is a forward escape into the past. This is what the psychedelic experience means. Its a doorway out of history and into the wiring under the board in eternity. And I tell you this because if the community understands what it is that holds it together, the community will be better able to streamline itself for flight into hyperspace. Because what we need is a new myth. What we need is a new true story that tells us where were going in the universe. And that true story is that the ego is a product of pathology and that when psilocybin is regularly part of the human experience, the ego is suppressed. And the suppression of the ego means the defeat of the dominators, the materialists, the product peddlers. Psychedelics return us to the inner worth of the self, to the importance of feeling immediate experience. And nobody can sell that to you and nobody can buy it from you, so the dominator culture is not interested in the felt presence of immediate experience. But that's what holds the community together. And as we break out of the silly myths of science and the infantile obsessions of the marketplace, what we discover through the psychedelic experience is that in the body-- in the body-- there are Niagaras of beauty, alien beauty, alien dimensions that are part of the self, the richest part of life.

I think of going to the grave without having a psychedelic experience, like going to the grave without having sex. It means that you never figured out what it was all about. The mystery is in the body, and the way the body works itself into nature. What the archaic revival means is shamanism, ecstasy, orgiastic sexuality, and the defeat of the three enemies of the people, and the three enemies of the people are monotheism, monogamy, and monotony. And if you get them on the run, you have the dominators sweating, folks. Because that means that you're getting it all reconnected, and get it all reconnected means putting aside the idea of separateness and self-definition through thing fetish. Getting it all connected means tapping into the Gaian mind. And the Gaian mind is what were calling the psychedelic experience. Its an experience of the living fact of the entelechy of the planet, and without that experience we wander in a desert of bogus ideologies, but with that experience, the compass of the self can be set. And that's the idea, that were figuring out how to reset the compass of the self, through community, through ecstatic dance, through psychedelics, intelligence-- intelligence... this is what we have to have to make the forward escape into hyperspace.

I'm gonna take five here, and uh, well be back and chat some more.

Alien Love

Hello... so, that was like an introduction, ha ha! Now for some preaching to the choir on the subject of: How come it is that the further in you go, the bigger it gets? I remember the very, very first time I smoked DMT. It was sort of a benchmark, you might say. And I remember that this friend of mine that always got there first, visited me with this little glass pipe, and this stuff which looked like orange mothballs. And since I was a graduate of Dr. Hofmann's, I figured there were no surprises. So the only question I asked was how long does it last? And he said, About five minutes. So, I did it. And...

There was uh, something like a flower. Like a chrysanthemum in orange and yellow that sort of spinning. Spinning. And then, it was like I was pushed from behind and I fell through the chrysanthemum into another place that didn't seem like a state of mind. It seemed like another place. And what was going on in this place (aside from the tastefully soffited indirect lighting and the crawling hallucinations along the domed wall), what was happening was that there were a lot of beings in there, a lot of what I call self-transforming machine elves. Sort of like jeweled basketballs all dribbling their way toward me. And if they had faces they would've been grinning at me, but they didn't have faces. And they assured me that they loved me, and they told me not to be amazed, not to give way to astonishment. And so I watched them, even though I wondered if maybe I hadn't really done it this time! And what they were doing, was they were making objects come into existence by singing them into existence. Objects which looked like Faberge eggs from Mars, morphing themselves with Mandaean alphabetical structures. They looked like the concrescence of linguistic intentionality put through a kind of hyperdimensional transform into three-dimensional space. And these little machines offered themselves to me. And I realized when I looked at them, that if I could bring just one of these little trinkets back, nothing would ever be quite the same again.

And I wondered where am I? And what is going on? And it occurred to me that these must be holographic viral projections from an autonomous continuum that was somehow intersecting my own. And then I thought, a more elegant explanation would be to take it at face value, and realize that I had broken into an ecology of souls, and that somehow I was getting a peek over the other side. Somehow, I was finding out that thing, that you cheerfully assume you can't find out... but it felt like I was finding out. And it felt... and then I can't remember what it felt like because the little self-transforming tikes interrupted me and said, Don't think about it. Don't think about who we are-- think about doing what were doing. Do it! Do it now. Do it!

Speaking in Tongues

And what they meant was: use your voice to make an object. And as I understood I felt a bubble kind of grow inside of me. And I watched these little elf tikes jumping in and out of my chest (they liked to do that to reassure you), and they said, Do it! And I felt language rise up in me that was unhooked from English and I began to speak like this:

Eeeoo ded hwauopsy mectoph, mectagin dupwoxin, moi phoi wops eppepepekin gitto phepsy demego doi aga din a doich demoi aga donc heedey obectdee doohueana.

(Or words to that effect). And I wondered then what it all meant, and why it felt so good (if it didn't mean anything). And I thought about it a few years, actually, and I decided, you know, that meaning and language are two different things. And that what the alien voice in the psychedelic experience wants to reveal is the syntactical nature of reality. That the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words, and that if you know the words that the world is made of, you make of it, whatever you wish!

Eh moi dea doi phegenheggo...

And one of the things that I learned about DMT, was that, if you ever had it, even just once, then you can have a dream. And in this dream somebody will pull out a little glass pipe, and then it will happen. It will happen just like the real thing. Because theres a button somewhere inside each and every one of us that gives you a look into the other side. And thats the button that resets the compass that tells you where you want to sail.

Good luck!

- Terence McKenna ( Excerpts From 'Alien Dreamtime' )

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