Full Moon affects Human Consciousness

Around the world it's a known fact the law enforcement agencies and hospitals swing into high gear on Full Moon nights with a sudden spurt in incidents mushrooming all over major cities of the world. The Full Moon does affect us in a BIG way since human consciousness is made up of electric activity.

George E Lockett shares the science and spirituality surrounding the magical Full Moon !

It has been known for centuries that the full moon can affect people’s consciousness and behaviour. Many people may feel wakeful at night with energy streaming through their body for the three days before full moon.

It is only recently that I have discovered why this may be happening. NASA-supported scientists have realized that something does happen every month when the Moon passes through Earth's magnetic tail.

"Earth's magnetotail extends well beyond the orbit of the Moon and, once a month, the Moon orbits through it," says Tim Stubbs, a University of Maryland scientist working at the Goddard Space Flight Center. "This can have consequences ranging from lunar 'dust storms' to electrostatic discharges."

Anyone can tell when the Moon is inside the magnetotail. Just look: "If the Moon is full, it is inside the magnetotail," says Stubbs. "The Moon enters the magnetotail three days before it is full and takes about six days to cross and exit on the other side."

Human consciousness too is made up of electrical activity – which can be measured with an electro encephalograph – and a magnetic aura, or field of energy. A lot of people can feel this field of energy; for example, when you smile you can feel the field of buoyant, glowing energy extending into your aura like the energy field of a magnet.

I have often wondered why I am affected so much by the moon from three days before full moon to a few days after. The magnetotail provided me with the perfect explanation; as the moon charges up when within the tail and becomes much more electrical and magnetic, it is only normal that this increase in power should be felt on Earth.

We all know from astrology that each of the planets, and the sun and moon, have an influence on our feelings, emotions and consciousness. The moon affects our emotions because the moon influences water; just as the moon causes the tides, it exerts a pull on the watery components of our body, and we feel this as emotions. The body is made up of 70 to 80% of water.

Human consciousness is also affected by sun spots and the mass ejections from the sun's corona; these are what cause the solar winds of magnetic energy which affect the Earth's upper atmosphere and give rise to the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.

I feel it is beneficial if we extend our awareness to take in all these influences of the celestial bodies, as they all communicate with, and have an influence on, each other by the transfer of electrical and magnetic energy – which could also be called consciousness.

Our body has a field of energy – the aura – which is the same as the aurora or magnetic and gravitational field of the planet. We are all One, a part of the Universal Life Force; and it is natural to be aware of the greater cosmic system, which is as much a part of our consciousness as our brain is.

As human consciousness evolves and moves from the individual awareness to an awareness of greater integration within the whole cosmic system, we also expand our understanding of the unity of life and develop a love of all things, in the realization that We Are All One.

This full moon on October 14th, is in the cardinal sign of Aries which is ruled by the planet Mars. and Native Americans call this moon October - Hunter's Moon, Moon of Falling Leaves. This is a good time for us to become more compassionate of our fellow man; to come together as you would around a circle in a camp fire. Aries personalities draw attention because they have high spirits, great enthusiasm, and are honest and open. The astrological sign of Aries is a ram - consider this energy force and enthusiasm by accomplishing your goals and ram yourself to success.

Think of a full moon in Aries where there can be produced a lot of radiant, vitalizing energy that you can capitalize on for your personal growth. This is a period to take time out and reflect on your inner growth by initiating something or becoming enterprising. Aries energy means it's a good time to be creative in the sense of causing things to begin. It's all about enthusiasm and taking that energy and running with it - like a football player who is running towards his goal without anyone near him to tackle him down.

The Shanti Jatra Full Moon Festival 2008, will be in 'Full Swing' the coming Full Moon, October 14 with hundreds of people from all over the world converging in the mystical mountains of Nepal with the Mt. Everest Sunrise in sight, dancing to the hypnotic beats of Psychedelic Trance ... The Full Moon this October is also known as Sharad / Sharath Poornima and is closely associated with Krishna, Radha and the Gopis !

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