Mysterious Pink Light Over London : A Great Gig in the Sky

A week after the October 14th First Contact prediction left many trying to figure how to interpret the channeled message within the framework of our desynchronized linear time line, an absolutely fascinating pink light appeared over Mayfair, London on October 21st leaving Londoners absolutely stunned at what their eyes saw ! The pink cloud appeared for just under an hour, hovered over buildings before breaking up and disappearing into the night sky.

The MET Office after having disapproved theories of UFOs and atmospheric phenomena said it was nothing other than lights of the city reflecting in the clouds.

A spokesman said: "If you have a very high cloud, as we did last night, you tend to get odd splodges of low cloud that will reflect the pink or sometimes orangey-pink lights of the city from all angles and stand out from the darkness of the sky.

It was indeed a great gig in the sky ! Thank You Pink Floyd !

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