Mayans Predicted Collapse Of The World Financial System

The Mayans predicted collapse of the world financial system as one of the precursors to the shift of ages due by 2012. This economic fall out is visible throughout the world as predicted by the Mayans about two thousand years ago. The Indian Stock Market saw it's lowest of lows last week with the Sensex crashing more than a thousand points thanks to the deepening global financial crisis. The system is beginning to show signs of a meltdown quite like the melting snowcapped mountains and glaciers of Earth. Synchronistic symbolism in the events of our world today are bringing to the surface the face of Truth for all to see and it would be so, if only one is awakened to a larger reality beyond this limited illusion we mistake for being real.

Clyde Prestowitz is an international trade specialist who worked for the Reagan administration in the 1980s and now heads the Economic Strategy Institute in Washington said, " The US right now is absorbing 80 per cent of global savings. Well when you hit 100 per cent, the music stops and leading figures, people like Paul Volcker, the former Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, people like George Soros, the great speculator, have all made statements that they fear a major financial crisis within the next five years because the system is unsustainable " in a statement made back in August 2005. The dollar has most world economies dependent on it for their sustenance while the US economy is in a constant recession adding on to it's debt of Trillians of Dollars to the Banking Cartel run by a few men who run the show from behind the curtains while the world sleeps in ignorance by and large. This affects not only the US economy but also the rest of the world since we've grown so dependent on the US and the slowly fading dollar. All of this chaos which has kept mankind enslaved to the whim of money has also made fools of us all divorced from the spiritual essence of all creation clinging for our lives to this materialistic separation of the human species. The new age consumerism has failed to yield true happiness laying out carrots for us rabbits in the quest of something called happiness that lies within of us however cleverly manipulated by external stimuli in the post modern era.

Money As Debt

Maybe it was meant to be the way it is and we are all standing at the gates of dawn waiting to be ushered in by the follow me tunes of the Piper at the end of time. The flowing river of change is strong as ever filling up cavities of ignorance with the seed of awareness. Human consciousness is shifting and a neo human is taking form in each one of us, some of us are simply little more aware of this paradigm shift than the others. Even though we are individuals we still hold together an all powerful collective psyche capable of making the positive change the world needs by starting with ourselves. Everything and Everyone counts .....

Be the change you want to see in the world !

- Mahatma Gandhi

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