"How Weed Won The West" is Kevin Booth's latest documentary on the varied and complex issues in the hemp movement. The film showcases the most recent, hot-off-the-presses, real-life situations involved in the move for hemp/ cannabis re-legalization, and deserves national attention. It's high production quality and in-depth, respectful, and honest look into the lives of the people this issue affects, puts it well above the bar of marijuana joke movies.

This is an issue that is far too important for people to sit back on any longer. Kevin's film reflects the humanity behind an often demonized and misunderstood, healing, and possibly economic panacea herb -- Cannabis Marijuana, Hemp. Used to be legal. Should be again! Great, educational, funny, and moving movie.

How Weed Won The West delves deeply into the culture and commerce of cannabis featuring California's ganja growers,medicinal marijuana patients and law reform advocates. Kevin Booth's vivid document from behind the front lines of the "war on pot" blows the lid off a multi-billion dollar industry on the verge. Danny Danko HIGH TIMES Magazine !

With California and the rest of the country going bankrupt, one business is booming. How Weed Won the West is the story of the growing Medical Marijuana industry, focusing on Los Angeles with over 700 legal dispensaries doling out the buds. Following the story of Organica, a southland dispensary which was raided by state and federal agencies in August of 2009, the film shows that although much has changed with Obama in office, the drug war is nowhere near over. Kevin Booth, producer/director of American Drug War, picks up where the last film left off and continues his fight against the hypocrisy of the War on Drugs. Intended to inform and entertain, this fast paced and even sometimes funny film features Texas conspiracy guru Alex Jones, Ethan Nadelmann head of Drug Policy Alliance, and a host of amazing characters including a former LAPD narcotics officer who now thinks all drugs should be legal.

Directed and narrated by Kevin Booth, Co-Produced by Trae Painter Booth, Special appearance by Alex Jones, Edited by Ryan Kaye, Executive Producer Eric Preven,

Ethan Nadelmann, Alex Jones, Craig X Rubin, William Kroger, Theresa Blaylock, Jeff Joseph, Don Duncan, Kyle Kazan, Bret Bogue, Freeway Ricky Ross, Shelly Martinez, T. Rodgers, Darryl Lucky Rodgers, Slipknot-Cory Taylor, DJ Sid, Rudy Reyes, Rev Paul Cody, Dr. Michael Morris, New Jersey Weed Man- Ed Forchion, Richard Eastman, Mac Lindsay, Dr. Edward Alexander, Mary Taylor

This is a must-see film because it destined to become an icon of the marijuana anti-prohibition movement. Even to someone who has not consumed weed in decades, this film definitely opens anyone's eyes concerning the detrimental economic, social and human ramifications created by marijuana prohibition.

It takes the viewer through a journey of real life stories involving the relatively new California legal marijuana industry using a refreshing angle which does not focus strictly on the medicinal value of marijuana. The widespread responsible consumption of marijuana for personal recreation and mood enhancement is addressed as well.

While there are many light and entertaining moments which are implied by a somewhat playful title, the subject matter and the production values of this film give it a serious historical position as an iconic mainstream documentary film.

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As we move towards imminent disclosure there are tons of videos and images being shared on the internet of anomalous lights seen by folks all around the world. There is absolutely no denying the fact that we have "Cosmic Company" and there are some in places of power and control who are trying to keep this information from the masses ... making it all sound like a big joke, Hey~Lucy~Nation, perhaps ... :) Here's a NASA Image of our Sun taken on the 24th August 2010 ...

The image seen now on the official NASA website here ... has clearly been altered, yet again ... UFO Disclosure has begun folks !

Thank You NASA ... :)

Images Courtesy : NASA

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"Spiritual Reality - Journey Within" is a brilliant video presentation on Meditation, a must see for all who seek to understand what Meditation is all about ...


Meditation is the journey of our consciousness towards the Self. Sleep is unconscious Meditation and Meditation is conscious sleep.

We receive some amount of Cosmic Energy in sleep and in deep silence. We receive abundant Cosmic Energy in Meditation.

Meditation is the journey of our consciousness from :

Body to Mind, Mind to Intellect, Intellect to Self ... and beyond !

To Meditate, the first thing is Posture.
We may sit in any posture. Posture must be comfortable and stable.
We may sit either on the floor or on a chair.
Cross your legs clasp the fingers
Close your eyes gently
Relax relax

Then, Observe your normal Breath
Do not chant any Mantra do not think of any God
Just witness the Breath
If any thoughts come,
Do not go behind the thoughts do not negate the thoughts
Just come back observe the Breath
Witness the Breath
Be the Breath

Just Be.

This is the WAY. This is the Meditation Technique.
Then one reaches, No Thought and No Breath state.
This is the Meditative State.

By more and more Meditation, we receive abundant Cosmic Energy.
With this Meditation Technique, Our Energy body gets cleansed
Third Eye is activated, and further perfected, Astral Travel happens
We understand Life after Life and many more ...

Cosmic Energy

The Cosmic Energy exists everywhere in the Cosmos.
It is the Bond between the galaxies, the planets, humans and molecules.
It is the 'space' between each and everything.
It is the bond, which keeps the whole cosmos in order.
Cosmic Energy is the 'Life Force'.

This Cosmic Energy is essential to maintain the order of our life and to expand our Consciousness.

Cosmic Energy is the base for all our actions and functions.

We receive some amount of Cosmic Energy in deep Sleep and in total Silence. We are using this energy for our day-to-day activities of our Mind like seeing, speaking, hearing, thinking and all actions of our Body.

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Encounters at the End of the World is a 2007 documentary film by Werner Herzog which studies people and places in Antarctica. The film was released in North America on June 11, 2008, and distributed by THINKFilm.

About the Film

There is a hidden society at the end of the world. One thousand men and women live together under unbelievably close quarters in Antarctica, risking their lives and sanity in search of cutting-edge science.

Now, for the first time, an outsider has been admitted. In his first documentary since GRIZZLY MAN, Werner Herzog, accompanied only by his camerman, traveled to Antarctica, with rare access to the raw beauty and raw humanity of the ultimate Down Under.

ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD, Herzog’s latest meditation on nature, explores this land of Fire, Ice and corrosive Solitude.

Source : Encounters - The Film

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"World Spirit" is a landmark audio-visual theater experience featuring poetry and storytelling by visionary artist Alex Grey, music by electronic composer and violinist Kenji Williams, and multi-screen projections of Alex Grey's paintings.

World Spirit represents a radically new form of entertainment that brings together evolutionary spiritual teachings, visual art, music, live performance and advanced technology; speaking at once to body, mind and spirit.

... America ::: the message is to transcend the Corporation Nation ... and be ONE with Creation !

~ Alex Grey

Source : Alex Grey

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'Journey To The Hollow Earth' is a documentary film that presents the history, mythology & folklore that the earth has a hollow realm, a mystical and physical place, thought to house prehistoric animals, or hide alien beings bent on conquering the earth which seems like disinfo ... keeping the masses from finding out the truth cloaked behind a veil of fear !

The hollow earth theory is represented in the history of many diverse cultures throughout the world.

The Avalon of Camelot, the Garden of Eden, Paradise Lost, Shangri-La and Valhalla are names assigned to a mystical and physical place thought by some to house prehistoric animals and plants... and by others to hide alien beings bent on conquering the outer Earth.

Our journey inwards towards spiritual awakening is symbolic of our journey to the inner realms of the inner earth, to a place of peace & tranquility ... Shambhala, Here We Come ... :)

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Money as Debt II Explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the money system that holds us hostage to a forever growing DEBT ... and how we might evolve beyond it into a new era.

“Banking doesn’t involve fraud, banking IS fraud.”

Tim Madden, monetary historian & consumer advocate

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money."

Cree Indian Proverb

'And it seems to me perfectly in the cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing … a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.'

Aldous Huxley, 1959

'I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to. Just let me control television.... You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images.....'

Hal Becker, media 'expert' and management consultant, the Futures Group, in an interview in 1981.

Reference : Money As Debt

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As awesome as it gets, the Internet has indeed spawned a new age of information and knowledge sharing, it's all so easily accessible to anyone with a reasonably decent understanding of how things work in our world ... Google Earth has managed to capture the imagination of millions worldwide with a spectacular view of our Planet Earth, our Moon, Planet Mars and the visible universe on Google Sky ... All these options are built in with the free to download Google Earth software !

Here are the co-ordinates to a location on our Moon which has what looks like a huge building complex with an 'S' on top ...

19 58 48.31 N 21 11 35.57 E

Eyewitness testimony from Ex Airforce Military. There are huge alien structures on the dark side of the moon. Many of the astronauts have seen these and NASA is covering it up, because " We don't need to know ".

Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 Astronaut says UFO's and Aliens are real and tells of secret cover up. Air Force pilot also witnesses huge UFO the size of an aircraft carrier !!!!!

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In an investigation of some of the most puzzling UFO sightings in Soviet history, we uncover the work of an underground network of UFO believers and reveal a clandestine 13-year government investigation of UFOs in this UFO Files Documentary called 'Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed' aired on the History Channel.

Many Russian UFO enthusiasts believe that proof of alien encounters exists, but is being hidden from them! We also meet George Knapp, an American broadcast journalist who travelled to Russia in the early 1990s and believes there's a treasure trove of KGB UFO files that remain top-secret.

Soviet UFOs

The Russians approached the subject of UFOs with the utmost seriousness and attention to detail. Boris Sokolov, a retired Russian colonel ran an in-depth study in 1980. "For 10 years," Sokolov said, "the entire Soviet Union became one gigantic UFO listening post."

There were 40 cases where pilots encountered UFOs, explained Sokolov. Initially, they were commanded to chase, then shoot the UFO. But when the pilots engaged, the UFO would speed up. On two occasions, pilots gave chase, lost control and crashed, with the crew killed on impact. After these unfortunate incidents, the pilots received another order: When they saw a UFO they should change course - and get out.

On October 5, 1983 Sokolov received an order from his commander to leave immediately for the Ukraine. A report from the base commander to the Chief of the General Staff claimed that the day before, from 4 until 8 in the evening, a UFO had been observed near the base. During that time, the missile launch codes had mysteriously been enabled. How this happened has never adequately been explained.

Dr Rimili Avramenko, a Russian scientist revealed that during the Vietnam War, a massive UFO flew over Hanoi. Although every major weapon in that city had its sights set on the craft, it didn't budge.

UFO sightings by Soviet cosmonauts are not uncommon. Unlike American astronauts' reluctance to talk about the subject, Soviet references to UFOs were reported from the very beginning, with Yuri Gagarin himself. In documents, Gagarin is quoted as saying UFOs are real, they fly at incredible speeds and that he would tell more about what he had seen in orbit - provided he be given permission to do so.

According to Cosmonaut Mus Manarov on the 1991 Mir Mission: “It happened during a visit mission, when all our attention was focused on the slowly approaching space capsule… It is possible that it was a kind of UFO.”

Yuri Andropov, the former Soviet leader and long-time head of the KGB, had an acute personal interest in UFOs and ordered a 13-year programme that required every soldier in the military to monitor sightings over Russian territory.

Through Andropov's personal interest, in 1978, two committees were established to investigate UFOs, one military and one civilian. Andropov ordered four million Soviet soldiers to file detailed reports of incidents.

According to some sources, the programme led to hundreds of thousands of sightings being recorded in the 13 years before it was abandoned with the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1990.

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"Ten Intentions For A Better World"

"Intention 1- I Support Life" I refrain from opposing or harming anyone. I allow others to have their own experiences. I see life in all things and honor as if it were my own. I support life.

"Intention 2 - I Seek Truth" I follow my inner compass and discard any beliefs that are no longer serving me I go to the source, I seek truth.

"Intention 3 - Set Your Course" I begin the creative process, I give direction to my life. I set my course.

"Intention 4 - Simplify" I let go so there is room for something better to come in, I intend that I am guided, guarded and protected and lined up with the Highest Good at all times. I trust and remain open to receive from both expected and unexpected sources. I simplify.

"Intention 5 - Stay Positive" I see good, say good and do good. I accept the gift from all of my experiecnes. I am living in grace and gratitude. I stay positive.

"Intention 6 - Synchronize" After intending and surrendering, I take action by following the opportunities that are presented to me. I am in the flow where the Great Mystery and Miracles abide, fulfilling my desires and doing what i came here to do. I synchronize.

"Intention 7 - Serve Others" I practice love in action. I always have enough to spare and enough to share. I am available to those who need it. I serve others.

"Intention 8 - Shine Your Light" I am a magnificent being, awakening to my highest potential. I express myself with Joy, smiling easily and laughing often. I shine my light.

"Intention 9 - Share Your Vision" I create my ideal world by envisioning it and telling others about it. I share my vision.

"Intention 10 - Synergize" I see Humanity as One. I enjoy gathering with light hearted people regularly. When we come together, we set the stage for the Great Oneness to reveal itself. We Synergize.

Reference : The Intenders

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On the 13th of August at the Sattva Sanctuary, James Gilliland's ECETI Ranch near Mt. Adams a rather unusual light was filmed using an infrared camera !

Author, educator and founder of ECETI Ranch James Gilliland joined Secret Message TV to discuss his new video of an ultradimensional UFO flying over the ranch along with censorship of ECETI UFO research data within the UFO community.

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"The Cove" is a rather shocking, eye opening documentary on dolphins and their annual hunting in Taiji, Wakayama Japan.

Academy Award® Winner for Best Documentary of 2009, THE COVE follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, shining a light on a dark and deadly secret.

Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide. The result is a provocative mix of investigative journalism, eco-adventure and arresting imagery, adding up to an unforgettable story that has inspired audiences worldwide to action.

( Watch on YouTube... )

'THE COVE' is directed by Louie Psihoyos and produced by Paula DuPré Pesmen and Fisher Stevens. The film is written by Mark Monroe. The executive producer is Jim Clark and the co-producer is Olivia Ahnemann.

Reference : The Cove Movie

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It's been over a year now we moved to Goa and we've been seeing these anomalous lights show up in the sky quite synchronistically, somehow in tune with our thoughts and feelings ... showing up sometimes when we ask them to ! Couple of months back we saw this bar shaped bright light in the sky just before sunset at around 7:00 pm ... It slowly began to change shape from what looked like a long bar / tube to a small ball and carried on moving slowly till it disappeared from view ... Soon after we see a Jet flying in exactly the same direction as the light ... :)

Last year on the 11th of November (11:11:11), while i was outside the village Chapel looking up at the sky ... I was thinking of the huge Football Field right opposite and was wondering how perfect a place it was for a big spaceship to land ... just as i had these random UFO thoughts I looked up and saw to my amazement a bright white ball of light moving North right in line with the Cross above the Chapel ... as i ran in to call someone to check it out, it was gone ... :)

Sometime last year on the South Anjuna Beach, outside Shiva Valley ... Srinath, a friend from Hyderabad and i saw this bright light moving in the sky right above Shiva Valley ... approaching a big white cloud ahead ... as it carried on moving towards the cloud I told Srinath it was going to go behind the clouds now and let's see if it reappears ... it didn't :)

A friend of mine called Ashley who lives close by has also seen these lights on many occasions and this time he managed to get something on his phone camera ... Soon after watching a Football match late at night, Ashley was standing next to his window when he saw a light moving in the sky. I requested him to jot down his experience ... Here is what he had to say about it ....

I was watching the football match. when the match ended i went 2 my room opened the window 2 have a smoke... when i saw a small light appear in the sky.... it was a very cloudy night and it was raining... so it could not be a star or the moon... so i decided 2 click a picture.... before i clicked the image from my cell..... i just stopped 2 think if i could get an image on camera... because all the other times they just disappear..... just then i see the light getting brighter and brighter.... it then starts to change shape and move.... so i clicked the picture on my cell phone..... and it disappeared after that.

The light looks brighter than the moon and is elongated towards the sides like the planet Saturn with it's rings or like a Pleiadian Beamship as photographed by Billy Meier in his ongoing contact with the Pleiadians ...

A similar light was captured by another eye witness and UFO researcher in this video ...

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This one appeared at Whitefield Hill, near Woodsend Wiltshire ... Reported on 3rd August 2010 ! The warped effect at the center creates what appears to be a sphere, possibly indicative of our planet, Earth ... The outer design does give the appearance of a star ...

The formation is directly next to an ancient barrow and a radio mast.

A beautiful stylized Celtic Cross came down as a crop circle formation at Lurkeley Hill, near East Kennett, Wiltshire ... Reported on the 3rd of August 2010 !

This beauty was reported on the 8th of August 2010 at Stanton Bridge, near Honey Street, Wiltshire UK !

Another beautiful formation was reported on the 8th of August 2010, this time right below the Pewsey White Horse in Wiltshire !

This one appeared at Horton, near Devizes, Wiltshire on the 9th of August 2010 ... looks beautiful with it's multi-layered design with yet another 3D Cube with an overlapping Tetrahedron at the center ... Truly Awesome ! This season has a lot more coming our way ... Transdimensional Brilliance ~ Awakening Consciousness ...

Crop Circle at Northdowns, near Bekhampton, Wiltshire ... Reported on the 13th of August 2010 !

This post will be updated with new crop circle formations as they are reported ... Stay Tuned Dear Ones :)

Interpretations are always welcome ... Feel free to post your views in the comments section !

Images Courtesy : Crop Circle Connector

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"When You're Strange" is a 90 minute documentary film on "The Doors" ... One of the first ever made about them ! The crowd-pleasing movie has been featured at the Sundance, Berlin, Deauville and San Sebastian Film Festivals and most recently played to sold-out shows at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Produced by Wolf Films/Strange Pictures, in association with Rhino Entertainment, and released by Abramorama.

“They say if you remember the ‘60s you weren’t there,” said producer Dick Wolf. “I can state definitively that one of the things I do remember is buying THE DOORS first album the day it came out and then listening to it about ten or twelve times in a row. Both sides. Every song. I’ve been a fan ever since. This movie is the story of the band but it is also an insight into a moment in time that will never be repeated.”

WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE uncovers historic and previously unseen footage of the illustrious rock quartet and provides new insight into the revolutionary impact of its music and legacy. Directed by award-winning writer/director Tom DiCillo and narrated by Johnny Depp, the film is a riveting account of the band’s history.

Said Depp, “Watching the hypnotic, hitherto unreleased footage of Jim, John, Ray and Robby, I felt like I experienced it all through their eyes. As a rock n’ roll documentary, or any kind of documentary for that matter, it simply doesn’t get any better than this. What an honor to have been involved. I am as proud of this as anything I have ever done.”

The film reveals an intimate perspective on the creative chemistry between drummer John Densmore, guitarist Robby Krieger, keyboardist Ray Manzarek and singer Jim Morrison — four brilliant artists who made The Doors one of America’s most iconic and influential rock bands. Using footage shot between the band’s 1965 formation and Morrison’s 1971 death, WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE follows the band from the corridors of UCLA’s film school, where Manzarek and Morrison met, to the stages of sold-out arenas.

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