Crop Circles on Google Earth and Maps ~ Free Flying Visit !

Google Earth & Maps are like a dream come true for a crop circle researcher / enthusiast ... basically anyone on a quest for knowledge and who seeks to expand one's awareness to a multidimensional reality in a unified field of coⓡnsciousness .... :)

The internet has changed our world dramatically and with so many awake n aware souls tuned into the alternative media, this information super highway is paving the way for the grand evolution of our times ... time of a global awakening of consciousness to Oneness ....

Here are some Google Earth and Maps co-ordinates to some amazing images of ghost formations of Crop Circles from earlier ...

51°25'58.95" N 1°50'49.63" W

... This one is from 2005 and still looks remarkably noticeable !!!

This is what the formation looked like when it appeared on the 24th of July 2005 !

Images Courtesy : Lucy Pringle

44°40'51.44" N 10°19'2.33" E

This one from Pannocchia, Italy (link directly takes you to the above co-ordinates using Google Earth) resembling the 'radioactive' sign is seen in Italy and visible on Google Earth ... on Google Maps for some reason it takes you elsewhere in Turkey ...  :)

The formation appeared on the 26th of June 2004 in Pannocchia, Italy !

This resembles the one at New Farm, near Chiseldon reported on June 5th 2009 ...

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