UFOs, Men in Black & Crop Circles : Unsolved Mysteries Documentary

"UFOs, Men in Black & Crop Circles" is Volume 4 of an Unsolved Mysteries documentary series titled 'The UFO Files' hosted by Robert Stack about UFOs, Government Cover Ups, NASA, Men in Black, Shadow Government Projects, Famous UFO Sightings, Crop Circles & more ...

Featuring Interviews with credible eyewitnesses and important people involved in the UFO phenomena in their own special way ... Robert Stack's funny~dramatic presentation makes it an amusing watch ...

~:::~ Unsolved Mysteries ~ The UFO Files : Volume 4 ~:::~

MEN IN BLACK - If you ever report that you've seen a UFO, you may be visited by the "Men In Black". Who are they and do they exist? These accounts by eyewitnesses are disturbing evidence that the "Men in Black" that were spoofed in the movie actually exist. And that there is nothing funny about them.

CANADIAN UFO - Shortly after a UFO sighting is reported, a mysterious videotape emerges depicting the event. Researchers believe it is the real thing, but are baffled as to who sent the tape, and where UFO is from.

WHEATFIELDS VISITATIONS - Since 1970 Southern England has been the site of more than 750 perfectly formed and unexplainable circles in fields of wheat and corn. Some believe they may be connected to nearby Stonehenge monoliths and the appearance of unexplained lights in the nighttime sky. UPDATE: Since story aired, more than 500 new circles have appeared.

LIFE ON MARS - Possible evidence of life on Mars found in a meteorite, only the 12th meteorite from Mars found on Earth. 4.5 billion years old, it predates life on earth by 1 billion years, and within it, some say, are the fossilized remains of micro-organisms.

INTERCEPTORS - Some aviation researchers believe that a new generation of sophisticated military aircraft is being developed, using mind-boggling technology. Some speculate that the technology for such an aircraft may have been come from alien technology.THE BLOB - Six times, over a three week period…blob-like droplets of strange, gelatinous goo fall on the town of Oakville, Washington, leaving dozens of residents ill with flu-like symptoms and several pets and animals dead. No one could determine how the goo, containing two types of bacteria and other living cells, fell from the sky.

UFO ODYSSEY - From 1987 to 1990 a wave of UFO sightings have fascinated small community of Wytheville, VA, but nearby Langley Air Force Base will not investigate. One citizen, Danny Gordon, continues researching and his life has changed because of it.

There has been a futile attempt in keeping the truth from the masses in order to gain control over the populace through fear based agendas ... The truth is emergent here now ... awakening human consciousness to it's true nature and it's deep connection with all ...

The Lights in the Sky ... are no different than You and 'EyE' ...

... Tat Tvam Asi ... Thou Art That ... :~)

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