This is the deepest investigation and dialog ever made about some breakthrough footage that was filmed by NASA. This footage records high numbers of disc shaped objects, ambiguously classified, and until now, unidentifiable as any known phenomenon.

UFOlogist David Sereda spent the past six years conducting scientific investigations with NASA (in written dialogs between several of the Agency’s top scientists) and through other sources about alleged UFO sightings. He is convinced that NASA has evidence of alien contact captured on video now in Sereda’s possession and available to the public on these programs.

David Sereda appeared in an unprecedented face to face showdown with NASA press correspondent and former Houston Control Operator, James Oberg, on the Late Night “Art Bell” radio show, broadcast to some 5 million listeners all over the world. Never before had NASA participated in such a large public debate on UFOs. It was an intensely furious debate over some of NASA’s very own Space Shuttle mission video footage, for it clearly depicted 2-3 mile long disc shaped objects (easily measured behind a 12 mile long tether), moving behind the tether, and thus, disproving any theories about dust particles coming from the camera equipment.

Suddenly, in the middle of this broadcast, the satellite used to broadcast the show and the live internet broadcast were obscured by a powerful ultra-high energy signal and shut down. 18 minutes of the show was nipped from the airwaves, and mysteriously the satellite turned back on just as the show was finishing. Art Bell’s technicians went live to reveal that they could not find mechanical reason for the failure. Two days later, Art Bell received a letter with circumstantial evidence of his broadcast being sabotaged.

Now, with this cornerstone evidence, Sereda presents this NASA footage and his remarkable discoveries in this book. He shows proof of intelligent craft through the process of elimination of other plausible phenomena; fundamental principles of faster than light technology and corroborating evidence found on the disc shaped objects; links to the supposed spacecraft and an identifiable star system. Over 2 hours of coverage.

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There is you, there is me and there is the vast unknown beyond our knowledge and understanding. There have been multiple UFO sightings over Mexico and other parts of Southern U.S.A. There is ample evidence to prove that there is alien life out there trying to reach out and communicate with us. However, you might not see any of it in our reflecting world for reasons best known to the ones sitting on the power switch in fear of the worst. I wonder if this comes from the guilt of mass murder in the name of peace !

These sightings were made by none other than the highly sophisticated planes along the border of Mexico which recce the area to control the trafficking of Narcotics into the U.S.A. Wonder if there is a connection !!! :)

There have been various theories on Alien Existence and what could be there possible purpose to hover around in the skies. Humanities oldest known civilizations have the mention of gods who descended from the heavens in ancient scriptures and records.

The possibility of the existence of multiple parallel universes where life forms have evolved and have somehow learnt to surpass the space and time continuum is not ruled out. The Blink On and the Blink Off theory states that there is a parallel existence however we are unable to see it because as soon our universe blinks on, theirs blinks off. They make way through a time warp to enter our universe and disappear in the blink of an eye. The movements of these objects are perfectly synchronized and they move along in geometric formations (Which looks like some alien script up in the sky) which we're yet to decipher.

Also, some almost reliable sources tell us that there have been numerous such paranormal sightings and related experiences at outdoor trance gatherings all around the world... {{{Wonder Why}}}

Ghosts, Spirits or Angels... they exist and are out there somewhere in another dimension watching and occasionally reaching out through subtle recognizable ways if you only you pay close attention ! Could there be some connection between Angels and Aliens ?

Everything and everyone is connected. Everything is energy !


Man has always been fascinated with the Moon and it's effects on the human consciousness. On Full Moon nights, something happens to us. With the initiation of the trance dance experience Full Moon nights turn out to be unforgettable experiences ranging across the spectrum of extreme polarities. There are some of us who take the opportunity to rejuvenate our connection with the Moon, dancing to the mystical vibe we collectively create when we come together on higher ground of collective consciousness. The beauty of our thoughts manifests as our collective experience as we individually transcend our acquired identities and commune as ONE, Cosmic Spirit ! Infinite ! We see everyone as reflections of the ONE divine source of all creation ! Everything is God ! God is Love ! Love is All !

One of the biggest Full Moon Festivals is the Full Moon Festival, Germany held each year at a picturesque location in Germany for a period of 4 days. They have a Psychedelic / Full On Stage, a Progressive-Electronic Stage, a Chill Out-Ambient Stage and this year they had a special Dark Psychedelic Stage with about 150 major Global Artists spinning foot stomping music non stop for 4 days ! Organizing a festival as big as this takes a whole lot of planning and ensuring all accounts are taken care of. You can see the details about the festival on their home page.

The Boom Festival Portugal has come really strong over the years bringing together music, art and creative innovation to all these wonderful people from all cultures of the world. The Healing Area was a novelty at Boom 2008. With therapies and holistic projects being held every day, a new concept of entertainment was being made at Boom. Going to Boom Festival should be on your things to do list !

Shanti Jatra Full Moon Festival held in Nepal each year is one of Asia's most sought out destinations for a fulfilling Psychedelic Himalayan Experience. This year would be the 2nd edition and it looks like it's going to be a gathering to remember. With a special non stop chill-out zone where they would also show movies and documentaries at night. The Organizers encourage people to come up and set up workshops on environmental awareness, spirituality (yoga/meditation)... Astral travel, Buddhism, Indian classical music, chakra massage, drugs awareness, healing ....

Nepal has an ancient heritage of Shamanic rituals on Full Moon Nights. One of Nepal's most famous religious places of pilgrimage is Gosainkunda lake situated at an altitude of about 4312 m. Surrounded by high mountains on the north and east, this lake is grand and picturesque. Every year during Janai Purnima in August, thousands of Hindu pilgrims come here for pilgrimage and it is quite a sight.

The large rock in the center of the lake is said to be the remains of a Shiva shrine and it is also claimed that channel carries water from the lake directly to the tank at the Kumbheshwar Temple in Patan, 60 km to the south. Shamans ("Dhami") come from all over Nepal arrive to the lake and on full moon night.

There is much dancing and singing. This day is considered holy by the shamans whereby apprentices or "Jhankris" graduate into full shamans. Trekking in August can be a bit wet as the monsoon is at its last stages, but the greenery is at its best and since it is not peak season, it is best for people who do not want to be part of the crowd.

There are many more Full Moon Festivals and we shall cover each of these individually, including the BoOm Festival which deserves an exclusive article to it's name !

((( We are One ............... BoOm )))


The virgin experiences that were made to grow
Build into a monster ready to explode
There is so much yet nothing around
I tread this road, homeward bound
Concepts and theories and all thats fact
Fade away as they were never built to last
I escape the pain and seek refuge
Somethings that use me and somethings i use
Stumbled and I found meaning around
Each little action every little sound
Foray into curious country
Experience the unknown, smell the flavor, set it all free
Sometimes it's easier to just BE
The love the hate the pain and the sorrow
All this and so much more tomorrow
The smiles the frowns the tears the gore
Yet each day i discover more
The wild the tame the wind the thunder
I wonder would i ever cease to wonder ?!


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Here in Goa, close to 3 weeks since i let me gypsy heart find familiar ground in new territory. 45 kilometres from North Goa, here in Colva sweating it out for the winter. Once winter is here, there will be no looking back ! All the hard earned money shall be invested in the pursuit of enlightenment. What could be a better way to find yourself, yet again, through the trance~dance phenomena ?

Life cruising through the by-lanes in Anjuna and Vagator with the chill in the air piercing through the heavily beaten ear drums ( Thank you Lord for all the Magic we cherish )... I could go around in circles forever, yet find something new each time. The sound of an Enfield revving it's way towards you now is a flash of energy: The flying hippy... he is gone ...

Everyone seems to come to Goa to break free from the routine they are caught in, however there are some who stay back, because they've realized that the city life and the concrete was not how it was intended to be. We as humans have made that choice and we live by our choices till the very day we succumb to the inevitable ( Unless you wanna go the Huxley way ;) ) There is so much in abundance yet it looks like it's all diminishing. It's the view from a city high rise that shouts out loud in claustrophobic disbelief.

Fresh Air is what we need ! (Let the greens flourish)

The heavenly abode of God and other uplifted lives, the Himalayas, they hold an experience for all who dare to go that distance. Within the conscious state and in complete awareness (i could do with some psychedelic interference of the 3rd kind ;), the extremes shall teach what nothing could ever do! Through, persistence, you shall find !

Time to get back ON !

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