Sixto Paz Wells is one of the most famous UFO / ET contactees in the world and a required guest in the world’s most important international congresses on the UFO subject. Similarly, he’s been interviewed in the world’s most prestigious radio and TV programs.

Sixto is a 54 year old Peruvian citizen, born in Lima, Perú on December the 12th, 1955. He studied primary and secondary school with the Marian Brothers (Maristas in Spanish) and also studied history at the Pontificia Universidad Católica.

He has been in contact with a race of Mongolian looking humans originally from the Orion constellation who have established a large base on one of Jupiter's moon's Ganymede. He has had a number of contact experiences after he first established telepathic communication with the extraterrestrials in 1974. These were quickly followed by a number of UFO sightings and physical contact with the extraterrestrials in the desert area of Chilca, Peru.

The sightings involved multiple witnesses and the physical contacts involved a number of individuals who were being prepared for more extensive human extraterrestrial interactions. Sixto's case was independently investigated by the Spanish journalist Juan José Benitez who was so impressed by the sightings and contacts that he wrote a number of books describing what was happening at Chilca, Peru.

Here is a video documentary called "The Cosmic Plan" in which Sixto shares information passed on to him by the Extraterrestrials about Earth, it's creation, the birth of the human species etc ...

Sixto Paz is one of the most famous UFO/ET contactees in the world and a required guest in the world's most important international congresses on the UFO subject. Similarly, he's been interviewed by many radio and TV programs. He was able to establish contact with the UFOs and their crews in the 1970's and produced his vision for the Cosmic Plan over recent decades.

This documentary discusses Creation, Evolution, UFO contact, Crop Circles, ET communication at Chilbolton, Atlantis, Extraterrestrials such as the Pleiadians, the Orions, the Sirian Tribes, the Shining Ones, Hollow Earth, the inner kingdom of Agartha, city of Shambhala, 2012 and more. Much of the narrative and philosophy given in this presentation mirrors that given to Billy Meier and revealed in his videos and contact notes.

You can also watch "The Cosmic Plan" in parts on YouTube ...

The video contains some excellent animations throughout the story told by Sixto. At the end of the main sequence is the DVD extra footage of some of Sixto's regular contacts/appearances of UFOs on video and stills.

" Namaste ... Shine On Dear Ones ... :) "

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Search for Ancient Technology is a documentary featuring Erich Von Daniken, author of the 'Chariots of the Gods' who presents compelling evidence of the presence of highly advanced flight technology in ancient times.

Born on April 14th, 1935, in Zofingen, Switzerland, Erich von Daniken was educated at the College St-Michel in Fribourg, where already as a student he occupied his time with the study of the ancient holy writings.

While managing director of a Swiss 5-Star Hotel, he wrote his first book, Chariots of the Gods, which was an immediate bestseller in the United States, Germany, and later in 38 other countries.

In the United States, Erich von Daniken won instant fame as a result of the television special “In Search of Ancient Astronauts,” based upon his first book. In 1993, the German television station SAT-1 started a twenty-five part TV series with and by Erich von Daniken, entitled “Auf den Spuren der All-Machtigen” (Pathways of the Gods). In 1996, the American TV company ABC/Kane produced a one-hour special, filmed all over the world, entitled Chariots of the Gods – The Mysteries Continue.

This film was broadcast on the ABC network on September 26th 1996. In 1996/97 ABC/Kane produced another documentary with Erich von Daniken (seen on the Discovery Channel). In Germany, the biggest TV network, RTL, showed the film on November 26th, 1996. 7,7 million viewers in Germany alone watched the program. Today, Erich von Daniken continues his filming with ABC and RTL.

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In this Channel 4 series called "What We Still Don't Know", Sir Martin Rees asks several fundamental questions about creation and tries to answer them.

"Are We Alone ?" ...

Sir Martin explores the possibility that life exists on planets beyond our own. He unveils an unsettling scientific debate that has startling consequences for us Earthlings.

"Why Are We Here ?" ...

Everything you thought you knew about the universe is wrong. It's made of atoms, right? Wrong. Atoms only account for a measly 15% of everything that exists. The mass of the universe consists of something so mysterious and elusive that it has been dubbed 'dark matter'.

"Are We Real ?" ...

There is a fundamental chasm in our understanding of ourselves, the universe, and everything. To solve this, Sir Martin takes us on a mind-boggling journey through multiple universes to post-biological life. On the way we learn of the disturbing possibility that we could be the product of someone else's experiment.

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Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is one of the oldest tunes on "Unity & Diversity" aired on India's premier National Television Network, Doordarshan. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara was telecast for the first time on Independence Day 1988, after the telecast of the Prime Minister’s speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

The song's lyrics are unique, One phrase, repeated in fourteen Indian languages: "Milē sur mērā tumhārā, tō sur banē hamārā", meaning "When my tune and your tune merge, it becomes our tune".... "Sur Ki Nadiyan Har Dishaan Sey Bahakay Sagar Me Milay ... Badalon Ka Roop Lai Kai Barsay Halkay Halkay" ... Flowing Rivers of Music merge into the Sea ... then take the form of Clouds and fall to Earth as the gentle rain ... :)

Some of the well known Indian people featured in this video were ... Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty, Tanvir Ashai, Kamal Hasan, K.R.Vijaya, Revathi, Jeetendra, Waheeda Rehman, Hema Malini, Tanuja, Sharmila Tagore, Shabana Azmi, Deepa Sahi, Om Puri, Dina Pathak, Meenakshi Seshadri (Actors: Film and T.V.) Mallika Sarabhai (Dancer) Mario Miranda (Cartoonist) Mrinal Sen (Filmmaker) Sunil Gangopadhyay, Annadashankar Ray (Authors) Bhimsen Joshi, M Balamuralikrishna, Lata Mangeshkar, Suchitra Mitra (Singers) Narendra Hirwani, S Venkataraghavan, Prakash Padukone, Ramanathan Krishnan, Arun Lal, PK Banerjee, Chuni Goswami, Syed Kirmani, Leslie Claudius, Gurbux Singh (Sportsmen), Pratap Pothen, [AV Ramanan], Shashi (Aana Paappaan)... The new avataar of Mile Sur Mera Tumhara was recently released on the eve of the Indian Republic Day (26th Jan) by Amitabh Bachchan who is the only one to reappear in the sequel too ...
"I am very thankful that they have considered me to have the opportunity to stand along with my son and daughter-in-law to make it a very historic piece of music," ~ Amitabh Bachchan More than 60 known personalities, including actors Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Juhi Chawla along with other prominent personalities feature in the new version of the song.
It features 22 superstars, 18 musicians, 13 artistes and singers and 15 other known personalities. If we can understand how we are all united as one nation celebrating all the diverse ways in which we peacefully co-exist, we should also be able to take this understanding to a level of global consciousness where all illusionary boundaries are dissolved as there is no other ... no perceived outside enemy ... It's time we take the message of unity to a universal level where we awaken to the inherent oneness of all creation ... we are ☝ ... Namaste ... ☼:~)
" yoUNITY in Multiple~City "
References : Hindustan Times Related Articles :
"I Believe in UFOs" is a recently aired BBC Documentary presented by Danny Dyer who goes on a quest investigating Aliens, UFOs, Crop Circles and other ultra dimensional magical light phenomena experienced and observed by many all around the world.

Danny talks to prominent researchers, UFO enthusiasts and others who believe having experienced something unknown & mysterious, possibly of Extraterrestrial origin.

The tone of this documentary is pretty balanced with people interviewed sharing all perspectives of believing, knowing and those of skeptical inquiry into the UFO / Alien / Crop Circle phenomena ! The documentary features some awe inspiring footage of some amazing Crop Circles of 2009 ... At James Gilliland's ECETI ranch Danny seemed a bit distraught after the spiritual session as the judgmental ego came to the fore as it was encountering something new ... something expansive taking one beyond the limits of the ego ...

Source : BBC Related Articles :

We are aware that while the planet is under going a shift to a higher frequency that, because she is a living moving energy system, all who reside within her energy fields will also experience this realignment. Firstly what many are experiencing naturally as the planet undergoes her transformation which is what is termed the 'Creation of the Lightbody'.

So the next few pages will outline the different stages we may experience as this occurs and how it is manifesting in our own energy fields e.g. bouts of flu, headaches etc. Secondly as many are enthusiastic and joyous at these changes, I would like to cover practical things that we can consciously do to build and increase the Light quotient in our own bodies.

Tuning ourselves to the higher octaves of Light and changing our vibrational frequency has been explored extensively in previous chapters which I will briefly summarize and then add a few additional techniques to accelerate this process. The process of transition into Light is a gradual one. We are not matter one day and pure Light the next. Our energy fields are infused with and realigned to Light gradually or else we would experience electrical 'burn out'.

Creation of the Lightbody is due to the planets current transition process and is not an optional experience or process. According to that, the Lightbody is gradually created through the transmutation of our current physical body as it mutates and absorbs more Light. Again this is interconnected with the realignment of our energy fields to higher frequencies and higher octaves of Light and the following information describes the actual physical process and common symptoms as this change occurs.

We are all evolving and absorbing Light at our own pace. Some are consciously working with these changes and so their transmutation is quicker, some are unaware and are absorbing this Light and change in direct relation to planetary change. However, one can classify this creation into levels ...


- when the body drops density it commonly displays mutational symptoms of flu, headaches, diarrhea, rashes, muscle and joint aches. Most flu epidemics are actually Light epidemics! Brain chemistry changes, right and left brain functions blend and the pituitary and pineal glands begin to change in size. The DNA structure and chemical components begin to change and pick up extra hydrogen atoms and chemicals that the cells need to take undifferentiated higher Light and break it down into useable Light encodements for the DNA.


- the etheric blueprint floods with light and releases karmic experiences, individuals may feel disoriented as well as experience of 'bouts of flu'. Many begin to question "why am I here". Light in the etheric blueprint releases 4th dimensional structure and causes spins in the geometries of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Change is rapid and many feel tired.


- physical senses become much stronger. Your bodies not only absorb Light for its own change but also acts as a transducer- decoder of higher light energies to the planet as a whole. The process of the in-breath is now irreversible, like an elastic band that has been stretched to maximum capacity, been let go of and will return to its natural state.


- major changes are in the brain and its chemistry and electromagnetic energies - symptoms are often headaches, blurry vision, loss of hearing and sometimes chest pains. Crystal regulators in the etheric body keep lines of light within the 5th dimensional blueprint from connecting again until you are ready. Chest pains are due to the expanding energies of the heart as it opens to deeper levels. Vision and hearing are being realigned to function differently. The mental body begins to wonder if it really is in charge and individuals get strong unexplainable and undeniable urges to follow spirit without hesitation. Individuals may get lashes of telepathy, clairvoyance and nearly all begin to experience empathy. This is a time of feeling, of honoring and accepting and validating the emotional body and learning to control it.


- the mental body decides to tune to spirit, dreams change and may become more 'lucid', you get feelings of de ja vu. Thought processes become non linear. Being's oscillate between knowing and doubt. We realize the habitual nature of thinking and behavior and look at de-programming and re-programming to create the "I" we wish to be, not the "I" we thought we were from our interaction with parents, peers and society etc. Change seems to be constant and we consciously begin to discern from our heart rather than judge from 'conditioned responses'.


- we draw to us others for mutual support and stimulation of growth. We question what is real, our mental process and how we identify with others and ourselves changes rapidly. Re-evaluation may be uncomfortable but we feel it must be done - we look at our relationships, jobs, home environment, living styles, it is a time of letting go, of moving on. We change our friends, everything feels to be in a state of flux but we feel lighter, vaster, freer somehow. By this stage the Light quotient in our being is 33% - we feel as though we are opening up our inner senses and clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. seem normal and natural to us.


- the heart chakra opens more, we become more 'real' with other emotions, we just have to be ourselves! We release blocks and old patterns - it is a time of great emotional clearing and great intensity as we seek to rid ourselves of emotional baggage. We feel more in tune with each moment, feeling very present and flowing with life.

Often old relationships end or change rapidly as Being's dig deep and honour their feelings - there is simply no room for denial on any level. We begin to lose emotional attachment to others. Chest pains (angina) are more common as the heart continues to open its energy fields. (Doing the Unified chakra meditation will assist in the heart opening). Fear at this time is released as the energy fields of all the bodies are realigned through the heart and when aligned, fear drops away. Pressure at the forehead or back or the head is due to the opening of the pituitary and pineal glands as they absorb more light, when these glands are fully open, activated and functioning at the highest level, aging and death cease. When the pineal gland is fully open we experience multi-dimensionality yet duality seems to increase as we leave it behind. Some days we feel connected and joyous, others we are in fear and caught up in survival issues. Many wish to 'ascend' and leave the planet as we sense the very real possibility of ascension through our deepening connection with spirit. As we learn to follow our joy, we may then want to 'save the planet' and have everyone follow their joy.

ALL are stages of progression and reflect our changing perception. Dietary wise, you feel to eat less, more light, live food - many at this stage have ceased to eat meat, sugar and drink alcohol as they 'feel' the effects of these substances on the vibrational fields of the body.


- we leave the 'saving and rescuing' mode behind . The pineal and pituitary glands change shape, if headaches persist ask the Being's who are working with you to simply 'tone it down' for they don't feel pain, or ask them to release endorphin's - the brains natural opiate. The brain is being activated - particularly the cerebrum, the 'sleeping giant'. Cranial expansion is common; triangular 'seed crystals' in the brow and recorder crystals in the right side of the brain are activated along with the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras. We begin to be hooked into the languages of Light. The pituitary and pineal glands are opened fully and work together to create the 'Arc of the Covenant', a rainbow light that arcs over the top of the head to the third eye that is a decoding mechanism for higher dimensional language. You may find it hard to find words to express yourself as you may think in geometries and tones. If confused do the unified chakra meditation and ask for messages to be decoded and translated. Again you become much more aware of the vastness and multi-dimensionality of your nature, that you can be anything that you want to be, you cease to operate from obligation and relationships become transpersonal. You share words from your heart and soul and others may feel disorientated when dealing with you as they no longer have 'hooks' into you to link with. You operate from a deep level of serenity with heightened sensitivity and awareness yet feel grounded and transformed. By this stage, it is possible to be sustained purely by Light and prana, to take no nourishment from the atmospheric realms and to be healthily sustained by the etheric.


- decoding geometries and toning is easier, spirit is using the languages of light which shift the 6th dimensional blueprint into a new template for your 5th dimensional Lightbody. Your body may change shape as the energy fields shift. You feel interconnected to all Being's everywhere and less connected to the opinions of others. You release the desire for and the energy to sustain the 'game of separation and limitation' and feel truly free. The 9th level sees a mass descension of the Lightbody into physical form. As with the 3rd and 6th, this level sees a strong re-evaluation as we begin the final surrender to Spirit and we truly become the Divine instrument. Here Spirit determines our income, our work, other being's in our lives, everything. This is the dissolution of the ego-self and while ecstatic, it can be most painful. Making the leap can be fearful even though we have evolved through eons of time to reach this point. We may go back and forth, clinging to old comfort zones before completely letting go - there is no turning back and all must be released. 9th level is surrender and then ecstasy; the letting go of the "I" - we realize that while free will is real it is also an illusion as it only there to guide us and to empower us to be One with Spirit. Survival fears leave - focus in on the Now at one-at-ment. Though fears may surface, they seem unreal and are easily put aside.

We tend to disconnect from consensus reality and our choices and reality seem unreal to others. From the 7th, 8th and 9th the inner light noticeably radiates out and by now you feel unbelievably grounded, connected, centered, filled with purpose and desiring only to serve. For awhile you may slip between the 8th & 9th, from feeling complete at-one-ment to being ' a limited human being' again, this settles down by the end of the 9th level. You then continually feel connected and operate from your Christ level and your intention and motivation is always for the highest, although others, due to their own inner triggers and issues, may not always choose to see that. The 9th is where we begin to hook up to our I AM. The last three levels unify all energy fields, all chakras are unified and you become totally connected to your I AM.


- you are one with Source consciousness and know all is possible. DNA is no longer 2 strand but 12 strand; teleportation, manifestation etc. are instantaneous. The Merkabah (another name for our Lightbody) has been built and allows you to pass through space, time and dimensions complete in your totality. It has its own consciousness to be directed by you.


11. Eleventh level - all levels of the lightbody have been constructed and activated and are connected to your physical body via 'spin points'. These light matrix's lie along the physical acupuncture meridians and are lines of light intersecting in beautiful geometries - a new 5th dimensional circulatory system of Light. Cellular regeneration has been accomplished. Time is no longer linear but simultaneous - past, present and future co-exist - all exist in parallels. There is no separation and you will fully manifest your vision of Heaven on Earth and express the ecstasy of Spirit. In this 'frame' of conscious awareness many now access and create new types of Light based technologies, new community living, new systems of government and equitable food and resource distribution systems. All have received specialist training and skills to help create and manifest the New World - the 'Golden Age'.

12. THE 12th LEVEL

- the continuation of the Creation and implementation of the New World systems - hook up with other 12th level initiates who bring into existence new governments, new financial and educational systems, better system of food and resource allocation etc. as all will be redefined in the final stages of Earth's ascension so that all may exist in joy, equality and harmony. By this time the planet and her inhabitants will have been 'rewoven' into Light to shine in their full glory as the final stages of this Divine Plan unfolds. The planet goes to Light, shifts out of this dimension and is brought into a multi-star system where everyone is a lightbody and follows Spirit in total Mastery. All parallel realities are rewoven and absorbed back to Spirit and all have aligned their will to the Divine.

.... Excerpt from the book "The Art of Resonance"

Source : Gregg Braden

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The Babongo of Gabon used to be known as Pygmies. They're still treated as second-class citizens by their neighbours. But their expertise and knowledge of the forests is unique and their use of Iboga, a powerful hallucinogenic which lies at the heart of Babongo culture, makes them famous throughout Gabon.

In this video, part of the BBC Series called Tribe presented by Bruce Parry who lives with the Babongo of Gabon and gets initiated into the ritualistic use of the sacred African root, Iboga, the holy sacrament of the Bwiti religion.

The Babongo follow Bwiti, an animistic religion based on a belief in spirits which started in the forests thousands of years ago. More recently Bwiti, influenced in curious ways by Christianity, has become one of Gabon's official religions - there are Bwiti churches, ceremonies and initiations in the capital, Libreville, and the first President was an initiate.

In the city, the Bwiti drug Iboga is taken almost as Catholics take the host at Mass, and festivals follow the Christian calendar. But out in the forest, the original form of the religion is still practiced, in all its potency.

The Babongo cultivate the drug Iboga for their ceremonies, and worship it as the source of spiritual knowledge. Some Bwiti scholars believe it is the Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden. It comes from the bitter root of the Iboga tree, and is a powerful psycho-active drug - something like LSD, mescaline or amphetamines. Taking Iboga brings a sense of anxiety, extreme apprehension and visual hallucinations - effects which can be made stronger by darkness, ambience and suggestion. It makes you violently sick, can lead to a state of lethargy lasting four to five days and, in extreme doses, it can kill.
When Bwiti shamans eat Iboga, they are granted the power to see the future, heal the sick and speak with the dead. The Babongo use it as a stimulant before hunting and during initiation ceremonies. They believe that Iboga frees your soul to leave your body and go on a great journey, to speak with the spirits of animals and plants.
The three-day initiation ceremony is used for spiritual or personal development, and to become a man. First the initiate eats the sliced root of the Iboga tree over a period of hours, monitored by his Bwiti father, and the visions begin. The Iboga allows him to see into his true self and vividly revisit the consequences of his past actions. After 24 hours of this, the initiate is taken to the river by the men. They lift him through a construction of twigs shaped like a vulva suspended over the water, then wash him with water soaked with leaves. The men pull a sapling of the sacred matombi tree from the forest, and plant it outside the Bwiti temple - it represents the initiate as a child. Throughout the day the elders feed him small pieces of Iboga, and the whole village perform, dancing in vivid costumes, in a way designed to bring on further hallucinations.
In the last phase, the initiate is called upon to see the Bwiti visions. Fire dancers sprint the length of the village to entice the Macoi spirits from the darkness of the forest. The initiate must tell the elders what he has seen; this is sacred knowledge, known only to them, and through it he becomes a man. The villagers meanwhile plant a forest around the matombi tree, to represent the problems to be faced in adult life. Together, the men break up the trees branch by branch to symbolise the removal of all his problems.
As well as influencing religious belief across Gabon, Iboga is also of increasing interest to Western medicine. One of its active ingredients, ibogain, has been used to treat heroin addicts, alcoholics and people who have been traumatised in childhood. Advocates say its particular powerful effects allow those who take it to move on from their previous lives and habits. Source : BBC Related Articles :
The Film "Fierce Light" continues the quest for a fusion between spirituality and activism previously explored in Velcrow Ripper's award-winning feature documentary ScaredSacred (Special Jury Prize, Toronto International Film Festival).

The 2006 demise of friend and fellow media-activist Brad Will in protest-torn Oaxaca, Mexico, is the impetus for Ripper's journey, which takes him to the flash points of spiritual activism around the world, including Montgomery, Alabama; Robben Island, South Africa; Andrah, India; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and South Central Los Angeles, where a months-long protest against the razing of a vital community garden provides a highly dramatic spine for the wide-ranging film.

En route, Ripper encounters a number of eloquent icons, including American Civil Rights legend Congressman John Lewis, actor turned activist Daryl Hannah, Nobel prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Alice Walker, Buddhist peace activist monk Thich Nhat Hahn, famed tree sitter Julia Butterfly Hill, and dharma punk, Noah Levine. Ripper discovers what Paul Hawken (author “Blessed Unrest”) describes as the largest global movement in history - thousands of individuals and organizations connected by a shared commitment to compassionate, positive action.
Alice Walker calls it "a human sunrise" - Ripper calls it "Fierce Light." With stunning cinematography, a compelling soundtrack, and dramatic stories of resistance and transformation, FIERCE LIGHT: When Spirit Meets Action reveals what is possible when human beings, faced with a world in crisis, rise to their absolute best.
Spiritual Activism is the coming together of spirituality, and activism. It is not about any form of dogma, it is simply activism that comes from the heart, not just the head, activism that is compassionate, positive, kind, fierce and transformative. It focuses as much on what we are for, as on what we are against. It is rooted in an understanding of interdependence, and works to end of the suffering of all beings, even our opponents. Nothing could be more inspiring and more rewarding than being the change we want to see in the world, within and without.
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"Something Unknown Is Doing ... We Don't Know What" is a fascinating spiritual journey into the science behind psychic sciences, an award winning documentary by Renée Scheltema.

Is it possible that some people can read your mind, "Telepathy" ? or look into the future, "Clairvoyance" ? Why is it that some people can cure themselves while in the last stages of a deadly cancer, "Healing" ? Does mind over matter really exist, and if so, how do we explain this "Telekinesis" ?

In the US millions of people claim to ‘see’ distant objects or places "Remote Viewing". Where is the boundary between 'real' magical powers and fraud ? Can these ‘miracles of the mind’ be explained ?

These and more questions will be answered in the quirky feature award winning, documentary “Something Unknown is doing we don't know what ” by Dutch filmmaker Renée Scheltema, who was inspired to explore the realms of psychic phenomena after a series of curious and unexplainable events happened around her all in a short period of time.

She travelled to the US to meet up with the top scientists, para-psychologists, psychologists, physicians, and doctors within the field of research, like Prof Charles Tart, Prof Gary Schwartz, Dr Larry Dossey and Dr Dean Radin. Along the way she collects anecdotal stories from celebrities within the field, such as psychic detective Nancy Myer, author Arielle Ford, astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell and intuitive Catherine Yunt.

Renée found that experiments of today reveal how science is verifying numerous kinds of connections : 'mind to mind'; 'mind to body' and 'mind to world', demonstrating that psychic abilities are part of our inherent nature.

Source : Something Unknown

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'One The Movie' is a spiritual documentary film featuring Deepak Chopra, Father Richard Rohr, Ram Dass, Riane Eisler, Thich Nhat Hahn, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert Thurman, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Hasan Quasdini, Father Thomas Keating, Scott Carter, Mantak Chia and many others.

One : The Movie was created to increase awareness of the connections we all share. To remind us of our similarities and celebrate our differences.

To allow the positive energy of Oneness to emerge in a world that too often seems disconnected and broken.

The film's concept is simple : Ask the ultimate questions of life to the great masters and to everyday people. Then let the dialog flow. The result is a movie that has sparkled dialog on six continents and in hundreds of venues - from barns to prisons to universities to theaters. One reminds us that we are all on a journey to better understand ourselves, our connections with others and our ultimate meaning and destiny. Watch The Complete Documentary Film : "One ~ The Movie" ...

Source : One - The Movie

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Pulse ( P•U•L•S•E ) is a live concert video of Pink Floyd playing at Earl's Court on October 20th, 1994 part of 'The Division Bell' Tour. Pulse is considered by many to be one of the greatest light and sound concerts ever with Pink Floyd playing some of their greatest songs ever from 'The Dark Side of the Moon', 'Wish You Were Here', 'Meddle', 'The Wall', 'A Momentary Lapse of Reason', 'The Division Bell' ... It also features "Astronomy Domine", a Syd Barrett song not performed since the early 1970s, as a tribute to the original Pink Floyd guitarist and song writer, one of the founding members of 'Pink Floyd'.

The original CD cover of Pulse, the live double album released on 29 May 1995 features an "eye-like" machine that has clock pieces inside, there is a planet in its centre, and on the outside it shows evolution as it moves backwards. It starts in the sea, moves to the bacteria which evolve into fishes, then into egg type creatures, then into eggs that hatch birds, and birds follow the trail of an aeroplane. There are six pyramids in the desert, and in the bottom of the sea, one can observe a city in the shore.

Disc One :

1. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" (Concert version) (Gilmour/Waters/Wright)
2. "Learning to Fly" (Gilmour/Moore/Ezrin/Carin)
3. "High Hopes" (Gilmour/Samson)
4. "Take It Back" (Gilmour/Ezrin/Samson/Laird-Clowes)
5. "Coming Back to Life" (Gilmour)
6. "Sorrow" (Gilmour)
7. "Keep Talking" (Gilmour/Wright/Samson)
8. "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)" (Waters)
9. "One of These Days" (Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright)

Disc Two :
1. "Speak to Me" (Mason) 2. "Breathe" (Gilmour/Waters/Wright) 3. "On the Run" (Gilmour/Waters) 4. "Time" (Gilmour/Mason/Waters/Wright) 5. "The Great Gig in the Sky" (Wright/Clare Torry) 6. "Money" (Waters) 7. "Us and Them" (Waters/Wright) 8. "Any Colour You Like" (Gilmour/Mason/Wright) 9. "Brain Damage" (Waters) 10. "Eclipse" (Waters) 11. "Wish You Were Here" (Gilmour/Waters) 12. "Comfortably Numb" (Gilmour/Waters) 13. "Run Like Hell" (Gilmour/Waters)
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Thunderbolts of the Gods is a paradigm rattling documentary from a modern cosmology perspective which sees the physical universe connected through Electricity, introducing the Electric Universe ... based on the book by the same name written by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott, who suggest that popular astronomy gives a distorted view of the universe.

The modern vision evokes a sense of lonely bodies in space—isolated galaxies, self-immolating stars drifting like dust moats in the blackness, and the clockwork solitude of planets. In challenging this idea, the authors emphasize connectivity. The electric force, they contend, influences matter at all levels, from subatomic particles to galactic clusters, leaving little room for the disconnected fragments of modern theory.

Primary subjects include: an introduction to the plasma universe; electrical challenges to Big Bang cosmology; discovery of the electric sun; and the electrical nature of comets. In language designed for scientists and non-scientists alike, the authors show that even the greatest surprises of the space age are predictable patterns in an electric universe. In the wake of recent discoveries, a new way of seeing the physical universe is emerging. The new vantage point emphasizes the role of electricity in space and shows the negligible contribution of gravity in cosmic events.

Images returned by high-powered telescopes and recent space probes have challenged astronomers’ long-standing assumptions about galaxies and their constituent stars, about the evolution of our solar system, and about the nature and history of Earth.

The new discoveries also suggest that our early ancestors may have witnessed awe inspiring electrical events in the heavens—the source of myths and symbols around the world.

The Thunderbolts Project calls into question not only countless modern scientific assumptions, but also the billions of dollars of big-science government and corporate funding that continues to preserve and entrench questionable theories - elevating them to the status of doctrine - while systematically excluding legitimate alternatives that threaten the status-quo. Alternatives that may represent the future of science.

The Thunderbolts Project offers remarkably simple explanations for 'black holes', 'dark matter', the electric sun, comets that are not made of ice, planetary scarring and many other 'mysterious' phenomena. It proposes that much of the currently observable phenomena of deep space can be intelligently explained by already known principles of electricity. High school students get it immediately. A doctorate in higher math is not required.

This extraordinary new theory also redefines ancient history, linking rock art images carved in basalt 5,000 years ago with identical images found only in Hubble photographs of deep space or in photographs of recently declassified high-energy plasma discharge experiments generated in a billion dollar lab.


Today, we are seeing things in space that were never imagined. We detect magnetic fields everywhere, even in the "empty" depths of intergalactic space. Magnetic fields cannot exist without causative electric currents.

The naked electric force is 39 orders of magnitude (a thousand billion billion billion billion times) stronger than gravity. The visible universe is constituted almost entirely of electrically active plasma.

In the twentieth century the pioneers of plasma science inspired a new school of investigation called plasma cosmology. Plasma cosmologists suggest that electricity is the primary force organizing spiral galaxies and the astonishing galactic clusters now seen in deep space.

Plasma cosmology has achieved surprising success in predicting major discoveries of the space age. This new perspective does not require purely theoretical inventions like the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, neutron stars, or Black Holes.


The "Electric Universe" extends the findings of plasma cosmology to the formation and evolution of stars and their planetary satellites.

Proponents of the Electric Universe suggest that there are no isolated islands in the universe. All objects in space, from subatomic particles to galactic clusters, are connected by manifestations of the electric force acting in real time.

Stars are formed at the intersections of galactic current filaments in dusty space plasma.

It is electricity that continues to energize the stars in a form of glow discharge, our Sun included. This external power source explains why the temperature of the Sun increases above the photosphere, to coronal temperatures of 2 million degrees.

Powerful plasma feedback effects maintain a steady output of visible solar radiation while variations in power input show up in the familiar sunspot cycle. It is in the nature of a glow discharge that all stars possess a weak electric field beyond the corona.

As charged particles of the solar wind move away from the Sun, they continue to be accelerated due to the Sun's electric field.

The size of a star and its color are determined electrically and may change suddenly. Novae and supernovae are the explosive response of stars to a power surge in their galactic circuit.

Source : Thunderbolts Project

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Josh Gates returns to the Himalayas in search of the Yeti, this time to the Kingdom of Bhutan or "Druk Yul" as the local Bhutanese people call their country which means, "Land of the Thunder Dragon". Some also know Bhutan as the Land of the Peaceful Dragon ! Bhutan is also known as the last Shangri La of the Himalayas rooted in deep mysticism and ancient wisdom passed down through the generations.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has set aside an area specifically for the Yeti, the Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary. A sanctuary for a creature that local lore claims is invisible ! Josh Gates and the rest of the Destination Truth team set out for their most recent adventure in Yeti Land, this time they manage to get affirmative DNA evidence taken from the hair samples found on their Yeti chase, which are believed to be of an unknown primate !

Source : SyFy Channel : Destination Truth

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Wish You Were Here is one of Pink Floyd's best albums ever with the classics "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Have A Cigar" & one of my top floyd favorites ever, "Welcome To The Machine" ... extremely well written about our machine like modern society where we love following patterns and trends much like programmed machines ...

The concept behind "Welcome to the Machine" and "Have a Cigar" suggested the use of a handshake (an often empty gesture), and George Hardie designed a sticker containing the album's logo of two mechanical hands engaged in a handshake, to be placed on the opaque sleeve. The album's cover image was inspired by the idea that people tend to conceal their true feelings, for fear of "getting burned", and thus two businessmen were pictured shaking hands, one man on fire.

"Getting burned" was also a common phrase in the music industry, used often by artists denied royalty payments. Two stuntmen were used (Ronnie Rondell and Danny Rogers), one dressed in a fire-retardant suit covered by a business suit. His head was protected by a hood, underneath a wig. The photograph was taken at the Warner Bros. studios in Los Angeles.

Here is a documentary all about the making of Wish You Were Here ... the film starts with a brief background on Floyd's Epic release, The Dark Side of the Moon following which came their next mega album "Wish You Were Here" capturing the imagination of millions all over ... as always ... :)

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