Truth behind Alien Abduction

The world spins effortlessly in a daze, in a co-created world riddled with programming of the highest order controlling billions of humans whose faith is based on separation and fear. There is undoubtedly a prominent alien presence on our planet and the peaceful visitations or frequent alien contact is being targeted by the Cabal with some good ol' fear propaganda. The fear of the unknown is what keeps most from dwelling into the possibility of other life amongst us. The biggest story of our lifetime is the ET phenomena which has been shrouded by clouds of darkness and deception so the truth can never reach the masses for this threatens to change life as we know it ! The use of advanced alien technology acquired through reverse engineering remains of the disk which crashed in Roswell, New Mexico 1947, The Philadelphia Experiment ( Teleporting & Invisibility ), The Montauk Project ( Mind Control ) have all been cleverly concealed behind deception of the highest degree, until NOW.

The truth is finding ways to get to you and if only you are paying attention enough, would you know how to separate the truth from the cleverly laced half truth. As most have come to accept a dualistic way of life, it is easy to believe that some extra terrestrial entities visiting our planet are malevolent. Some depiction of Aliens in the mainstream media has been of the Alien Invasion kind which is in a way conditioning people to believe that if there are alien beings visiting us some could be malevolent. This logic is applied to the Human Abduction & Cattle Mutilation phenomena which sends ripples of fear among the masses and raises questions of doubt and confusion in the mind of the believer. The fact is that if they were malevolent, we would have known by now. Dr. Richard Boylan brings to light the truth behind the Alien Abduction rather explicitly, as it is.

There are conflicting versions about the greys coming from various researchers ... Here are some of them which we resonate with as being close to the truth about the alien abduction phenomena ...

One of these explanations is that the Greys are some kind of biological robots sent by the creators of the human race to watch over us (hence they are sometimes called "Watchers") in a way to keep us in quarantine ...

The reason why these abductions happen mostly with the white skinned people (Caucasians) is discussed in the video above. In short, it might have something to do with the Melanin content in the skin.

Some say they are trying to create a hybrid race so they can feel emotion like us humans and there may be nothing as malevolent about it, as projected by the mainstream media. Even the most famous Betty & Barney Hill UFO Abduction case wasn't exactly what it was made to be ... After many years Betty Hill finally speaks her out about her other worldly adventure.

In the video below, Bashar, an ET from the Essasani civilzation speaks through the channel, Daryl Anka about who the Greys are what their agenda is ... a faction of who we call the greys have been doing these abductions to create a hybrid species to perpetuate their civilization. They may seem like malicious, however they just simply lack human emotion and are unable to understand what humans go through ...

There are many kinds of extraterrestrials out there, well some of them might not even be extraterrestrial, just from a higher dimension, pretty much from this Earth. Our Cosmic Mates are here and always watching over us through difficult times sometimes conveying messages through subtle mediums in our own lives. This divine communication is one of the most beautiful experiences of our lives and we ought to see the signs and walk the peaceful road where love is the only emotion we know !

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