2012 The Odyssey

A deeply insightful documentary made by Sharron Rose which integrates all known aspects of the 2012 Prophecy into one brilliant movie which features some great people who speak their heart out about what have been the findings, honest interpretations of the significance of the year 2012. You see how the prophecy fits in with the astronomical evidence of this historic galactic alignment of the Sun and the centre of the milky way galaxy. The Mayans were indeed time keepers par excellence and what they've left us with is this fantastically accurate long count calendar which gives us a glimpse of the future and the big change coming with it's end on December 21st, 2012 .... This movie is a tribute to Terence Mckenna !

(You can watch the rest of the parts on YouTube)

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Some amazing synchronicity happened with me a few weeks before i got to download and watch 2012 The Odyssey. I headed for a local book store called The Odyssey to see what's new on the Spirituality shelf and as i was walking towards the spirituality section, 2012 The Return Of Quetzalcoatl By Daniel Pinchbeck catches my attention instantly and a few weeks from then i stumble upon 2012 The Odyssey much to my amazement !


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ending of the world 2012 said...

Great site!

Suicidal Thoughts said...

Neither of the download links work! :-( Love anyway! :-)

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... just checked ... the first link works !

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