Florida Sky Phenomena

At around 7:00pm, August 28 2008, a Florida family observed a mysterious phenomenon in the Florida sky near the central east coast city of Holy Hill, Florida.

Below is the eyewitness account by Patrick Shannon and what he and his family saw the evening of August 28th, 2008.


I tend to notice the skies all the time, but in my 46 years, I have never seen anything like this. All clouds and haze abruptly broke off at the edges of this huge “wedge” of blue sky and were completely missing inside it. It was absolutely surreal.

My family and I were leaving a restaurant at about an hour before sunset, maybe 7:30 PM, and we just stood in the parking lot for quite a while, gazing at this and trying to understand what could possibly cause such an effect. My boys expected Dad to explain this like everything else, but this was completely unexplainable.

When I saw a post on the Web from someone else that observed this, asking for any possible explanation, I took the time to make an artist’s rendition of it, hoping to help. I was very careful not to exaggerate it, even toning it down a bit and leaving a tiny bit of cloudiness in the wedge so that it at least looked like it was a part of the same photo. In reality, though, there was nothing in it at all—just clear blue sky, darker than the sky around it. The actual sight was even more extreme than this rendition.

It was almost as if all of the clouds had been sucked down into some sort of massive funnel leaving a huge cone of empty, dark blue sky. It wasn’t moving in any way, just there, across most of the eastern sky. And it didn’t really seem round like a funnel or cone, but more like a flat 2D wedge. But there were absolutely no clouds, no haze, or no vapor of any kind in it.

Opposite this, looking west, there was a huge and beautiful cumulus formation, and the lowering sun with a few other clouds—nothing unusual. Everywhere else, north and south, it was just a normal sky, with regular mixed clouds and a few chemtrails in a calm, blue sky. But looking east toward the ocean, within this huge wedge, the color of the sky was a much deeper, clearer blue than anywhere else, with no clouds in it at all. What really stood out were the edges of it. We could even see one chemtrail that continued out from both sides of it, but was abruptly cut off and completely missing within the wedge. And there was no indication that the chemtrail or clouds were disturbed in any way outside of its edges—not smeared or anything like you might expect an updraft or something to cause. Just perfectly static clouds outside of it, right up to the edges, and then abruptly cut off and completely gone inside it, with no apparent transition at all.

The first thing that came to mind was some sort of government experiment with a kind of “cloud-buster” device or something. I’ve seen photos of small blue circles of clear sky over these devices in the midst of surrounding cloud-coverings. But this was much bigger, a similar effect, but way too big to be from such a device, even if it was from a ship or something offshore. I would say that the base of it, across the horizon, was at least a couple of miles wide. So then I wondered if maybe some sort of oil spill, spreading for miles across the ocean, could somehow cause such an effect above it, but it extended way up into the sky over our heads, with crisp edges on both sides. Like I said, this was completely unexplainable.

The Galactic Federation of Light did mention the "snow cone" to Blossom Goodchild just a few days prior to when the phenomena occurred. Everyone is waiting for October 14th, 2008 for the Global Contact to happen so the masses can come together with an unshakable belief in what has for long been masked in deception and lies by the so called elite. The knowledge that weather can be manipulated using advanced electromagnetic technology is not known to too many, however the fact remains that most of the technology in use today was discovered through reverse engineering the debris salvaged from the UFO which crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, 1947 !

Science Fiction is in fact closer to reality than most would like to agree. A time machine, anti-gravity propulsion systems, mind control technology, invisibility... we have the technology however it's not being put to good use. The issue surrounds the discovery of Free Energy and how it threatens to change the world that depends on fossil fuels if this technology was implemented. This Global Contact would mean disclosure to a long kept secret about Extra Terrestrials visiting our planet and a major world renewal we shall all be witness to in the not so distant future. The silent revolution of truth is beginning to show tell tale signs of revelation across the world.

All consciousness transfixed on October, 14th 2008 !

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