Time Travel is Possible !

The question of Time Travel is no longer confined to the realm of fantasy and wishful thinking. It is a possibility as real as 'Remote Viewing', 'Teleportation' or 'Telekinesis'. Most of us know about the recent Big Bang Experiment which begun in Switzerland inside the CERN LHC where they are trying to create miniature black holes by smashing protons against each other.

While most who believed this black hole could spell doom for our planet are far from the knowing the real purpose of this experiment. Black Holes are portals into other worlds, other universes . They act as wormholes bending the fabric of space hence making it possible to journey into other worlds, into a different time. But the paradox is that if you find a way to return to this world, much time would have passed by as compared to what you would have experienced ! Would anything really matter if you were a time traveler ?

Scientists believe that we should have this capability in months and time travel would be a reality for the world to see. We have had a time machine for sometime now, which is a chair the US Air Force retrieved from the crash site in Roswell. Some believe that this chair also known as the Montauk Chair is being used to travel to secret Mars bases for many years now.

Our speedy technological advancement in the last 50 odd years was possible thanks to our ET friends, some great scientists like Tesla & Einstein, and underground experiments in secret hidden facilities run by covert military organizations. One such known place is Area 51, Groomslake, Nevada ! Some call it " Dreamland " ! Our boxed realities are to see a nearing apocalypse and the sheer awe of the impossible being made possible will shift the world consciousness into high gear. Opening the windows of the mind to an infinite space of possibilities and opportunities to create new worlds and fill them with life !

Choose your destiny ... :)

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