Crop Circle : The All Seeing Eye / Pineal Gland

Eastfield (4), Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 25th August.

This All Seeing Eye / Pineal Gland Crop Circle formation was first sighted in the very early morning of August 25 2008. The diameter of the overall formation is approximately 500 feet.

Fantastic 7 way Mayan spear resolution. The all seeing eye is an ancient symbol for the pineal gland. The symbolism seems to represent the opening of the pineal gland or the 3rd Eye / Mind's Eye ! This explains the tickling sensation at the frontal lobe !

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Anonymous said...

This crop circle is amazingly similar to an ancient work of alchemical art that, recognizable to those who work with the 7 pointed star in meditation, causes transformation and the opening of the 3rd eye. The first point, the one with the sigil on it, is Saturn and can be identified with Oriphiel. Going clockwise the 2nd is Jupiter and is identified with Zadkiel. The 3rd is Mars, formerly held by the demon Samael but now held by Metatron, the 4th is the Sun, held by Michael, now an Archai. The 5th is Venus, the 6th Mercury, and the 7th, the Moon. I don't know for sure holds the places after Michael because I haven't arrived there yet.

Anonymous said...

This is AmaZing!!!!!!!

The 7 pointed star is also the star of Venus, Astarte. It is also related to Babalon. The one (male or female) who is able to transmute all energies through her purified vessel. By being able to do this she is able to receive divine communication and express or manifest it on Earth. You release Ego and experience the Oneness, you can astral travel, the experiences are boundless. When we go on the inner journey and rectify our being we are then able to be The All Seeing Eye. Below the Star is A Gate. Those familiar with Hebrew/Tarot this is Daleth, The Empress. The Gate is where we as Malkuthian Beings meet our Ketheric Beings. We here on earth meet our Higher Self. The positive meets the negative. Below The Gate you see a curve with an arrow. This is The Flaming Sword. This is Zayin. Zayin is The Mother. Zayin is The Negative, The Eternal Darkness. Zayin is The Resurrection Energy. Ascension. This is a time to Awaken. It is time! Crop circles, tarot, numerology, language...when we develop a purified system within's our Morris Code with Divinity. It is Unique to you. It is Sacred and Personal. It is time to Fulfill The Aeon of Yeshua and enter Into a New Aeon...Horus is Working. We are Going Home! Elevate your consciousness, connect with your Higher Self. Believe in Agape! We are ONE and The time is NOW. Namaste

timothy the teacher and messeger of god said...

the crops are a map to the land of the light and the dark the land is only for the onenes of the human mind in wich we can achieve. only the mind of the spawn of god and decindant of the life of the one we named god. for god is not light nor dark he is the ultimate universal oneness of him self the eternal. the pyramids line up in the orians belt wich is a hole to a new world in wich we are destined to inhabit for higher intelegence but not through destruction in our pah every were we go but through peac and prior knowledge of peace.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... awakening to spirit ... shining the light within ... becoming open channels to the divine light flowing through us freely ... here & now :)

Awakening The Kundalini Shakti ... _/\_ ...

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