Shanti Jatra Full Moon Festival

((( Shanti Jatra Fullmoon Festival )))

Nepal - 13,14,15 October 2008

Artists & Dj's :

Take off - Yidam (Bengaliens, INDIA)

Derango (Parvati Records, SWEDEN)
Polyphonia (Insomnia Records, GREECE)
Baba Jelly (Lycantrop Recs, BELGIUM)
Neuromotor (Mechanic Recs, Medusa Recs, FRANCE)
Iron Madness (Beyond Logic Recs, ISRAEL)
Mind Distortion System (Lycantroop Recs, BELGIUM)
Samadhi (Disco Valley Recs, RUSSIA)
Freeatmah (Footstomping Recs, INDIA)
Brain Drop (Omveda Recs, INDIA)
White Wizard (Samsara Recs, INDIA)
Wicked Sound System (INDIA)
Dj Nick (Shivlink Recs, INDIA)
Dj Varun (Materia Recs, INDIA)
Dj Kix (Atlantic Tribe, ITALY)
KT (No Name recs, INDIA)
Cosmic Tandav (Rudraksh Recs, DUBAI)
Grizzly (INDIA)
Sundrop (BAHRAIN)
Dj Vibe (Nepa Music, NEPAL)
Dj Kranti (NEPAL)
Kairoo (Kairoo Recs, BELGIUM)
Dj Ankit (NEPAL)

Landing : Hatti Baba

Venue : to be announced at Tantra bar, Thamel, KTM on 12th Oct 2008.

Tickets: INR 2200 till 30th Sept 2008
INR 3500 at gates

Last year around the same time, Shanti Jatra Full Moon Festival took place for the 1st time in the mystical mountains of Nepal where hundreds of colorful people got together from across the world ! This year Shanti Jatra offers to be even more vibrant, more colorful and astoundingly psychedelic ! The team at Shanti Jatra has put in a great deal of effort to realize this gathering and we are thankful to all of you to have made this possible ! We are all in store for an experience of a lifetime and we should endeavour to keep the local surroundings clean while we're there.

One of my favorite party videos is this one from "The Gathering 2002" ! Astrix's music and the magical vibe of Japan get's to every part of your being by just watching it ! Astrix (Avi Shmailov) will be in this part of the world come October and I have a strong feeling you might just see him at Shanti Jatra as well along with other Artists who are heading towards India this Season !

" I honor the place within you where the entire Universe dwells, I honor the place in you which is of Love, Light, Laughter and Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, We are One "

~ Namaste ~

October 14th, 2008 is a special day as it's said to be the day of the first global extra terrestrial contact on our planet as per the channeling received by Blossom Goodchild from the Galactic Federation of Light. For a period of three days a super sized galactic spaceship will be visible in our skies moving over many of our states safe within a impenetrable electromagnetic field. The ET have been here on Planet Earth and have been connected with our species for longer than we would want to believe and we have the ability to connect with these higher entities at many levels, some we might not even be aware of ! Our collective psyche will make this happen as there are millions of us who are waiting too see some kind of divine intervention which will create an awakening of the human race to a higher reality of Oneness with all creation. We are all aboard the train to ascension. The Crystalline Gateway opening on 080808 has ushered in new, healing cosmic energy from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, what the Mayans knew as "Hunab Ku" or the "Sacred Tree" !

The abominable Snowman, the Ape-Man, the Yeti or the Sasquatch are different names for a being which is very human like, however has been living in anonymity in the wild and is very rarely seen by man though present. Some believe the Yeti to be an inter-dimensional being who lives among it's kind for it fears man's hostile nature. The Himalayan mountains of Nepal hold the presence of the Yeti very sacred. We also found a disk in Nepal with some art form describing an alien entity and a ufo ...

Nepal The Shanti Jatra Experience 2008

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