The human body is the vehicle for the soul to manifest in the physical world. The essence of our being lies deep within our immeasurable potential and our unlimited selves. Where anything is possible ... Where there is Oneness in everything and there are no agendas like there is no need .... it's the spiritual reality of all creation ! In our truest essence we are one. We are all made of the same stuff, it's energy ! We are more than we can imagine !

Humans have always had the potential to do anything they could conceivably visualize ! The mind's power is limitless and when every part of your being believes it can, it will ! You are a power house and all that untamed energy when channeled and focused at one point, the Ajna Chakra or the Mind's Eye, can make impossible seem like a word in the dictionary of the unaware. The nature of reality is seamless and your belief is what creates your reality. We all have the potential to be able to do anything we want, if only we believe strongly enough. The recent upsurge in the number of individuals with special abilities being born on our planet is a sign of the changing times. Termed, Star-Seeds, Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Children, all different words to describe the shifting human being.

These are all highly evolved souls who've incarnated on this planet with a purpose to bring all creation, all humanity together as one. To restore peace and order on our planet and to usher in the ' Golden Age ' when all live as One, in peace, love and abundance. With a little training on heightening the sensory perception, regular children have been able to bend spoons with the power of their mind. Heroes, a show on NBC (America) and on Star World here in India is on similar lines as the X Men. Humans are mutating and coming to realize they possess certain abilities which are not common among most present day humans. Listed below are some of these special abilities .... you could well possess any or all of these powers, you just don't know it yet !!! The massively successful TV series Heroes begins with Season 3 on September the 22nd. Season 3 is about the Bad Guys ... The Villians ! Executive Producer and Director Allan Arkush says, “One of the things that we’re going to explore is the very nature of these powers — where they come from, who has them, what the different aspects are of how they each got their powers and how it affects them. That’s going to be a major storyline this year — the actual genetic essence of the power.”
.... Season 3, a preview
Did you know ...

Mars taken by Hubble Space Telescope (Space Telescope Science Institute)

"We've never seen this kind of resolution in Hubble images"

Jim Bell, US Astronomer

Mars makes close approach to Earth..

Mars and Earth have passed closer together than at any time in almost 60,000 years.

The historical event happened at 1051 BST (0951 GMT), when the two planets were 56 million kilometres (35 million miles) apart - about the closest they can get.

Stargazers in parts of the southern hemisphere gathered at observatories to view the Red Planet as night fell.

The mysterious planet is visible as a bright orange object in the night sky, outshining any other celestial body except the Moon and Venus.

Amateur and professional astronomers are taking advantage of the orbital rendezvous to train their telescopes on Mars.

Even the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope is pointed at the Red Planet to take detailed pictures.

It has captured a remarkable image showing the planet's southern polar ice cap and the huge impact crater known as Hellas basin.

The picture is being described as the most detailed full-globe shot of Mars ever obtained from the vicinity of Earth.

"We've never seen this kind of resolution in Hubble images, that kind of detail," said astronomer Jim Bell of Cornell University, US.

Celestial racetrack

Mars and Earth are close because Mars is in opposition. The Sun is on one side of the Earth and Mars is on the opposite side.

Mars oppositions happen every two years or so but this one is special because the two planets are about as close as they can get.

  • Mars will appear as a red disc in the night sky
  • Best observing is from 10pm to 2am on 26, 27, 28 August
  • There will be good views of Mars until 27 September
Calculations suggest that the last time they were this close together was when Neanderthals roamed the planet, on September 12, 57,617 BC to be precise.

Other significant encounters happened during the month of August in 1924, 1845 and 1766 but there won't be another close approach for 284 years.

The close encounter is a consequence of the orbits the Earth and Mars take around the Sun.

Earth has a more-or-less circular orbit while Mars takes a more elliptical path around the star.

The two planets travel at different speeds around the Sun, the Earth eventually catching and overtaking Mars.

This means Mars passes closer to Earth than usual at various times in history, with the 2003 opposition being particularly memorable.

How to view

Mars can be seen in the night sky from anywhere on Earth with the naked eye but stargazers at lower latitudes will have the best chance of a spectacular sighting.

Sir Patrick Moore, presenter of the BBC's Sky at Night, said: "You can find it easily, it is so bright, in the south at midnight, you can't mistake it, bright and red."

Cloudy weather could obstruct Wednesday's view in some parts of the world but there will be other chances to get a good look at Mars.

The planet has loomed large in the sky since July and will continue to be unusually big and bright for the next few weeks.

Mars will appear as a red disc. Surface details, such as its southern ice cap, can be observed with even a modest telescope.

Mars invasion

Space agencies have taken advantage of this year's Mars encounter to shoot probes at Mars.

Four space craft are on route to the Red Planet - two Nasa missions, Europe's Mars Express and a Japanese orbiter.

Mars Express, which was launched in June, has almost reached its halfway point.

It has flown about 24 million km and has some 32 million km left to travel.

Credit : bbc.co.uk

((( 0 n e )))


For years many believed the bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka, said to be built by Ram's Vanara Sena (Monkey Army) 17,25,000 years ago to be a myth, another epical tale from ancient times with no evidence to validate a time when Gods and Demons could fly through the skies and manifest as anything they wished to !

Google images clearly show a bridge of coral rocks (they naturally stay buoyant in water) connected India and Sri Lanka. Now the 'Ram Setu' rocks are even on sale for as much as Rs.500 to Rs.1000 a piece. You can read the Times of India story here. The Ram Setu or Adam's Bridge connects India's Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka's Talaimannar. The Setu (Sethu) Samudram shipping canal project (SSCP) is a project that has been approved by the Government of India and its work has been started near Kodand Ram Temple. In this project, Palk Gulf and Gulf Mennar will be linked by making a shipping canal through Rameshwaram Island. This will allow ships and boats to navigate in the passage between India and Sri Lanka without having to circle Sri Lanka (as is being done currently). This may save about 400 nautical miles voyage on the West Coast. This project will connect the National Sea Route. This canal will shorten the length of the sea route for ships. Rs. 21 crore per year for fuel expenditure of ships will be saved.

During the last tsunami, the Rama Bridge (at a high elevation) from the rest of the shoal accumulations acted as a natural barrier preventing the direct devastation of the entire Bharatam coastline south and southwest of Nagapattanam. - Dr. Murthy, Chief editor of the reputed International Tsunami Journal "Science of Tsunami Hazards".

Save Ram Setu

India has had a history of ET contact often interpreted as something to do with the God's in the Hindu religion. Many wars have been waged in our past which involved the use of highly sophisticated weapon systems unknown to us today. The use of flying vehicles and extraordinary beings in the history of India are all recorded in the Vedas and various other ancient scriptures. Our Gods descended from the Heavens and were living amongst us is a metaphor for god like entities incarnating on our planet from different star systems.

Our race is just one of the infinite races of sentient beings in the Cosmos. The illusion of the material world and the isolation from our Gaian roots has driven humanity to a point of shocking revelation. While most of us sleep unaware of the infinite potential that lies inside of us, there is something out there telling us about the big change coming our way sometime soon ... and the unification of all is what we are heading for ... a time for convergence ... a time when all duality dissolves as oneness ! The recent upsurge in ET / UFO activity around the world is intentional to bring to our notice the sign of the times. It is to show the world that anything is possible ! The real gift is of Freedom and all the creative energy is nourished with Love ! Somehow our consciousness which has for long believed to be separate from everything else around is fundamental to reality and what we perceive !

At the culmination of a natural 26,000 year old cycle, mankind is on it's way to ascension to a higher reality, a higher dimension or possibly as a multi-dimensional form of indestructible energy. Again, anything is possible and you just need to open your mind to the magic of possibility and how your consciousness affects it ! Our separation is to dissolve as oneness and these small steps towards God realization will make you realize that God is Everything and Everything is God ! The ET / UFO phenomena might well be the projection of our own psyche and is deeply rooted in this unseen web of energy connecting everything in the cosmos. Once we begin to see everything as energy, we gradually dissolve all the illusory duality and multiplicity evident all around us. All of the synchromystical events involving political chaos, war, environmental meltdown, natural disasters, ET, Crop Circles, UFO, genetic mutation, radical shift in consciousness, the Indigo children, DNA modification and the year 2012 are all connected !

The Indian Government is supposedly going to come out with the truth about ET and UFOs but i don't think the ET are waiting for the parliament to pass the bill anyhow ! The truth is unfolding by itself however it's not something you will see on your telly or read about it in the local newspaper as of today the 22nd of August 2008. It is there and finds it's way through various portals of incoming information to the inquiring intellect. There is always " Google Search " if you want to know more ... There was an incident at a US Air Force Base in 1967 when 20 Nuclear Missiles were rendered incapable to use by a UFO, all in a matter of seconds. The Columbia crash has a mysterious UFO angle to it as well ... not so much an ET war as suggested by some but a measure to keep us grounded to Planet Earth ... why ... ?

Here is an Indian News Channel news report about a UFO sighting in Karnal, Haryana on the 8th of July, 2008. It was on air for a few hours before being taken off and not spoken of ever again like it never took place.

Fascinating video footage of multiple UFOs in South India, near Coimbatore ... some news of ET activity in the Indian Ocean region too ...
It would be nice if India acknowledges the source of all the advanced technology used in modern times. India has built an anti-gravity propulsion vehicle which functions by manipulating the electromagnetic flux around the vehicle. The advanced landing base in the Ladakh region is sealed off by the Indian Army and the Chinese forces so as to not allow civilians to enter the forbidden territory lest they find out what lies beneath ... It is a time for awakening when we shed the old paradigms of separation and make way for "Oneness" for it's the love that binds us !
((( We are One )))
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Crop circles are complex and beautiful geometric patterns found in a wide variety of crops and other vegetation and in any other ground cover that can take an impression such as earth, sand, ice, snow etc. In crops the stalks are gently bent horizontally, often with multi-level layering. The plants are not broken and continue to grow until harvested by the farmer. There is no damage in or around newly formed crop circles. Over the years thousands of plant and soil samples have been analyzed in laboratories. The results show that the plants in the formations are affected at cellular level and the chemistry of the soil is dramatically altered.

There are old woodcuts that record the observations of crop circles hundreds of years ago. In the past strange markings on the ground were called by other names, such as fairy rings or devil mower in accordance with the mentality of the time. Although we understand them differently now, the old descriptions match what we observe in our fields at present. Crop circles were occasionally reported during the early part of the twentieth century but they became much more prevalent in the early 1980's with a sudden escalation in size and complexity in 1990. Many formations since then have been 250-400ft in diameter and more.

One of the largest, at Milk Hill in 2001, was 780ft in diameter and contained 409 circles. It is a worldwide event with several thousands documented so far. The prime area has always been the downlands of Wiltshire and Hampshire in England where the majority of formations are found. One aspect that unite all crop circles across the world is that they occur in the vicinity of the sites our ancestors considered sacred and where they built their temples, stone circles, tumuli, dolmens, longbarrows and other landmarks. Crop circles revisit the same fields every year. Although these locations are known and watched during the summer months, no one has seen a crop circle in the process of forming. They come in all weather, day or night, unheard and unseen.

The Crop Circles are very common in the South England however are not restricted to the UK. A beautiful giant size glyph appeared in South Korea this year ... See it and decide for yourself if the interpretation coincides with logic.

A new crop picture which appeared in South Korea on June 12, 2008 seems to be a close conceptual copy of the "four month lunar calendar", the Om Crop Circle which appeared at East Field near Avebury on 07/07/07 !

Our Moon was "full" on June 19, 2008 then again on July 18, 2008. Several parts of those two lunar cycles actually overlap from June 25 to 27 (upper left) before a New Moon on July 3, then again from July 10 to 12 after a new Moon on July 3 (lower right).

The two figure-8 shapes which have been drawn there are known astronomically as "analemmas" (see "http://www.analemma.com/" or "http://www.pikespeakphoto.com/analemma.html" or "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analemma". Each figure-8 shape represents the location in our sky of some nearby astronomical object (say Sun or Moon), when viewed at the same time each day over the course of an entire year.

That is also why a broad outer circle which represents Earth's annual orbit about the Sun was drawn there in order to emphasize "one full solar year" of four seasons (light for six months of summer, then dark for six months of winter).

The analemma shape of our Sun is relatively easy to photograph :

By contrast, the analemma shape of our Moon is relatively hard to photograph because any new Moon (upper left) appears faint versus a full Moon (lower right).

That is also how we know that those mysterious crop artists were telling us about the "Moon" on June 12 in South Korea, and not about the "Sun", because the round white balls as shown there vary greatly in size from small to large, in direct proportion to the Moon's intensity throughout any 29.5-day phase cycle.

The question who is making these fantastic crop circles overnight across huge distances still remains a mystery however there are some answers we have about the Circle Makers ...

Must check out this documentary on crop circles ...

Crop Circles : Quest For Truth

Crop Circles are made by some form of higher consciousness, possibly non physical entities from higher dimensions often seen as 'Orbs' or 'Balls of Light' ... ! Our own light bodies, Mer-Ka-Ba's are balls of light free to traverse through the infinity of space and time. Could be us from the future ... the time traveling Homo Luminous, you from the future ... The use of wormhole technology in the creation of these temporary temples in the fields is one of the key findings from research of the phenomena, hence indicating an Extraterrestrial connection which is quite evident from the famous 'Crabwood Alien Crop Circle' and 'The Arecibo Chilbolton Crop Glyph' which have clear Extraterrestrial leanings in the messages encoded. The creators of these magnificent crop circles have a deep understanding of cosmology and sacred geometry, hence triggering archetypes within to awaken cosmic consciousness ... as we approach the time of a great global awakening ... !

Transcend All Fear ... Let the Love Shine Through !

We are all children of the light !

Time for Inner Transformation ... We are the alchemists of consciousness !

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"Oliver's Castle, near Devizes, Wiltshire on the 16th of August, 2008"

" Etchilhampton Hill, near Devizes, Wiltshire on the 15th of August 2008 "

" Barton Le Clay, Barton Springs, Bedfordshire, Reported 14th August "

Pentagram or The Pentagon ?

This simply remarkable formation takes one's breath away. It has two wonderfully tapered and delicate crescents surrounding the mysterious pentagram.

The Pentagram was very important to the Pythagoreans, who were a secret society. This symbol runs through history in many mystical ways. It also appears in Masonic regalia, the layout of Washington DC, and is the basic design for one of the largest buildings on earth, The Pentagon.

... continued here ....

Crop Circle Season 2008

" The message we sent into space "

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Today, on 080808 an amazing figure 8 or \infinity, i.e. Infinity or the lazy eight as it's called, appeared below Milk Hill, Wiltshire. We have a message here friends ! Straight from a higher intelligence what we call "Aliens aboard their UFOs". It is telling us about who we really are and is pointing towards viewing the nature of reality with an open mind and realize, We are One ! We are Infinite !

These signs in the classical sense, leading to ascension which culminates on Dec 21st 2012 are shaking our belief systems about who we are and what is reality ? The process of revelation is slow as it takes time in a linear sense to empower a few billion clueless people in our present times.

On October the 14th, 2008 there would be a huge mothership which shall stay in the sky for 3 days in the southern hemisphere ..... This is to reveal to the masses that we are not alone and there are various intelligences outside the human reality construct and they are telling you something ... to live in peace ! This contact would happen if only we are ready for it ...

The date 8th of August, 2008 marks the opening of the crystalline gateway which streams in new radiant evolving light from a Solar Nebula somewhere not so far in the Galaxy. This energy affects our DNA and clears us of all the possible blockages of the 3 dimensional reality empowering us to tune into the crystalline gateway of the Christ consciousness. The Christ consciousness is to do with the Heart chakra or in simple words it's about love ! The crop circle formation 8 also symbolizes the lover's knot to all women who are into knitting, crocheting and craftwork.

There are feathers on the inside of the upper circle and on the outside of the outer. Feathers stand for Truth. The second coming of Christ is opening of the Heart Chakra and to come to truly understand we are one and it's all connected ! The figure 8 also resembles the lover's knot known to most involved with knitting, crocheting & craftwork. The Feathers on the outside and the inside of the circles stand for truth. The increasing size indicates the importance of truth becoming stronger with time as we know it. ' Time To Awaken To Infinity ' Also, check out the "The Human Butterfly Crop Circle ~Netherlands" : The Biggest Crop Circle Ever ! Shine On ... "Crop Circle photos and reports courtesy The Crop Circle Connector (www.cropcircleconnector.com)"

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Genre: Psychedelic
Duration: 68:25
Size:132 mb
Quality: 320 kbps Stereo
Native Instruments Traktor DJ Studio Ver. 3.2.2
Acer Aspire 5610Z, Intel Pentium Dual Core T2060 @ 1.60 Ghz
1 Gb RAM; 120 Gb HDD, Windows Vista Home Premium


1. 1200 Mics - Mayans, Incas & the Aztecs

2. Astrix - Incoming

3. Prahlad - Movements of consciousness

4. Beat Hackers - Rise Up (Melicia Rmx)

5. Rastaliens - Spaceshifter

6. PTX - Terra Soul

7. Dynamic Vs Cycle Sphere - World of Sounds

8. Ferbi Boys - Planet X

9. Ephedrix - Astral Ignition

10. Mindelight & Sharigrama - We are One

2012 & A Golden Age: Mt. Adams Statement. "Alfred Lambremont Webre talks about our new time line heading to 2012, no longer due for cataclysmic earth changes, but moving with grace, wisdom and compassion into a Golden Age of Peace & Harmony" " Everything is Energy "
Science is now proving how our belief systems affect our realities. No longer is this awareness purely a 'spiritual' concept. These discoveries are allowing the mainstream community to understand the power and responsibility we have to ourselves - to choose and create the versions of life we’d like to live. These truths give us back our power. By connecting with our inner intelligence, we’re shifting away from relying on our ‘outside world’ to make us happy and into beings who decide and create our own happiness. We do have the power to manifest our desires. The discoveries the current generation of physicists are making are both dividing the scientific community and thrilling the spiritual community. Previously science believed the world we live in is objectively real. That is - it exists as a separate entity regardless of our connection to it. As science progressed, however, and the composition of the atom was researched, it was discovered that the previous laws describing the behaviour of atoms no longer applied to sub-atomic studies. Physical definitions and common sense theories could not explain the response of these particles. Quantum Physics is a modern science that supports the theory of The Grand Unified Field (everything in life is connected). When atoms are broken down, quarks and electrons are discovered and within these particles exist pure energy which is not physically measurable. Quantum Science has discovered this energy has its own intelligence and responds in a non-physical and non-commonsense way. Quantum Physics recognizes that everything in the Universe exists at the same ‘note.’ That is it all has the commonality of pure identical energy. This energy is known by spiritualist as ‘consciousness’ or God. Therefore a rock, a bird, a star or a human being are all ultimately made out of the same stuff. In spiritual terms this is acknowledgment that ‘God is everywhere and exists in all things.’ This energy cannot not exist - it has never not been and never will not be. It is Infinite and Indestructible. All of this energy is linked. Therefore it’s known as The Grand Unified Field. This unification means that every aspect of our energy affects energy surrounding us. As humans we all have our own separate consciousness that is definitely unique, yet is also linked to the Consciousness of the entire Universe. Related Posts :
UFO - Greatest Story Ever Denied presents a provocative review of some of the most important UFO events since Roswell in 1946. Not only do we learn about such events as the Battle of LA and early military cover ups, but interesting phenomena like RODs and invisible UFOs only detectable with infra red cameras. An amazing daylight video is shown demonstrating the detection of a UFO in infra red mode.

Although many viewers have seen the 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference, featured in this movie is a compressed Disclosure Project segment outlining some of the notable highlights from this event. This is an excellent way to present the Disclosure Project to people without having to sit them through the entire 2 hour press conference. For example, Disclosure Project witness, Clifford Stone, is featured as he discussed the fact that there have been multiple extraterrestrial crashes he was personally involved in.

The momentum from the Preview trailers is clearly evident throughout the movie. One might say that most of the movie played out just like the trailers themselves. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however the cinematic bombardment of music & flow to the sequences can be a little much.

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Vision Productions was established in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan By Tania (Tanis) Miller and Shimon Biton. The company goal is to promote electronic music created by computers and digital instruments, like synthesizers, V-drums and electronic keyboards.

In addition to producing a yearly festival, called "Vision Quest: The Gathering", Vision Productions also produces monthly events in Tokyo and Osaka promoting new artists like Ami, Mitsumoto and Alternative Control. The company also produces from time to time events overseas in Mexico, Israel, Thailand and India. The goal of the company is to strive towards getting the electronic music into mainstream.

In order to promote young artists the company also started to produce CDs and DVDs under the label Vision Quest Records. The company sold more than 50,000. copies in Japan alone during the last fiscal year. Another 20,000 copies were sold overseas.

The company works with File records (Sony Music), HMV, Tower Records, Virgin Music, Cisco, Quintrix, Acoustic (Sound Company) Egg House (Lights) M.M.Delight (VJ’s) Inter FM (Radio) Space Shower TV (Television) and advertises regularly in trade magazines like Floor, Loud and Club Juice.

What does Vision Quest refer to ...

In many Inuit and other Native American groups, the vision quest is a turning point in life taken before puberty to find oneself and the intended spiritual and life direction. When an older child is ready, he or she will go on a personal, spiritual quest alone in the wilderness. This usually lasts for a number of days while the child is tuned into the spirit world. Usually, a Guardian animal will come in a vision or dream, and the child's life direction will appear at some point. Once the child has grown into his- or her- self, s/he will return to the tribe and pursue that direction in life. After a vision quest, the child may apprentice an adult in the tribe of the shown direction (Medicine Man, boatmaker, etc).

The vision quest may be a part of shamanism, more exactly, the learning and initiation process of the apprentice for achieving the ability for shamanizing, mostly under the guidance of an older shaman.

The vision quest may be said to make the initiated establish contact with a spirit or force. Psychologically, it may have effected hallucinations.

The technique may be similar to sensory deprivation methods. It may include long walking on uninhabited, monotonous areas (tundra, inland, mountain); fasting; sleep deprivation; being closed in a small room (e.g. igloo).

Vision Quest Gathering 2002

Vision Quest Gathering 2005

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