UFO Sighting Karnal : Haryana, India

The UFO Phenomena is almost unheard of in India and then comes along the news of an amazing UFO sighting on National TV like this one which happened on the 8th of July 2007 in Karnal, Haryana. Two blue colored lights hovering in the skies encircling each other for over 2 hours, witnessed live by thousands and the video footage seen by millions of Indians across the country.

The video is in Hindi which roughly translates the general reactions from people as ...

Some people thought these Orbs to be circus lights while scientists were working on the possibility of these lights originating from Earth's surface, which should give the light some sort of a tail however nothing of that sort was visible in this rare spectacle which is clearly one of the most prominent UFO sightings in India and ironically hardly ever heard of since the mainstream media is doing a great job in keeping things low key !

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