UFOs Over South Wales UK

England has been known to be a hot spot for UFO activity and there are now thousands of cases reported from all over England about sightings of strange lights in the sky. Some appear as bright orange orbs materializing and de-materializing at will ... changing color rapidly... these lights defy any known rational explanation about the technology that drives these crafts and where do they originate from ...

Are they really extra terrestrial or do we co-inhabit planet Earth along with many other sentient life forms hidden away from our eyes for we see what lies on the surface ... what lies beneath someday we will know ....

Mother and daughter, Fiona and Myfanwy George-Veale from South Wales filmed this amazing footage of multiple UFOs from their home in Llandaff, Cardiff.

Watch the video here on Wales Online !

Fiona says ...

"It was about 10.30pm and my daughters called me to look at the object they could see in the sky."

"They were bright orange and some of them were pulsating red."

"Obviously, I have never seen a UFO before so I don’t know what they look like, but I have also never seen anything like this before."

Fiona and her daughter Myfanwy, 15, rushed to get a camera to take pictures and shoot a video of the suspected UFOs.

The pictures they took did not process very well but they did manage to get a short film of the lights.

"There were between eight and 12 of these orange spheres in the sky one after each other,” added Fiona, who saw the lights on Bank Holiday Sunday."

"We could see them moving off one by one in the same direction."

Her family were so shocked by what they had seen that Mrs George-Veale called the non-emergency police number to report the sighting and try to get an explanation.

She was told it was most likely to be Chinese lanterns – a paper globe with a candle in the middle which floats through the sky.

But Mrs George-Veale disagreed, saying: “We thought if it was a Chinese lantern they would be blowing around in the wind.

"The lights we saw had a very regimented movement and all went in the same way. They didn’t seem to be floating."

Source : Wales Online

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