This beautiful 6 petaled crop circle appeared at Windmill Hill, near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire on July 27th 2010. It looks something like the recent Poirino, Italy formation (The Biggest in Italy so far) however with some never seen before twists and swirls in the nests within the formation ...

There are some noticeable variations in the pattern which some term mistakes and quickly label them man made without investigating any further ... It seems like their approach towards the phenomena is that of creating confusion n chaos through disinformation ...

May we have the eyes to see the truth .... as it is ...

Images Courtesy : Crop Circle Connector
& Anne Lightheart ~ ( Crop Circle Researcher & Good Friend of Michael Glickman )

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Every summer, in the south of England, grand and mysterious works of art silently appear in the crop fields.

This magnificent crop circle was formed right in the heart of crop circle country, next to Silbury Hill in the county of Wiltshire, England.

Measuring hundreds of feet in diameter, it employs symbols from the Mayan calendar to predict that the Mayan Fourth Sun era will end in the year 2012. It actually makes the same prediction in two different ways, so that there is no doubt as to the intention of this message.

According to the Mayan calendar, a new era of human consciousness will dawn in late 2012. To paraphrase astronaut Neil Armstrong, the shift of consciousness in the year 2012 is likely to be, "One small step for each human, one giant leap for mankind." Future generations will undoubtedly look back upon the pivotal year of 2012 as a turning point in the development of human consciousness.

A variation on the healing symbol of the caduceus can be seen in the above photograph on the left. Today, this famous Hermetic symbol is associated with medicine or healing. As a Hermetic symbol, it traditionally represented Hermes or Mercury. Mercury was the symbol of communications, while Hermes represented ancient wisdom and secret knowledge.

The white horse at Milk Hill can be seen behind the crop circles in these photographs. It was carved into the chalk under soil 200 years ago and measures more than 200 feet in length. The 'tram lines' in the crops are access lines made by farm equipment.

The question is, who makes these grand works of art? Nobody seems to know for sure. They appear mysteriously, often just before dawn. Eye witnesses have reported globes of light 'dancing' above the fields as they make their patterns by swirling and flattening precise sections of crops.

Crop circles are not a new phenomenon. They have been documented as far back as the year 1678. In recent years, however, they have multiplied enormously. Since the early 1990s, observers have logged over 10,000 crop circles.

Each crop circle is typically huge, often several hundred feet in diameter. One even measured 800 feet (240 m) in diameter. Their design is often artistically brilliant.

And yet, they are not just art. They portray symbols of great mystical significance. Some of them are more obvious, like representations of the ancient Mayan calendar of time, or the human chakra system in the above photograph. The popular system of seven chakras is shown as (left to right) the root, sex, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. The symbolism of the crown chakra is easy to see, as are the third eye and heart chakras. Also, the root chakra symbol on the far left represents the fact that the root chakra powers the rest of the chakras with activated life energy.

Some crop circles have depicted formations such as galaxies, ancient Sanskrit letters, DNA-like double-helixes, asteroid belts, spiral nebulae and eclipses. Other crop formations are not so obvious to the left-sided, logical part of the brain, and yet hold tremendous right-brain symbolism relating to the shift of human consciousness. These symbols remind the inner consciousness of what it once knew but had forgotten. They are wake-up calls to a humanity in transformation.

Whoever is sending us messages through such transformational imagery is obviously helping us through a critical juncture in human history. Whoever they are, and however they form these beautiful crop circles so delicately and so quietly, I just call them, our "Friends in the Fields."

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A brilliant 'Swirling Third Eye' / 'All Seeing Eye' crop circle appeared at Ufton, near Southam, Warwickshire. Reported on the 25th of June 2010 !

The 4 small circles outside also seem like they are a part of the formation in some way ... 360 Degree Vision ... in all 4 directions .... :)

Some excellent ground view shots by Andrew Pyrka ...

Images Courtesy : Olivier Morel, John Montgomery, Andrew Pyrka & Chris Squire ~

This one reminds us of these amazing formations ...

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The Arcturians are one of the extraterrestrial races behind the creation of some of the most exquisite crop circles of our times ... Here is an interesting conversation between Carloyn Evers and the Arcturians ...

Recently Carolyn and I were asked by one of the crop circle makers to bring forth descriptions of some of the crop circles. We decided to ask for a little background on them and how and why they do this work. The following is the result of this inquiry.

Carolyn - First off all I would like to tell you how much I appreciate you coming forth and giving us these explanations. For a very long time I would say there is a great deal of interest being generated by these crop circles and even though the subconscious might understand, many people want to understand in their conscious mind what this means. So I think this is of great service to humanity in doing this and if this fits within your acceptance, I think it would also be very beneficial for us to understand a little bit about you, those who create these patterns, and if you're willing, I would like to know a little bit about who you are, your connection to earth, why you are enlightening us with regards to our nature and higher levels of consciousness and if you would, give us some thoughts as to how you actually create these beautiful crop circles in the crops of grain, and also why you have selected primarily these locations in England.

We are from Arcturus and we agreed a long time ago that part of our contribution to humanity would be to bring forth these patterns, that would assist the uplifting of the vibration of humanity and these are done in several ways. Firstly there is the pattern itself which I am describing to you. Secondly there is the energy that the pattern contains. Many have experienced the extraordinary changes which happen when you meditate in these patterns. So the patterns themselves contain an energy. Some have described these as like temples, and in many ways they are. And the third element is the impact upon the grain from these circles, because the grain as you are aware is altered by the energies that come forth to create these patterns, altered in a positive way. The plants grow more strongly and they carry a much higher vibration and so, if the circle is made of the plants from this and you meditate within it, it will be a meditative environment of higher vibration. Also food which is created using the grains and the leaves from these plants will bring higher vibration and in a sense better nutrition to the body. So there are several elements to these patterns, and so that broadly is there purpose. Their purpose is to assist with the awakening of humanity and to the lifting up of the vibration of the human physical body. So that is the purpose. And the reason we use this area is firstly, it is well populated and so almost all the patterns are discovered quickly after they are laid down, and also you will be aware that there is a great history of energies, telluric energies which can be worked with for these patterns, and also of humanity with the Druids in particular working in these areas of England over long periods of time and this in a sense is a consciousness that we can connect with as we bring forth these patterns. So it is a very suitable environment for us to do this work.

And so it is.

Carolyn - Thank you. I would like some further thoughts on something that you said. You mentioned that people who meditate within the crop circle find great benefits on many levels and there are many people in the world who cannot physically go there and sit within those energy patterns. Is there some way that humanity through their desire, through their drive, can access these energies in meditation without physically being there?

It's a very good question. Firstly, the actions of those viewing the patterns and meditating upon the patterns, all of this not only impacts the individual but impacts the consciousness of all of humanity. It contributes to that, you could say conscious field that surrounds the planet and so everybody benefits. The second step that can be taken is that when an individual meditates, they can visualize themselves within a particular pattern. They can intend that they be, that their consciousness join with that pattern and in doing so they will connect with the energy of that pattern. It is not as powerful as being there, but it is much closer than you might imagine and so this is a step that anyone can take. To summarise that, enter meditation and envision yourself within the pattern, and intend that your consciousness be present in that pattern and you will be in that pattern. You also asked about how we actually lay down these patterns and it is difficult to express it in simple terms here. However, what I would say is that we send energy forth and there is a cooperation between us and the elementals you might call them, those beings which husband so much of what is expressed on your planet, husband the plants and the trees and so much of nature. And so these elemental beings cooperate with us and work with the plants to have these patterns come forth. We do not do this alone. It is with their assistance that these patterns are laid down so quickly and so completely and so accurately. I know this is an incomplete answer but it is difficult for me to explain it in terms that you will readily understand.

Carolyn - Thank you. I actually find that answer much more beautiful than perhaps you might think. I'm very much aware that one of the, I don’t like to use the word duty, but responsibility, duty responsibility, actually pleasure, is that it was intended that humankind have a close connection with the elementals and work with them to help planet Earth in a beneficial manner, and this is something that humanity has forgotten. So I'm very glad that you have brought this information forth and so I would like to ask some recommendations from you, some thoughts to help direct humanity towards a more conscious cooperation with the elementals, and if you would just take a moment and explain a little bit the purpose of the elementals, how humanity could assist the elementals and how we as individuals who are so inclined might connect with the elementals to help them with their work, I would appreciate it.

As you say, it was intended for humanity to work closely with these beings and these skills and abilities have been forgotten. However it is something that can be reawakened and indeed it is being reawakened. There are some today who choose to work closely with the elementals. Their role, as I said is to husband much of nature and how it is expressed and unfolded. There is this dance which goes on within nature that most of humanity is unaware of, just as humanity is unaware that there are conscious beings who assist the planet in its unfolding, you could say. There is Gaia and there are the Earth guardians, and there are beings on many levels who assist the processes that unfold upon your planet. And in terms of the living natural plant life in particular, this work is undertaken by the elementals. They communicate with all forms of plant life and it is a connection that anybody can reawaken, if you simply acknowledge this truth and in meditation choose to connect with the Elementals, and make them aware that you wish to assist them; and simply taking that step will on an unconscious level bring forth the assistance that humanity was intended to provide to these beings. And it will help to reopen these connections and as the awareness grows for humanity with the changing energies on the planet, as more and more of humanity begins to remember their past lives and their skills and abilities, these connections will grow such that when humanity ascends, this connection with the elementals will be completely re-established, and the dance of life as it was intended will be returned once more.

Carolyn - I want to thank you for that beautiful answer, and you might say bring consciousness of humanity who read this and who listen to this to a certain point that they can understand that first of all there is a grand mission so to speak, where the elementals work with humanity on a planetary level, but I also want to bring focus to how humanity can work with the elementals on a very basic singular mission. You might say where people have simply a flower garden that they enjoy or simply a little vegetable garden where they would like vegetables to grow in profusion, and so I think, just me mentioning this would get people thinking about how they can make a beautiful garden where they live, how they can grow more nutritious food; and so, if you could just comment on that. How perhaps people might meditate, work with the elementals and perform a beautiful picture of blessings in their own backyard, so to speak.

Yes, this is very possible and what I suggest people do is to meditate and to call forth the elementals and ask them to assist you with your garden. Tell them what you want, if you want a profusion of flowers, if you want very nutritious vegetables in profusion, explain this to them and ask them that they protect your flowers and your crops from illness and disease. And whilst this may not be 100% effective in all cases, it will make an enormous difference, an enormous difference. And there are many who are seeking to walk the path of what is known as biodynamic or natural protection of crops of various sorts. If they connect with the elementals and ask them to assist, it will make an enormous difference to these efforts, such that you really can eliminate all of these man-made chemicals that are so readily used in various crops. It is a role that the elementals are more than happy to assist with.

Carolyn - Thank you for bringing that forth, because maybe you realized that was the next direction that I was going was the concept of the fertilizers that humanity uses where I'm not sure is in the best interest of plant life. And so I am assuming that what you're saying is that if humanity connects with the elementals and tells them what they are looking for in their garden, that the chemicals might not be necessary to use, that the soil can be built up through the help of the elementals. Am I on the right track with that?

Yes, it's important to bring forth the alternative forms of nutrients and so on and there are a number of approaches that can be taken. However engaging the assistance of the elementals will make an enormous difference to the effectiveness of these efforts.

Carolyn - Thank you so much.

Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

The Law of One podcast done by Glenn Pendleton on the Arcturians. (Full Version)

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An amazing 4D Crop Circle was discovered on the 17th July 2010 at Fosbury, Wiltshire, UK. It shows a "Tesseract" or a 4 Dimensional cube, i.e a cube within a cube.

A Tesseract relates to a cube as a cube relates to a square. Every corner of the Tesseract or larger cube is connected to the smaller cube inside.

Also referred to as a Hypercube.

The 3rd multi-dimensional Cube Crop Circle formation reported this month, and in sequence ... a clear message of a dimensional shift ...

Images Courtesy : Crop Circle Connector

John Montgomery ; Lucy Pringle ; Olivier Morel ; Bert Janssen

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A magnificent 3 armed Triple Julia Set crop circle formation appeared in Hochfelden, Zurich Switzerland on the 8th of July 2010 with a twisted rope like effect which makes it look "Totally Awesome" !

Quite like the one at Windmill Hill which appeared on the 29th of July 1996 ...

Inside the formation, the beautiful flow and layering in the laid down crop is hard to miss ...

It shouldn't come as a surprise that this one too like the beautiful 'Human Butterfly' crop circle which appeared in Netherlands last year is dubbed a man made hoax by the local media ... :)

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"The Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadow" is an Interview with prominent Crop Circle researcher Michael Glickman featured on CROPfm in August 2004.

Tarek Al-Ubaidi met up with Michael Glickman in Horton/Wiltshire, and did an interview on crop circles, their meaning and the shift ! Chris Haderer recorded and edited the material.

“I have been drawing crop circles since 1990. Over the years I have developed several techniques and, whether working from measured surveys or from aerial photographs. I have tried to produce drawings, which embody - insofar as I could – the grace and precision of these enigmatic patterns.

The simpler formations take half a day to complete while some of the more complex have needed several weeks, occasionally months, to work out more fully the nature of their geometries.

In every case, however, there was something new to learn. An insight into the awesome skills of these artists, whoever they may be, or a hint of a further understanding of the phenomenon.

Season by season I have filed the diagrams away though I was never quite sure what might be done with them. And then, around 1996, I began – in more and more detail – to envision a range of posters. In late 2001, working with Allan Brown, we started to design the poster series. Allan, like me, is a designer and we both relish the task of drawing the latest formations. Perhaps the hardest task we faced was the editing, the brutal choice of which glyphs to include and which to cast overboard.

Assembling these posters has been for both of us a charmed and rewarding experience. We hope that they bring you a similar pleasure.”


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