Crop Circle Season 2010 : May Formations

The Crop Circle Season 2010 begun with some reports of formations discovered in Italy on the 30th of April and a couple more in the following week of May. Though the initial reports of newly discovered crop circles in Italy did get a lot of people excited as it's not been the usual kind of early April start this season, the formations themselves lack the complexity and perfection which have been the defining signature of all authentic crop circle formations.

Crop Circles have evolved from simple formations to complex designs with messages encoded within ... depicting dates, timelines, cosmological alignments, eclipses and so on ... communicating with consciousness at an individual (personal) and collective level ... Crop Circles are awakening consciousness to it's true infinite nature ... Orbs, Balls of Light, UFOs ... all speak the same spiritual language of eternal light ... We are being given the keys to initiate this grand dialogue with our inner divinity ... awakening to spiritual omnipresence !

Crop Circle 5th May 2010 Old Sarum, Wiltshire, UK

The first crop circle in UK this season was reported on the 5th of May at Old Sarum, Wiltshire ... on a Ley Line which passes next through Stonehenge, where 'quite interestingly' the second crop circle, again in Canola was reported on the 9th of May, 2010. Both these formations are massive in size and from the ground reports and the aerial pictures taken, they look pretty awesome ... meaning genuinely unexplained ... !!!

Crop Circle 9th May 2010 Below Stonehenge, near Amesbury, Wiltshire UK

The 3rd Crop Circle at Yarnbury Castle, near Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire was reported on the 16th of May. The first few reports and ground photos came in while it was still raining down there and the first look of it was messy from what we also get to hear from researchers on the field ... The aerial images of the formation give a better view of the design ... this one has sparked a somewhat debate on whether the formation is genuine or not ... with all kinds of views coming in from many people ... Recently an online friend on Facebook shared a video of a Channeling by Solara-An-Ra about the early May formations ... you decide ... :)

Crop Circle 16th May 2010 Yarnbury Castle, Near Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire UK

Recently also came across this ONEderful post by Marian on the 3rd crop circle formation this season, termed the Keyhole crop formation as also mentioned by researcher Karen Alexander on Facebook ... It's interesting that some of the lines in the 'V' part intersect with the tractor-lines. Wonder if this is why they looked less than straight on the ground? Anyhow, it looks like a giant 'keyhole'. It's a very pretty formation.

About the formation being genuine or not Karen Alexander says ...

"I think humility in the face of the unknown is a great attitude to have when approaching the crop circles. There is room here for all opinions, as long as we realize that is all that they are - opinions. Crop Circles have a knack of stripping away all certainty. Just when you think you have got a grasp on them, they slip through your fingers! I think it's best to have a 'grey box' to place all those circles in about which you are not sure. Then we don't write them off completely, but set them aside pending better information. Are we really so sure we know all the answers with certainty - I know I don't!"

Watch a 15 minute video of the Yarnbury Castle formation here on Facebook !

From an aerial view the formation doesn't look all that in symmetry ... however from the ground view it doesn't look all that messy given the fact it was raining around the time the formation was discovered. With all the masonic symbolism of the Pyramid & the Eye this one seems to have been created by someone from the 3 dimensional plane in a vain attempt to create confusion through disinfo ...

Some earlier pyramid like formations with Masonic Symbolism ... The East Field Pyramid … 2001 Alton Barnes, Wiltshire & ... Beacon Hill, Wiltshire 2002 ...

Another pyramidal type formation arrived below the ancient Iron Age hill fort at Beacon Hill in Hampshire on the 21st of July 2002. Highly charged in hermetic symbolism it acknowledged a Masonic connection. Whilst a few were suspiciously uncomfortable with that, it simply has to be said that in common with other mystical traditions, the roots of Freemasonry lie back in ancient Egypt and Biblical Israel. Much of Masonic architecture and formal dress (notably the Masonic Apron) is indebted to ancient Egyptian precedents.

This Masonic “Eye of Providence” symbol that’s surrounded by rays of light within a triangle is often interpreted as being the “All-Seeing Eye” of God. Said to be forever keeping a watch over mankind, its origins can be traced back through ancient Egyptian mythology where it was known as the “Eye of Horus”… a symbol of power and protection.

what do you think ... :)

The season has presented an opportunity for us to separate the wheat from the chaff ... know truth from propaganda ... you decide ... :)

Crop Circle Wilton Windmill, near Wilton, Wiltshire ... Reported 22nd May 2010

This formation was reported to me soon after 12 noon today and is in oil seed rape adjacent to the Wilton Windmill. It is approx:200 ft in diameter.

How I wish Paul Vigay were alive, as to me this definitely represents some sort of communication, whether it be in binary, maths or music. It certainly resemble a computer disc? Any explanation most welcome as I believe this is important.

Lucy Pringle

... This does look like a direct communication depicting some sort of date or timeline and seems to bear Mayan and I-Ching symbolism .... The 4th one in Canola this season ... in a row !

While taking ground shots in the Winton Windmill Formation - I also captured this unexplained image. Looks like another beam of light, shinning down onto the dark figure inside the formation.

~ Andrew Pyrka

The 2010 crop circle season has already been marked with controversy, over whether three new crop pictures which appeared at Old Sarum on May 5, Stonehenge on May 9 and Yarnbury Castle on May 15 might be paranormally real or human-made fakes? Experienced field investigators such as Andrew Pyrka, Paul Jones and Janet Ossebaard have not yet reached any clear consensus on this issue. Some people have commented that the third formation at Yarnbury Castle, which appeared close to a car park and a newly cut fence, looked “messier on the ground” than the other two, but no definitive conclusions have yet been reached.

In order to examine the photographic evidence with more rigour, we downloaded high-quality aerial images of all three formations, then used Adobe Photoshop to “invert” their bright yellow colours into purple, so that details of line quality and depth of shading could be seen more clearly. Some of our preliminary results are shown below :

Crop Circles May 2010 UK

On the left above, we can see uniformly tidy lines, and uniformly even depth of shading, across the entire Stonehenge formation of May 9, 2010. Whereas on the right above, we can see many untidy lines, and quite uneven depth of shading, at many places within the Yarnbury formation of May 15, 2010. Some of those variable features have been marked with small yellow arrows. Such details will depend to some extent on ambient lighting, and quality of the original photograph, but by studying a series of independently taken photographs, a quantitative judgment can possibly be made.

Two further examples are shown in the next slide below:

Crop Circle Season May 2010 UK

There we can see quite tidy lines, and fairly even shading, throughout both crop pictures at Old Sarum of May 5 or Stonehenge on May 9. Please note that the Stonehenge photograph studied here is entirely different from the one studied in a previous slide above.

The clear implications of this preliminary analysis would be that “laying down of the crop” was performed in a highly tidy fashion at both Old Sarum and Stonehenge, by applied uniform pressure from above. Yet at Yarnbury Castle, the applied pressure was seemingly far less uniform, consistent perhaps with a mechanical means of construction. Further inspection of Yarnbury with this analysis in mind may perhaps reveal the precise reasons for its variable and/or mottled appearance.

CMM Research

P.S. We would like to thank Lucy Pringle, Chris Bird and Steve Alexander for use of the photographs studied here.

"Quite Interestingly" on the 27th of May, 2010 a new crop circle was discovered at Yatesbury, near Cherhill, Wiltshire which looks a lot like the logo for a TV show "Qi" ... "Qi" or "Chi" also known as "Prana" or "Life Force" is a word used to describe free flowing Energy or breath ...

In the Japanese language, the Chinese character corresponding to qi (氣) is pronounced ki. The Japanese language contains over 11,442 known usages of "ki" as a compound. As a compound, it may represent syllables associated with the mind, the heart, feeling, the atmosphere, and flavor.

As per Michael Glickman's update on Crop Circle Connector the formation is rather small across 3 tramlines ...

In one of her comments on the 'Qi' formation in the Rumors section, Penny Thornton says the crop was rather messy and muddy in the centre than the rest of the formation ...

"I went to find it around 2pm. A film crew from Norway were just leaving the field, so I was lucky to get easy directions.

I don't know if you've had reports from other people yet, but I found the centre rather messy with more mud around than elsewhere in the formation. The few standing stalks remaining, inside the centre, were quite heavily crushed. AT the time I was the only person there, but maybe quite a few others had visited before me?"

- Penny Thornton

Steve Alexander says "Well all the good stuff (bent stalks etc) found in this formation will need some explaining then!"

An interesting comment by Andy Russell on the 'Report A Crop Circle Formation' Facebook page ...

"Also, it is worth remembering that the Qi show regularly caught out the panelists because the panelists gave answers that we all took to be fact, when in reality they weren't, and suddenly everyone is surprised that 'knowledge' we took as fact wasn't (then Stephen Fry would enlighten us to the true answer), so maybe we're being told to look for the real answers, the real facts... just a thought :)"

Quite Interestingly, once again in Canola ... the 5th one this season ... in a row :)

Maybe, we are being given the Key (Qi) to recognize our true nature as spiritual beings ... as pure energy ... always one with all of creation .... :))))

This one will need some more research before we start labeling the formation genuine or fake ... perhaps wait and see if the ghost formation is seen the following year ...

( Images Monique Klinkenberg )

Crop Circle at Westwoods, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire UK ... Reported on the 31st of May 2010 !

The formation is quite small, it has been described as a 'sperm and egg' and is in oil seed rape. It is said to be very nice from the air.

( Images Monique Klinkenberg )

Crop Circle at Silbury Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire UK ... Reported on the 31st of May 2010 !

The formation is a 6-fold design in a circle, with internal elements made from arcs and is in Barley. It is said to be very nice from the air.

This post will be updated with new formations and updates as they happen and are reported ...

Love Always ...

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Nancy Talbott said...

Although I heartily agree with Karen Alexander that it is wise to keep an open mind about the circle phenomenon, she has failed to note that the crop circle plant & soil anomalies found (and published in 3 peer-reviewed scientific papers) in authentic circles (those which were not mechanically-flattened)--abnormalities which indicate exposure of the plants and soils to unusual atmospheric energies--CONTINUE to be found 20 years on in this research.

Our recent report reveals that these same plant changes were present in many of the 2009 UK crop circles we examined, indicating once again that mechanical flattening with planks and boards is NOT the answer. See the report (with clear photos illustrating these plant abnormalities) here:

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... Thanks for sharing Nancy ! The 2009 Crop Circle Season was quite exceptional indeed ... leaves no place for doubt when the message is understood regardless who we think is making them ...

In Lak'ech Ala K'in ... :)

Anonymous said...

just thought i would share this...i found this interesting...i have been putting an art piece together of late and have collected several hundred of keys to do a key hole art piece and then the key hole crop circle came to my attention yesterday .. i did a mayan oracle card reading last night and the Transparency card (key hole shape) fell out of the deck... I decided to put the card back in and said wouldn't it be funny to full out that card again... guess what card i pulled out.. ahh i just love it...definately communication is going on... LOVE TO YOU ALL..andy p.

Anonymous said...

That May 22nd one looks like the 12 house horoscope wheel and some type of DNA genetic markers.

APoY said...


Halo Cosmic Oneness,

Just dropping by to say you're doing an OMazingly ONEderful job (as always!). Your site's looking great and I love this post. Your updates are invaluable to me. They truly are. You are a master/nexus of connection!

Thank You. For Being...
The YOUniverse is YOUnified by yOUR presence!

Blessed Be,
☆nother Point of You : CMॐ

Cosmic ૐ Oneness said...

... ArigatO Dear One ... It's always D'Light~Full to hear from you ... _/\_ ... :))))))

Anonymous said...

On the pyramid with the eye, the shape of the outline of the eye has important significance, as does the shape of the iris.

As we well know, whoever is making these crop circles is quite capable of making perfect circles, yet they chose to make the iris a hexagon.
We also know that they have the ability to create a proper, smooth eye outline, yet they chose to make the outline jagged.

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