Alex Collier : Contact with Human ETs from Andromeda

Andromedan contactee Alex Collier has had his face-to-face contacts with blue-skinned human ETs from the Andromeda constellation and the Andromeda galaxy, which have included multiple visits aboard their tremendous motherships and decades of telepathic contact. Collier talks of the Andromedan civilization and their Council to which the Pleiadian ETs appealed for assistance in dealing with a dangerous, malevolent ET confederation plaguing humanity and much of the galaxy.

Collier describes in detail the members of this malevolent ET confederation consisting of reptilian ETs from Alpha Draconis, the Orion Group, and the grey ETs from Zeta Reticuli 2, and it appears that the Alpha Draconian reptilian ETs have been manipulating humanity into a nearly invisible system of servitude for aeons, feeding off our labor and our bodies through the wars that they instigate and the hostile belief systems which they foster in the form of religious and social institutions.

Alex shares much information about various Extraterrestrial civilizations and their interest in assisting humanity make the up shift in these evolutionary times we live in ... watch it with an open mind and decide what resonates as the truth for you ...

Alex Collier has also been called a fraud and a liar by Michael Horn, the US publicist for the Billy Meier / FIGU group. Amidst all the talk of spirituality, peace & oneness, ironically both parties seem to have taken on the aggressors role for their own personal reasons ... all seeking of truth about what happened or what will happen is identifying with the illusion since both are not there, in the present moment, NOW ! The truth is that all is forever in motion ... forever changing ... evolving and growing with, within and as the infinite cosmos ... The truth is that our inherent unity with all creation ... our truest essence of being as spirit is the transcendental reality beyond the physical ...

Personally, I believe that there are no limitations except for the ones which stem from our own limiting belief systems ... We are all free spirited beings of light and we are manipulated only by the power we choose to give away ...

Love Always ... "Tat Tvam Asi"

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