The Wilton Windmill Crop Circle : 22nd May 2010

The 4th Crop Circle reported this season and once again in Canola with the crop beautifully laid out without damaging the stalks as seen in the video uploaded to Crop Circle Reporter, Michael Glickman's new blog ...

Crop Circles have many messages based on various interpretations and at first glance this one seemed to look like some kind of a timeline shown with prominent I-Ching symbolism ... One of the most interesting and accurate interpretations is that it's a graphical representation of Euler's Identity ... shared by Perceval from the Daily Grail ...

When I saw the photos of the Wilton Windmill Crop Circle, reported on 22nd May 2010, I was immediately struck by the possibility of a message encoded in 8-bit binary.

After transcribing the binary digits, I duly translated each byte into its corresponding ASCII character, starting from the windmill and working clockwise.

The result was this:


It looked like some kind of equation, and when I looked it up, Google asked if I meant: e^(i)pi)1=0, for which the top result was Euler's identity: eiπ+1=0. This has been called "the most beautiful theorem in mathematics". No surprise that it should turn up in a crop circle then!

Now, I'm not much of a mathematician, so I don't know anything about the odd notation of the formula as expressed in the crop circle, but I assumed that, for the circle-maker, it could be a way to get around the limitations of ASCII text.

One thing bothered me though, and that was the inclusion of the anomalous 'h' in the message/formula. Certainly, with the absent '+', it made up the number of characters to twelve, which would make the crop circle easier to produce on the ground and more windmill-like, as well as referencing a highly symbolic number.

More significantly though, with the adjacent 'i', it reads 'hi' - an embedded message from the maker perhaps? It was only when James Gilliland suggested in this Facebook thread that 'h' could be a reference to the Planck constant, taking us from the world of maths into the world of physics, that I realised what could be the full meaning of the embedded message.

Could the makers have left a 'Planck' in the design as a subtle joke on all the croppies who might pronounce this a 'genuine' crop circle as opposed to a circle made with a plank ?! ... :~)

A White beam of light and dark figure was captured in the Wilton Windmill formation by Andrew Pyrka as he took this picture above with Sun directly behind him ruling out the possibility of some kind of a reflection ...

The Pi Crop Circle of 2008 represented Pi to the tenth decimal graphically ... :)

Last season we saw another graphical representation of Pi (22/7) on the 24th of May 2009 ... :)

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Anonymous said...

I researched a bit about eulers equation and found this explanation :

torque free rotations actually mean free rotations. This means, there is no force acting onto an already rotating object, that can change the direction of the angular impuls momentum L (you know dL/dt = torque = 0 this L is constant in time)

translated for me this means the rotation of our lightbodies (merkaba plus others) become free of being driven by outer forces and start being more independently actings as a union .. kind of free of suppression or manipulation...

I aso found this:

Shock waves

The Euler equations are nonlinear hyperbolic equations and their general solutions are waves. Much like the familiar oceanic waves, waves described by the Euler Equations 'break' and so-called shock waves are formed; this is a nonlinear effect and represents the solution becoming multi-valued. Physically this represents a breakdown of the assumptions that led to the formulation of the differential equations, and to extract further information from the equations we must go back to the more fundamental integral form. Then, weak solutions are formulated by working in 'jumps' (discontinuities) into the flow quantities – density, velocity, pressure, entropy – using the Rankine–Hugoniot shock conditions. Physical quantities are rarely discontinuous; in real flows, these discontinuities are smoothed out by viscosity. (See Navier–Stokes equations)
Shock propagation is studied – among many other fields – in aerodynamics and rocket propulsion, where sufficiently fast flows occur.

translated into earth's situation: we are expecting unpredictable shockwaves of energy flowing into our sphere.. waves, ripples of energy bringing discontinuity to our system (both vital and material) ... see more about evolutionary galactic waves of consciousness on david wilcock "enigma 2012" on youtube)

Ulises Barreiro said...

Is beatiful!

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